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Zelda Theory: Zora Timeline and History

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The ultimate Zora timeline and Theory for the Legend of Zelda series! Join us as we go through it all from Skyward Sword, through Ocarina of Time to Breath of the Wild! (Warning Spoilers!) Support us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Commonrealm Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Thumbnail (30: Years The Legend of Zelda) by EternaLegend: http://bit.ly/217bq1F Timeline animations and Hyrule Total War cutscenes by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh Animattronic - Majora's theme Remix http://bit.ly/1oNCFBX Hyrule Total War mod by Undying Nephalim: http://bit.ly/1pn6nyh ZREO: Twilight Symphony: http://bit.ly/21GhYGO Ocarina of Time: http://bit.ly/21Gi0OW for the rest: http://www.zreomirror.com/
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Commonwealth Realm (10 months ago)
Finally, after years of wanting to fully redo this video to the quality it deserves, it has finally been done! Hope you enjoy the 30+ minutes of Zora timeline as Joseph and I have been working hard on this one! :)
Imin Tokim (3 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm KJK yjjnknu
Jeff da Memester (7 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm i
Panda Gaming (9 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm ui
Couch gaming news (9 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm can't watch your videos until I pass the game
Luckykuku (10 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm great video! But you should of waited after the 2nd DLC came out considering the true ending of BOTW hints that you will visit Zoras Domain again. We might get new scenes of the champions. Oh well I'll watch the updated version again anyway lol
GeN0SiDe Nega (5 days ago)
Hyrule is a tyranny.
James Wallberg (5 days ago)
I know that this was made a year ago but I have to say something. I have NEVER believed the Rito were an evolved Zora. I believe that Medley was descended from Laruta via an interspecies MARRIAGE. Ruto fell in love with a Hylian so why couldn't Laruta marry a Rito. It is a possibility.
Elyse Naylor (7 days ago)
I absolutely LOVE these educational videos. They help me get a better idea of the timelines since I had some trouble catching all of the information as a young kid playing the older games. One suggestion I might add would be to research sentence structure and basic grammar. I am not trying to be a Grammar Nazi, but there are a lot of basic errors and a TON of repetitious language that would sound so much more professional if edited a bit more carefully and properly. An example would be in the beginning of one of the videos when it was stated: "Greedy individuals made its way...". It just sounds weird.... It should be something like: "Greedy individuals made THEIR way...", just very basic structure. As far as repetition, using the same words unnecessarily twice or more in a sentence is a boring way to elaborate. Saying something like "He restored the kingdom to its former glory by restoring the sword to its original state" as an example. I simply think with these small tweaks, it could be big budget-level sounding stuff! Keep up the great work and good job on making a very cohesive timeline series! <3
A Google User (7 days ago)
Mmmmm, look at them Zora women. Sooooo T H I C C.
Sam D (10 days ago)
Garbage. The majority of zelda games have no link. Only Ocorina of time and Majoras mask.
leozar69 (10 days ago)
My theory of the Zora and Rito coexisting, is that some Zora left the tribe, or were simply elsewhere while the events of the hero took place. And/or there's more than just one Zora tribe, not only in Hyrule. Which is most likely.
sir Artorias. on (11 days ago)
Can you answer my number one question , why is Calamity Ganon boss fight garbage I'm a dark souls master so I need challenge boss was a fucking joke made me very disappointed very very disappointed I love Majora's Mask that shit's difficult so that disappointed me . I killed him with four with four hearts in just a few weapons didn't do any Divine beasts .
