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WORLD WAR Z - E3 2018 Gameplay Demo

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WORLD WAR Z Gameplay Demo E3 2018 Zombie Game • Release Date: 2018 • Platform: PS4, Xbox One & PC ►SUBSCRIBE: http://goo.gl/w0ca4q
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Text Comments (8251)
SlightlyWetFart (2 hours ago)
The zombie genre not dead yet? *sigh* ok then...
XquizitX (5 hours ago)
This could be my favorite zombie game my first is L4D
McFrosty (7 hours ago)
git gud overkill
ivan krošlák (7 hours ago)
Just NO BATTLEROYALE, please don´t f*ck this game.
Axl Roque (7 hours ago)
se ve bacan el left 4 dead en 3 persona
noeline6771 (8 hours ago)
I hope you can build a fort like State of Decay 2.
el Scorpion (11 hours ago)
this is going to be for play, xbox, pc or all of them???
Tamas P (11 hours ago)
another rubbish shit game...
Darian Hendrickson (11 hours ago)
Omg this looks fantastic is it on all systems? Loved the book and movie
Mohaned Gbr (11 hours ago)
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Jose Mendez (13 hours ago)
Basically Left 4 Dead with another title and perspective
falt (15 hours ago)
This, The Last of Us 2, and Overkill's The Walking Dead will be the games to end the "zombies survival" genre. This is going to flop so hard. Fuck E3.
falt (15 hours ago)
Of course this game looks like shit, it's already held back by the consoles. #Stopmakingmultiplats
falt (15 hours ago)
The graphics look like SHIT. This looks like it could've came out in 2014 when the PS4 released. This is gonna be a flop. This game looks boring, looks aesthetically like shit, and is basically going to be The Division with zombies.
falt (15 hours ago)
*Zombies pyramid in the video* Girl: "Wow that would be terrifying if I was playing" No it wouldn't. These people have never played a game in their lives. Ffs.
falt (15 hours ago)
THIS IS THE DIVISION RESKINNED THIS GAME IS SHIT!!!! I can't wait until this game flops.
falt (15 hours ago)
This looks like shit. This is literally the same disappointment as Overkill's The Walking Dead. We're in the age of shoddy. Watch this game flop.
Vahl Foxx (15 hours ago)
How about you make the zombies faster? Don’t get me wrong here sometimes fast zombies = a fast death but seriously. I thought these kinds of zombies would especially be running as fast as humanly possible at all times. They seem a little slow to me. Some of the zombies are even walking at the player. I don’t want to get into the “Scientific” side of the zombie’s virus but cmon. I want this zombie game to be excising if you know what I mean. Even the climbing seems a little slow for me. It would be so terrifyingly cool to see these zombies running at full speed at all times. That includes climbing. Not only would it make the game a bit more harder. It could make somebody actually scared about zombies this time. It would also be a hella cool visual
Vahl Foxx (16 hours ago)
I really have high hopes for this game. I really liked the book and movie (even though the movie barely captures anything from the book) and I want this game to be one of the best zombie games I’ve ever played other than Left 4 Dead.
Vahl Foxx (16 hours ago)
They should add more “unnatural” movements to the zekes. What would really emphasize a rapid dangerous disease is especially their movements. I’d like to see some interesting run cycles for the zekes and more “aggressive” twitching in an idle state etc
Vahl Foxx (16 hours ago)
What would make this game cool is the sounds. If any of you have watched the somewhat ok movie you heard the sounds the Zekes made. Hella terrifying and hella cool if ya know what I mean.
Vahl Foxx (16 hours ago)
You’d think that these zombies would by hypersensitive over loud things such as GUNSHOTS. Like damn i really wanted some sort of “stealth” aspect to it. But apparently some don’t even flinch to the sound of blatant gunshots. And realistically a suppressed gun is never as silent as it is in some of these games. I mean sure it makes the gun MUCH quieter but not to the point where you’re standing like 20 ft away from them and they don’t hear you. I mean seriously? I expect to shoot one bullet in a building full of zombies and literally have all of them hear it instead of shooting at one point blank and them not hear me at all.
