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Animals Can Be Jerks Compilation

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Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation! Insert code : "vinesmotionawesome" to get 15% discount all products when you shopping at https://vimobros.com/ We don't own this whole video ,if it contain your content please contact us at vinesmotion@gmail.com to credit or remove.Thank you so much
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Text Comments (6638)
Brian Bayless (17 hours ago)
That racoon like food please
morgster53 (1 day ago)
0:17  "I can wash myself, DAMN YOU!!!"
MrDevilQ (1 day ago)
My science teacher lied to me she said.... Before 1 billion years+ monkeys and humans were fighting there was a war and then humans won Teachers in 2018...
4:42, 5:42 and 8:52 gots to be the most amusing.
Peggy Bennett (1 day ago)
No it is not clickbait, I know her whole family, her mom is my health teacher and told us about the video
casablanka (1 day ago)
benjovi55 (2 days ago)
I just had to give props. Never did for that thumbnail. The monkey about to hit a lion with a stick. So fake. But hilarious.
And the worst thing is, they don't even pay taxes !
Tusty Daily Life (2 days ago)
熾天使 (2 days ago)
這根本就是飢餓遊戲嘛! 為了生存 為了惡整 為了鬥狠 射門事情都做得出來= =
cabidin ibrahim (3 days ago)
7:30 A cat scared of a little bird!!!
Kari Havoth (3 days ago)
Cats are afraid of Mockingbirds and raccoons have the hots for cats.
super bubbly (3 days ago)
Solution to fighting over a bowl : two separate bowls
kens Vintage Toys (3 days ago)
Heather Glenn (4 days ago)
Lies, all lies! There was no baboon with a stick!
Jarrod Reed (4 days ago)
Most of these people need shot in the head. Also clickbait, thumbs down.
Nick Widener (4 days ago)
Horrible video
mcizi (4 days ago)
fckng cklickbed, fockkk youue matherfacker, were is may lio fighting monkey stick bish lasgna, fking bobs
Sopta gaming (4 days ago)
Roses are blue Violets are red In this comment you scrolled You just had trolled...
Antonio Ferrer (4 days ago)
The sledjacking at 1:15 was f...ing awesome.
Nana Tilda (5 days ago)
That bird is trained to snatch up cameras and afterwards It flies east to deliver it to the people of the republic of China 🎎 🤣 jk 👍 😂🤣😂
sameer alam (5 days ago)
What kind of animal was taking food at 2:52
BeeP Tbin (5 days ago)
🔥Primer tema que subo vale escuchenlo, Dale me gusta y comenta 🔥 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bWl-cQG2akY&feature=youtu.be
nuclear kid (5 days ago)
2:31 Tom and jerry dispute with intense avengers music.
lxndr x (5 days ago)
People complaining about the thumbnail. If you knew how Photoshop worked u wouldn't fall for it anymore. It's easy for me to tell which thumbnails aren't real
arnauuu1 (5 days ago)
0:11. LMAO
Rebeca Lima (6 days ago)
Nelapati Chenchubabu (7 days ago)
EternalAbode (7 days ago)
Cats are the biggest jerks and the meanest of animals
Mayin Rodriguez (7 days ago)
I felt bad for the bird at the end but he got what he deserve by bullying him,cat was like leave me alone get out of here until he fly like a goalkeeper
CR S (7 days ago)
Great videos.....of cats getting owned by raccoons, dogs, insects, a psycho bird 7:37 and a mouse stealing ones food.
Wolfblox Gaming (7 days ago)
Umm mommy the cat is kissing the raccoon again.
ian dick (7 days ago)
8:52 nice but this is why songbird populations are down.
ian dick (7 days ago)
I feel sorry for most of these cats. Edit: most
Paulini Finau (7 days ago)
Too funny🤣
Brett J (7 days ago)
0:06.....reminds me of how my mum reacted when my brother fell into a duck pond years ago.
Micheal davis (8 days ago)
8:11 that bird made a fatal mistake!
david harschon (8 days ago)
waste of time!!!! where was the monkey and lion
N S (8 days ago)
The lion cub was laughing 😂😂😂😂
Chrissy Hale (8 days ago)
Poor puppy being abused by that bad cat!!! Lol... He just wanted to give kisses😘
Turbold Boldbaatar (8 days ago)
did anyone saw his butt crack? 4:22 and clickbaited again of course i would get clickbaited again and i just wanted to see the monkey hitting his king :( every one thumbs down :(
Tuyền Lê (8 days ago)
cat is the best
Sky Cake (8 days ago)
Change the thumbnail or i will unsub
yesu jahnavi (8 days ago)
1st one is me nd my brother
Carol Schiavone (8 days ago)
o o Sunny (9 days ago)
fucking thumbnail
5:58 is so funny and sad because..... No wonder why she have a pet. She is lonely. :/. Don't like this. If you do, like it again. 😂😂😂😂
Max Power (9 days ago)
At the 2:15 min we can see Tom & Gerry in real life No WAAAY!!! 🤣
Dimi- Chan (10 days ago)
0:48, his camera got Bird-napped❌❌.
