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PC Gamer E3 2018

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Watch the PCGamer E3 Presentation with Mack, let's hope they have a few good games to announce. https://www.patreon.com/worthabuy Greenman Gaming Link - http://www.greenmangaming.com/?tap_a=2283-5d2ea6&tap_s=6586-4b38de If the link is not visible use this condensed link below http://preview.tinyurl.com/y9uvofpp Paypal link is in Youtube banner on Youtube home page Streaming channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKdp3sbVQvIFgMKal1-Pfcw Twitter @worthabuygames Merchandise Shop: http://www.redbubble.com/people/worthabuy/shop/t-shirts?ref=artist_shop_product_refinement My Other Channel https://www.youtube.com/Mackscorner Worth A Buy Group http://steamcommunity.com/groups/worthabuy Worth A Buy Curator http://store.steampowered.com/curator/6923845/
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Text Comments (166)
Umanfly (5 days ago)
23:23 / 2:03:53 Max Headroom ....im there for ya Mack i was there
albedoshader (5 days ago)
Is it only me, or is the sound completely out of sync in this video? For me, 25 minutes into the video, the sound is already lagging 10 seconds behind.
BowGunner (5 days ago)
Fwoah Frankie's a proper nice bird, ain't she?
Page0 (5 days ago)
WTF is the sound so low Mac? Get it right next time!
I.T Mann (6 days ago)
Mack, where do you think the gaming industry is headed ? Yeah let’s get all philosophical for a moment. I’m just not sure. Is it now that we as gamers have just become a commodity ? A way to produce a large quantity of items of average value, items that sell to the millions making big profit, to again invest in lots of more mediocre items that sell well and son on, and so on and so on. I have been gaming for many many years mostly on PC and I kinda feel on the edge of the slippery slope of quality being cast aside for quantity. And because in this connected world we live in and awful social media, rant rant rant !! we see a dirge of multiplayer games, involving masses of online cheats, aimbots, weaponising of comments, toxicity and so forth. It’s just a nightmare in some multiplayer games when you try to get immersed and then some asshxxe just wants to get his kill streak score and takes you down, and then calls you a noob when you complain. Yup sometimes multiplayer is just awful. We need more single player games with more depth, story etc. I’m fed up with all this copy kat Battle Royale shit, and freakin’ zombie mode, ohhh dear it’s awful. Just embarrassing nonsense. And yet year after year the major developers come out with more of this same nonsense. There are some great games being developed, but each year I see a drop in quality. I see loot boxes micro transactions multiplayer freakin’ zombie modes, more online toxicity and cheating, and so on and so forth. Oops nearly forgot, yet another Battle Royale mode !!!! Yup just as I see Nvidia or Amd producing new GPU’s and selling them to us as a commodity rather than a new technical marvel. So is the gaming industry doing the same thing. There are only a few triple A developers trying to evolve with style and panache trying to keep the PC gamer really happy and excited about its product. I don’t really know if the future is bright anymore or just mediocre ? Are we just on this conveyor belt ? Of mediocre commodities ? For example if I may digress a little, the next big PC tech thingy is 4k gaming with 4k monitors and HDR requiring super expensive GPU’s and two thousand pound monitors phew !! and hugely expensive desktop PC’s , the whole kit costing about 5 thousand pounds or dollars. Do you think the average consumer can afford this ? I think not. It just seems like this commodity race is going to far !! Ah well I just hope that the world of gaming will reach a balance and also hardware too and give us all hope for the future. I love gaming !!
iulix max (7 days ago)
prey is a shit!!!!!!
Chris Howes (7 days ago)
Oh Mr mack. Enjoyed your streams of E3. Hope you see this. I can't put Jurassic park down. So casual then bam, powers down, storm hits, those fucking velociraptots broke out, 5 mins panicking but then back to casual. I like that. Hope you do too. Looking forward to your review. Price is way too high though, I fear the rant of the E3 hype. £25-30 most I'd say. Micromanagement does need some work for sure.
akaBez (7 days ago)
You didn't say anything about the handshake of the guy from Oculus. Disappointing.