DJ_RMUSIC (17 hours ago)
Wouldn’t this just be the same as ‘days gone ‘ because same theme same zombie game play just different story line so what’s actually different from them both?
Yoshiki G (17 hours ago)
So excited for this game. :D
Justin Slawter (18 hours ago)
Lol literally the exact same open as left for dead’s mercy campaign or whatever one where you were on the top of that hospital smh
CRAZY MEXICAN DUDE (19 hours ago)
Who wants left 4 dead 3!!!!!?
Steven John Dumat-ol (20 hours ago)
So noisy
Sinful_Cowboy 502 (23 hours ago)
This pc only?
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Raidmaxxx (1 day ago)
Looks fucking terrible.
Adrian M (1 day ago)
RARA BRYANT (1 day ago)
This go hard
Sr. Peyote (1 day ago)
D C (1 day ago)
The graphics look like a trashy xbox 360 game
Cade Foster (1 day ago)
great that its based on the book which was very different and MUCH better than the hollywood version.
Valentin o (1 day ago)
Is like left 4 dead
Angel Corral (1 day ago)
Looks better than the new walking dead that’s gonna come out. No CaC?
Michael Essex (1 day ago)
First they shit on the source material with the movie, now they shit on it with a game.
Anthony is Ghostly (1 day ago)
Is it free roam and can we split up from the team from a far distance?
sido7 Sido7 (1 day ago)
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ToxicMidnight1 (2 days ago)
To everyone talking about l4d can you like just stop comparing already? I’m pretty sure about 80% of the comments are about l4d
Sidney Harris (2 days ago)
Brad Where You At Man
Seer King (2 days ago)
This looks like it will get boring really fast with its repetitive game play.
Ll Zh (2 days ago)
.....so many zombies....how can you defeat them all!!!??!?! If you can't beat them, then join them!!! Don't fight the inevitable of evolution....
Dallas Lashmet (2 days ago)
Am I the only one who's read the books? Zombies don't climb
이상 일 (2 days ago)
Mortissin (2 days ago)
Great look and idea to be true to the book however the zombies in the book do not move with the speed of olympic runners. Just another disappointment with the franchise.
RollandB (2 days ago)
"We've chosen to stick to the movie universe" Aaaand I'm out.
YOU _ GIN (2 days ago)
Ещё одинешенек ебаный Дивижн, идите нахуй!
ReiWai (2 days ago)
Left 4 Dead : The Division
Yuri Pashkovskiy (2 days ago)
all zombies - white men, lol
zining wang (3 days ago)
I wonder if there's that much human in the world to formed that amount of hordes...
Jhorbanism TM (3 days ago)
Is this left 4 dead
Michał Skup (3 days ago)
L4D poor reskin with gameplay that show big F*CK YOU to fans of the books and try to cash on bad Brad Pitt movie. It will suck.
David Carmona (3 days ago)
From the makers of Left for Dead
Dennys Challco Quivio (3 days ago)
Me trajo recuerdos de left 4 dead
Gianluca Giordano (3 days ago)
its a mod for the division? :D
WhiteRosePoodle (3 days ago)
Why is it that in most zombie games you play as a random person without armor who somehow can survive in a zombie apocalypse. No matter how harsh it is.
1r0zz (3 days ago)
the important thing is: can I have Brad Pitt stupid hairstyle in this game? if not 1/10
Mladen Dybala (3 days ago)
The division with zombi
Wow this looks so realistic and cool
MR A (3 days ago)
I really hope the devs create a DLC with the aftermath.. after the movie and book end How is society coping and recovering how are we cleaning up.
Bruno Gamess (3 days ago)
When is it coming???
Jinzm21 (3 days ago)
nice left 4 dead 3
Dude Guy (3 days ago)
So Left 4 Dead had a baby with The Division?
impuls channel (4 days ago)
This is left4dead2 remastered?
