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Martin Luther King Jr., "The Drum Major Instinct" FINAL Sermon --- COMPLETE

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MLK's last SERMON... prophetically ends with his own eulogy, beginning at 35:07. Delivered to Ebenezer Baptist Church in Atlanta, Georgia on February 4, 1968. Not to be confused with his last SPEECH "I've Been to the Mountaintop" given two months later on April 3, 1968 in Memphis, Tennessee. Also, there's an edited 19 minute version floating around... it's missing 3 sections and actually CUTS OFF HIS FINAL SENTENCE! Unbelievable... Comprehensive collection can be purchased here... https://amzn.to/2KkYhAJ TEXT: http://kingencyclopedia.stanford.edu/encyclopedia/documentsentry/doc_the_drum_major_instinct/ Synopsis: King's "Drum Major Instinct" sermon, given on 4 February 1968, was an adaptation of the 1952 homily ''Drum-Major Instincts'' by J. Wallace Hamilton. King encouraged his congregation to seek greatness, but to do so through service and love. King concluded the sermon by imagining his own funeral, downplaying his famous achievements and emphasizing his heart to do right.
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kenya fareast (3 days ago)
The Lord God of all flesh be Glorified...
Kujenga Ashe (5 days ago)
This is the unedited version. It contains some thoughts that I have not heard until today, and I have been listening and reading Dr. King for over 55 years. Minister Kujenga Eliyah Ashe'
First Last (6 days ago)
Was this taken off a compact disc?
Tim Dickson (17 days ago)
We ALL have the instinct.
Carlson Amana (20 days ago)
I grow up hearing about Dr Martin Luther king but never bordered to find out who he really was. I discovered him 3 days ago and I was so amazed at how great God raised Him. I hand to go into prayers to thank God for him. His words and activities are so divine oriented. How I wish I had come in contact with him earlier. I love every aspect about him. He was indeed a man of God . I thank God so much for him and all his messages. May God raise us up as fearless as he was.
Shunta Austin (26 days ago)
He spoke death in his life by speaking on his funeral smh Life and death is in the tongue !
jesse gibson (1 month ago)
I can never make to the end of this sermon without tears in my eyes 😭😭
Judah seven (1 month ago)
This is still one of the greatest sermons I have ever heard, and I thank you, Dr. King.
Herr Smitzinger (1 month ago)
This speech is what got him martyred. When he started speaking openly about American politics and war crimes. Dr. King was a powerful man with tremendous influence and "They" didn't want his message to spread. It's like they could deal with the civil rights stuff, but not his whistle blowing.
Richard Warren (2 months ago)
What you mean, if we find somebody to give your eulogy. Doc, you know I'd be there everyday.
Phil Del Giudice (2 months ago)
Amazing. Thank you bishop Barron for leading me to this beautiful homily.
Jay Scribe (2 months ago)
He speaks like a prophet
C P (3 months ago)
Greg Schreiber (3 months ago)
With every thing equal between two people, A person dressed in black can not Physical work as hard in the hot sun all day like a person dressed in white. As the bodies temperature would be much higher if dressed in black compared to some one dressed in white. This is scientific fact... Dark colors absorb a lot more heat then lighter ones because they absorb more light energy. In fact, the closer to black a color is, the more heat it absorbs from light sources. Black people would die working in the sun shine, so for a black race to live, they needed white skin people to work in the sun, and create a religion to support their race. US History tells me that.... Negro slaves were more expensive then white slaves. It is hard to believe that black people could work in the hot sun all day with out passing out from heat exposer before a white person that is use to the sun bare back, with a tan in the 1400s. They did not have ice cubes, air conditioners, umbrellas or machines to weave garments in the 1500s, so to have a white cotton garment was very expensive back in the 1500s.. White people have no rights. The only people that have rights are the people that have civil right groups. If your a white American or white native American you have no rights to a education in the USA or to the truth. The only people that have civil rights, get to tell history the way they want it taught to their kids, as they have civil rights lawyers. White people are forced to go to school with other tribes or other races. The religions of the world want to cross breed white people with other races, that is why they show a cross that the redeemer died on in America. White native American people (the virgin race) have no rights in America. The white native Americans have absolute no rights, except to work and pay for what freedoms they have. All other groups get paid by the government from the taxes the government started to collect after the civil war (white genocide war)
Michael Ray (3 months ago)
Jamie Elliot (3 months ago)
Was he,,, Dr. Martin Luther King Junior? Did he have a PHD in Political Science? As an example!
