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History of 3D Mario - Super Mario 64 and Sunshine I Nintendo History

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Welcome to Nintendo History and the first episode on the History of 3D Mario Games (Super Mario 64 to Super Mario Odyssey)! Help us make this a weekly documentary series by joining our Patreon! https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Big thanks to Cleffernotes for composing the intro and transition Music: http://bit.ly/2ua4JTd
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Text Comments (282)
Commonwealth Realm (11 months ago)
We have noted down all your feedback regarding the dislike for live segments, the overuse of the -san title, and the need to not detail too much of well known content in the game, but rather focus on things you may not know (this will be much more the case in part 2 of this first episode). Also what would you like to see in term of the thumbnail?
FluffyWuffy17 (10 months ago)
The problem with the live section is due to your use of the onboard mic. It makes you really quiet and causes a huge amount of echoing.
Lasse Flick (11 months ago)
Regarding the thumbnail, I think you should make it as clean and simple as possible. Kinda like the clean intro you had. It's much more eye-catching and actually also a quality reminder.
Joe Stewart (11 months ago)
Thanks for that, I've never seen a youtube series respond to watchers like that!
RadJacob (11 months ago)
I really liked the intro!
marcovi2806 (11 months ago)
This video is pure quality! I really love it and it shows all the hardwork put in to it. I do think you should keep the basic information in adittion to the unkown data for un-educated people like me haha
Vitor Paes (1 month ago)
Bring us history of Zelda please!!great video
OnlyGoodSHHH (3 months ago)
I cant stand the narration....so artificial....disliked, so you will consider never hiring that annoying, stereotypical voice again. get a normal person, for the love of video gaming.
CineGamer (7 months ago)
Papa Toad? You mean Toadsworth
RhythmGrizz (8 months ago)
so many "sans"
RhythmGrizz (8 months ago)
live segments are cringy
RhythmGrizz (8 months ago)
Great intro. I love it. I could watch it all day <3
Miguel Villegas (9 months ago)
The beta for super Mario Sunshine looks just as fun as the final game But it was to bad that a lot of the idea for sunshine was scrap, but it's still my favorite game of all time.
negrotaku (9 months ago)
12:30 - "Papa Toad"??? His name's Toadsworth, guys. Haha.
collegejus (10 months ago)
Five Worlds that didn't make it into the Sunshine game??? DLC PLEASE with Sunshine HD for Nintendo Switch!!!!!!
Danny Brown (10 months ago)
Guys, I'm really impressed with the quality of this channel. No criticisms from me, just keep up the good work.
Luis X. Rivas (10 months ago)
That intro is spot on
Lonetechwolf (10 months ago)
If you jump on the globe of the odyssey in Mario odyssey a music box version will play
FluffyWuffy17 (10 months ago)
Oh COURSES. I kept hearing, "horses" and couldn't figure out why Miyamoto wanted 40 horses in his game.
Drew McDaniel (10 months ago)
What about Mario 64 DS?
One Dank PotAto (10 months ago)
i like the 3 of ds
Markus Kosmo (10 months ago)
Awesome video! I was born the same year as Sunshine was released! Guess my age!
Markus Kosmo (10 months ago)
The intro gave me chills!
Jordan Graupmann (10 months ago)
sm64 is my favorite game
Jodie Kessler (11 months ago)
Hang on do you go to commonwealth cyber school?!
Super Mario Sunshine review: 7.8/10 "Too much water!"
TayLo (11 months ago)
You're just supposed to be the guy with the cool voice we don't want to see your face
tgdm (11 months ago)
Holy balls, the Fallout Storyteller is now narrating Mario history? I think I've died and gone to heaven!
Kitty Chan (11 months ago)
why is he saying "san" instead of Mr. its annoying probably because he's always raising his voice when saying it and everything else he is saying in English
Meme Bakery (11 months ago)
Miyamoto(*s a n*) is left handed ?
Thomas Liardon (11 months ago)
that is an incredibly cool intro!
weegee90000 (11 months ago)
damn, that intro was pretty cool
devbyrd1 (11 months ago)
Boss intro
Pokechu13 (11 months ago)
Storyteller? Is that you?
wackadmiks (11 months ago)
Are you going to talk about Super Mario 64 DS?
Daddy Alex (11 months ago)
12:31 Toadsworth* Might be his Japanese name IDK
U sound like ur reading a script with a gun pointed at your head
Jordan Bell (11 months ago)
3d land and 3d world don't even count with the super mario franchise series
Eric Ingram (10 months ago)
I think you are mistaken Super Mario 3d Land and Super Mario 3d world is indeed part of Super Mario Series.
dynamitestalker42 (11 months ago)
Whos the actor?
SE77EN Gaming (11 months ago)
You look so angry when you're talking to the camera. As a white faced, green haired villain once said, "Why so serious?"
David Zúñiga (11 months ago)
Tiago (11 months ago)
Please...just stop this "san" weeb thing.
Titus Richards (11 months ago)
Its not a weeb thing. Its respectful.
