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Online Dating? (Minecraft Survival Games)

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I should delete the app.
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Its3nder (1 year ago)
I DIED when you said "I'm 18 I can do whatever the fuck I want!" XD
Skeppy (1 year ago)
nice video! I was wondering if you could check out my channel aswell? thanks! :)
AreuMadLoL (1 year ago)
I once helped a girl on her plot in a creative server, cause you know i'm *Nice Guy Aaron* And all. After i'm done helping with the plot, she gives me a book, and tells me to read it. I do and i open the book and i see *Do you like me* Then i'm like *:)* And then i say some bullshit and i disconnected really fast and i never came back to the server. Minecraft Online Dating in a nutshell.
Filent (1 year ago)
I'll teach you how to PvP for nudes jk ew
jessikuh (1 year ago)
Dankmeme323 (1 year ago)

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