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Five good reasons why - We love Shadow of Mordor

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We have been playing the hell out of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor lately. This game has been keeping us up at night as we slay one orc after the other. Here are five good reasons why we absolutely love Shadow of Mordor. 1. The combat system The combat system in Shadow of Mordor is inspired by that of the Batman games. It's all about getting into a good fighting rhythm, using both regular and counter-attacks to improve your combo multiplier. It's a super fun system that makes it easy for you to take on large groups of enemies. 2. It's beautiful Shadow of Mordor takes place in Mordor and it looks beautiful. The weather effects are very impressive and the whole place just oozes that awesome Lord of the Rings vibe. The long draw distance makes it easy to plan your attacks which gives you a good strategic advantage. 3. Epic gore Shadow of Mordor has some great gore, something we sort of missed in the movies. We can't get enough of lobbing the heads of orcs and brutalizing enemies with our dagger. Slicing and dicing your way through orcs and uruks feels great and the wraith abilities such as your bow and shadow strike are also extremely badass. 4. Fun sandbox The sandbox of Shadow of Mordor is so much fun to play in thanks to all the cool stuff the developers have put into it. You can cause some serious chaos by shootings explosives or dropping a fly nest on the ground. It's also awesome to lure Caragors and Graugs into enemy bases. 5. The Nemesis system A unique feature of Shadow of Mordor is the Nemesis system. You have to hunt down enemy captains and war chiefs who are protected by lesser minions that all roam freely in the open world. What makes it awesome is the fact that they remember previous encounters and also fight each other. Lots of games say their enemies adapt to your actions but this time it's actually true! Are you guys also in love with Shadow of Mordor? Let us know in the comments below! ► Follow us on Twitter - http://www.twitter.com/zoomingames ► Or like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/zoomingames ► Tara's channel - http://www.youtube.com/modeltarababcock ► Zoomin.TV Creators - https://www.youtube.com/user/ZoominTVCreators Download our live app Zive ► Android - http://bit.ly/1ktZbLP ► iOS - http://bit.ly/1gOrLlx Music provided by ♫ - [Nu Disco] - Televisor - Strut Licensed by Monstercat: http://youtube.com/MonstercatMedia Zoomin.TV Games is a Youtube Channel Network with lots of videos about gaming, from top 5 videos to interesting interviews and coverage of all the big gaming events. You like what you see? Subscribe for more videos about your favorite games! Zoomin.TV Games is the number one source for your gameplay videos, top 5 game videos, funny videos, video game reviews and opinions, interviews with developers and more about your favorite video games! ▼▼▼ Youtube Partnership with Zoomin.TV Games ▼▼▼ When you are interested in Youtube Partnerships, you've come to the right channel. We offer partnerships to gamers who have an opinion about gaming or want to show their skills on Youtube. You should know you can't use copyrighted music or videos (like movies and trailers), but your own gameplay videos with your own voice-over is perfect! More information about Youtube Partnerships can be found here: http://corporate.zoomin.tv/youtube/become-a-partner/
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Text Comments (414)
MrG (1 year ago)
still one of the best games ever
R X (1 year ago)
Probably rate it 9/10. Loved the story. Loved the gameplay. Loved the nemesis system and the way it worked with the story. Loved the creatures. Loved the way it was challenging and yet easier as you unlocked certain features. Loved finding clever ways to take out orc strong holds. Loved gaining intel on the chieftains and then using that to my full advantage. Sod it is 10/10. Made me want to watch LOTR again.
Andrew1990R (1 year ago)
Richard C mate. I got this for 5 bucks goty. I would've payed 120 bucks for it.
Robert Feldmann (1 year ago)
still my favorite PS4 game
Quin Skew (2 years ago)
I wanted to play as an orc when this game was announced
Brotherhood Times (2 years ago)
ya loved shadow of mortar .iam gonna buy that ,thanks for your vdo
Gravewalker (2 years ago)
shadow strike is like that thing in batman arkham knight
Decaying Dark (2 years ago)
5 reasons why I love it awsome armory for the orks can be hard at times command ur own army
ReVo (2 years ago)
best game ive ever played on ps4 and its 2016 and still playing it
Solq r (2 years ago)
5 reason why I love shadow of mordor: 1. Arkham series combat 2. Skyrim open world 3. Assassin's creed climbing and parkour 4. Far cry progression 5. LOTR story
Godleft (1 year ago)
Arkane What?
Arkane (2 years ago)
that's three buddy.
