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How is This a Thing? 11th of June 2018

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Text Comments (1199)
Barnaby Wild (10 hours ago)
2:56 re......un...........ion.....
Roman Z (20 hours ago)
Well obviously to the woman that was complaining about her job being too white. She being white herself. Well then she should give her job away to someone of color. Well that's the perfect solution. And then she can be happy. Unemployed and happy. LOL
A Smith (2 days ago)
3:35 - Not sure how to solve the problem of a minority of minorities in your workplace? Tender your resignation on the condition a person of colour is hired in your place.
Indiana Jones (2 days ago)
You should do a video about diet land and the show that talks about it.
meremortal (4 days ago)
Oonagh needs to have babies to "save the planet!"
Linda Kek (4 days ago)
I too, work for a LARGE government agency and it hasn't been majority white for a LONG time, and the efficiency of the agency is going down the toilet. The whole place is a joke at this point
Allen Smithee (4 days ago)
I am starting to think white folk are a genetic dead end. Darwin would be so disappointed.
matsv201 (4 days ago)
You know what.. i Think we should celebrate leftist that make 0 Children. And we other should make 4 each.... That way with in a generation the leftist will be exterminated. Can say in sweden.. We don´t get taxbreaks, but subsides having Children. If we have 3 childre we get more per Child, and from the 4:th we get dobule. This is really from the beining of the 1900-th centary, but it was never changed.
psuedo name (5 days ago)
Tbh I don't want kids either. The world needs less people
Jiggerjaw (5 days ago)
Oonagh will change her mind. Just after her ovaries dry up. And, why do none of these horrid people every talk about adoption? If you want to be a parent, go get one of the *MILLIONS* of children no one else wanted.
Twig Leg (5 days ago)
Stupid white women are the death of the West
Fry Hope (5 days ago)
i'm not sure why most model shows aren't just drones or bots anyway
Galen Thurber (5 days ago)
Dave the classical liberal, oh my, overt true colours
Galen Thurber (5 days ago)
"nothing illegal" on BitchUte, oh really
Kyle Nicholas (5 days ago)
I love how self-congratulatory the childfree are. Look, I'm saving the planet. All by myself!
Anthony Klippelaar (5 days ago)
Funny how overpopulation is only a problem when white people procreate.
Beowulf (5 days ago)
And people wonder why other countries laugh at America. SJW'S started in America, and now its spreading like an infection.
Mr. E (5 days ago)
Sooo no 1 else is gna say it. Ugh, well somebody has 2. Maybe the problem with work places looking to white is due to, how to say it politically correct, because far to many black people just don't want to work? You can't even affirmative action some of these guys into jobs with the lowest standards. B4 people jump down my throat, hash tag not all, but a sizeable minority within the minority. Ps, you can't comment until you have had the pleasure of trying to train a barely functional illiterate, and watch as your best efforts go to waste after soo many quit, call in far too many times and get fired, pick fights and get fired, sexually harrass and get fired, constantly the last 1s in, the 1st to try to skate out early, 1st to bitch about overtime they create due to their poor work ethics, or fail any drug tests that is random. Far to often, it's also on account that many of them have far 2 many kids 2 early, talking 5 6 8 or more, spend most weekends getting hammered, and are to busy chasing tail from almost any1 no mater when, and just can't stop talking long enough to get any work done. All of these supposed stereotypes, that we were all told were fundamentally untrue, I have seen for years time and time again. Literally hundreds I have seen come and go because they just can't hang. No matter our best attempts for diversity sake at the same few jobs I've kept for years at a time that I imagine is like most places. Wasn't going to post, hell, afraid to, but damn it, it happens far to often to keep unspoken.
Cezar Spatariu (5 days ago)
I am Romanian and for us you actually get bonuses if you have multiple children (it's called being a hero mom). Also maternal or paternal leave (it's your choice) is 2 years and you can take 2 years off for every kid you have and be paid 85% of your salary.
Daithi N (5 days ago)
Why do people, need to know about people's sexual orientation?
porkyV2 (5 days ago)
i'd like to make you more comfortable but really i dont- sjws.
