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RPG Maker MV Tutorial: Uploading to Steam Workshop!

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Play the Game Here: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=692648339 Please give it 5 starts and stuff! Let's make my TF2 Fanfiction become the number 1 RPG Maker game on the Steam Workshop! :D Anyway, in all seriousness, this tutorial shows how to upload your game to Steam Workshop which was recently created for RPG Maker MV. Now you can easily host and share your epic creations without having to spend $100 to put it on the actual Steam shop. Please enjoy! Also, please post your "creations" in the comments below! I wish to see what my dear fans have dared to create. :) - - - SPECIAL THANKS - - - Thanks to all my Patron Supporters: - Marcelo - Cats777 Wish to support me? Check out my Patreon! http://www.patreon.com/SumRndmDde - - - COOL LINKZ - - - SITE: http://sumrndmdde.wordpress.com TWITTER: http://www.twitter.com/SumRndmDde - - - CREDITS - - - Background Music: RPG Maker MV DLC BGM "2000 Peace"
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Text Comments (73)
UltimaXL (1 month ago)
Did anyone picked up the title of the game? No? Aight.
Deeth Irteen (2 months ago)
My project demo won't appear in the workshop. :(
Creeper Bomb (6 months ago)
Do you have to have the game to play the persons game though? that ruins it :/
GoodFishMan (7 months ago)
Omg your the one that made that.
Christopher Stanley (7 months ago)
When you try to sell a project onto steam (not steamworkshop). On the Steam process do you have to List the RPG Maker company when it asks you for a company? Or do you not have to?
Mage MascarowgXYZ (9 months ago)
I don’t have the option of the workshop in betas. What do I do?
Yin man Jin (11 months ago)
how to make the thumbnail
Arcanua the Red Mage (1 year ago)
You can do it without the steam version, however you just change a few things.
SpaceFurry (1 year ago)
i downloaded rpg maker for free and how do i get in to play on steam
Josie (1 year ago)
Buy it on Steam
ConMan1226 (1 year ago)
I'm confused about something. Games on RPG Maker, such as To The Moon, tend to cost money on Steam. The game I have planned is a pretty big deal, and I want to actually be able to make money off of my game.
Cole Goodrich (1 year ago)
The method in the video is just how to share it on the workshop, which is different than publishing it as a separate game. I'm sure there are other videos on how to publish a game to Steam that you can find.
Sirflyness 2012 (1 year ago)
Is there a way to have a rpg maker mv game on ps vita I've been trying to look for this and no one comments if there's a way to do it can you please put a tutorial on the topic
Roy bgp (3 months ago)
Sirflyness 2012 there is no possible way. Sorry pal.
Limitless Beast (1 year ago)
This is now not a beta anymore. it is in the current version.
how to do at not steam version?please reply!
Thanks for reply!and thank you so much for the rpg maker mv tutorials all learned all about it only in your videos thank you so much.find a way to publish without the steam version!
SRDude (1 year ago)
+playfdgROBLOX Here is my reply! ^^ (_you have to do it with Steam version, there's no other way unfortunately_)
Nikos GeekMan (1 year ago)
nice man!!!
Russell Jones (1 year ago)
So... there is no Workshop beta mode. I assume this is out of date. Any other tutorials out there everything i can find is also out of date.
Manel G (3 months ago)
I NEED HELP TOO! Did you discovered an solution already? If yes pls tell me
Ollie Pap (9 months ago)
If there is a normal workshop mode then that should work otherwise I have no idea
Renan AF (9 months ago)
Russell Jones i need help with this too. You have already discovered a solution?
weegee888ZEN (1 year ago)
john scarce is that you?
aqswerty (1 year ago)
(0o0) it IS you!
SRDude (1 year ago)
ImmaGamerGuy (1 year ago)
Too bad they botched the workshop in MV. VX Aces workshop is by far the superior one. MVs workshop doesn't have the "Play Only" feature which sucks for people who spent money on dlc.
NoLoot Studios (1 year ago)
Is it possible to only share the game? I got tons of custom sprites, music, SEs, etc that I don't want to share atm. I'd like to publish my game first atleast.
JaydenZ Vids (1 year ago)
One thing.... How do you PLAY the levels after you subscribe to it?
KGamer1 (1 year ago)
DoomBro_Max (2 years ago)
But with this method, other people can actually edit my project right? It's not really an exported game, is it? If yes, then I definetely won't put my game on workshop. It's not like I have even that much custom graphics or music, the story is not the best and the character aren't realistic. But I still don't want other people to have full acces to my game project. If I want it on Steam without letting people edit it, I have to upload it on Greenlight, right? Or does the workshop work similar? I don't think so.
IDK guess (2 years ago)
Holey crap, way simpler than other guides. Take that steam discussions and google. Thanks +1 like
SRDude (2 years ago)
Jesse Ruottinen (2 years ago)
I don't have steam version ): sorry to my bad English
Akemi Homura (2 years ago)
hmm anyone play MV games made with the steam version? do they need steam installed?