Karla Cordero (10 days ago)
5:26: bird:this is so fluffy dog:why is there someone tickling me? (Lol I didn't know if it was a bird or a mice 😂 😂 😂)
maldark10123 (10 days ago)
8:00 is your dog deformed?
Frankie Bleddyn (10 days ago)
This video confirms what I suspected growing up. Mockingbirds are Jerks.
Margie Cieslinski (10 days ago)
😂 so funny. I wouldn’t mess with a 🐱 cat. 💕👏🏼💕👏🏼💕
Jenely Sarette (10 days ago)
Why do cats have to hit dogs?My fellow dog friends... attack!
SUSHIL KUMAR (10 days ago)
Where is thumbnail
Project X Gaming (11 days ago)
But... Where is the sleeping loin???
Bev Ceccanti (11 days ago)
videos that set up creatures to die for fun make me sick. I will remember not to watch one of yours again
Bubba & Nippy (11 days ago)
Lmao well cats are no longer predator they are prey for mini pterodactyl #birdsaredicks
Bubba & Nippy (11 days ago)
Lmao 2:47 even the kittens knew not to fuck with that masked thief they backed up like wtf paw half up and half down do I swing or not bruh the racoons wasn't making eye contact like ugh I know this is horrible but I was born with a criminal mask for a reason
GalaxyFox Playz (11 days ago)
Guys clickbait is to obvious theeze dayz
Tenmil (11 days ago)
Excellent! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️👍👍👍👍👍👍👍
J TM (11 days ago)
2:20 tom and jerry? 😂😂😂
J TM (11 days ago)
2:20 tom and jerry? 😂😂😂
Tamara Craig (12 days ago)
This was soo hilarious
Andrew Yarbro (12 days ago)
I was promised a monkey beating a lion with a stick, where's my monkey?!
ANISH SHAH (12 days ago)
Why is the poster picture not in the video
Das Teufelswerk (12 days ago)
06:06 shir on her head
Admin End (12 days ago)
Those are some vicious birds
Raccoons like sexually harassing cats it seems
연쇄삽입범 (13 days ago)
Mia Barreto (13 days ago)
those two cats are like my cousin and i
Ashley Smith (13 days ago)
Man these cats gangsta
b summo (14 days ago)
Fake thumbnail
krishana poddar (14 days ago)
nice #kpproductionkp
pampam696969 (14 days ago)
love the raccoon food thief. and how in da heck they get cat snd rrat to. get along together
Maia Peakman (14 days ago)
2:47 to 2:55 lol
Nevaeh Clarke (15 days ago)
2:54 the way it walks
T Mst (15 days ago)
Obviously click-baity thumbnail but hilarious.
Bennat's kitchen (15 days ago)
Is this true?
Sabrina Nelli (15 days ago)
The Almighty Zay (16 days ago)
Rafiki the thumbnail
Hartmut Jager (16 days ago)
It would be a better clip - without the stupid extra sound effects ! :-(
Navanath Puri (16 days ago)
नवनाथ 9130131280
James Leonard (16 days ago)
Cats and trash pandas are mortal enemies
Alex Rauder (16 days ago)
8:45 byakugan
Certaindeaf (18 days ago)
Entirely too political.. when the tables turned and the lion shoved the stick up the apes bung made it all worth it though. Good job!!
Fat Cat (18 days ago)
The bird one made me laugh so hard
Jody Grove (18 days ago)
Do you enjoy seeing animals getting hurt ? Very disturbing !
BDOG JR (18 days ago)
If a Silverback was doing that it would be more of a fair fight when the Lion wakes up ☻
BDOG JR (18 days ago)
Still had Me laughing in amazement. Well done but would enjoy seeing what happens if a Monkey is foolish enough to hit a Lion with a stick ☻
lican fortnite (19 days ago)
Moogoogourami (19 days ago)
Is that bird picking a worm out of that collie's ass? Also, regarding the birds attacking cats in a couple of the vid clips: When you see & hear a bird screeching like that and diving to attack, IT IS BECAUSE THE BIRD HAS A NEST NEARBY OR ONE OR MORE OF ITS YOUNG ARE ON THE FREAKIN' GROUND! It looked to me like the cats in the clips nailed the birds...So yeah, that's just great. Because chances are good the babies now have no parent to feed them.They starve to death. So congratulations to the human assholes behind the clips.God damn some people are so stupid sometimes?!
Androv Ingie (19 days ago)
Click bait from another ASS CLOWN
Asan Serang (19 days ago)
napsu birahi
Mr.Flawless (20 days ago)
The Black 9 (20 days ago)
leave praying mantis alone. Fck Sake! Don't let him!
Monica123 123 (20 days ago)
Pepsi Guerra (21 days ago)
LOL LOVE it Loca.

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