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DORK SOULS 3 (Dark Souls 3 Cartoon Parody)

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Matthew Shezmen (5 months ago)
Hey guys! The TRAILER for the DORK SOULS 3 Sequel is finally here, you can check it out at this link! Cheers. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4Q41-1XSe8E
Patrick Tynch (5 hours ago)
I really like this video! Please make a bloodborne like this.
sharkblt gam (1 day ago)
are u a game grumps fan
Solutus Eversol (11 days ago)
Whenever I make a sandwich now I’m always gonna say “this sandwich is divine bro!” That phrase needs to be on a shirt
Hey, are you planning to do animations on 1st and second part after you'll finish the 3rd dlc?
joel ciantar (1 month ago)
4:22 i tried this after watching didnot work
Brendan Richardson (6 hours ago)
17:07. Your sins shall not be forgiven...
Jeff Goldblum (10 hours ago)
14:33 sans is a head on the top bunk of what I assume to be the remains of a bunk bed
Banoffee (12 hours ago)
Over a year later and still noticing new shit. Excellent work man. Looking forward to part 3. :)
lautaro arnica (14 hours ago)
filip sulc (15 hours ago)
I was able to find five bloodborne references. Tonsil stone, Cage of Mensis, Hemwick busstop, Incense lantern and a book called Pthumerians. The equipment of summons: the left one = Crown of Dusk, Maiden gloves, Evangelist robe. the right one = old sorcerer hat, Catarina gauntlets, Painting guardian robe, Executioner leggins. Please let me know if i am right.
Ganymede, Jupiter III (16 hours ago)
But what about *Dork Souls: The Asshole of Ariandel* and *Dork Souls: The Blingy City* ?
HENRY Undisclosed (16 hours ago)
God damn abyss fuckers
康博 孙 (17 hours ago)
Marija Feltrin (1 day ago)
10:16 owereatch logo
Ryan Abts (1 day ago)
At 14:51 at the left theirs a dead zubat with a arrow in it
redgiaeraser (1 day ago)
Oddly enough, I stopped AFTER the abyss watcher's
ThE JoKeR (1 day ago)
Louis Black (1 day ago)
First three games, actually.
vargasmongo3435 (1 day ago)
imagine the series in CGI wow a master piece for $ure xD
Zack Smith (1 day ago)
vargasmongo3435 i doubt it
Angel pr (1 day ago)
11:02 un gumba muerto a la izquierda
burningknight7 (1 day ago)
I get what cathedral of the dicks means.
burningknight7 (1 day ago)
Zack Smith (1 day ago)
burningknight7 pennsylvania
Alpha Critter (2 days ago)
Didnt even know about the fucking environment kill on tutorial boss, fuck my ass
egor egor (2 days ago)
4:01 - Beark sek sek list <3
fw"the tank"wf (2 days ago)
mega 👍
Designs (2 days ago)
So that's how Int high luck run works xD
Ambrosio Peraza (2 days ago)
10:15 overwatch logo
Kingブランドン (3 days ago)
🔥 Maiden~
Willianson Mafra (3 days ago)
13:48 People that have played earthworm jim 3d will know this soundeffect 😁
KingZip Gaming (3 days ago)
Lol skeletor
RadJuma O (4 days ago)
2:28 Conan O'Brien has been cheated on a lot
hayden ross (4 days ago)
10:12 hey overwatch
deadshot 090 (4 days ago)
I would love to see this in dark souls 1.
pop misc (4 days ago)
felicix (4 days ago)
End chuckle for the win.
TheArmada (4 days ago)
In case ya didnt know dragonslayer bonfire is for for the twin princes
juan riera (4 days ago)
Minuto 11:09 se ve el malo de Mario
Jamie C (5 days ago)
I bailed at abyss watchers a few times... I feel attacked
Rappers (5 days ago)
Splunkmastah (5 days ago)
So funny. Lot of great in-jokes here
Pumí Kral (5 days ago)
guys on 16:06 theres dishonored tattoo
Avivit Finkelstein (5 days ago)
11:38 - just ignore it. It's a stamp for the tiny thingy that screeches so funny xD
Tyler's world (5 days ago)
I lose it when the sword and shield scream with him lmao
BayGull36 (5 days ago)
And the big boys too. 1:51 that just cracks me up everytime!