Henry Long (5 days ago)
For all of those who wish to lessen their footprint on the world's environment, and not have children for the same reason, kill yourselves and request burial without casket. At least then, you can serve the world as food for worms, thus contributing to a microcosm of new life. At least in death, your life will have had a purpose.
smartchip (6 days ago)
A thought occured years ago, why do western governments pay for the most useless, lazy and illiterate people in the country to procreate, therefore having the same type of persons, just in greater and greater numbers, maybe its idiocracy, the mass of people that are easily lead, therefore hacking democracy, face it, if you want a totalitarian state, like 1984, having lemmings or people that ask, hay, demand their enslavement, it a great thing, just a thought I had years ago,
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
Of course. Like George Carlin said, the owners don't want intelligent, well-educated people capable of critical thinking, they want OBEDIENT WORKERS. Not even necessarily workers, but voters and tax payers. I don't know how they expect their marxist utopia to work, where everyone is dumb and almost no one works.
Chris Woods (6 days ago)
A short time before watching this video I read an article on Fox news concerning the town of Berekley, CA. That town has set out on some sort of population control agenda. All I can say if this goes on God help us all.
Bunny Baker (6 days ago)
🙄🙄🙄🙄🙄 there is no overpopulation issue, just poverty and pollution issues. People are so stupid😒
Adriaan Sluijs (6 days ago)
why did the guy with the blue fingernails sound exactly like Riley Dennis? is this a thing? every trans trender sounds like riley dennis?
PhunkBustA (6 days ago)
that intro, i bet you they sold out and merged with a larger company and got a MASSIVE payout
PhunkBustA (6 days ago)
11:04 watch?v=xnKhsTXoKCI "Blinded by me, you can't see a thing"
PhunkBustA (6 days ago)
Kulcsár Lili (6 days ago)
Oonagh: "boo-hoo please pity me I am making the ultimate sacrifice not to have a child even tho I want Q.Q I am so heroic" ... you can always adopt
Kulcsár Lili (6 days ago)
Yes, I understand. The problem is, that you're right. I recently read an article about "why poor people have so many children if they can't even provide for them", and the basic answer is their lack of intelligence and lack of education. Lack of intelligence and education in their family background and on the margins, sometimes religious beliefs convincing them to keep the child. Some girls in that article didn't even know about the idea of abortion (even when speaking to a doctor, when the word was mentioned they declined because they didn't know what 'abortion' meant, and they didn't want to ask, it sounded like a complicated thing to them). It is a spiral of desperation down from there. And yes, people who are intelligent and educated enough, they also realize that just because you choose not to have kids, you're not a savior of mankind, or the planet, it's just a choice and that's that. :/ :/
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
I don't want those people influencing young minds. It's just a pity that in order to be childfree or anti-natalist (these were the latter - childfree is the choice not to have children, anti-natalist is when you think humans breeding at all is IMMORAL), you have to be at least kind of intelligent. Stupid people will never get the arguments, or care, they'll just pop out babies on a conveyer belt. So it's anti-eugenics because the intelligent people are making themselves extinct.
Rachel Smith (6 days ago)
I don't know why that woman Oonagh doesn't try to adopt a kid. She says she wants a child but doesn't want to add to the population. Wouldn't adoption solve that problem? Also, I wonder what Oonagh's position on immigration is. Immigrants add to individual countries' populations and use more resources of the countries they immigrate to.
J B (6 days ago)
Tbh, at 18, I tend to agree that it is a bad idea to bring more children into the world when there are plenty of poor children who would benefit from adoption (unless you believe that culture is genetic which I don’t tend to), maybe this view of mine will change when I am at a parenting age, but right now I strongly believe that the desire to birth children is fueled by emotion rather than reason.
Absol StoryofFiction (6 days ago)
J B People can be treated like robots for efficiency, but no one wants that. Most can adopt, but most cannot feel the same when compared to kin. Basically, if you had to choose a life to save... The ones you love or those who have no connection to you. Morality aside, the situation that this video explains at the end... How amusing, humanity.
Roberto Rivera (6 days ago)
Sooo...religious Islamic families have multiple wives and large families. Are the plans for population control to affect them too? If they breed and resources get scarce in the UK, will there be chips put into their brains? Religion is dying but technocracy is rising. And those rich people who think it won't effect them, they will burn out just like the populations they are experimenting with.
