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Animals Can Be Jerks Compilation

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Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation! Insert code : "vinesmotionawesome" to get 15% discount all products when you shopping at https://vimobros.com/ We don't own this whole video ,if it contain your content please contact us at vinesmotion@gmail.com to credit or remove.Thank you so much
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Text Comments (6336)
martinOnTheWeb (21 hours ago)
Spider Bubblegum (21 hours ago)
3:19 When you are the 5 years old kid who wants to play Fortnite with teens. Yes, sadly.
Spider Bubblegum (21 hours ago)
2:52 Rocket Raocoon XD
PathisNarrow (1 day ago)
wheres the monkey with the stickj? thumbs down
Eboni Love (1 day ago)
That dam raccoon was acting like he was gonna rape that cat. Cat hit him like "NO means no dammit!"
Maya Flores (1 day ago)
aw man i wanted to see da lion getting poked with a stick
highsmartboy (1 day ago)
All cats are stupid!
Tonya Lee (1 day ago)
None of these animals appear to be jerks
Jennifer Britton (1 day ago)
Are these videos from like 20 years ago? And where's the lion and monkey? These animals aren't jerks, you are. Thumbs down.
K Edmodson (1 day ago)
Clickbait equals thumbs down
graham D (1 day ago)
CRAP Where is the monkey you tosser Fake thumbnails
Saysarap (2 days ago)
Nice thumbnail asshole ...
Stefan Creciunas (2 days ago)
Cea mai comică, puiul de urs cu puiul de leu
Duane Williams (2 days ago)
Roses are red, violets are blue. I've just been click baited, and so have you!!
Judith Ayala (2 days ago)
1:02 Bird: Oooo. Nice Camara dude Dude: Oh, thanks! *Turns around* Bird: Let me steal the camara😈 * Takes the camara* Dude: HEY, GIVE IT BACK!!!! Bird: Ok, SIKE! Dude: GIVE IT! Bird: NO, ITS MINE! *Flys away*
Orange Man (3 days ago)
Everyone's saying clickbait but I'm here just thinking that the animals where cute af
M Segatto (3 days ago)
The owners are the jerk ones!!!
Dove Barnett (3 days ago)
That poor baby elephant.
aisha suhail (3 days ago)
o god
Click Bait!
Amber Tin (4 days ago)
Amber Tin (4 days ago)
Minecraft and Shit (4 days ago)
I wanted to see a cat bite the nipple of a gorilla and then they fight.
Pen Nern (4 days ago)
Flick Wiltshire (4 days ago)
wittyag (4 days ago)
Overuse of dumb sound effects. I'm on to you Bob Saget.
Megan Cantu (4 days ago)
Omg hahaha
amanda brianna (4 days ago)
Dogs are the best
All Things Equal (4 days ago)
Click bait. Also, cats torturing insects and catching birds is not sane entertainment.
Starmadien2019 (5 days ago)
He did have a reason to push the chair. He wanted the food
Apple Slices Unite (5 days ago)
monkey hitting lion???
Deranged MTG (5 days ago)
that mantis with dem jukes
The Pond Bond (5 days ago)
Jare Gayo (5 days ago)
Joost de Graaf (5 days ago)
garlic dispute expertise elegant incorporate shoulder mention expert crazy bench employment.
Joko Saputro (5 days ago)
Terjadinyahari kiamat
RockyMist Gang (5 days ago)
Look closely at the thumbnail. It looks like a five year old threw that up in 5 seconds
Rocky Blunt (5 days ago)
The Russian Spy (5 days ago)
dogs vs cats battle to the couch 3:58
Kenneth Mattox (5 days ago)
One time a lion ate me and that makes it a jerk so yeah
JakeYT BOI (5 days ago)
Hector Schull (5 days ago)
mi. apellido es schulz no esschull okey
Buttmonkey 10 (5 days ago)
wemo tard (5 days ago)
Early in it when the cat hit the dog I would’ve punched that cat I’m not gonna lie it was like 0:17
Garena Free Fire (5 days ago)
V3 (5 days ago)
that mouse pushing the damn limits he lucky the cat didn’t finna eat him
Floof :3 (5 days ago)
People can clickbait complation
KRS 2 (5 days ago)
No 🐵
swcomer (6 days ago)
Clicked to see a baboon hitting a lion with a stick just like in the icon. No such vid in this clip.
李颖博 (6 days ago)
Mandjolomagreth Amina (6 days ago)
Mandjolomagreth Amina (6 days ago)
very funny.bt I love the videos.
MD JAHIDUL ISLAM (6 days ago)
just tast
just lyrics (6 days ago)
I just realized how fake the thumbnail is
Tantan PH (6 days ago)
who its my favorite
mix Videos (6 days ago)
1:04 real gopro
Raho Praho (6 days ago)
王王宇 (6 days ago)
Alvarito Bolsilludo (6 days ago)
Sabes como le meto el pitinho al mono ese deja hasta los pelos le saco
Alvarito Bolsilludo (6 days ago)
Billy Corners (6 days ago)
3:04 Thwack!!!
Josh Nigger (6 days ago)
1:34 that monkey snatched her weave
Irisa Liberta (6 days ago)
Неужели тяжело поставить вторую миску с пищей ? 🍛🐩🍛🐈
Ahmed Sohail (6 days ago)
Messed up
Kady Akissi (6 days ago)
kady Akissi
Eventually - Love, X (7 days ago)
Renee Hevey (7 days ago)
3:06 most funny part
Bob Islanseu (7 days ago)
This is dumb
HD Gamer (7 days ago)
Lol funny like Kel if you agree
Md sahen Hossen (7 days ago)
代云席 (7 days ago)
Steve Bell (7 days ago)
Clickbait or not, the kangaroo was fuckin hilarious. Proper tee'd him up like a golf shot, took the sidesteps and shuffled up to address his shot like a cool pro. The little bastard sat there plotting the shot for a good 3 seconds beforehand. Too funny.
Diny B. (7 days ago)
Jerks....maar dapper.
Greg Golfos (7 days ago)
MD Shidur Zzaman (7 days ago)
MD Borkot (7 days ago)
matt420 0 (7 days ago)
Clickbaited. Thanks alot 👌💯
I died at 2:47
Miss Cheshire (7 days ago)
A lion with a monkey's shadow. Photoshop must have missed that.
FuwaCake (7 days ago)
YouTube should add the clickbait option when we want to report a video
AyyyItz Kiwi (7 days ago)
Ugh, clickbait. I was waiting for the monkey to beat the lion with a stick, but I guess it was all just for more views. Does not deserve 24,106,048 views. And the description is just for their merch and saying " Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation! ". Give me a break!
Kerr Gibson (7 days ago)
Such a interesting life they are living.
Nayla P (7 days ago)
Showing that the cat caught that annoying ass bird was very satisfying lol
Look at mi name bro
Lis Villanueva (7 days ago)
Yo que el gato. Me como el raton
Kat Mat (7 days ago)
Is it sad that the first one reminds me of what I do to my friends at a pool
Franklin Robles (7 days ago)
Ads = annoying Buffering= annoyiner Convinations= most annoying sh** ever
Skye Light fury (7 days ago)
That thumbnail is so photoshopped it’s funny 😂😂😂
OwenYouNothing (7 days ago)
Melissa Torres (7 days ago)
Joshua Garin (7 days ago)
*Don't trust everything on the internet kids!* *Don't trust this video too kids!*
Hajime Kamukura (7 days ago)
I'm amused... so all is well.

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