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Autobalance [SFM]

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We all know that feeling.
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Jesse Zong (1 day ago)
Winglet getting lazy, using a demo or replay instead of animating.
Scout is Spy?
Johann Lopez (3 days ago)
That is the same thing that happened to me
Gumball Watterson (3 days ago)
vivian barajas (8 days ago)
lego878 (11 days ago)
i miss team scramble more honestly
Andy Underlife (11 days ago)
me as a medic with two heavies We pushed to the final point and then :D Auto balanced. *YOU FAILED* Then i get killed by a heavy
Jake Ferrison (13 days ago)
Personally Autobalance is just good fair game for Casual mode. But sometimes I got Autobalanced, The fate depend on players and points, if I got changed to the team about to win then win. The expression are pheew "so close", "thatwasclose.avi" : if I got changed to team about lose. The expression are can be like this video, "oh crap, angry engineer's expression including "nope.avi" and even proud to winning team like "I formerly made <winning team> win."
Shawn Crabtree (17 days ago)
And now it’s back
Fildarin Škardinson (22 days ago)
Kasper Dobel (22 days ago)
Super Original Name (27 days ago)
I've seen a lot of comments saying that auto balance is gone Well I here to tell you its back! And its worse than ever! I mean, they used to ASK if you wanted to switch, and if nobody switched, only THEN would it randomly choose. But now it doesn't even give you a chance! It just switches you with barely a warning!
Shadow426 (28 days ago)
People give random crits shit but autobalance is worse
Ondra Báča (28 days ago)
it is normal :D
[GD] Niiue (30 days ago)
*caps 2 out 3 points on red team* *gets autobalanced to blue* FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF
Force (1 month ago)
Mr.Bones (1 month ago)
Unrealistic, any actual scout would have watched the medic die then spam the laugh taunt
Erkhem Banzragch (1 month ago)
Why I don't play f2p
Falling (1 month ago)
The scene is so unsatisfying, but the actual animation is great 👍
Mizz Martz (1 month ago)
right now its even more actual than before
Land Of Kush (1 month ago)
Muselk in a nutshell
Lastmangoalive123 (1 month ago)
So fucking true
Depresso Espresso (1 month ago)
I remember one time when the Blu team (my original team) was about to win but the autobalance popped up and I was like bitch whaaa
Nuclear TV (1 month ago)
Autobalance is frycking sanawa bitch
FatCat808 (1 month ago)
This actually happened to me once, I sacrificed myself to save the point and immediately after that death i got auto balanced and lost the game.
Gfdthepro (1 month ago)
I hate autobalance
HippityHop (1 month ago)
Play competitive. No autobalance there.
JCGaming weesit38 (1 month ago)
I hate the autobalance
Joakim Dolojan (1 month ago)
I remember getting autobalanced and i hated it because i had a good team with me
Ajk (1 month ago)
There's no crusaders crossbow headshots :o
Johnny Thunder (1 month ago)
When Gabe Newell Snap the fingers
rest in peace
Artupaky hi (2 months ago)
reimu video (2 months ago)
LifelessHawk (2 months ago)
Arrow hits around the belt area, then magically goes through his arm.
Sketchy Moof (2 months ago)
Poor Scout. He took an arrow for the Medic and ended up being killed by him.
1 2 (2 months ago)
Webbed Sun (2 months ago)
Immortal Heavy (2 months ago)
This is similar, I was a F2P Scout and during Payload race, me and a medic was pushing until a sniper with the fortified complied shot me, I died and then I got autobalance
MeEM Boy (2 months ago)
Autobalance Process: 75% Bad Luck 25% Luck
Teorome1 (2 months ago)
That's the dark part of the autobalance
The Hooded Wolf (2 months ago)
I have a piece of mandela in which blu spy was the one who killed scout, and even smiled and chuckled at him before killing him.
Mr. DeadlyDeX (2 months ago)
Dan Martian (2 months ago)
So true! This has happened to me before.
Poo Tis (2 months ago)
stop talking about random crits, auto balance is the one that have to get removed
Mikołaj Wróblewski (2 months ago)
Autobalance sucks
alex castro montero (2 months ago)
Happened to me
Igor Neto (2 months ago)
I wish autobalance would be more useful intead of useless. like putting me in the winning team. not the team that's about to lose.
Hychus 232 (2 months ago)
Damn why is this so true
Matias Cabello (2 months ago)
TF2 Casual Autobalance in a nutshell
shaunthegamer (2 months ago)
Exactly why everyone hates auto balance
fishcati (2 months ago)
Shouldn't scout be the one pushing the cart?
bubba485 (2 months ago)
Haha nice use of the Priest Conversion sound effect from AoE.