Absol StoryofFiction (5 days ago)
That is a layer of Hell in a world of unneeded suffering.
Roberto Rivera (5 days ago)
I'm not implying hellfire burning, I mean poverty, endless conflict, and these problems created by elite will burn us out till there's nothing left to do but sit inside and wait to be annihilated. So that when a nuke drops even the monarchy will be just shrugging their shoulders and maybe even flashing with their phones.
Absol StoryofFiction (6 days ago)
Roberto Rivera Everyone will enter Hell as they burn. Amusing.
W Duane (6 days ago)
Islam is goat fuckers and when they get tired of that they fuck kids. Drones? Yeah, drone them.
TrumpCat (6 days ago)
If you think the replacement of the Western natives with 'inbred, infantile and subservant peoples' is by accident , your kidding yourself. Where are all the dictatorships in the world ?........... Muslim countries!! ......... where breeding 1st cousins is considered to be keeping the family strong ...... hence the mental issues (Infantile, easily led, quick to anger). And the Globalist elites want to bring in Dictatorships into western Countries , Hence the replacement........... quickest way is to replace the population with people who are happy with Brutal dictators. Because when the oppresion comes it will be the Western men that will fight back, muslims wont because they will be told its to help them ....... and they will believe it ......... because of thier inbreeding!! Disclaimer - Not all Muslims Inbreed...... im fairly sure Indonesia have lower rates of it, But alot of the middle eastern one do (its about 50%) here's a Left leaning person finding out about it... and thier reaction - http://www.intellectualtakeout.org/article/muslim-inbreeding-huge-problem-and-people-dont-want-talk-about-it
jagardina (6 days ago)
Well done. It's crazy out there.
Robin Miller (6 days ago)
I identify as a Drone and I demand the end of my fellow dronites being objectified. Also, we need a pay raise and to paint every drone in the colors of the rainbow, while having drones of every size. END THE OBJECTIFICATION!!!
Michael Klump (6 days ago)
I'm all for SJW's not having children. Self-inflicted Darwinism, I say.
Kragar01 (6 days ago)
This obviously wouldn’t work in Saudi Arabia but what if the companies just contracted the models to work as Grid Girls, models, booth babes or whatever but have them identify as a brick. Therefore they won’t be sexualised for being attractive women because they are just bricks. If its still argued that they are being exploited then they are transphobic.
lonkchase (6 days ago)
I wouldn't blame Stripe for pulling out after a guy named Zionist Watch got popular.
eric robert (6 days ago)
Is the workplace overwhelmingly carnist, how far do I have to go to find a job that does not endorse carnism?
Calvin Johnstone (6 days ago)
Taxing children doesn't sound such a bad idea, maybe it'll deter the Somali immigrant with Ten kids from having more. 👈 True case!
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
Of course, in reality, this would only apply to white people, and possibly orientals. Let's get real. It's racist to tell black people not to have ten children, while it's also racist for a white couple to have even one child, because they're perpetuating white supremacy!
Calvin Johnstone (6 days ago)
Oonagh is Welsh? Mention the overpopulation thing to people with two wives ect stupid cow.
Trance Emerson (6 days ago)
Ireland isn't really overtaken by nonsense Sir, I'll bet it's some shady shit George Soros pulled over on Ireland.
Nothing for Granted (6 days ago)
Don't be a Cuck!!!
Nothing for Granted (6 days ago)
Whoa dude chill out!! You might hurt someone's feelings.
Trance Emerson (6 days ago)
one thing I'm never going to do is take advice from a spindly white soy boy with fingernail polish.
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
The two guys in that clip are a gay couple. And I've seen silicone thots with more testosterone than those "guys". It's so painful I can't watch a single second of it.
LanderL9 (6 days ago)
Im sorry but if the problem is not enough babies and gay couples do not make said bsbies then gay people are part of the problem of not enough babies. Lets not kid ourselves homosexuality doesnt serve to further the speices especially not its population. Should they have rights of course, is the growing amount of gay people not producing babies going to effect the human race negatively later on down the road? Time will tell, but its not helping birth rates thats just a fact.