HoopsandHipHop (11 months ago)
That intro was slick!
Dionelkis Soler (11 months ago)
Woooooow nice intro¡¡ i love it¡¡
BlinkyBlitz 2004 (11 months ago)
That intro is awesome!
Mohamed Alremeithi (11 months ago)
Sandbox Mario is my favorite !!!! Finally after 15 years!
Francisco Barocio (11 months ago)
Mohamed Alremeithi idk why a people are saying that odyssey is like 3d world that game was shit I played the demo yesterday and trust me it feels like 64 a lot.
billyblackburn87 (11 months ago)
Where's part 2
jo gaming and vlog's (11 months ago)
Nintendo's family tree in the intro. Nice! ;)
MinishCaps (11 months ago)
I like this new series!
Fritospie (11 months ago)
C-stick was GameCube not n64. Those are c arrows
Alberto Garza (11 months ago)
Love this video. Hope Ocarina of Time is next. :)
The Movie Reviewer (11 months ago)
I think you are a nice person
Jeremy Cole (11 months ago)
Damn that intro.... I laughed, I cried, I felt amazed. 10/10 Would Watch Again!
skelz81 (11 months ago)
Carolyn Griffiths (11 months ago)
whats with the san at the end of their names?
Jack (11 months ago)
Wow nice intro! and the narrator is awesome!!
SigmundT (11 months ago)
Just saw the intro and im already getting goosebumps! :D Good work!!!!!
The Real Delphox 616 (11 months ago)
Imagine what a 3D Mario game on the SNES would look like!
The Real Delphox 616 (11 months ago)
Bubsy 3D is the best boi! Said no one ever
Thomas Ruth (11 months ago)
No, but even that game had a few positives or interesting concepts going for it.
Justin Morciglio (11 months ago)
Tischannel is trash. I'm a better zelda theorist and You know it. Until you recognize me as such I won't watch these videos.
Orest Emmanou (11 months ago)
What a great new series!! I would love to see the next part of the series as also the history of other Nintendo games , or even for consoles! 😉😉😉. Good job!!
tundraportal (11 months ago)
Maybe Super Mario 128 will end up as a game on the n64 mini next year similar to star fox 2
Sounds Of The Banana (11 months ago)
Holy cringe.
kamikazemind327 (11 months ago)
Great job guys! Seems to be an awesome series :)
Chris D. (11 months ago)
Oh shit this is high quality.
Brando (11 months ago)
I really like this series
Nintendofanboy 1889 (11 months ago)
Mario Sunshine is one of my favourite games of all time! I love Nintendo ❤
Nintendofanboy 1889 (11 months ago)
JackWolf (11 months ago)
Goddamn that intro was incredible
Mike Steen (11 months ago)
There is no need for the "-san" for Japanese people, when you are speaking english. It is the equivalent of "Mr.", -san is not actually part of his name just because he is Japanese. It is improper and arrogant for a japanese person to call themselves "san", for that matter. As an English speaker you don't need to worry about that. Sounds weird when you keep saying -san though!
Commonwealth Realm (11 months ago)
Fixing it for part 2!
Falcon Zer0 (11 months ago)
Can not wait for Part 2! or Mario Odyssey!
WaPepe (11 months ago)
I know like 20 other people commented this, but keep the this narrator. His voice is so fucking amazing, its like from those old nature documentaries
King K. Rool (11 months ago)
I really wanted it to just stick talking about Mario 64 and Sunshine cause that's what odysseys main focus is to be like those two Mario games.
dangerousbrian0 (11 months ago)
now why did they not continue what they were going to do with Super Mario 64 2 that was going to be on the Nintendo 64DD & move the project over to the Gamecube & or they could do a remaster of both Super Mario 64 & Super Mario Sunshine & add the extra levels that were cut from them back in & release them on the Switch as Physical & downloadable media.I thought that was very interesting I have just read your above comment I had no issues with the things that were mentioned it was very detailed & informative cant wait for the next episode next week.
Ikey Bones (11 months ago)
Super ahmed (11 months ago)
Yay! Voice overlord is back!
Super ahmed (11 months ago)
+Commonwealth Realm Yup.
Commonwealth Realm (11 months ago)
And for good this time!
Echad (11 months ago)
Super Mario 64...I was there.
Ray Revolta (11 months ago)
Glad to be the 666th like! Great video guys!!
Echad (11 months ago)
Good intro.
Hyrule Gamer (11 months ago)
Well I loved this first part and can I just say that intro was soooo amazing! That was one of the coolest things I have seen and gotta be one of the best if not the best intro I have ever seen :) Great work guys!
Alessandro Cussino (11 months ago)
Continue please. :-D
DaranDragon (11 months ago)
Saying -san after each name each time is a bit much.