Commander Peck (7 days ago)
What has happened to video games, there is no wow factor anymore. I remember playing Halo for the first time and I was beside myself, now it's like we are in the great depression of video games.
Commander Peck (7 days ago)
TBrian (7 days ago)
Now this presentation had some quite bright spots :D Couldn't believe the Man Eater actually exists.
2 happy gamer (7 days ago)
had to find another video... this twitcher doesn't shut up.
gordy (7 days ago)
Mack what is your experience with 8gb,16gb and now with 32gb Ram does it make a difference with the top games.
LuxuryMilk (8 days ago)
Not gamers but actors. Professional liars
Commander Peck (8 days ago)
Frankie will be going to an audition for weird science 2, after E3
Commander Peck (8 days ago)
It left me satisfied
Danny Watt (8 days ago)
might aswell just use my old ati 9700pro when games were good
Owen Bunny (8 days ago)
damn, the girl's eyes, it's like she really want my alimony. >"man eater is one of my fav weekend activity" xd and i don't like the guy's dress. Too format, not down to earth like every other gamer. People dress like that don't spend 2 to 3 hours playing video game everyday.
Andrew Wowk (8 days ago)
I wanna ask about...
Harrison Ressler (8 days ago)
1:01:20 Sable reminds me of Star Wars 7 with her on the desert planet
Martin Højgaard (8 days ago)
Tyramath (8 days ago)
i agree that man eater and satisfactory is probably the only 2 games i would wanna buy :( but 2 is still more then i wanted last year :D
Marc G (8 days ago)
last of us 2 pretty much blew everything else away and i own an xbox and a pc. Might have to buy a ps4 and get rid of the xbox :)
Serull (8 days ago)
Gaming is dead. I sold my consoles to get a Tier 1 TCG deck and I'm now owning everyone at Yugioh. Way more fun. My PC is just here to watch YouTube. Its a bummer.
Bo F. (8 days ago)
SABLE graphics looks cool. It's totally Mobious style rip off.
John Cusick (8 days ago)
those japanese games are soooooo lame. so much turd among rare polish for indie games on steam(ing pile of poop)
Kavabanana (8 days ago)
Mack, admit it - the PC is for dweebs and the PS4 is for handsome jocks.
Kryptik Komatose (8 days ago)
im really tired of being forced to play co-op i mean its becoming very evident that because i dont have someone to play with r dont wanna play with someone im being handicapped because these games nowadays are all co-op first like all them say u can lay single player but its meant for co-op or its single player but its gonna be more difficult like thats fucking not fair i dont wanna play a harder game because i dont have or wanna play wit someone like wtf such bullshit,im someone who doesnt like challenge i just like fun and immersion and replaying a fucking level or boss dozens of times just to get it beat is not my idea of fun its a waste of time. cause its not like they are hard because of some awesome AI or whatever its simply a matter of making there health bigger thats it or making your attacks do hardly no damage!
Mad Max Rockatansky (8 days ago)
What a pile of shite this is.
Ahura Mazda (8 days ago)
_Sweet _*_fucking JESUS_*_ with that ducksuit._
Ahura Mazda (8 days ago)
And Ooblets the Pokemon Farm Simulator is from Double Fine. The developer that was Kickstarted for $3,000,000. Fuck everything.
MultiDargon (8 days ago)
All I want is a good, new, RTS in my life. Maybe one day. At least PC will get most of the good counsel games coming out.
Taylan Safak (8 days ago)
Who is the golddigger slut with curly hair?
Tom Visser (8 days ago)
I like how at the end that host guy sticks out his left hand to shake hands with Frankie but she just completely ignores him so he quickly adds his right hand to make it look like he didn't try to shake. 1:48:19
e1337prodigy (8 days ago)
Is it just me? I can't stop thinking about Frankie
golan (8 days ago)
Stardock has had a lot of failed releases and some poorly executed good ideas lately. Too bad. Sins of a Solar Empire was indeed good and it still holds up even today, it's still my go-to game for large spacefleet battles in an RTS.
Horizon Rider (8 days ago)
What a pile of shite.
Chase CIA (8 days ago)
Frankie wants to get smashed.