Marina Medeiros (6 days ago)
Well, as far as I'm concerned go right ahead and dont have kids. In the mean time myself and other Christians will try to increase the Christian population of our countries :)
Miro Calderas (6 days ago)
And I thought the Shadow Children series would never happen.
Lizard1988pl (6 days ago)
Well i got to say that i to am concerned about the planet overpopulation.Becouse if not ethnic/religious divisions will spark a conflict that will make Terra a little less populated - 12 bilion people will definitly spark a conflict over a loaf of bread or a bottle of water.Im thinking about a time when we won't need eny ''fearless leader'' to start a war, rather that people will be willing to go to their neighbours house to see if they got something to eat or drink and take it from them - and if they will try to defend it - kill them in the process.Also there is that thing about humans exterminating every other possible life form on the planet which will be a buffer befor they (humans) turn on each other. And i don't blame whites for it - i mean how could i blame it on the race who , as You pointed out,we are the ones that have they race growth bearly on the + (im laso white,not feeling to guilty about it).It's thoes countrys that people can have multiple wifes and 30 children im talking about.Also,it makes me worry abut thoes people migrating en masse to the Old Continent and doing same thing here, and our great goverments encourageing it. Overall we do live in interesting times.With all the wierd,creepy and secret stuff that our leaders were makeing us kill eachother from quite some time,now we are reaching a new breaking point.Makes me wonder,when the dust and smoke clears away,what kind of a new world we will be left with. Sorry for gramma im a stupid pole. peace
Whatever4690 (6 days ago)
A tax on anyone who has more than two children would help reduce the destructive huge families of immigrants mostly as the natives rarely have more than two children.
Sky79 (6 days ago)
if that's how she truly feels then we're all better off, one less idiot
Zeta Convex (6 days ago)
So basically, a big problem with feminists is a tendency to disappear up their own arsehole.
Feminist need burkas. Fat ,nasty ,and over-opinionated . But take solace in the fact that fat bitches aren't aloud in space. Name one fat bitch from a sci-fi movie that takes place in space. Fat people are being oppressed by gravity.
Rot_Bear (6 days ago)
Those drones were smoking hot. I wish I could get one into bed.
Gato Villano (6 days ago)
An important question is: will the woman in the last story tell her husband that he is wasting his time with her and that he should look for an other woman if he wants to have children or will she be selfish, lie to him and trick him in having no children of his own? On the other hand, if leftists decide to abstain from having children, this means that there will be less leftists in future generations. That's natural selection =)
Gato Villano (6 days ago)
I know how that stupid girl at 5:50 can help. She can give her job to a gay person of color and fuck off. Problem solved
It's Eddie! (6 days ago)
Ah yes. She's so color blind she wants more people of different races in her workplace because there's too many white people.
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
If she's white, and there are "too many white people", why doesn't she just fire herself?
CWGBTTF PLEASE (6 days ago)
Xlen Omega (6 days ago)
Bedknobs and broomsticks anyone?
Tim (6 days ago)
Oonagh may change her mind... When menopause starts
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
I hope so, and I'm not gonna shed one tear for her.
saygoodbyetoprivacy (6 days ago)
What's even more horrifying than the "I'm not gonna have babies because *tee-hee* the planet and stuff!" woman is the overwhelming support she's getting. Just look at the insanity in the comment section of the article. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-5819361/Women-refuse-babies-save-planet.html
saygoodbyetoprivacy (5 days ago)
We really have been taught to facilitate our own extinction. I grew up believing it too, everyone I knew all had the same ideas... "we'll never get married, we'll never have kids, abortion is good, too many people already!" It took me too long to figure out that it was all about population replacement and the extinction of all people of European descent.