Pulat Pulet (2 years ago)
i love shadow of mordor
Hello there (2 years ago)
i need help, how can the uruks remember previous encounters and how can they get more uglier than they already are????
Lycidas (2 years ago)
+Ramsay Bolton and his pork sasuage At this point I don't even want to kill him anymore. I want him to become a warchief. He earned it and he is the most powerful orc in his ranks.
Lycidas (2 years ago)
+Ramsay Bolton and his pork sasuage can't do that, tried but it's impossible with him
Hello there (2 years ago)
haha naa he die when he loose his head XD
Lycidas (2 years ago)
Now he fought a bunch of uruks and was killed again and it didn't surprise me when he came back again. I guess he will only die after he finally defeats me.
Hello there (2 years ago)
Jibril Church (3 years ago)
im in love whith shadow of morder
cicafiu (3 years ago)
I love this game ;) And I hope they do more.
Yes alrhough I have 1 problem with it
Dat homie Rabbit (2 years ago)
+Gabe Kemp I know how you feel
The final battle
Jaren Bure (2 years ago)
Zach Warnstedt (3 years ago)
can't pupupt controller downnnn halppp
Colin0410 (3 years ago)
MR cavetroll (3 years ago)
until u buy the game to xbox360 and everything is shit -.- and there is no F-ing graugs!
AlphaCherryPi3 (3 years ago)
Viktor Tobiasen (3 years ago)
Bhiner1029 (3 years ago)
I love this game
BlackoutKalico Beta (3 years ago)
im i the only one who doesnt like arkhams combat system?? it just feels ridiculously overpowered.. i think here and in some other games works because the protagonist is superhuman , like the captain america game XD and in the spiderman movie games(which was the spiderman2 for gamecube the first time i find out about that combat system) 
giuliano caranti (3 years ago)
thats the idea m8 an overpowered badass its pretty fun to use
dragonhold4 (3 years ago)
This game, by itself, is not outstanding. It is the stream of annoyances that have plagued enemies in most other combat games that makes this one a sort of protest/declaration to stop the torture, to form change by adapting to new ideas. "We will acknowledge these improvements no matter how small," in the perspective that it is better to try. Annoyances such as a million HP; spawning of armies of disposable, forgettable enemies; corrodor environment limitations to creative strategy; and an undeniable mound hill of others.
chris guarascio (3 years ago)
best game ever
BonkersOrb82228 Elite (3 years ago)
Hell Yeah I it is pretty good
Andre Melancia (3 years ago)
Grafics is detail the look good thing is asthetics
ZeroTheHero (3 years ago)
I loved it for a weekend at least. Doesn't have much replay value and the main story is kinda meh. I loved the combat and nemesis systems. I only wish there were more interesting stuff to play for, besides the tiny main story, than those ghastly achievements every fucking game on the planet is all about nowadays...
Sxrillez (3 years ago)
This game is really fun to play. I like dying on purpose to see new uruks get promoted so I can pit them against each other.
Jaren Bure (2 years ago)
+Rogue Pylon get it
Rogue Pylon (2 years ago)
+AwwwhYyyyeah that is brilliant! God, I want this game.
AwwwhYyyyeah (3 years ago)
+Sxrillez I sometimes let myself get killed by a grunt, turn him into a captain if he looks cool enough (usually the berserkers) then have him kill me twice so hes my nemesis. I had a guy like that come back from teh dead twice once. His face was all wrapped in bandages after being cut up after already being burned to fuck. I refused to kill him after that and ended up having him as a warchief with 4 level20 captains as bodyguards. Only when he was fully decked out, death threated, warchiefed, bodyguared out the ass, did i finally take him out. Probobly the best battle ive had in the game.
C (3 years ago)
however, if you try playing the game on 360 the graphics (to be honest) suck! Many times- the graphics are either slow to load or don't load (completely) at all! not to mention there is a long ass loading screen between every cut seen. I am TOTALY in love with the game and play it constantly. the game is amazing and i love every aspect of it! However it IS worth noting that playing it on 360 has HUGE flaws that people should expect because you CANNOT fairly compare it to the same game on other platforms. I know many people might not agree with these statements or might feel outraged by someone badmouthing such an amazing fun game, but rest assured I "AM" a huge fan of the game BUT on last gen systems the game has many flaws and is still in DESPERATE (!!!!) need of patches. 
juan anderson (3 years ago)
Great game!