Tricus (8 days ago)
WC Master Race!
GJohnny (8 days ago)
Fuck battle royale games seriously and Star Citizen is just a scam at this point... Two point hospital, Satisfactory and Genesis alpha one look amazing.
Verum Venatus (9 days ago)
I watched this without Macks commentary and said to myself, I know Mack comments or does something when Frankie is shown... He did not dissapoint
ARESGaming51 (9 days ago)
ANNO 1602 AD was my entire childhood.
David H (9 days ago)
I don't get it Mack why are you so bothered by those platform wars and who's better....FUCK them....this is a PC channel, isn't it? Why are you so sure that sony's exclusives 100 times better than XB? I believe that gears is a much deeper game than TLOU....it all comes to a preference and you behave yourself as if you are a sony fanboy....you should be more objective and less biased. Bethesda obviously is a winner for me at this E3 and this is due to id's presentations like Rage 2 and Doom Eternal. Why are you saying that Rage was shit? Have you ever played it....Rage 1 has one of the most competent shooting mechnics ever made by anybody and just judging by that Rage cannot be titled as shit......you are loosing objectivity....I'm sorry
The Downliner (9 days ago)
Jurassic Park is a perfect example of what the elites want to do with the population. These presenters are like the mainstream ones lying their asses off for a paycheck. Two Point Hospital looks like something i would buy. Loved Theme Hospital and the remake or sequel has been taken way too long coming.
SunzOffski (9 days ago)
I'll take Satisfactory Jurassic park Anno 1800 2 point Hospital That female presenter
Lawrence Stanley (9 days ago)
At 25:42, is her skirt made of duct tape?
Lawrence Stanley (9 days ago)
Did he really just introduce himself with a moniker? And this is the point where I stopped watching...
Mohit Sood (9 days ago)
Hey, Mack gaming lacks innovation. Take Ac Odyssey and shadow of the tomb raider for example, they are the same base game with a little change in a different box 😂😂.
Worth A Buy (9 days ago)
Pretty disappointing the PC indie showcase, Satisfactory and Maneater were the only two that really caught my eye.
GECKman88 (6 days ago)
What happened to the audio? :( it's so out of sync.
bubuasqw123 (7 days ago)
The Sinking City at 27:37
bubuasqw123 (7 days ago)
Genesis Alpha One caught my eye. 1:09:40
Ahura Mazda (8 days ago)
_Wooooaaaaaaaagggghhh_ **dingdingdingdingding**
Combat Meerkat (8 days ago)
Ahura Mazda yeah it is her favourite pastime xD
Edward Ingania (9 days ago)
someone needs to pop the first worlds happy puppy bubble these kunts are worse than fucking hippies.
b .EIGHTSHOT (9 days ago)
no bannerlord?
Taylan Safak (8 days ago)
The Downliner (9 days ago)
Seems every dev including indie are trying to cash in on the battle royale theme.
Hmm, so I've basically seen 2 games worth my time throughout this year's E3: Ori and Metro.
Lowry (9 days ago)
This is too boring
LAZYB00GiE (9 days ago)
That shark game is a must buy
Carbon Lifeform (9 days ago)
Mac, please upload your Ubisoft stream... :(((
piss pie (9 days ago)
macks fans : wow this game is amazing! mack : this is so bad macks fans : right!! worst game ive ever seen what the fuck!!
Peter (9 days ago)
Dunno where the Ubisoft video is but I just wanted to say that being triggered about female protagonist in AC is retarded. Pretty much everything else in the game is absolutely unrealistic, but sure, lets throw a tantrum about how a girl cant wield a sword. Ridiculous.
Belectro (9 days ago)
I can't even remember how many times I almost thumbed this video down because of the lame cringy presenters before I remembered that this isn't the real live stream. Keep it up mac and looking forward to the Jurassic park WAB even though it looks like shit.
Schinak (9 days ago)
Christ your commentary was such shit
Anderson Lee (9 days ago)
Guys what did the sheila mean by man eating on weekends?
sightinsight (9 days ago)
frank should stick to the script - having a man name doesn't make you a good improv comic PS: wtf is up with taxi games, they showed 2 so far that are identical (with a slight visual difference); good money?
