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Top 15 UPCOMING Switch Games For Q3 2018

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Today we will take a look at top 15 new Nintendo Switch games that will come out in Quarter 3 2018 which is in July, August and September. Which games do we recommend? All of them! -Follow Us - Twitter - https://www.twitter.com/SwitchPlanetOff
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Text Comments (96)
issaciams (1 day ago)
Man Switch graphics look soo dated sometimes.
Sakutaro〈3musik (4 days ago)
love Octopath <3
i was laughing so hard at shining resonance
알라오크바르 (4 days ago)
When will Dark Soul come?
golgo 13 (5 days ago)
Wait did shining reisonance have girls flashing the monsters???
Forte Cossak (5 days ago)
That censor XD what’s it even for. The game doesn’t even show anything. And then the very next clip with them they aren’t censored
Zaid Younus (6 days ago)
Thanks for posting this
AngryGeek Production (6 days ago)
Robert (6 days ago)
Waiting on dark souls!
Roen (6 days ago)
sorry man, but you show PS4 content 7:15 i notice a lot of games show better graphics in the videos but on the switch itself the resolution of the textures is much lower
Brandon Matarrita (5 days ago)
Roen and how do you know that is ps4 footage?
Norma Kerr (6 days ago)
Wow the disrespect on super smash bros ultimate.😠
Forte Cossak (5 days ago)
Norma Kerr that’s Q4
Puellos _ (6 days ago)
I love how we can get a NBA 19. a FIFA19.. but we CAN'T get a NHL19... I miss hockey on the go.
S1beR1aN StoRm (7 days ago)
It's not top, it's trash ,:/
Nintendo Lover™ (7 days ago)
Fifa 19 and PS4 PRO banners lol
Schnitzelheinz 2 (7 days ago)
bednar23 (7 days ago)
Mhgu, dark souls and v rally are my top picks. Gonna be a busy end to 2018
Clockwork (7 days ago)
Pretty solid Q3!
Forest Dave Sanchez (7 days ago)
Nxt month is the release for monster hunter generations wow!
golgo 13 (7 days ago)
I'm glad I got mines early greatness awaits
Don Hill (7 days ago)
Finally some good games.. but can we get Netflix or YouTube on switch!!?
Ahmed Falahy (7 days ago)
LordRikudou Zero (7 days ago)
Dark Souls is killing me; no hard release date yet!!! My preorder is paid...if they don’t have Nintendo themed items (Hylian Shield, Biggoron Great Sword, and so on) I might be a bit disappointed🙃
Simple Buddy (7 days ago)
Glad switch is getting lots of quality games recently!
ballstothevols (7 days ago)
Titan quest is looks alot like diablo 2 which is not a bad thing
Francisco Burgos (7 days ago)
Titan Quest and Dark Souls... I'll definitely buy them! Victor VRan looks great... V-Rally and Fifa 19... maybe...
MAD Klein (7 days ago)
Octopath Traveler gonna be Awesome!
Nīcky GP (7 days ago)
Nice video
Zain Kazmi (7 days ago)
DBZ Fighters=zzzz yessss and Dark Souls <3 im so gonna buy. And that Monster hunter game looks good too, not a fan but ill try.
DarKNesS7026 (7 days ago)
Now this is a list I can get behind! Getting 90% of it!
Bruno Romaña (7 days ago)
Torna: The Golden Country?
A Fellow High Nooner (7 days ago)
Dragon ball fighter z
icy lady (8 days ago)
I have at least 25 indie game and they're all the best! Now its time to own AAA games in Q3.
Quan Zhang (8 days ago)
BGM become disinterested,can you change it
Jeffry Vincent (8 days ago)
That mobile legend ads is fucking annoying
aruterm (8 days ago)
Where is xenobladeDLC?
SonicMania999 (7 days ago)
XC2 Torna Expansion releases Sep 14.
patrickinferno 1 (8 days ago)
aruterm I think it releases in September
Christopher Hull (8 days ago)
Definitely okami, but only if there's a physical copy
Jayson Lopez (8 days ago)
Wow that's a lot of games in fact I have some on my wish list.
cameron richards (8 days ago)
🤩🤩Dragon Ball Fighterz😍😍
jracer876 (8 days ago)
Generations ultimate I'm coming for you
Jero_Mero _FX (8 days ago)
When is dar k souls coming out
Waxwaxwaxio Io (8 days ago)
Not bad!!!
007 373 5963 (8 days ago)
Grrrrrrrrraaahhhh!!!!! Dark souls still no date
Jesús P. (8 days ago)
Finally a video with good games
luislai4 (8 days ago)
When dark soul delay again
Prof. E. J. Gómez (8 days ago)
Being waiting since January (month announced on the Switch) for the release of Dark Souls and there isn't a release date yet, and it was supposed to be released on May 25. This is not fair
will riseabove (6 days ago)
Prof. E. J. Gómez same kinda pissed off the other versions still released on time even though they are buggy af. I'm giving it until the end of this month and I'm canceling my order, the company shouldve let fromsoft handle the remaster or got someone who knows how to add textures and dsfix more competently.
