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History/Evolution of Assassin's Creed (2007-2017)

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Here is the history of Assassin's Creed games, or you can say Assassin's Creed Evolution from 2007 to 2017. We listed all of the Assassin's Creed games in one video with order, platforms and year. What is the best Assassin's Creed games you have played? Let us know in the comment down below. ➢ History/Evolution of Far Cry : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Uke8mv2yyMQ ♦ List ♦ ■ Assassin's Creed Year : 2007 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ■ Assassin's Creed II Year : 2009 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X ■ Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood Year : 2010 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Mac OS X ■ Assassin's Creed: Revelations Year : 2011 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ■ Assassin's Creed III Year : 2012 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U ■ Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag Year : 2013 Platform : PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Wii U ■ Assassin's Creed: Rogue Year : 2014 Platform : PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 ■ Assassin's Creed: Unity Year : 2014 Platform : PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ■ Assassin's Creed: Syndicate Year : 2015 Platform : PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 ■ Assassin's Creed: Origins Year : 2017 Platform : PC, Xbox One, PS4, Xbox One X, PS4 PRO ♦ Follow us ♦ ■ Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/TechMasterTricks ■ Twitter : https://twitter.com/TechMasterTrick ■ Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/davidtgoat/ ■ Google+ : https://plus.google.com/+TechMasterTricks ♬ Music ♬ ■ Intro : MASAZONDA - Assassins Creed ■ Outro : Kasger & Limitless - Miles Away ♦ Tag ♦ history of assassin's creed history of assassin's creed 2017 evolution of assassin's creed 2017 assassin's creed evolution assassin's creed history assassin's creed assassin's creed origins all assassin's creed games list of assassin's creed games history of assassin's creed games list of assassin's creed games 2017 assassin's creed origins gameplay assassin's creed origins trailer assassin's creed origins e3 gameplay trailer assassin's creed origins E3 2017 official trailer
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Text Comments (1818)
cockashi (14 hours ago)
Yo what about Assasins Creed Liberation?
Ms Patient (23 hours ago)
Where is the Freedom Cry and Liberation?
Stavro Jajo (1 day ago)
Mine is black flag because I got to hack it back on 360 and I had all the ship upgrades and plus god mode so it was pretty fun
(This i play it (my favorite games1-Unity2- rouge3- black flag 4-brotherhood 5- 2
NoobyGamerX3 (3 days ago)
My favorite game of assasin creed its asssasin creed black flag IV
YİĞİT CAN ADAŞ (3 days ago)
You can play assasins creed 2 in PS4 buy Ezio colection
YİĞİT CAN ADAŞ (3 days ago)
I like black flag
YİĞİT CAN ADAŞ (3 days ago)
1:01 but I am playing PS4………
You forgot the Chronicles in 2016
Under Taker (4 days ago)
Were living in 2018 while im gonna buy me ac black flag It just the fact pirates are the best Sry for my english im german
Spaske (4 days ago)
AC Rogue my fav ❤
Mario YTB (6 days ago)
But the director's cut where is it?
CristiYt (6 days ago)
Assasins creed liberation and liberation 2 where are
ayan gamer (6 days ago)
I like revelations
Ahmet Kardal (7 days ago)
Best AC series is Ezio series.AC2 and AC Revelations.I love Revelations and its trailer
Scorpio (7 days ago)
My favourites are Ac Unity,Ac3,Ac Brotherhood
DelweD DESIGNER (7 days ago)
*UNITY without the lags, he's the best*
JéssicaMovies (7 days ago)
Matthew awesomeness (7 days ago)
1:01 4:03
Wolfič CZ (7 days ago)
i didnt really played much od ac games, but still: 1. Unity 2. Syndicate 3. AC 3 4. Origins, maybe... 5. Black Flag
Random Comment (7 days ago)
Damn, I wanted unity for ps3
pop-o- mania (8 days ago)
King _ G4merr3 (8 days ago)
Black flag and syndicate
Fanis Ferhoune (8 days ago)
assassin's creed origins xbox 360
fahad _4673 (8 days ago)
videogame master (9 days ago)
This may not count but what about ezio collection
videogame master (9 days ago)
Rougue is simular to black flag
beta play (9 days ago)
2:10 hehe
Zaxarias Andrianos (9 days ago)
I like as 3 .i dont like as2 because is die ezios dad
Griffith Gaming (10 days ago)
shanan tc (10 days ago)
Hey guys..... What about Assassins creed liberation..... It is not shown in the video......!!!!!!!!
Rock oyun YBA (11 days ago)
a. m_ (11 days ago)
Mario Yudiano (14 days ago)
I like assasin creed unity
What about assassin's creed libertation
Emre Kurt (14 days ago)
Assasin creed révélation
Madan Mabo (14 days ago)
Assassin on a phone is not like that.