Ninja Semih (6 days ago)
11:32 😂😂😂
Bittman Norbert (6 days ago)
sharkblt gam (6 days ago)
The cake isn't a lie
Deathrider365 (6 days ago)
nice portal dig there at the end haha
Zuras Hakai (6 days ago)
*Press your eye sockets and kill yourself*
2 Sad subs (6 days ago)
10:18 there's an overwatch sign near the bottom left
Adolf Hitler (6 days ago)
Every reference I myself could spot. 0:05 Possibly a gamecube, not sure 0:07 Nuka Cola on the table, also Tekken on the bottle (can't name the fighter, never been a Tekken fan.) 0:11 Gamestop 0:29 Rogue One, Snakes prosthetic arm and the plant from Mario 0:41 The cake from portal 0:51 The picture in the background could be Rheinhardt from Overwatch 0:59 Chosen Undead (Left) and The Bearer of the Curse (Right, obviously) 2:24 Possily a reference to the "beautiful" characters everyone is creating 2:49 Jolly Cooperation (underneath the Patreon supporters), Solaire (or any warriors of sunlight) and their symbol (above) 2:57 R.I.P. Poise, as it is practically non existant in DS3 3:02 R.I.P. Konami and WII U 3:50 If I am not mistaken, it should be Mega Mans helmet 3:53 Primodial Serpents on the Ambulance 4:00 Emerald Herald in the background 4:17 GIANT DAD 5:01 Resident Evil 4 Merchant 5:07 Occulus or VR in general 5:28 Lower left corner, Helmet from Demon Souls also Links sword in the background (possibly also the sword from guts) 6:00 I don't know if that zombie in the basket is a reference to anything, if so, I pointed it out 6:15 Lower right corner, again something I do not know, possibly a reference 7:10 M No 9 could be a reference to Mighty No. 9 8:04 Sing in the background "Hemwick". Reference to Bloodborne 9:08 Small white figure in the background. I don't know where it comes from 10:03 Quadratus from Shadow of the Colossus 10:13 The Overwatch logo 10:37 Fextralife Wiki 10:55 Casio Keyboards 10:57 Possibly the Quake Logo 11:03 Dead Goomba 12:41 Upper right corner, possibly one of the spiders you fought prior to the Dukes Dear Freja boss fight 13:22 Solaire's helmet 13:52 Lower left corner, pink shit? 14:02 Firekeepers face, reference to D.va from Overwatch 14:09 Pepe 14:21 Hell possibly from DOOM 2016 14:32 Sans and Skeletor 14:50 Left side, no Idea what it is, looks like a dead bat 14:58 Little Nito 15:41 Skiing Pontiff 15:48 Left most body is planking 16:06 Tattoo display, I can only recognise the Mark of the Outsider, Casuals, Iron Maiden (the band, I assume) and the peace symbol 16:29 Devils trident 16:38 Vendrick 16:54 Adamantium, word used in movies to describe undestroyable materials, also Havel 17:16 Might be a reference to the opening move of Pontiff which is always a guaranteed parry 17:39 Trusty Patches 17:45 Get Skyrim'd 17:57 Guts 18:05 "Creepy Wedding" a part of the Usurpation of Fire ending 18:11 Invisible walkway to however her name was 18:15 Lordran airways, the crow that took you back and forth to the Undead Asylum 18:21 Xenemorph Egg 18:26 Error 404 refers to something missing, in the case Gwyns first born The Nameless King 18:30 Obviously Oreo 18:43 Coca Cola 18:54 MLG Glasses 19:23 Oceiros and Seath, due to Oceiros worshipping Seath 19:34 Metal Gear Solid 19:47 You're pretty good 21:05 Aldias Experiments, the Pthumerians from Bloodborne 21:14 JRR Tolkien 21:21 The eye maybe, I don't know where it is from 21:27 Mario Pipe 22:10 Obviously a reference to the covenant of artorias 22:32 to 22:38 I don't know who that is or what movie he is refering to, truly sorry 22:33 Ornstein 23:26 The sword, no clue where from though 24:06 PC Masterrace 24:14 DUUMB Animation
Zack Smith (4 days ago)
Adolf Hitler mein niwgere
Alex Sander Menegati (6 days ago)
Aaron Smith (7 days ago)
10:14 Did anyone else notice the overwatch symbol on the post in the background nice little easter egg
Howchen (7 days ago)
Saw emerald herald in the distance!
Super JaMAalRIO (7 days ago)
Ha Ha Ha! It's Gonna be Fine....
Pro Elium (7 days ago)
23:06 Is that a JoJo reference....
Zack Smith (1 day ago)
Pro Elium yes yes yes yes Oh My God
Valrok 1870 (7 days ago)
Is it me, or was there some sounds similar to the shimmering of Crystal Lizards, like five or so times throughout this?