Zelda Gamer (6 days ago)
Prof. E. J. Gómez just be patient, they wanna have it run perfectly with no bugs, you don’t want a rushed game
Reece Bell (8 days ago)
Titan quest and okami are definately pick ups for me, never played okami and need a POE like game to play
nowonmetube (8 days ago)
8:32 wtf why are those censored 😂
TheRealSneakers (8 days ago)
8:32 Uhhh....why are thise two characters have pixelated censoring...they usually do that when there is nudity in footage that is being shown to all....but doesn't look like there is any nudity...I seen that character in the demo, and her uniform wasnt really revealing...lest to warrant such censoring.
Patrick Goin (8 days ago)
Bonjour. De très bons jeux. Mais c'est quoi cette censure, ce flootage de mer...... sur le jeu Shining Résonance refrain. C'est simplement pour que la vidéo soit tout public sur YouTube ou c'est vraiment dans le jeu ? Dans ce cas je n'achèterai pas. Merci
Роман Кошла (8 days ago)
I'm surprised to say that, but 90% of these games are damn good.
TR0JAN exe (8 days ago)
dark souls :)
TheGrudge (8 days ago)
Enough with Okami for me. I have it for ps2, Ps3, Ps4 and Wii. Wii port is the best, as you can use the wiimote as a brush
Brandon Matarrita (6 days ago)
TheGrudge nah,switch its gonna be the definitive version of okami Why? Its portable and you can use the touch screen (if you are in portable mode)
Jack Pot (8 days ago)
TheGrudge I still never played it so this game is made for ppl like me
Jennifer Cushman (8 days ago)
Out of all of these games in this video. Only Octopath Traveler is the only game worth getting. Well that and Captain Toad. 2 games that I want to get tomorrow.
Jasmine A. (7 days ago)
LordRikudou Zero (7 days ago)
Umm, Dragon Ball Fighters Z as well...
Reece Bell (8 days ago)
I mean dark souls and okami at least are 100% pick ups if you haven't played them, and even then I'd say they are worth picking uo
LazySquirtle 0730 (8 days ago)
Anyone else dying to know when warframe is going to be released for the switch?
Brandon Matarrita (6 days ago)
LazySquirtle 0730 no
100% Luck the void (7 days ago)
Nah homie ur not the only one
Jose Corona (8 days ago)
LazySquirtle 0730 right here bud
JCookie (8 days ago)
i'm still thinking if i shld get titan quest physical copy. i already ordered okami & shining resonance.. Really looking forward to em. hmmm.. wonder if Valkyria c4 is any good. have never played their previous games
B Righteous (8 days ago)
gimme that Mania Plus baby!
Chris Stigall (8 days ago)
I know, I can't wait!
Audie Murphy (8 days ago)
It's been over a year , when are the big boy games coming out ? We need some online fps and online tps . Enough with the shitty RPGs and nintendo Mario titles .
Craig Morgan (8 days ago)
Awesome list 👍🏽👍🏽
The Vegan Punk (8 days ago)
TitanQuest I will get. Victor Vran looks good. I’ll check that out too.
baelrog (8 days ago)
Have in mind that Titanquest port on the ps4 is almost not playable it has alot of game breaking bugs. Game constantly crashes, save games get deleted etc. Check up on their reddit. We have not many high hopes the switch port will be a succes :(
kukingina (8 days ago)
You picked the worst possible footage for megaman x collections lol
nowonmetube (8 days ago)
kukingina yeah. And NBA wasn't the best either 😂
Malik Streeter (8 days ago)
Maybe lol but still can't wait to play those gems
SwitchPlanet (8 days ago)
Haha sorry for that
DatMoment (8 days ago)
damn censored
Artur Galustyan (8 days ago)
Guys pls ask me if i buy games not in Nin Switch shop. In magasin Cartridge can i play online? (Sorry for bad English).
たつや (8 days ago)
For now it’s free
Yavuz Dumlu (8 days ago)
Artur Galustyan yes
Adrian Rivera (8 days ago)
The blurred out anime boobs tho...
Joshhas Snowidea (8 days ago)
Hello yeah sega I'd like to buy +20 copies of sonic mania plus pls
David T (8 days ago)
So many great games. Much better than what PS4 and Xbox One had in the first year and a bit.
fAppIicationof SeIf (8 days ago)
David T just think, maybe half a decade of games still to come!
Grouchy Dude (8 days ago)
So many good games coming out!
nowonmetube (8 days ago)
Grouchy Dude finally!!
yolobrlo 20209 (8 days ago)
Switchplanet your the best when it comes to knowing when switch games come out
Dragon ball y Octopath
yolobrlo 20209 (8 days ago)
I can't wait for monster hunter generations
Ricardo Bato (8 days ago)
Shit, im 2
yolobrlo 20209 (8 days ago)
Ricardo Bato your first lol
Mr. Fish (8 days ago)

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