肖经纬 (4 days ago)
Kinda similar to division tho
dan pitts (4 days ago)
Looks like division and left 4dead had a baby,unsure of this tbh
Chase Sorrells (4 days ago)
Omg this game looks fun. Cant wait to smash zombies. The only thing i would like to know is ' how many zombies can spawn' i want to verse 1000s at one time.
IfYouOnlyKnew (4 days ago)
Where's Brad Pit? I'd suck his dick inside out!
KNUCKLES (4 days ago)
Ohhh Wow, when did they add Zombies to "The division"????
R Gürhan çetinkaya (4 days ago)
Amk bu zombi oyunlarından bıkmadınız mı artık. Zombide zombi zombide zombi.
Stoneage Productions (4 days ago)
when in 2018 it releases? it looks sick.
Jamie Rothwell (4 days ago)
This actually looks amazing to play... Especially compared to Overkills Payday 2 Expansion
jerseyninja (4 days ago)
I was hoping this was more of a open world game
BAIM GAMES (4 days ago)
very nice
onyx instinct (4 days ago)
Same minimap as destiny. Same HUD layout of The Division
Goldy Bobi (4 days ago)
Shut up and take my money
Guillermo Ricci (4 days ago)
Porque mejor no crean left4dead3
JR SAVAGE (4 days ago)
This look jus like left4Dead
Eloy Martinez (5 days ago)
When this game release? I'm wanted play this shit
Anthony Ayala (5 days ago)
This looks like a 3rd person left for dead on steroids..... *yawn* I love l4d but come on give us something different....
Dalton Swank (5 days ago)
It may be me, but this could be Tom Clancy’s the devision modded. I doubt this is “world war z”
Waylon Jones (5 days ago)
Where is Brad Pitt
Sr. Peyote (1 day ago)
Jajajajajaja oh man
Doom Archvile (3 days ago)
Eh in my opinion tis cheesy and silly when games feature celebrities or people in the flesh. Depends sometimes, but seeing brad Pitt in the game would be cliche.
Da Su (4 days ago)
Looking for cure or reshooting some scenes.
Tim Campbell (4 days ago)
Waylon Jones I think he's with Jennifer again..
Hacuro Ikyro (5 days ago)
I don't care if is like left 4 dead Wating long time for games like this. When is coming?
Leo Garza (5 days ago)
I just wish this game was more open world with vehicles imagine the possibilities with Tanks, Trucks, Helicopters etc. This game would be better if it was pure open world with missions in it. Not so linear and indoors thats just gonna get boring imo.
joel capetillo (5 days ago)
i need play this game
SNR TEAM (5 days ago)
ryan11444 (5 days ago)
Finally! Someone realized there are TOO MANY first person shooters...we need MORE 3rd person shooters on the market. Thank you!
Derek Roberts (5 days ago)
It looks like a zombies dlc for the Division.
SyBaris (5 days ago)
left 3 dead ;-; melhorado
BuiltToExpire 88 (5 days ago)
Yeah there may be alot of zombies but they die in 1 hit no matter where you shoot them.
rationalityfirst (5 days ago)
Fucking sprinting zombies!!!
Wicked Player (5 days ago)
trash like as the division. Трешняк будто зэ дивижн, гавно короч полное, и графон осадок. the same sucks as the division
RushMyPancake (5 days ago)
Really wish this had splitscreen
GeneralGhandi (5 days ago)
Division 2 looks good
Tomi Hultman (6 days ago)
Bummer this doesn't seem like a sandbox game... Fast travel could be plane crashing every time you move.
Zero Neutral (6 days ago)
The developers seem to have really captured the feel of the film. I think the game itself could use more variation than just the horde of zombies and different environments. Adding different types of zombies might affect the feel from the film, though.
Pagan The FurFag (6 days ago)
I hope this doesn’t flop like Overkill’s TWD

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