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Bo Dallas Hits His Head Hard

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Ken Membreno (3 years ago)
1 more reason to hate cm junky junk he is a aggresive bully he jus jelouse that bo is cute and he get girls and cm junky junk is ugly he only get lil 13 year old aj pee Rybelsa 2015
Natalie k (3 years ago)
+Curtis Axel Pg Legend Not trying to be rude bur are you gay? Cuz I hope you know that PG Legend Princess Elsa is a guy just like you. So yeah. that's all for now. 
Natalie k (3 years ago)
+PG legend Princess Elsa Well actually I don't feel like it cuz you would not leave me alone so now you know how I felt. 
Curtis Axel Pg Legend (3 years ago)
I'm a man taking a stand leave my pg sister alone!
Ken Membreno (3 years ago)
+Natalie k STFU already. Move on.
Natalie k (3 years ago)
+PG legend Princess Elsa Ok, cuz I am done with you. Bye.  U finally tired of me huh? lol
The Rockster (3 years ago)
CM Punk is an evil human being. How dare he hit our Bo.
he bolieved so he survived dat then our bo got his revenge with a bo dog on da ladder
Sodanic (3 years ago)

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