Adam (2 months ago)
A scout sacrificing himself for a medic? XD
Larnciel darknciel (2 months ago)
and people ask why is there toxic players. yesterday I was playing from 3 PM to 10 PM and I only won 1 match. I just wanted to play 2 maps and move on, but I was so frustrated that I kept on playing changing servers. I was trying to find a damn server where you can have a good balanced game. imagine losing from 3 pm to 9 40. I didn't want to quit until I was able to win a match. It happened at 9 40 after joining so many brain-dead teams. It is infuriating. How can I have 28 points and the guy in second place 5 points. how can they switch me to a different team with 30 seconds left in the match. Whoever is managing this game deserves to be stone to death. Poor guy can't figure out how to make this game more balanced. what 10 years now?
ShadowToaster21 (3 months ago)
That is so extremely relatable
ingay cabitin (3 months ago)
Tody Swetnam (3 months ago)
This was so frustrating because the same thing happens to me
Kyle Stubbs (3 months ago)
What is autobalance?
TheSouldinger (3 months ago)
When you are Top List, you did all the work and the autobalance anyways make you lose
The Italian Mexican (3 months ago)
This happens to me ALOT. Isn’t auto balance supposed to switch the player that are doing REALLY good to the other team? Because I’ll be a worst player on my team and I’ll still be balanced. I mean autobalancing the bad players is pointless because you just made them lose on purpose if the team they switched to is getting rolled.
Nust Ered (3 months ago)
and it's back.
Frost (3 months ago)
About it
Lè Societarian (3 months ago)
I am a medic main, and I wear proof of purchase because it was my only hat
PAUL GRATIAN TRUSCA (3 months ago)
THE IRON DRAGON 935 (3 months ago)
This happened to me
Randal (3 months ago)
Jerome Policarpio (3 months ago)
I was auto balance 2 times in one game
OrionPax09 (3 months ago)
I can't believe they brought this evil thing back from the grave!
Edward Chan (3 months ago)
It's fu'king back again?!?!?!
Logan Paschedag (3 months ago)
CS:GO in a nutshell but with the weapons!
Bob Jones (3 months ago)
And a few years later, the auto balance strikes back
Short Shots (3 months ago)
Autobalance sucks when someone gets autobalanced to the team about to lose... but when you get autobalalnced into the winning team...well...that's a different story.
PlayerAlif255 (3 months ago)
Based on true story XD
KermitZfrog (3 months ago)
I hate auto balance
Pineapple Farmer (3 months ago)
Kent Michael Galang (3 months ago)
0:37 i immediately thought of merida from brave
Kent Michael Galang (3 months ago)
They should replace leaving players with bots instead, if nobody's willing to autobalance
Awesomeness101 (3 months ago)
Kent Michael Galang (3 months ago)
The autobalance rage has returned!
G (3 months ago)
One day I was playing spy and destroyed most of the enemy defences and then auto balance stirked
Chan Wang Yan (3 months ago)
Actually Scout could push it instead as it's twice as fast
Ultra Instinct Goku (3 months ago)
Same accident i almost win and i got auto balance and lose this is the reason why i hate this game!!!
SuperCraft 64 (3 months ago)
It makes me sad
William_BroBrine (4 months ago)
Auto balance is back...
batmon and Chloe (4 months ago)
Make infinity war with them
It's now even worse...you can be in the middle of a firefight, and you get killed and forced on the enemy side :'3
The Photo-Negative Fox (4 months ago)
I know that feeling. I know it very well. it sucks.
Anna Pawłowska (4 months ago)
It was sad
TheZenarck 550 (4 months ago)
this always fucking happens
Lè Societarian (4 months ago)
That proof of purchase medic is me
0:15 there is an error with the scatter gun
Alireza Falamarzi (4 months ago)
Now I've seen everythin
Nine Tannia (4 months ago)
blu medic that scout helped you
Yuan Nick (4 months ago)
This tf2 sucks
Feandel (4 months ago)
#TF2018 First it was a question if you want too Now they switching without asking.
[404 User Not Found] (4 months ago)
neyen molina (4 months ago)
neyen molina (4 months ago)
autobalance, i losed 5 times because it
mattislife (4 months ago)
this just happened to me but instead of a scout pushing the cart i was an engineer defending the cart and i had a sentry with 17 kills and there were 10 seconds left and i got autobalanced
Itheslayer (4 months ago)
Damn this is so true. I had 13 seconds left in a game today and it auto-balanced me

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