Frida Nyberg (6 days ago)
I don't even dare to look. I used to be one of those people. I'm from Sweden, and while I never wanted kids for a long list of reasons, "the environment" added fuel to that, and people told me it was the most moral reason not to have children. I even gave a vague hint to my sister about my disapproval when she had her second baby (she has four now). Thankfully, I've been cured of this mindset. Us in the west are not the problem, not when our populations are dying out. No one ever told me that white people have a birth rate from 1.2-1.9 children per woman in every country they live in. No one told me Niger has 7.3 children on average, and on the top list of countries that have the most children, the top 60 are almost all of Africa, with a couple of poor Middle eastern countries here and there. Instead, if we're going to be environmentally friendly, how about raise a PACK of environmentally minded children? Stop using disposable diapers and plastic bottles, and raise them to care about the world. Instead, with this self-imposed extinction of smart and conscientous people, we'll have billions more low-IQ people who couldn't give a crap about what impact they're having. And yeah, I'm no longer childfree, since I met my husband. We're gonna have at least two, maybe more, but two is already a huge shift from zero, which is what I had decided for myself before.
Tim (6 days ago)
Ramadan Appropriate.... That would be an awesome name for a band...
Fish Santiago (6 days ago)
Let them self select. Also DTB!!!
BiohazardCake (6 days ago)
I experience a lot of buffering wheb trying to watch videos from both you and Sargon, it's almost as if youtube is throttling your channels.
IQ encodoc (6 days ago)
I don't remember who said it, but it went something like this: Women are so free in modern times that they can choose their oppression.
Kevin (6 days ago)
Not sure why, but on my PS4 your video shows as a 0:00 long video and won't play. There was also an Al-Jezeera ad before which was funny-weird.
John Harrison (6 days ago)
Someone explain to me why population control is a bad thing when the human population growth curve is exponential. (I am being serious, & not trolling.)
Morgoth Bauglir (6 days ago)
Computing Forever How many children do you have ? Because if you don't have at least 5 I will call you a hypocrite
MrGoatflakes (6 days ago)
4:29 she must be transwhite...
longshotmagoo (6 days ago)
I can't understand how people refuse to have children. Each couple should have at least 2 children otherwise our decline will be short and swift. That said, the joys of being a parent are indescribable and the joys of children is beyond compare. My greatest moments in my life are when my son runs to greet me at the door after being at work and seeing him develop from a huge amount of work my partner puts in to raise the little guy. Yea that means i do most of the working and earning but if it gives them the nice things they need i'd happily do a few extra shifts and appreciate my time off that little bit more
peter cypers (6 days ago)
She's an idiot, she can easily have 1 child and still conform to her ridiculous belief of saving the planet from overpopulation, reasoning that they're 2 parents with 1 child, so that's below replacement levels within that household, done. Be happy, stop navel gazing...
Sercil (6 days ago)
You don't like that your workplace (in which you have a good position) is "too white"? Simple. Work somewhere else until you find a place that hires non-whites. They got to work somewhere, right? Also, by quitting your job, you open up a position that may be taken by a non-white. Or stop being a racist.
Arno Wisp (6 days ago)
This video is being Throotled on purpose. Anyone having the same problem.
DED DOA (6 days ago)
I'm anti abortion simply because it's a a neglect of responsibility, not a freedom. I'm not one of these pro life types but I see it as one of the things that is leading to the degradation of the West. If contraception and abortion were harder to get, then you would have less single mother tribes
Zlyxon (6 days ago)
This shit with the payment processors needs to be stopped. Also, to be fair, we need to DEPOPULATE the planet, so we DO need less children. Just don't allow the flipping third world into the first. Or sterilize them all, whichever, but option 1 seems more workable. Population control was one of China's few good ideas.
David Blue (6 days ago)
"Population control" for whites, while flooding white countries with non-whites, is another way to say WHITE GENOCIDE.
Val Kilmer? (6 days ago)
She is also factually incorrect. Overpopulation is a myth and was confirmed by scientific method. Enough land for 200 billion to each have a house and still plenty land for farming, forests, parks etc. This was calculated. In 2020s globally we will reach below replacement rate, this is UN official data . by 2050 humanity will start going down in population, this is due to "population replacement lag". Oonagh is so uneducated it is painful. Vostok data proved of studies of 800K years and climategate was exposed for fraud years back showing middle ages in 12-13 centuries being way hotter globally, as was 4-5th centuries Roman times way hotter. Studies showed that every 800 years or so after an increase of temperature there was a sharp increase of CO2...800 years later.. And we are right in thwt cycle again. In fact we are about to enter a cooling phase due to Sunspot activity not being active next 50 years etc. This is all science. Climate change is not man-made. Science confirmed this. Overpopulation is a myth and only issue is corrupt powers who insist on keeping 10s of thousands on 1 square mile of land and 99% of the countries, especially in Africa, middle east and Asia are unpopulated and they refuse to build infrastructure there, expanding out. Thousands of toms of food are being blown up daily worldwide to keep prices up. This is also factual. Oonagh is an embarrassing moron. Natural selection for such low IQ. Her man should dump her ass immediately if she doesnt change her mind right away. It is his fault if he cant give her the facts.
