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Animals Can Be Jerks Compilation

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Animals Can Be Jerks - Best Funny Compilation! Insert code : "vinesmotionawesome" to get 15% discount all products when you shopping at https://vimobros.com/ We don't own this whole video ,if it contain your content please contact us at vinesmotion@gmail.com to credit or remove.Thank you so much
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Text Comments (4569)
Christine Wanstall (53 minutes ago)
These good fun y
Zuleika Coffie (2 hours ago)
Robert Gil (3 hours ago)
cats are kool
Angel Krom (4 hours ago)
Nothing cute about 10:01
Nathan Figueroa (4 hours ago)
Disliked and reported due to click bait.
DAWN BARNES (4 hours ago)
OMG o my god
DAWN BARNES (4 hours ago)
OMG o my god
Old Originales (12 hours ago)
@Monique sorry you are zealous over this laughter for others. Yeah there is right and wrong but over concern is not needed. A bird lover or Mormon you have your choice for you, your household and those you can influence.
Petidani0330 (13 hours ago)
8:33 Western Europe and Sweden be like...
Jenny Babe (13 hours ago)
That poor baby elephant..
Name Name (13 hours ago)
Thumbnail is so lion king
Benita Omietimi (16 hours ago)
2:46 tho
Izlude Tingel (17 hours ago)
Time of thumbnail?
Malcolm Lightfoot (21 hours ago)
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Aurora Benning (21 hours ago)
Howard Moody (1 day ago)
That Prey Mantis kicks as.
HermitCard (1 day ago)
the jerks are the humans giving 1 food tray to 2 animals
RAVI KUMAR (1 day ago)
Kangaroo is very funny😂😂
Susanne Hyde (1 day ago)
😂 Sydney
Susanne Hyde (1 day ago)
2:10 😂 so adorable
Robert Thurman (1 day ago)
Where’s the video of the monkey hitting the lion with a stick?
PhantomSeldom Cries (1 day ago)
I like the video but I hate it when people try to criticize it because one animal was caught and possibly died from the cat catching it. Animals die, eat breed and shelter themselves its the circle of life. Whoever says pet animals should always stay inside is ridiculous. It's unhealthy for the pet to stay inside of a condoned home for its entire lifespan. My cat is unhappy and depressed if I don't take him outside once in awhile. Pet animals get affected by this. Yes keep them neutured and spayed but dictating over someone elses life decisions of their pet is bluntly rude. Their life their decisions.
andré Tardoque (1 day ago)
what about the lion?
Diana Tracy (1 day ago)
do not like the staged animal confrontations..like the cat and Possum in front of a Mirror..Close to Cock Fighting..Not good Ideas..
AQUARIUS 13 (1 day ago)
6:50 the cat's getting raped call animal police.
BOBE'S BISKIT (1 day ago)
10:23 was too funny.
BOBE'S BISKIT (1 day ago)
10:23 was good.
Aliou Boaro (1 day ago)
Galaxy Wolves (1 day ago)
kat77ism1 (1 day ago)
U mess with the cat you get scratched
Maria Ritzman (1 day ago)
6:21 Awww.....Puppypaw five
Maria Ritzman (1 day ago)
0:41 XD made me laugh that scream tho😂
Pinky Floyd (2 days ago)
Where the fk is the lion and monkey with the stick like the thumb shows, arse nuts ?
evelyn Padilla (2 days ago)
Ur mean who would laugh when a cat is mean to a dog im sad now :(
La rata y el gato comienndo juntos 😱👍
mrmoo (2 days ago)
Did that message just tell me to sniff the world? ill try but im gonna need a bigger £10 note
xcrunner trackrunner (2 days ago)
reported for misleading thumbnail
I think the creator of this compilation never heard of audio equalizing
Tyrone Taylor (2 days ago)
Man this ish is funny
Tyrone Taylor (2 days ago)
Man this ish is funny
Laura Croft (2 days ago)
La muerte (2 days ago)
La mamá mono salvando a su monito
Joe Locker (2 days ago)
didn't c a monkey hit a lion with a stick. the only reason I clicked on this shit.
EllindaTSS Progrem (2 days ago)
Every Living Thing has the capablity of being a jerk.
UçanKedi lOl (2 days ago)
1:03 you have not any money to muy drone np new sagul drone is free
Paco Netto (3 days ago)
Nice one
hakuna.matata (3 days ago)
Warum muss man das filmen bzw Situationen provozieren, wie die Katzen benachteiligte Tiere angreifen, anstatt dazwischen zu gehen? 😠 Ich liebe Tiere!! Aber ein Katzenfan bin ich nicht... nett ausgedrückt.
Debesh Panda (3 days ago)
That fukn kangaroo 😂😂
Paul Escue (3 days ago)
The one where the pigeon stole the camera … how'd he get it back I wonder?
NullHazard7 (3 days ago)
Never mess with a cat. Remember, that one cat caught a bird.
Brandi Mcnair (3 days ago)
Yeah real funny how many cats kill so many birds and babies!!! You people are sick!