MrCodgamer919 (3 years ago)
Yes i love it
VisualGourmet (3 years ago)
It's generally too over-the-top for me, but the nemesis system is absolutely awesome.
Mastah Binc (3 years ago)
Another reason why: Photo Mode
Joshua Taplin (4 years ago)
My first platinum
Rodrigo Rivero (4 years ago)
5 reasons to don't buy this game, is the worst game that I've played on ps4 1.- fights are all equals and boring press square 10000 times and sometimes triangle over and over and over and when you've got your sword blue execute... 2.- the main missions, the whole story of the game last 1:50 I finished the game without 2dary missions 3.- the missions are same shit but with another the smell... kill 10 orcs 5, 15, 20... stealthy, with executions, with arrows etc... the same over and over 4.- tallion is so OP you can kill and kill orcs without any challenge that's pretty boring to me, even when you ride a caragor pffff just kill them all 5.- the world is too small those were the main reasons, but I really think that game can't be an AAA+ game and have the same value as the last of us or any other AAA+ game, it really doesn't worth, here I leave more reasons (very personal  thoughts) 1.- where is the magic? is supposed to be a middle earth enviroment, where is fire? water? ice? wizards necromancers? magic elemnts 2.- just 3 differents enemies? are you really kidding me? orcs, caragors, and graugs, there's 5 differents orcs I think, shielded orcs, archers, spear orcs and normal, and the bosses I think all the same... 3.- there's no challenge playing this game as I said just kill them all without any difficulty 4.- I  hate the fighting system is so boring, I'm used to DMC and god of war, in when you have challenge trying to avoid the hits, if you are losing the battle you can even flee, when you go to any stronghold just gather all the orcs nearby fire and shoot an arrow, all of them will die is that fun? I mean that easy, boring I'm not a troll, is just that this game disappointed me too much
AlekRebel (3 years ago)
+Nethaniel Shade if you can barely read his comment, there might be something wrong with your brain
K4reem Owis1 (3 years ago)
Rodrigo Rivero Shut The Fuck Up You Don`t Know Shit
Nethaniel Shade (3 years ago)
5 reasons not to like you comment. 1.) You have horrible grammar. 2.) You have horrible punctuation. 3.) You have horrible capitalization. 4.) Comprehension, man, I can barely read your comment. 5.) Shadow of Mordor isn't the best game ever made, but it's an okay game, and worth it's cost.
MATTHEW CROWSON (4 years ago)
Yes i love that game
Sami Murad (4 years ago)
this game is freaking addicted
Chris Lucas (4 years ago)
Really fun game to play though. It's just a shame there was no kind of multiplayer. 
thebigbadpinkman (4 years ago)
Fuck this game. They are re writing and making up LOTR lore. They have ruined the fantastic story and world that Tolkien has made for us to enjoy.
xTechN9C1ANx (4 years ago)
I'm not a LOTR fan at all really, but this game is so annoyingly great that I can't stop playing it. I hate how every time you die the enemies get stronger because when you die by a war chief you get so angry for revenge that you just go to fight to your death again, but that is a brilliant system in this game.
sakor88 (3 years ago)
+xTechN9C1ANx Well... this game has so little to do with the lore that you not being a fan of LotR is a non-issue.
MidnightWolf (4 years ago)
Absolutely loved that game...didn't manage to platinum it though. Got to 95%. Killing uruks is soo addictive!
snailmail2000 (4 years ago)
The game looks awesome in allot of ways. I wish I had a PS4 to play it on.
Liam Tide (4 years ago)
Is this on PC
Fiveonetwo Twofiveone (4 years ago)
do the orcs ever attack you in this game i don't think i have seen a single video on youtube where the main character takes damage from attacks?
Gabriel Wilshire (4 years ago)
ck2gaming (4 years ago)
Lacking a gaming system so nope can't play it
Adriel Devanza (4 years ago)
shadow of mordor is -gta without guns,cops,vehicles                               -lord of the rings without 'the ring'                               -skyrim without 'the thing that make it skyrim'                                                                             
Le Nguyen (4 years ago)
I love this game ! Spent like 20+ hrs already whenever I have free time to play. It has JUST enough of every elements to make it diversed, and the nemesis system works naturally without forcing you to do anything. It almost shapes itself with your play styles. And the price is not bad £29.99 with discount from GMG. 
reauddin kazi (4 years ago)
The boss battles are too easy
reauddin kazi (4 years ago)
i am talking about the real bosses, not the regular captains or war-chiefs 
Ashley Goggs (4 years ago)
there only easy when you play the game properly such as attacking bosses according to their weakness or stealth killing mobs before countering the boss etc. ofcourse you could turn up the difficulty if you wanted concidering thats why the difficulty system is in games.