Chuck Nv (11 months ago)
It isn't quite the same as Mr. or Ms. It's as close as it gets to English though. It's common for someone to use -san consistently as an honorific when addressing someone who has earned that. It's even possible that his employees use his job title with his name as well when talking to or about him. It depends slightly on the work environment. To not use it would be awkward and noticeable unless you are their peer, senior, or are intentionally disrespecting them. The good thing is the people mostly watching this are English speakers who are quite brutish with our regard for honorifics or seniors. So we can totally ignore it and they'll just think we are being obtuse and have not tried to learn courtesies. Let's roll on! I have had the chance to live in both Japan and South Korea and it can be difficult to forget some things. In Korea there are many levels of honorifics depending on person, station, and event. It's definitely interesting. For certain circumstances you will completely bow to the ground with head/hands touching. Luckily I didn't have to do that as I never went to marry anyone while there haha.
DanielProwess (11 months ago)
Yeah I thought it was an attempt at humor the first time, but he just kept saying it.
DaranDragon (11 months ago)
The Boone Yeah but. Generally after someone calls someone Mr. or Ms. In a typical conversation, you can still be be respectful by calling them by their last name. This is especially true for a group of people.
The Boone (11 months ago)
It would basically be like always saying Mr or Mrs when saying peoples names.
DaranDragon (11 months ago)
Great. Loved the episode for sure though otherwise.
Randiel Rodriguez (11 months ago)
If Nintendo ever makes a n64 mini and the game cube mini they'd better bring all the cut levels from ocarina,super Mario 64 and get a full edition of sunshine what we were supposed to get
ZMM (11 months ago)
remember when Reggie basically said Sunshine sucked on stage
kirinchecker (11 months ago)
Why does he always need to hang the "san" at the names? It really bothers me!
jarry pota (11 months ago)
This is cool but doesn't really have a soul. Throw in your own personal opinion please.
Cheesethegoldensword (11 months ago)
Who the fuck is that guy in the background, i like narration better, and the narration in most super mario odyssey videos, thanks
Reuben Holland (11 months ago)
If I had to join a religion I'd probably choose Anton Lavey's Satanism since it seems to be one of the most liberal religions from what I know
Jack Enjiel (11 months ago)
Love the video guys really well done
Brad Austhof (11 months ago)
no more san please
Randall Fernando (11 months ago)
Great great video
Jacob Pomegranate (11 months ago)
Hey do you guys know what happened with The Pokemon Anime Timeline???
Jacob Pomegranate (11 months ago)
Holy Fudgeeee. Okay! Hopefully it’ll come later down the road I would love to see another one. Gotta get Patreon now lol. I love all of your guys’ content! Hope all of you at Commonwealth are doing freaking fantastic. Can’t wait for all the more things coming.
Commonwealth Realm (11 months ago)
Jacob Granados First part got manually claimed by Shopro, we need greater Patreon support to avoid that the investment and time required to produce the remaining section doesn't go down the drain.
Justin Gehrke (11 months ago)
Excellent video!!! Keep up the great work
SamHetfield Productions (11 months ago)
My first 3D Mario game was Galaxy. January 7th, 2008. As soon as I turned on the Wii, I only turned it off 11 hours later, after 35 stars collected. It was one of the best days of my life. I seriously hope Odyssey manages to repeat this wonderful experience.
Leo Salazar (11 months ago)
Papa toad is named toadsworth
Joe Stewart (11 months ago)
The overuse of 'san' after all the Japanese names is contrived and I likely won't watch another one of these because of it.
jo gaming and vlog's (11 months ago)
Joe Stewart. I believe it's a polite thing to say in their country. (In my opinion.)
DanielProwess (11 months ago)
Bothering the fuck out of me too. Just call him Miyamoto.
Frank Morison (11 months ago)
Agreed. Ruined it for me as well.
ZMM (11 months ago)
Joe Stewart its like Mr.
Jackimations (11 months ago)
Great video, but you forgot to give the Europe flag a a pole.
Joann Jaison (11 months ago)
Goddamn, that intro... Fantastic job guys, can't wait for the next part!
Cyber Star (11 months ago)
As Mario fans, this is great
Mario will always be a source of inspiration. The man has my childhood in the palm of his hand. Damn Mario...So many years. Also, Mario Head will always be a classic horror for children.
Okay City (11 months ago)
Ur vids are amazing can you do more oot Zelda vids pls
Nooo Disaster (11 months ago)
Love seeing all this work put into it, but can we get a different narrator? It's like my Grandpa is trying to talk to me about these newfangled electronic games.
Kankennon (11 months ago)
(Bows) I actually still have my Intellivision that I got for Christmas in 1981...and it still works. I don't actually have any grandchildren yet though! ;)
Kankennon Damn, Jason. You killed it, man! 😄😄😄 Classic comeback! Much respect!
Kankennon (11 months ago)
Let me tell you about the console wars sonny! My first war was way back when Atari 2600 was at war with Intellivision and some other upstarts that nigh destroyed the world of home video games! I still have some battle scars to prove it...
Zephyr's Tune (11 months ago)
I watched the intro like 5 times its so amazing!
Zephyr's Tune (11 months ago)
That intro is pure magic!
Tubeless (11 months ago)
The voice made it feel like a documentary from the 90's
michieltoebes Good. That was probably the intent.

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