Chrissy Moore. (3 months ago)
Sherry (3 months ago)
Harry Potter (4 months ago)
He had already known..
itwasagoodyear (4 months ago)
Dr Martin Luther King Jr the greatest public speaker of all time. A true man of God that did God's will. Thank you Dr. King
Eli Loehrke (4 months ago)
I was brought here by the youtube channel "Never Speak in Absolutes". Thanks.
stacknbands bruhh (4 months ago)
Michael Henley (4 months ago)
In But
Quinn Johnson (5 months ago)
Too many skips for such a great orator.
John (6 months ago)
Why would someone kill this man.
John (6 months ago)
When I am lost, this brings me home.
Xae McCaskey (6 months ago)
A great leader I followed his blueprint in life being a social and political activist and pastor. When my father was murdered I wrote a sermon based on this called " The Drum Major" R.I.P Willie Lee Solomon 08/08/2008.
Shamusi Balogun (6 months ago)
Those economists where foolishly blind. A car costing HALF of your income and a house costing TWICE the size of your annual income. Horrible economics.
JN West (6 months ago)
This speech is relevant now more than ever.
Kenita Turner (6 months ago)
One of God chosen one‼️👏🏽
Nehemiah Leary (6 months ago)
My favorite speech of all time
Sister Mama Sonya (6 months ago)
So relevant today ! #luvyalikethesOnshine
Get IT J (6 months ago)
Abi V (6 months ago)
The simplicity yet power of this man. God was truly with him.
A Muhammad (7 months ago)
Almost fifty years ago assassins were plotting on the life of our great leader. The only justice received for our loss was the life of James Earl Ray, an innocent man. I was in the womb at the time. As a 49 year old Black Muslim, I am keenly aware of the leadership deficit in the Negro Community. Our plight has been ignored. Trump says that black unemployment is low. He looks at numbers that he should know are manipulated and takes credit for lies.
Michael Nauls (7 months ago)
although he went to school in the ministry and achieved a PhD from Boston University, Dr. King was clearly anointed, and his determination and spirit are definitely needed today
joseph griglen (7 months ago)
joseph griglen (7 months ago)
joseph griglen (7 months ago)
joseph griglen (7 months ago)
joseph griglen (7 months ago)
Tom Starling (8 months ago)
It is important to be discerning , more discerning than this, about JC history professing. Why not mention the loaves and fishes about sermon theme. Whoa this is powerful like he knew what was gonna happen. Drum Major for Jesus truly!!!
Tom Starling (8 months ago)
But importantly he was preaching in his local church, did he have the modern awareness of being recorded and fed back from all over? No. Thanks and thanks ram truck brought me here first time listening to this man.
Tom Starling (8 months ago)
The baby preached 6th minute!
Philip White (8 months ago)
What has happened since this speech, overall the sicknesses of society are still with us. if nothing changes then nothing changes.
Xzavier Morton (8 months ago)
I know Martin didn't do any of the many great things that he did for a particular image, but he helped open many eyes to the pro's and con's to a lot of the issues going on today, and not only that he did something about it with in peaceful means. When it came to issues like racism, gender inequality, and war, he fought against those problems within civil means. He was very civil disobedient to laws that promoted the existence of these issues. He was very much respected by just as much, if not more than the people who hated him. Whenever he went to jail, he was given great respect by many people because they knew what his motives were. Many race riots happened after Dr. King was assassinated because the murderer shed innocent blood and got away with it. I say all this to say that he was great example to follow for college students and religious leaders because his life and tragedy teaches us what a true lover of Christ was, American patriot was, and true fighter for Justice and equality in the world, not only the United States, but the world. God bless him and may be forever missed.
Triniman40 (8 months ago)
And this is the sermon that DODGE used in an advertisement!! My God is there no decency.. Something things should off limits when trying to make a dollar.
Triniman40 (8 months ago)
Do u think I give a rat's ass if they had permission or not!!!
Angry Ape (8 months ago)
Triniman40 they had permission dumbass. Mlk association.
