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Minecraft Wiki MINECON 2013 Panel

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This is an everything you want to know panel about the Minecraft Wiki.
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Text Comments (49)
R.D. Deford (1 month ago)
WHERE IS NOTCH I WANT TO SEE HIM????????????????????????
Poque você não bota tetura de minecraft de um?
DaGalaxyGamer 007 (3 years ago)
and Ghosty_Genki he spam kills me and tells me to leave the server banned him
DaGalaxyGamer 007 (3 years ago)
there someone named jcwesley she is spam killing evryone banned her
cringelife YT (3 years ago)
Plasese add command blocks and stained glass in PS3 version plz
Badanser (3 years ago)
Zerose (4 years ago)
Zerose (4 years ago)
When wil the horses and hoppers come to Xbox360
cringelife YT (3 years ago)
Update your xbox minecraft
Noah Weidner (4 years ago)
They are done updating xbox 360 mode for now, but assuming that Microsoft has purchased Mojang - that will be changed very soon.
Evo Clan (4 years ago)
When will the horses come to xbox ?!?
Mons Elowsson (4 years ago)
a and my frends can dont play minecraft a minecraft accont to don play and my frends judgment can don play we has buy moinecraft plz can you help my and my frends.
GrannyGamer1 (4 years ago)
A Minecraft convention. A panel on the wiki. No internet access. No microphones. Does any1 else see the irony here? Never use that venue again.
Lizbeth Salazar (4 years ago)
I like your vido😍
Shadow211121 (4 years ago)
Its 2014.
Jorge Martinez (4 years ago)
I hear that Mojang is putting the Minecraft games on XBoxOne, PlayStation4, and PSVita check it out on Minecraft.net and read the description.
joeylantis22 (4 years ago)
so much autism in such a small room
GrannyGamer1 (4 years ago)
1 not true. 2 even if it were, how does that negatively impact you, if ppl with ASD contribute beneficially to society? 3 y do u feel personally threatened by ppl with disabilities? 4 u have a problem u'd like to share with the group? 5 exactly what have u contributed to making the wiki, minecraft & the world a better place 6 shut up.
Anime Tv (4 years ago)
Anton Kovalenko (4 years ago)
100% volume in youtube player and can barely hear it -_-
Anton Kovalenko (4 years ago)
+Cool Kat Considering that it's perfectly fine with many other videos, yeah, speakers are fine. It's the average level of volume in video is too low.
Lewis Gray (4 years ago)
When is the minecraft update coming for Xbox?
mango757 (4 years ago)
TU12 just came out crybaby they are working hard
thepenmen22 (4 years ago)
Anyone else came here just to listen to David and Toby? Those 2 are freaking awesome!
mango757 (4 years ago)
Airx Side (4 years ago)
Andrew Kritzler (4 years ago)
19! You people are awesome. The wiki is a huge success.
KASER GAMER (4 years ago)
Please minecraft pe 0.9.0
mango757 (4 years ago)
llamasaylol (4 years ago)
Was so cringey watching the audience trying to answer the questions for t-shirts :p (Definitely didn't think water and lava for obeying gravity...)
MinezGio (4 years ago)
54 th like :)
Shawnee36836 (4 years ago)
u mean 54th to die?
MinezGio (4 years ago)
54 th like :)
Alenn (4 years ago)
was this filmed with a toaster
SpongeBoob SquareDork (4 years ago)
+Bbaass_TMH lol i was gonna say poison potato but it was too late
Bbaass_TMH (4 years ago)
I think it was a potato.
Sofa (4 years ago)
First went to minecon
Ricardo Vazquez (4 years ago)
Slothmachine (4 years ago)
why console quality? :P
Anthony Benglos (4 years ago)
10th! :D
Shawnee36836 (4 years ago)
to die
splatman01 (4 years ago)
Ten th
EPFilmStudios (4 years ago)
9th evah
Senpai Films (4 years ago)
How many panel did you guys have?!
Pontus Östman (4 years ago)
christian acrin (4 years ago)
Luke Cullen (4 years ago)
Shawnee36836 (4 years ago)
to die
I Love it <3

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