Beepski Boopski (4 years ago)
So this is one of those paid Shadow of Mordor videos ppl are talking about.
Gato Mr.Cat (4 years ago)
The only game that honestly got me addicted since Skyrim. I have to go to college in 3 hours and I have been up all night killing Uruks. 
ReiAyanami8 (4 years ago)
I've been hearing so much praise for this game, that I figure I'll give it a shot.  I never believe hype, best to judge for oneself, but if anything it looks well made and it'll probably be fun.
EvilRyu (4 years ago)
i just love this game
Promethean Knight (3 years ago)
This game was nothing special. It was overhyped just like every other game of this year. The only hyped games that weren't overhyped were Dark souls 2 and mario kart 8 and they were both fucking awesome. Also far cry 4 and Advanced warfare are coming out people. So i recommend you avoid this game. However. I do recommend dark souls 2 and Valiant hearts or wait for either far cry 4 and Advanced Warfare.  EDIT: Ok wow advanced warfare and far cry 4 were both also overhyped and disappointing. Advanced warfare was alright though. But my god far cry 4 was so shit. Also borderlands the pre-sequel also sucked big time. BTW valiant hearts was an admirable failure of a game and it was not good at all. 
Cyu Agen (3 years ago)
+Nonuv Urbeeznus EXACTLY :)
Nonuv Urbeeznus (3 years ago)
+Kaloyan Vasilov Oh yeah. I guess I missed that rage fest. And yeah, nobody in the USA ever used spears and swords. lol
Cyu Agen (3 years ago)
+Nonuv Urbeeznus Look a little bit up of this conversation and you will see :D
Nonuv Urbeeznus (3 years ago)
+Kaloyan Vasilov Who said anything about americans?
Cyu Agen (3 years ago)
+Promethean Knight The 'mericans are so freaking SMAAAAART. They needed much more time that any other nation to get civilised and not use spears and swords. I am sure americans are smartest people in the galaxy:)
AnimationFantic (4 years ago)
I LOVED THIS GAME! It was very addictive and a fun challenge. The level of detail also draws you in, just great to look at. 
MistaChozen (4 years ago)
How are ppl complaining about shortness of the game it took me 65hrs to complete...the side missions are really fun and stuff!
Darkninja (4 years ago)
I take it you finished it to 100%, most people would be talking about the main story and a few side missions.
TheFrostsabre (4 years ago)
I've killed this guy three times and only now is he dead. He kept coming back from the grave
Sterling Archer (4 years ago)
the only thing you can chop off from you enemy is his head..............
Dylan Villain (4 years ago)
Had fun with it for awhile. Got boring after 5 hours of the same shit, and Branding enemies doesn't start until you're halfway done with it. Dumb. Story was also pretty stupid compared to the Middle Earth sagas.
Daniel Goodman (4 years ago)
It doesn't have the heavenly sword combat system... I'm not impressed.... 
Kevin Gallagher (4 years ago)
Best game of the last 2 years without a doubt.  Didn't see any hype for this so didn't really know what to expect but I'm absolutely stunned by the quality of this game. I'd cleared the first map of collectables pretty much before starting the first mission because I didn't even know I wasn't doing the first mission killing all the orcs etc for like a day. It was just too fun hunting them down. I also created some legendary enemies via dying and you can't just let that shit go :D I'm moving through it at pace now though xD
alluAA1 (4 years ago)
my computer doesnt have enough juice to run it :( so i cant play. have been saving up for a new comp for the past 4 months
Cthulhu the Omnipotent (4 years ago)
I've literally spent 75% of the 15-20 hours that I've put into this game just running around killing orcs haha. 
Rejected Potato (4 years ago)
Yeees i fucking love this game!!
cweb1988 (4 years ago)
is there a weather system in this game? Dynamic?
Purushangam Gaming (4 years ago)
this game is good. 8/10
Baron Samedi (4 years ago)
I don't like that this is a LotR game cause it's kinda dumb in that comparison; however, as a free standing non-LotR game it's pretty good. I do think it is kind of a shit on Tolkein's stories, but whateves.
NyName (4 years ago)
LeGamingGuitarist (4 years ago)
I have 2 questions: 1. Can you keep exploring the land after your complete the main story? 2. Is it true that you're able to choose to be good or evil?