AirCooledMan2006 (11 days ago)
Those divine beasts...does the Brotherhood of Steel know about this? New California Republic? The Enclave? The Institute? I have a theory that the Legend of Zelda and Fallout games are set in the same universe. The Vault Dweller, Chosen One, Lone Wanderer, Courier, and Sole Survivor are all high as fuck and everything we see in the Zelda games is actually them hallucinating while chemmed up. By convention, we see our Fallout protagonists as Link. Hyrule, Termina, Koholint Island, etc. are all stand-ins for the NCR, Mojave, Sierra Madre, Zion Canyon, Big Mountain, Divide, Capital Wasteland, and Commonwealth. All the dungeons are vaults, Pre-War buildings, caves, and other structures. Case in point: A Link to the Past and New Vegas. Our drugged-up Courier, hot off being shot in the head, starts out at Link's uncle's house a.k.a. Doc Mitchell's house in Goodsprings. Zelda? She's an anthropomorphization of the Platinum Chip that Aghanim/Benny stole from the Courier. The path Link takes? Once you get past the Courier's drugged stupors on everything from Buffout to Turbo to that Datura Root tea you drink right before fighting Ghost of She during Honest Hearts; it's all the Courier's pursuit of Benny through Primm, Nipton, Novac, Boulder City, and ultimately the Vegas Strip. Ganon is a trippy version of Caesar with his minons as the Legion. Ironknuckles could easily be Protectrons, Sentrybots, Securitrons, and anyone in NCR, Enclave (the Remnants and, depending on your choices during the quest For Auld Lang Syne, Arcade), or Brotherhood power armor. Lakelurks appear as Zoras. Super Mutants appear as Moblins and other humanoids. Death Mountain is oh so easily a stand-in for Mt. Charleston and Jacobstown. The trip to save the maidens in the Dark World? Easily the quests to deal with the Brotherhood, Great Khans, Boomers, Omertas, and White Glove Society (our Courier is on drugs, remember), along with the New Vegas add-ons. And just as Link is fully equipped when he faces off against Ganon, the Courier is fully equipped when fighting the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The Triforce represents control over New Vegas and the Mojave, be it through the Securitron Army and Mr. House/Yes Man, NCR, or Caesar's Legion (depending on alignment). Change my mind.
The converged timeline is literally the stupidest thing ever
Jxudo (26 days ago)
I swear this guy is the Narrator for SF64.
A E (1 month ago)
Did one of you guys narrate the OSHO 30 online class?
jake turner (1 month ago)
lmfao the voice overlord
Call Me Witcher (1 month ago)
whats sad, is the fans demanded a timeline and continuity, but there never has been! Zora's were completely different looking in original games, then they tried to say " oh those are "river," zoras," however this was also contradicted in many other games, laughable but love these games
Rainzy (1 month ago)
omg this sounds almost like an official documentary XD
EyyLeWoomy o_O (1 month ago)
28:58 that is the spring of power at the earth temple from skyward sword you can tell by the pillars i just that was a cute easter egg
Michelle K (1 month ago)
Funny how the fanart of Mipha made her boobs bigger 😑 funnier that I noticed..
super epic gamer 3 (1 month ago)
or sidon is a f🤬🤬ker
MikiziB (1 month ago)
Someone at Nintendo had a thing for fish and they need to stop putting in the games.
Kenneth kirsch (1 month ago)
Referencing the smell of tuna salad has never been so spot on....
waderocks7 (1 month ago)
David Pearson (2 months ago)
What game is the footage of the Gerudo-Hylian war from? I do not recognize it but it looks wicked sick!
jorge oquendo (2 months ago)
I think that the Rito and Zora coexisting in BotW really isn't all that weird tbh. For some reason everyone thinks the Rito in WW had evolved from the zora, but this doesn't make sense as the Rito chieftain literally tells you how they get their wings, Valoo's scale. I don't think they're evolved from the zora, i think they were transformed from the Zora by Valoo. The Rito in WW are just humans with beaks and wings, the Rito in BotW are actual birds, i think there is a simple explanation to this. The Zora are very prominent in BotW, not just in Zora's domain either, wouldn't this mean that the river zora would be a prominent enemy as well? There are no River zora in BotW, i think they evolved into the BotW Rito, it makes sense since the River zora were more fish than human, so if they evolved into birds it'd make sense that they'd be more bird than human. I think the reason for this evolution is pretty simple as well, as i said, the zora are very prominent in BotW and they rule the waters, i don't think they'd suffer territorial disputes with their more aggressive counterparts. The river zora were kicked out of the waters and had to evolve to survive on land. Also, BotW is DEFINITELY in the child timeline, Zelda herself mentions twilight princess, all the other evidence for the other timelines are just circumstantial and weak or are easily explained by a little thinking. And there is no dialogue evidence for it being in another timeline like there is for the child timeline. The koroks can exist in any timeline as long as there is some kind of reason for their appearance. 10,000 years before BotW for something to have happened. There is also the possibility that the kokiri were only a thing to help raise link, OoT says link's mother brought him to "the great deku tree", no mention of forest children or the kokiri by name. The rock salt is referencing the lanayru sea you visit via timeshift stone in skyward sword, hence "ancient sea", not "great sea". The dragonroost island theme in Rito village and "Vah Medoh" are just nods to WW, or are you thinking Rito village is built on/around Dragonroost island? The divine beast names could've been anything, they only mean something to us who've played the games. The only divine beast mentioned in-game to be named after someone is Vah Ruta. And maybe Vah Nabooris? I feel like it might've said something about Nabooru or i could just be mixing up what the community decided was a connection. The lynels exist in BotW because Ganon went full power like he did in the downfall timelines's beginning. In the downfall timelines beginning his reason for going to max was attaining the complete triforce, in BotW, at the end of the child timeline, Ganon's reason for going to max is his giving up on reincarnation in an attempt to end the cycle. In both timelines he unleashes everything and is able to create his most powerful minion.
