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How to Play Nidhogg

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Just a quick commentary on how to play Nidhogg. I'll do some tricks and tips later for map specific advice.
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Nuulstaladt (1 year ago)
You don't need to hold square to snap necks. Just press it.
Melissa van Montfoort (2 years ago)
you didn't tell HOW TO crouch attack :/
FerN Yurec (3 years ago)
it´s there a way to stop dive kick? when i play with my friends it always ends being a dive kicks fight...
murmani khoshtaria (4 years ago)
The hardest part is when you are in a cave with no sword but the opponent has a sword and in a low position, in that scenario you cant kill him no matter what until he changes the sword position 
Muroidea (3 years ago)
you can duck jump over him and sweep him from behind
Someone64 (4 years ago)
If you thrust right after doing cartwheels you will lunge further than usual and if you set the throws only variant and use that move you can still thrust using it.

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