Gerbil Crusher (9 days ago)
Somewhat underwhelmed.
chriss code support (9 days ago)
Hey Mac ! Starcontrol must NOT be ringed!!!! :> Starcontrol (on the 3DO) is THE BEST game i ever played, right there with my other alltime favourite X-COM Enemy Unknown! Starcontrol kicks ass from so many strat-explore-rp-games etc. etc.. Starcontrol is maybe the greatest game ever and i started gaming with PC-DOS/NES/GameBoy! (at a time where the player-character could die in games ;D)
chriss code support (9 days ago)
This is probably the first game i ever preorder!
valentine210 (9 days ago)
hey mac. Hey mac please take a look at laser league. It's an amazing arcade competitive multiplayer game on steam. The only problem is that it has no players. Notice a controller is a good idea for this game.
Bumblebee (9 days ago)
32:28 when you fap too much and want to hide it
shayron _ (9 days ago)
44:53 if you want to have a laugh.
4ster (9 days ago)
So disappointed with JW evolution :( it's terrible
Svensson3000 (9 days ago)
MACK ! Even though TWD Season 3 is not THAT good, it's still worth the journey, Batman season 1 was the same not THAT good, but season 2 was ILL :) ! but you really need to be a part of the whole journey. PLEASE CONTINUE TWD on youtube ! <3 I LOVE YOUR REACTION TO THE TELLTALE SERIES, EVEN IF YOU'RE BASHING IT :D NOT ONLY WORTH A BUY BUT FULL GAMEPLAY LIKE BACK IN THE DAY ^^
William00048 (9 days ago)
I wish somebody would just make it so you could play Freelancer on Windows 10. Even better if they could make it 19:6 and make it so you could select to ignore the story and still progress through the rankings just exploring. Very sad that a 2003 game is better than anything offered in the genre ever since.
RandomUser221 (9 days ago)
Sean keeping it cool sport as always. Exited for Yakuza games on PC! Sorry Mack but if you think I am exited for some shitty CoD, Battlefield and whatever military shooters with more FUCKING BATTLE ROYALES, then fuck no. Yakuza is one of the most fun games out there and I loved playing them, now having them on PC is THAT much awesome.
Maphesta Disoinne (9 days ago)
My god what an absolute garbage. My hobby has died, I think.
vabalokis (9 days ago)
mack can you stfu about coop
Zekoo (9 days ago)
If you want to get Mack's approval you must have one thing, co-op "co-op, guys its got co-op guys guys co-op guys did you hear that its' co-op guys, co-op guys, he said co-op guys guys co-op" :D
Mako (9 days ago)
I'm going to be honest here, I don't care if you flame me. First, Mack , I think you might have some mental problems. You are always extremely negative, declaring things as "shit" without even seeing what they are, and always make some weird depressing comments. I'm telling you as someone who cares for you, get some help. Two, the chat is filled with the most disgusting misogynists , whenever the female presenter appeared the chat was flooded with sexist and vulgar comments that you ignored and pretended not to see. Terrible coverage, terrible chat.
Shadow Storm (9 days ago)
SJW Cab fuck this bullshit
Shades _ (9 days ago)
On what channel is Mack streaming?
IdleRain (9 days ago)
Yakuza series isn't shit you elitist. Unsubbing.
Qet (9 days ago)
Im like 40mins in, and so far I've seen 1 interesting game and only that had graphics that were not Ps2 :ish? -.-
ally haze (9 days ago)
Sad times for gamers. Waiting for updates. Dlcs for games not finished. The applause from the crowd sends chills. Who are these no bodies promoting this tripe none sound or look like gamers they all look like failed tv weather girl/boys with drug n alcohol addctions. Gaming has been hijacked. PVE
Fallen Shaw (9 days ago)
They bloody games are on par with the low quaility annoucer wtf
TropicalPriest (9 days ago)
Have you tried project gorgon? I'm loving it! I never played Ever quest, but always wanted to. Gorgon is amazing. Kenshi, another very notable rpg.