Barbara Rohl (3 days ago)
that bird was not crazy,.....it had a nest with fledglings and bravely attempted to get that cat away... that cat would have killed them all. what was pathetic about this was that this cat owner didnt care. and the baby birds will be killed as well.....cats kill birds, and cleverly wait under trees for fledglings to fall down...
Maya Abueg (3 days ago)
Stop bird it's a suicide misson
charles davis1 (3 days ago)
10:23 was amazing
Awesome video
Talitha Suya (3 days ago)
Do you guys think the moment at 00:12 was staged? I can't tell.
Awesome Gaming 101 (3 days ago)
#theWorstLaughChallengeEver ur abad yter
Dirty Fighters (3 days ago)
The bird and the cat made me wheeze 2:55
Samoor LK (3 days ago)
Juan A (4 days ago)
Yah like a monkey snuck up on a lion and clubbed it...duh
Selma Joseph (4 days ago)
cats are so funny 😂😂, I don't understand too that once these dogs become let's do they forget their place they r losing by cats 😂😂😂😂😂
Anousha Sampath (4 days ago)
0:33 😡
Unwired x (4 days ago)
Cheshieruu (4 days ago)
The bird taking fur from the dog isnt being rude, theyre just doing it to protect their nest from larger predators— or so ive heard. Everything else is hella funny tho
Cheshieruu (4 days ago)
Ah, except for the Blue Jays thing. They usually are only aggressive when protecting their nests and babies, so that why they were dive bombing those cats, since they got close. The sad thing is the cat killed the mother bird, but didnt even eat it because it already had a home and food. Please dont let you cats needlessly kill mother birds just for fun, and film it too. Thats just sick
Sage Merlan (4 days ago)
Birds are rizing viva la birdzistance
Bailey Henderson (4 days ago)
Buy JCP frsh shld instead of amzn and other stocks
Russ Kramer (4 days ago)
Cats killing birds is totally unacceptable....they are decimating the bird population......shame on you for promoting this as entertainment !
eri139 (4 days ago)
3:25 My sister and I in a nutshell
Mc Marcelly (4 days ago)
Boa noite ^_^ Sabe que horas são?? É 22:54:34 , horaa de vc se inscrever no meu canal e assistir esse vídeo !! ^_^ https://youtu.be/I7T9IPCtpDg 22:54:34
Flumbles Mum (4 days ago)
The birds attacking the cats are obviously protecting their nests. Not really being jerks.
Emmanuel Enyinwa (4 days ago)
Moral of this video: don't mess with a cat.
Emmanuel Enyinwa (4 days ago)
@10:22. Don't even know what to say here, but this cat has to be the most absolutely stupid creature ever, almost like a cartoon.
Joe Lazard (4 days ago)
@2:58 mdrrr.... pauvre perroquet quand même !
Imperial Guard (4 days ago)
Click bait mofo
Relber Oliveira (4 days ago)
Click bait
WOOT_WOOT (4 days ago)
1:07 who needs a drone?
morris rider (4 days ago)
Yeah but, where are the LION & THE MONKEY. CLICK BS BAIT. 🤡
myrene copeland (4 days ago)
Petty Behavior....lol
Lovely Pets (5 days ago)
very funny
[AXK] Cyxia (5 days ago)
2:57 made me sad that the cat did that to the bird ;n; birds are fragile. that mustve hurt..
Kathryn Dunnigan (5 days ago)
Ok the elephant part just ruined the whole thing.
icecub2468 (5 days ago)
people need to keep their cats inside! they are domestic not wild they belong inside not outside where they can get hit by vehicles or killed by another animal. the birds attacking them are just trying to protect their nest and babies. outside Cats kill tons of birds both those nesting and not nesting. the ones nesting leave behind a mate and babies who will die without their mother.
Kerry green (5 days ago)
6:15 I can't deal it's like high five me properly dammit 😂😂😂😂
Prince the Guy (5 days ago)
6:40 True Love
Unknown Sources (5 days ago)
Iqmal rifqi fauzy (5 days ago)
Jarail ih. Mantap
Erik Mahar (5 days ago)
5:45 😂😂KABOOM😂😂
alberto ramirez (5 days ago)
Lina ELH (5 days ago)
Je suis la seule à parler français?😑🤔
BHYYDY (5 days ago)
Are those birds killdeers protecting their eggs?
sambrero AJ (5 days ago)
Chromosomes (5 days ago)
2:03 - 2:13 The cat is literally stiff arming the dog. Cat: Nooo. Dog: Yesss Cat: Fuck off dude.
yusha sasa (5 days ago)
8:53 remind me scene of phinocchio drama 😂
EmmJayBee2 (5 days ago)
Make America Great Again! Kill the birds so they stop pooping on my  car!
ᗩIKᗩ K (5 days ago)
0:11 This dog is a savage😂
Marie Harris (5 days ago)
I love this
mario jana (5 days ago)
clickbait= dislike
Bang Nui (5 days ago)
Nice job I liked..
Romil Jonsan (5 days ago)
0:02 Thor and Loki
Mina Tavera (5 days ago)
0:40 😂 im deed

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