يزيد الجهني (8 months ago)
Mark Whippy (8 months ago)
Anyone else feel like buying a Dodge Ram right now?
Jenn_Bway (8 months ago)
This makes me want to hug MLK and tell his thank you for his help
Angry Ape (8 months ago)
Wow. I want to buy a ram truck now.
Alexander Green (8 months ago)
Wow. What a beautiful intelligent man
Naomi Jones (8 months ago)
Drum Major for Peace -- first time I've heard this and Democracy Now drove me here!  I believe every person should hear this from all walks of life.  It is so true and yet most people "don't" get it.  Humility and being humble is the best way to go about your life.
Black Knight (8 months ago)
quote he said one should forget that he is a doctor and he is a doctor notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Martin quote the Jones they are a tool notes. Martin sounds like a preacher now he has gone overtime notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Black Knight (8 months ago)
the drum major notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Billy Martin was his coach George Stein found him. Billy Martin use to play shortstop for the new York Yankees and he was a little guy with big ears he new something all that shit from the then new York Yankees he KEPTED it. notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Mr.october Reggie was a pro back to back to back home runs in a world series he was a professional that is why g George Stein burner recruited him and paid him all that money notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
Martin Luther King belong to a college fraternity he said this the country preacher notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
the country preacher belonged to a college fraternity notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
genes Mickey mantle had all the gifts and it was the 1950s the new York Yankees schooled the shy farm boy well the guy had brute force notes the Y Yankees made him a drink he stopped thinking so much and hit the damn ball he is now a well tune athlete heeded the right c coach notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
farm Mickey mantle had Britt force notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
back to Mickey mantle he was from the farm he was shy he almost did not make the Yankees he was thinking about going back to the farm and his father called him a punk so he went back to the Yankees and they schooled him well Mickey mantle was shy he had Britt force so the Yankees took him out and started him to drinking he loosen up. he be hungover at home plate and hr knocks a home run the brute force came out he did not want to run the gotdamn bases and everyone was watching adrenaline meets Britt force the shy Mickey M angle were hungover notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
drum major dr.king went to Morehouse college the band got down king his genes are showing he talks about the drum major in the band the truly put on a show here king talks about Jesus on the TV cameras king speak like a attorney in his speeches he sounds like a country preacher notes
Black Knight (8 months ago)
genes the country preacher comes out stick to your genes. notes
Dev Kyser (8 months ago)
Steven Williams (8 months ago)
While I consider it shameful for Dr. King's "image keepers" to sell a portion of his likeness to sell automobiles it forced me to listen to this sermon, to examine myself.
W U (8 months ago)
The shameless Ram ad brought me here. 9:30 "In order to make your neighbors envious, you must drive this type of car. In order to be lovely you must wear this kind of lipstick or this kind of perfume. And you know, before you know it, you're just buying that stuff."
Martin Shewfelt (8 months ago)
W U Used so misleadingly.
jjinsureme (8 months ago)
Thank you dodge
Naomi Jones (8 months ago)
It was brought to my attention through Amy Goodman with Democracy Now.  How dare dodge run an ad encouraging people to buy their truck while showing military clips and calling them great -- this would have been okay but we didn't see the Red Cross, no soup kitchens, no Black Lives Matter and no Women's march or the football players taking a knee to show injustice.  The falsehood and/or double speak was at the end of the commercial -- dodge truck had a sign that say serving you.
wil brander (8 months ago)
Doesn't really criticize advertising. He uses advertising to show how we distort the natural instinct to be someone. It's just not a correct understanding of the self, from a Buddhist view. And if you don't understand self you might serve the wrong cause.
Charles Euchner (8 months ago)
We love you and miss you, Dr. King.
djangokill65 (8 months ago)
Out of respect for Dr. King I wish ads were turned off for this video :/
Andrew Saturn (8 months ago)
the Dodge Truck ad forgot the part at 9:10
Dennis Wade (8 months ago)
Let us not forget that MLK was so much more than anti-racism. This is where most people meet him, and this is where I first met him. And if that was the only thing he ever talked about, it would be enough for me, even as a white person, to follow him. But he was always more than that. He was a man who loved humanity because he clearly saw that we can be so much more than what we are, and he stood against anything that prevented or hindered us from achieving our potential. Racism is but one of the obstacles in our path. Yes, it is still as important as it ever was, but so are all of the other obstacles in our path. And it is amazing how most or all of them arise from"The Drum Major Instinct."