The New Foundation (9 days ago)
I'm sorry but... How on earth does a 'game reviewer' not even recognize Don't Starve when they see it and immediately designates it as "shit"? Especially after doing a review of Oxygen Not Included (also by Klei) and calling it "brilliant" and "a gem"... This shows a huge lack of knowledge and/or research. Very disappointed in Mack for this.
John Warrington (2 days ago)
I'm sorry, I'm shit guys
Nick T (5 days ago)
Ezra autistic sheep downie smh
Mrelephanteatingman (7 days ago)
what is this hate? he is just a bang average gamer, yet experienced, he reviews for himself and what he comes across for us to find out
Taylan Safak (8 days ago)
News flash people like different games
C B (9 days ago)
RogueNinja In his opinion yes, not that hard to understand..
Last Gunsl1nger (9 days ago)
Where is the Ubisoft live stream Mac?
Andy Clifft (9 days ago)
We may not need any more battle royale games but this will be going on for years i feel.
Fallen Shaw (9 days ago)
Mavrick, rundown = we ripped a bunch of shit that worked for a variaty of similar games, and meshed it together so you'll buy it. + updated graphics. Warframe rundown, Still a game you won't know if you like or dislike, and its core gameplay is grinding in style. Thus why its not more popular.
Jason Cowley (9 days ago)
A 3D version of RimjobWorld would be pretty fun.
Taylan Safak (8 days ago)
Rimjob sounds kinky
Fallen Shaw (9 days ago)
Mack fix your other fucking channel. You never put any of the video's back up. Honestly I just wanted to rewatch you playing the Howler. Because its fucking hilarious. Seeing you try and talk to the balloon then not being able to shut up.
Beast-Personality ABP (9 days ago)
Mack where is the sony stream???????????
19RocknRolla91 (9 days ago)
Beast-Personality ABP did he watch it? It started at 2 a.m or so. So he probably slept through it.
C0nn0r Wilder (9 days ago)
Beast-Personality ABP yes mack where???
Trilla2517 (9 days ago)
Day 9 will always be purge's padawan
Grandmastergav86 (9 days ago)
Frankie revealed how she "earned" the right to co-host... Honesty is the best policy right?
Spartan X (9 days ago)
Mack what you think about this video https://www.facebook.com/Engadget/videos/10156449351002370/
Greggy D (9 days ago)
First game of the pc show already looks better than every other game at e3...
Combat Meerkat (9 days ago)
Greggy D yeah was disappointed for sure although there have already been some good releases so far this year and looking forward to elder Scrolls 6
LAZYB00GiE (9 days ago)
Greggy D sonys e3 was pretty good imo
Schnake Eyes (9 days ago)
Ye... No
C0nn0r Wilder (9 days ago)
Greggy D So true
Greggy D (9 days ago)
Mack is bae
Taylan Safak (8 days ago)
Dont speak niggerish here
tigerbalm (9 days ago)
wut does that mean?
Sideway8 (9 days ago)
I was just reading about how Ubisoft have gone and fucked over a bunch of youtubers who streamed their show by DMCAing them and then they've been banned from streaming for 90 days. Really hope this hasn't happened to you Mac, I was enjoying watching these streams with your commentary.
Business Raptor (9 days ago)
Mack where dat Sony stream at?
Worth A Buy (9 days ago)
The Sony stream broke, it ended up in bits so I had to delete it which sucks.
Fragadelic (9 days ago)
Ubisoft and Sony are missing. Maybe he thought he went to far with those two.... No! xD
19RocknRolla91 (9 days ago)
Did he watch it? It started at 2 a.m in GB
Cool boy Joe (9 days ago)
Do a face reveal
go on mack an mesh, and watch "mesh comes back"
Aiko Natsumi (9 days ago)
1:42:23 You're welcome :)
Aiko Natsumi (9 days ago)
Nice lol, if sharks were actually like that nobody would live near an ocean lmao
retro-visor (9 days ago)
might want to add 44:13 too
vidribbin (9 days ago)
Cant watch more battle royal shit
Michael Baker (9 days ago)
Hello there.
901aerol (9 days ago)
PC sux
VaselineLenz (9 days ago)
901aerol .. careful

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