Xtreme1201 (15 days ago)
hands down ac iv black flag best ac game ever! (if you agree)
GANAX ;D (15 days ago)
Best Assassin's Creed is 4 Black Flag
AwfulFace FX (15 days ago)
Shabana Shaikh (16 days ago)
You forget about ac bloodlines
Ivan Brdar (17 days ago)
where is liberation
Rasmus Mallander (17 days ago)
My favorite assasin creed rogue
shamrood ck (17 days ago)
Unity story is fantastic but. I dont like its end as she was dead
Hamayun Ahmadi (17 days ago)
Honestly i think 3 is the best
Levan garcia (18 days ago)
I love the song that was playing during assassins creed syndicate when he was synchronizing btw whats the name of that one
wullie gotfingered (18 days ago)
WideSalman Robloxgamin (19 days ago)
Before i have it the first assassin 2007 game now i losted where?! It is is my pes small
Vincent Turner (19 days ago)
My favorite one was AC3 the storyline and combat was the best in my opinion
vNezcro (19 days ago)
1. Brotherhood 2. Black Flag 3. II 4. AC 1 5. Revelations 6. Syndicate 7. Rogue 8. Origins 9. Liberation 10. III 11. Unity
vNezcro (19 days ago)
Brotherhood is the best in my opinion.
Polar Bear (20 days ago)
in my opinion assassins creed 1 is the better bcoz Assassins creed :Rogue,4 etc have the same missions
TuanEch_PvPGamig (20 days ago)
All version in one word: Awesome. Absolutely Awesome !!! :O
TheMiniun YT (21 days ago)
ss7 h (21 days ago)
4:56 scene is copy from resident evil 4
Andrew Lozande (21 days ago)
so assasin's creed was created 11 years ago?
Augustin Andrianjaka (23 days ago)
T as oublier freedom cry et lyberation mec
shaik faizan (23 days ago)
buddy which laptop or console do you have pls tell me
SqUaD oF fUn (23 days ago)
I also love brotherhood 😍😍😍😍😍
The Trivenger League (23 days ago)
Missed bloodlines
Goronado (24 days ago)
1. AC Syndicate 2. AC Black Flag 3. AC Origins 4. AC Rogue 5. AC Brotherhood 6. AC 3 7. AC Unity 8. AC Revelations 9. AC 1 10. AC 2
pc Gamer (24 days ago)
I like assassin's creed brootherhood and unity and 2 and....... I like all assassin's creed
GameDude Redd (24 days ago)
Assassin's Creed Began in medivel europe ends in the new world!!!
Baran Karataş (24 days ago)
3:36 ??🤤
SDUDE 1200X (24 days ago)
How is assassin's creed rogue incompatible with ps4 and xbox one while it's compatible with ps3 and xbox 360
Gamers zone 07 (24 days ago)
There r two parts
Gamers zone 07 (24 days ago)
U forgot liberation
Emre Sofuoğlu (25 days ago)
assasins creed 2 and brotherhood the bestt!!
Magic Bear (26 days ago)
Where is the assassin's creed freedom cry?
Saroj Sahu (26 days ago)
Thanks. Now i can complete in sequence order...
Adesh POZ (26 days ago)
Great work! 👍
Sniperr_Versace (26 days ago)
U forgot liberation I mean
Sniperr_Versace (26 days ago)
And I liked Revelations that why and it's not up their Whit the girl assassin
Sniperr_Versace (26 days ago)
U forgot assassin's Creed Revelations
Benboy955 (27 days ago)
Ac3 was the best in my opinion, so much undeserved hate
gentlemen. (28 days ago)
My favourite is Assasins creed syndicate (Cause it’s the only Assassins creed I have
Skye L (28 days ago)
I still say until this day that Unity was first before Rogue
Wait.assasin's names was different but I like brotherhood and origins
Zdeněk Ježák (30 days ago)
Where is AC hronicles: china?
yani boughrara (1 month ago)
I love unity but origins too
RMerc 13 (1 month ago)
Zeferino Augusto (1 month ago)
Kevin Kolici (1 month ago)
Black flag.
Youness Soibnu (1 month ago)
where is she assassin's creed bloodlines
V.M Aaqil (1 month ago)
You forgot about Assassins creed Liberation HD
Clement Raka (1 month ago)
My favourite assassin's creed games are Assassin's creed 3, Black Flag, unity and syndicate
Jahangeer Khan (1 month ago)
Assasin creed 3 is best
Richy Pineda (1 month ago)
I like unity
Alexis Fedie (1 month ago)
In my opinion what is best is different than what is your personal favorite. Because best is calculated by all the different parts of the game (like story, combat, visuals, fluidity, etc.) , but favorite is just what you most enjoy playing. Does that make sense?
Alexis Fedie (1 month ago)
So basically a game doesn’t have to be the objective best to be your favorite. It’s all a matter of personal opinion and what your interests are.
Ceyda AkBuLuT (1 month ago)
Ezio Auidotere 💕💕💕
Parveen Kaushik (1 month ago)
HarryStyles VEVO (1 month ago)
Honestly no hate but assassins creed died after rogue
Murtaza Hasnain (1 month ago)
Ac rouge is the best I like it
STEPHEN ADONIS (1 month ago)
Ac unity's costume is worst .
D.S. Perera (1 month ago)
I love acc 4 and 3
Ryzing Gaming (1 month ago)
Assassins creed Liberation????
J0K3R1Q ` (1 month ago)
My favourite one is ac black flag
Kin Thaimei (1 month ago)
Unity for life baby!!!
Leni Ramos (1 month ago)
Ac syndicate
VipapkStudiosOfficial (1 month ago)
blag flag :))

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