Josh Spratlin (2 months ago)
You can't use the words "theory" and "official" in the same video when it comes to Zelda.
mega360snowdog (2 months ago)
I really like your voice. Feels like I’m watching a documentary but better.
DMessiah (2 months ago)
Picture was click bait AF
Justice Taylor (2 months ago)
All I'm focused on is that they became more sexy in BOTW, like Mipha for example.
Mega Mania (2 months ago)
The adrift in time could be referencing Majora’s mask
Michaella Dunsten (2 months ago)
Robbie Olivo (2 months ago)
"Holdorum"...? No, no.... It's Holodrum... like Hollow Drum... Hello... instruments... references...
Alapisboy (2 months ago)
I'm a simple guy, I see hot fish woman and I click
Julia Zarzecka (2 months ago)
Konrad Janusz-Vaernes...hm... sounds like a Polish name for me
Charles The Lamb (2 months ago)
Why does the narrator sound like the storyteller
Robert L Hawkins III (3 months ago)
jeez. that's extensive.
WAIT A MINUTE, is that? is that the Storyteller? (0:38)
Rainbow Dash (3 months ago)
Tits in zeldas timeline where are they?
Dilly Nelson (3 months ago)
Is the gerudo next? :0
Gwyn Plaine (3 months ago)
So do you count as a furry if the animal doesn't have fur? Asking for completely unrelated reasons.
Agent Washington (3 months ago)
The narrator sounds a lot like that guy from The Fallout storyteller Machinima
Sync (3 months ago)
Just a quick question; What happened to the 3 dragons and flames from skyward sword?
chaos120m (3 months ago)
lol the story teller
Mgooy (3 months ago)
MAX TATO (3 months ago)
Wait the Devine beasts are named after people WAAAAA
Gwyn Plaine (3 months ago)
MAX TATO Read that as the devine _breasts._ Huh.
Jesse Bartlett (3 months ago)
27:17 “played the song in front of medley and awoke her” *passes out on screen*
SigmaElement (4 months ago)
So... They lay eggs.... So... Why the boobs?
Greppellio (3 months ago)
SigmaElement Ask Gnoggin.
Jimmy G (4 months ago)
I cant bear the old nat geo man voice im sorry
Crow29803 (4 months ago)
Mipha rocks, I heart her!
Vic (4 months ago)
Converged timeline? That's an interesting theory for Breath of the Wild. As such I shall declare this as my new head-canon.
Wallace (4 months ago)
where does this footage for the Gerudo-Hylian War come from? Is it a game or something else?
uriel galindo orozco (4 months ago)
7:30 - 7:31 That head woah...
TimmyDaTurtle (4 months ago)
It is placed in the timeline right after Ocarina. Impa is my reasoning.
joey pearson (4 months ago)
The first narrarator here sounds just like the guy from Starfox 64 who gave the backstory at the beginning of the game...
Spider Riszer (4 months ago)
Where gurudo
Ed Peguero (4 months ago)
Woah the storyteller is reading this?
Hylian Hero (5 months ago)
I wish you used footage from original OoT instead of the 3DS version. The 3DS version looks like ass.
Gwyn Plaine (3 months ago)
Hylian Hero Nostalgia, ladies and gentlemen, come see the nostalgia!
Amanda Lynn (5 months ago)
I actually thought the rito were the descendants of the loftwings.
Zeraven (5 months ago)
Oh hello storyteller
Kakashi Hatake (3 months ago)
The Zoras are my favourite species in the games they're so beautiful (excluding skyward sword)
Kakashi Hatake (3 months ago)
Gwyn Plaine wooooo
Gwyn Plaine (3 months ago)
Kakashi Hatake We are scalies. Yay.
Kakashi Hatake (3 months ago)
Gwyn Plaine scaley
Gwyn Plaine (3 months ago)
Kakashi Hatake Do you count as a furry if the creature has no fur?
Ryan Minneci (5 months ago)
This guy narrating sounds like one of the people from how it’s made! Video itself is awesome, but that makes it so much more badass!
Josh Giner (5 months ago)
Why nearly 15 years after playing ocarina of time i can still vividly hear that fat king shimy on his ledge when he moves XD
Snow_OP (5 months ago)
The split timelines kicked me in the head.