Derrick Buis (8 months ago)
MLK Jr.'s final sermon... commercialized by Dodge in their Super Bowl ad. Well done Dodge marketing...
Jerry A (8 months ago)
Buy Dodge ram -
Malimalcs (8 months ago)
Super bowl commercial brought me here! amazing speech
Judy Kotun (8 months ago)
I Love you Dr. King. One day I will be able to tell you in person somewhere around God's Throne. To God be the Glory. your Christian sister Judy Kotun.
Daniel Kipkurgat (8 months ago)
This is powerful of all sermon i have ever heard in my life.I believe a place was preserved for him in Paradise. RIP MLK
dancingplanet (8 months ago)
Jesus, the man had true power
james white (8 months ago)
But mlk is the voice of black and mex and who ever else is facing or faced segregation
james white (8 months ago)
Edit i heard it
Ivan Drago (8 months ago)
This guy is a adultery and a sinner,
Ivan Drago (7 months ago)
Dennis Taylor Dear sinner, why do you worshipped a sinner , A man, you should worshipped GOD/JESUS , only Jesus can save you, not Martin Luther
Dennis Taylor (7 months ago)
Don't forget he was lied on, talked about in the worse way, beaten with many stripes because of who he is, then crucified, yep, sounds like a black man to me.
Ivan Drago (7 months ago)
Dennis Taylor His head and hair were white has wool or snow , and his eyes looked like flames of fire.
Dennis Taylor (7 months ago)
Please describe this Jesus to me Drago, what does he look like.
Ivan Drago (7 months ago)
Dennis Taylor go back to sleep
lyman evolution (9 months ago)
I feel the love that Martin radiates so intensely right now.
lyman evolution (9 months ago)
I'm not able to watch this right now. Hopefully I will have more time tomorrow.
Willie Jones (9 months ago)
God has always been in control, and will continue to be in control. We often wonder, why things happen. Our destiny is in the hands of the Almighty. It was great to been in a time, when God shined in the eyes of a God sent MAN as Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Johnnie Campbell (9 months ago)
i have a dream!!!.....that we could go back to segregation. ...
yellow adhd (9 months ago)
nicholasflyer: Hello, how are you? Thank you very much for sharing this! One is able to witness God's Call on Dr. King's life through his words, but more importantly - and extremely evident - by his actions. It's scary to witness and learn about after-the-fact in an indescribably beautiful way. And hopefully, his Legacy will continue to motivate and challenge us all to want to be better, and simply do the right thing - especially towards each other. One question though - would you not consider "Unfulfilled Dreams," delivered at Ebenezer Baptist Church (Atlanta, Georgia) on 3 March 1968 a Sermon? Thank you again. I look forward to your response. Blessings!
Alexandra Rieloff (9 months ago)
He was an artist.  So eloquent ... so genuine.  Nothing sounds like rhetoric.
Tanya Barnes (9 months ago)
it is 2018 and this is a serman that is timeless,we have made so much progress but I am afraid that Martin would call trump a raciest, because he would see right thru his crap
Philip McNiel (9 months ago)
The section that follows 22:08 would be VERY politically incorrect right now: "How DARE you compare the plight of Blacks to that of poor people who have white privilege?!"
OuterStratus (9 months ago)
I hate how this skips so much, but even with missing context it is still a powerful speech.
De Stressfrlyf (9 months ago)
Really appreciate you posting this Incredibly humbling
Sunset (9 months ago)
Dr MLK a great prophet from God his teachings and sermons are timeless and resonates with the every day life of all generations to come. Amen!
Trish Hue (9 months ago)
"A heart FULL of Grace, serving".…absolute.
Kristin Brey (9 months ago)
He was really amazing - check out this video about remembering his resiliency: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g92fiF0WHI
Guy Taylor (9 months ago)
DR King was the second coming of Christ. We celebrate his birthday today.
nelson barnabas (9 months ago)
Great Revelation
nelson barnabas (9 months ago)
Great Revelation
nelson barnabas (9 months ago)
Great Revelation

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