MrEBOT gaming (8 days ago)
9:18 when you first see that the nameless king has a second phase
Asuka Tenjou (8 days ago)
is that geralt from witcher im the background of 3:03
Legogodzilla (8 days ago)
22:32 is that ornstein down there?
Enzo DeGregorio (8 days ago)
Never piss off gwyns 1st born
самое крутое видио в мире
Stefan Rönicke (9 days ago)
i don`t understanding english, but it`s funny cartoon. :P
Try THis (9 days ago)
best parody i ever watched ur a genius
Yangrai (9 days ago)
I don't understand how people can dislike this video ;-; ty YouTube for recommending this to me :,)
Jahrhod Blacksad (10 days ago)
I watched it so many times and I still see some references that I didn't saw before.
Knk Nbr (10 days ago)
You should definitely play Bloodborne
save all shots channel (10 days ago)
touch left boob LMFAO
alexis sahbazidis (10 days ago)
10:17 is that an overwatch sign at the back?
Sony Gamer (10 days ago)
I just noticed a typo in english captions. 11:36 - When he says:"Alright! Got the message...I'll be on my way!", the captions say "I'll be no my way". Just letting you know.
Nekit Gusariv Gusarov (11 days ago)
14:59 Nito
Nekit Gusariv Gusarov (11 days ago)
14:32 Sans
Nekit Gusariv Gusarov (11 days ago)
13:54 D.Va face
Nekit Gusariv Gusarov (11 days ago)
10:13 Egg Overwatch
Nekit Gusariv Gusarov (11 days ago)
4:17 Egg Daddy the mask
Diana Kirillowa (11 days ago)
забавно !!!
Drakkius Gaming (11 days ago)
Man, that discount Take On Me.
Matheus Pinheiro Alves (11 days ago)
Brazilians fans here...?
James Lake (11 days ago)
You know this stopped being funny after like 3 minutes, right?
James Lake (37 minutes ago)
Unless those references came from something other than Dark Souls 3, they still weren't funny. Not that the opinions of people too lazy to move their fingers 6 more times to type a sentence properly are worth anything. Oh that's right, there were some from outside Dark Souls. I just forgot. Because they weren't funny.
Zack Smith (1 day ago)
James Lake no it nvr did if u understand the references
Diego Torres (11 days ago)
Nice you included guts
Shy Azoulay (11 days ago)
Holy shit them mlg glasses
Shy Azoulay (11 days ago)
At 14:38 look for sans skull it’s easy to find.
Kris Dauzvardis (11 days ago)
she started looking like d.va with the marks on her face after the waifu alert
Solutus Eversol (11 days ago)
Jon: I’m fuckin Jon Snow!!!! Matt: SHUT THE FUCK UP!! Couldn’t stop laughing!! 😂😂
javier (12 days ago)
Fantastic work!
Loghanbot 102 (12 days ago)
24:41 is my life
Raul Vargas (12 days ago)
I see blood born shovel knight and sans head love 1st and 2st one
Corva (12 days ago)
24:41 When you get a like on your comment.
Salty Tattie (12 days ago)
Bails out at the nameless king, lol I only beat him cos I summoned some random sorcerer and he cast a spell that did like 2k damage per hit. I basically tried to keep the agro while sorceror boy just won the fight
TJ2much (12 days ago)
11:03 in the left bottom corner that poor goomba
zer0619gta memerson (12 days ago)
I made my character look like John snow by accident without realising
Fuck this is spot on
Krombabulus Michael (13 days ago)
this so faithfull to the actual game its amazing! the blue knight having a piss is such a good explanation of what he's doing staring at the wall by himself
kill yourself (13 days ago)
The fact thatnthis fictional character had such a easy time with pontiff sullivan triggers me greatly!
spastischersuchti (13 days ago)
big fat dog.... i always read big fat dong...
Jinx Hour (13 days ago)
mrclean (13 days ago)
Do ds1
Anakin Solo (13 days ago)
Yorms face lol
Naruto Uzumaki (13 days ago)
heheh...RIP poise, very funny
wannatradepants (13 days ago)
the dancer should have started twerking, having a great ass and all. a missed opportunity
Blemished Nicely (13 days ago)
"...Well, I found a lollipop covered in shit - buuuuut you don't want THAT!" *(extends hand)* "Gracious." L.M.F.A.O.~
Zain Gaming (13 days ago)
Is the nameless king's fist gonna be a meme now like arthur?
Domino Wayland (14 days ago)
Wow, i noticed only now that at 14:36 there's Sans from head from undertale with the helm that is sabaku channel logo (an italian youtuber)
Talon (14 days ago)
2:28 it's Conan O'Brien

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