Aaron Zebra (2 years ago)
Random question but if you were to upload your game to steam for a beta and then upload the full game later would the game still be in your files or does it just...disappear?
Nic9821 (2 years ago)
you merits more than I like
skarps (2 years ago)
i do everything you do.but when i go to file,it didn't show steam management.if you can,can you help me with this problem?
skarps (2 years ago)
+SumRndmDde ok then
SRDude (2 years ago)
Make sure to preform the first part of the video again.
Got a question dude, How exactly can you update something you've uploaded on the workshop? I can't seem to click the update button (clicking doesn't do anything lol). What am I doing wrong with the updating?
+SumRndmDde Ouch that does suck lol. So how do you go about bypassing that? Just upload the updated version and delete the old after awhile? (so those subbed to it can change to the updated one if they want to). Hopefully they get that part working soonish heh it's one of the most important parts of a steam workshop xP
SRDude (2 years ago)
Nah. Currently, Steam Workshop is still in beta, and you cannot update any of your uploaded projects. I feel your pain, couldn't update mine either. T_T
Luterfud (2 years ago)
If I make a game and want my friends to play it, do they have to have the RPG Maker too??
REALmyenemy (1 year ago)
The game is yours, so you can just upload it to your dropbox or google drive and share the link with them... that is if you only want them to play. You can also publish the link on a website if you prefer everyone downloading it, but make sure to follow the terms of license. (Press F1 with MV open). You won't get a game on Steam for free.
SRDude (2 years ago)
Yup, unfortunately. If you wish to post a game for everyone to play, Steam is no the way to go unless you're making a professional game. To post a game on Steam normally, you'll need to pay a $100 fee than have it become approved.
Deggo (2 years ago)
How do I get to the files after the workshop item is downloaded
SRDude (2 years ago)
I'll make a tutorial :p
Driftwood Gaming (2 years ago)
Great tutorial R.
Driftwood Gaming (2 years ago)
SRDude (2 years ago)
Thanks M.
rik_40 (2 years ago)
a friend and I are trying to figure out how to make the steam workshop update our editing like if i changed something how do I update it for everyone?
SRDude (2 years ago)
I actually haven't looked into that yet. I'll see what I can learn!
Starman Senior (2 years ago)
i downloaded this cause i saw it today earlier, i search up: how to use the workshop, i saw the title of your game, i looked at the creator... my god
Starman Senior (2 years ago)
+SumRndmDde ok, thx
SRDude (2 years ago)
Hmmmm....I think you need to find it in Steam. Idk where to look though.
Starman Senior (2 years ago)
+SumRndmDde i know, i open rpg maker mv, and then im confused, do i open the resource manager, do i open projects?
SRDude (2 years ago)
+Starman Senior You hit the play button? You can't play it without RPG Maker MV
Starman Senior (2 years ago)
+SumRndmDde how do i run the game tho?
Crazy Lucario (2 years ago)
great tutorial :3 do you think you can help me on my issue? >.< im currently making a game where it has multiple characters so I wanted to give each person unique dialogue is there anyway to make the game detect whose the leader of the party for their dialogue?
Crazy Lucario (2 years ago)
omg thank you soooo much >.< This opens up so many possibilities! You should make a vid of this :D you would have a lot of views on it cause I'm sure people are wondering this too :3
SRDude (2 years ago)
Yes, within the "script" section of a conditional statement, write: $gameParty.members()[0].actorId() == x Set x to which ever Actor ID you wish to check. So if you wanted to see if the leader was Actor ID 2, you would do: $gameParty.members()[0].actorId() == 2
Jonerico (2 years ago)
i cant seem to get it to work..? do i need to buy actual rpg maker? cus im on the free weekend trial atm also i cant seem to download any of the free dlc :c
Jonerico (2 years ago)
+SumRndmDde i actually got the fanfic to run but yeah the trial wont let me get the dlc stuff xD
SRDude (2 years ago)
Yeah, that probably won't work with trial.
Skymen (2 years ago)
Oh. Oh. Well. It's going more interesting each time :D
How can i sell my game on steam
SRDude (2 years ago)
Yuuuuup. And it's not even guaranteed to make it on. It still has to be rated as an acceptable game on this thing called Steam Greenlight. Only then will it be available for purchase on Steam. I honestly wouldn't even think about hosting a game on Steam until I've actually accomplished creating a game first.
+SumRndmDde dose it cost 100$ Just to get a game on there?
SRDude (2 years ago)
Simply export your game and preform the normal processes you need to get a game onto Steam. It costs $100, and it must get selected from the greenlight thingy. Rest assured there's no special process for uploading an RPG Maker game to Steam.
SFKUSHA (2 years ago)
This is pretty helpful! Thanks, Rndm!
Snow (2 years ago)

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