Doom Ander (5 months ago)
You just have to find it weird that in a instalment of Zelda where everything is in the sky, the Zora were jellyfish, and when ANOTHER made everything water, they became bird people. JESUS.
Sam Chaney (5 months ago)
Holy crap, did Indiegogo get its name from Majora's Mask?
gofookyourself (5 months ago)
not racist. 'speciest' hahaha
Thunder 9501 (5 months ago)
In the Ocarina of Time Manga there was a Bonus chapter in wich there was another wandering Tribe of Bird people very similar to the rito From breath of the wild... Coexisting with the Zora.
Icecreameskimo (5 months ago)
maybe the rito where just hippie zora that wanted to be different and so settled on land and then eventually became the rito while the zora just kinda sat there underwater
Ashley Is Artsy (5 months ago)
Kinda surprised the different carved stones referring to the history of the zora that are actually in botw as a sidequest weren't mentioned. They tell us a few interesting bits of info about them and their culture as of that game! Great video, though.
The Father (5 months ago)
There's 3 timelines
sushi Slayer (5 months ago)
28:51 RUPPEE
Maruko Gaming (5 months ago)
Where did you get the war footage from?
Super Spoods (5 months ago)
Want to know where botw takes place go to game theory
Mr Gamer (5 months ago)
Any one notice that the timeline is in the shape of a ruupie
abigail hack (5 months ago)
Lord jabu Jabu's belly level was a nightmare
loliquatsch (5 months ago)
ruto is still best girl
It's not oakorina it's OCKarina or is it your tongue?
Nineo Tindo (5 months ago)
say commonwealth is awasome if you subscribed and like and ring the bell i did
SAMMICHES (5 months ago)
I used to leave my TV and N64 on while in Zoe's Domain to listen to the music while I slept.
John Smith (5 months ago)
Storyteller is that you?
Wolfy The Typhlosion (5 months ago)
And then BoTW messed everything up by including both Zoras and Rito
Sullivan Pierre (6 months ago)
The 16 monarch? So he’s a butterfly?
Uxkothar (4 months ago)
Sullivan Pierre Clever pun there!
Haley Albanese (6 months ago)
6:19 the iron bewts
Victor Ibarra (6 months ago)
I only recently became a Zelda fan, but God damn do I love this more stuff
I read Josefh Fiennes and said what???
Flinch (6 months ago)
Fuck man your voice is smooth. Natural voice talent. Also a good video, of course.
Xaios (6 months ago)
Clicked for the thumbnail, stayed for THE STORYTELLER!?
Artemis Arrow (6 months ago)
Did you have to say "slaughtered Mipha" ;_____; nobody hurts the good fish girl
Eowyn Ochoa (6 months ago)
Was link braiding someone’s hair might be Zelda
slathas (6 months ago)
This was amazing, thank you!
Emily Canfield (6 months ago)
You know what would be a really cool game....an open world Zelda during the civil war. Everyone wants link to pick a side but he works together with Zelda to bring the triforce together with a young Ganondorf...once peace is brought to the kingdom Ganondorf becomes corrupted with his piece of the triforce and becomes Ganon. Zelda, Link and the leaders of the other tribes have to work together to fight back and seal the evil. Hence the creation of the sages and the seal with the master sword in the Temple of Time.
19:25 when Pennywise plays Zelda
Mitchell Dickinson (6 months ago)
What the actual hell? It feels so weird to hear the Fallout Story Teller narrate this. The two lores are so different.
「NexroFTW」 (6 months ago)
I watched that 1 hour video on the timeline
Mr Max (6 months ago)
Here's a question I have regarding the Zora. In breath of the wild, I think its stated that Zora age slowly, when compared to Hylians. Though in Ocarina of Time, Ruto seems to have aged the same amount as Link, when he moves forward seven years, is this ever explained?
Danny Boiy (6 months ago)
Link DID die in the battle of Hate I Fort in BOTW. The shrine ressurected him
Breadman (6 months ago)
that was a lot a ones
Sean-Paul F (6 months ago)
Mipha = Waifu!!!!!!!
HeroThroughTime (6 months ago)
Hey its the story teller
Thresiamma Roy (6 months ago)
Breath of the wild is in the downfall timeline according to game theary
Allen McKinney (7 months ago)
Don't know about you guys but I don't think I want to be berried by a person wearing rabbit ears.
Manbat Gameing (7 months ago)
If it is a converge on the timeline then once it converges it will split agin beacuase of the 100 year time split

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