DED DOA (6 days ago)
Ram a dan, I thought being gay was illegal in Saudi Arabia
Robert der Kinderen (6 days ago)
JUST reading the comments because i paus es the video to load the video so i don't get constant buffering.
alleycatalog (6 days ago)
Also what happens to these women when they are past or almost past child bearing years? They try to "mother" society by telling people how to live. And these women are also not considering their partners who want children. This is a discussion you have at the beginning of a relationship.
alleycatalog (6 days ago)
So aren't these the same people who want to import migrants because their own birth rate is low? It is okay for others to have four wives and have lots of babies because it is their culture? I think in reality they are too timid and afraid of being accused of racism to see the double standard.
HEIL PEPE (6 days ago)
Faggots do not deserve rights. They are given PRIVILEGES due to the social contract. Soon that will not be the case. They keep pushing there PRIVILEGES will be revoked. The time is coming to remove these liberal pedophile faggots from society.
The employees should identify as black. And then when she goes against it they call her a bigot.
iskoconquers (6 days ago)
Styx video :D
Skythedragon (6 days ago)
9:45 *Thanos intensifies*
AvariceUntied (6 days ago)
I think it is a good thing those leftist women don't procreate. Above 30 the chance of having birth defects increases a lot plus you won't have any children who will be indoctrinated from birth with liberal claptrap.
TheJadeFist (6 days ago)
Oonagh Dalgliesh sounds like a cave man name.
andrew blackmore (7 days ago)
Utopia anyone? That TV program seemed pretty far out but it's looking increasingly realistic with every passing year. "Don't put the gas away yet"
Epic Mapper! (7 days ago)
Sounds like the western worldis going twords the storyline of Ender's Game. Third, anyone? Time for some aliens to invade...
grizzlygrizzle (7 days ago)
So just nuke the cultures with high reproductive rates, and save the planet. Problem solved.
Silmarillion (7 days ago)
The Guardian and the Observer are both jokes. No coincidence that a recent Labour lead motion to have all legal costs for any legal proceeding against a newspaper whether won or lost would have these two Stalinist rags exempt. Seems they only want equality when its in their favour, what a shocker, hypocrisy from the left.
Mr. Croissant (7 days ago)
Lgbt are a bunch of degenerates
rdn123dog (7 days ago)
Ramadan a ding dong.
Max Caulfield (7 days ago)
I don't like the name or design of Bit Chute. It sounds stupid and like a website that won't last long.
Hope For the Planet (7 days ago)
When did INVISIBLE become " liberating" for women??
Michael Akpan (7 days ago)
"Let the past die. Kill it if you have to." What you can not do by force, do it by cunning. I thought population control was something being preached to the Africans by the Europeans. Looks like we did not listen so they would rather kill thrmselves off. Well the meek will inherit the earth.
Craplatte (7 days ago)
A white person basically advocating to be replaced by someone else because of muh diversity... how many serious car accidents are required to reach that level of stupidity? Plus, idiots deciding not to have kids? Whoah, how will I be able to sleep at night?
klystron2010 (7 days ago)
Y'know, all you needed to do was let Hitler move on to the rest of the non-Aryans, and voila. No more overpopulation.
Who gave them the vote? Oh wait are they the majority of voters? Oh wait they vote to get free stuff? Oh wait they will not have kids? Oh wait white knights will always be on their side? Oh wait other people will take over? Oh wait they wanted them to pay taxes and buy their products too? Oh wait gay marrige? Oh wait the collapse of civilisation?
Peter Jansen (7 days ago)
About birth rate, don't forget that immigrants their offspring gets a lower birth rates after a few generations, on the level of the population in that country. But yes, until then their population grows and this does impact the constitution of the population.

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