Nonuv Urbeeznus (3 years ago)
+LeGamingGuitarist There's no way to be evil, it's just killing. killing all day erry day. aw yeah
LeGamingGuitarist (4 years ago)
+Deadwarrior000 Thank you dude, it's just that I was told on facebook that it was better if you were evil so I was wondering if you were able to be evil. Much appreciated.
Deadwarrior000 (4 years ago)
1. You can explore after the game. 2. No one from the Devs said anything about a morality system and their is none.
Carl (4 years ago)
This game should be called head cutter simulator 2014
Braxton Robertson (4 years ago)
Is it on the ps4
Downhollowfication (4 years ago)
man i was not lord of ring fan i only had first game on xbox barely played that when i saw game play i said oh this game look awesome preorder it & finished it last nite
Pekmatyi (4 years ago)
more like why we loved it...
Emil Härdelin (4 years ago)
i´m buying the shit outta this game!
Jairo (4 years ago)
weskeeey (4 years ago)
that benchmark is bs i got an avarege of 91fps on high in 1440p then i go to the place where they made the benchmark and it drops under 20 fps only in that place where the benchmark is made the rest of the game is Always above 50-60fps
fernando berrones (4 years ago)
No for beginners like my self the enemy is completely OP nd I still can't get used to fighting 30 enemies at once, nd wen u r about to die that counter action thing goes way to fast, I hav been playing this game since it came out nd it is still to difficult for me -,- but other then that I love this game hahaha it is a love hate relationship
VALLANCE (4 years ago)
And I wrote "too!" Fucking predicted text
VALLANCE (4 years ago)
Hey I'm back, I just checked out tara and you are right! She definitely has boobs................oh yea what I was going to say was give this girl a break, she is a complete bundle of knowledge when it comes to gaming and I'm sure she knows more than most of us on here, I even had to listen to her kinda slating zelda! Yet I still think you lot need to chill out, not a fan? Watch something else this isn't the end of the world of gaming channels it is one of many! This is her job, maybe I'd agree with you if she was just a sexy bird with no experience in this genre of entertainment but she actually stays on point at a high rate of speed to! She doesn't shut up even to breathe lol but yea boobs, maybe she should do some cosplay am I right? Am I right? Nah seriously guys chill she has a job you'd want don't be anal about it
El Gato Cheshire (4 years ago)
the unexpected SOM is underrated and a good game hunting down uruk caps and the nemesis system meanwhile the overhyped Destiny is overrated and boring as hell farming in a hole or repeating 10 times the same strike for a f***ing blue engram... 
PilgrimXXXXXXX (4 years ago)
Dont fire Tara moron but please dont talk about crapy games, that's all !!
MessengerOfHell (4 years ago)
Without any shred of doubt this Lord of the Rings game is the best if it is to be compared with previous ones and is worth buying at full price with no regret or hard feelings. The story isn't that amazing and won't get your attention 100%, there were a few parts where the story could have been improved and a few things added to make the relationship between Celebrimbor and Talion a bit more flexible instead of having them argue or have Talion wonder around with no aim some times. What catches the true attention of any player in this game is the combat system, the amazing environment and the nemesis system. There is little doubt some won't replay the game since it looses some of its challenge when Talion fully develops his weapons and talent trees. 
Dann Bui (4 years ago)
Where the female voice!!!!
I loved starting feuds and turmoil between the enemy ranks made me feel like I was playing a gory chess game
Nay_Chan (4 years ago)
Fantastic, just need to update my graphics card to fully enjoy the graphics, but so much fun it'll last me until ac unity
monkeycaboose (4 years ago)
finally a game that wasn't overhyped.
Levi Poole (4 years ago)
Levi Poole (4 years ago)
Don't forget brading
venomtail1 (4 years ago)
Where's mysterious voiceover lady? D:
George K (4 years ago)
This game is way too easy... :(
blue_hills_43r (4 years ago)
What the...? Where's the mysterious voice over lady ?
RoiGamez (4 years ago)
Easy games. Easy games everywhere... It's nice at first but then it's just repetitive, I want more games that requires actuall skill like Dark Souls and hard mind games like Antichamber (Antichamber is BEAUTIFUL).
RoiGamez (4 years ago)
+Deadwarrior000 That's the hard part, keeping cool and learning. Many people give up on that because they are too weak to do that.
Deadwarrior000 (4 years ago)
Dark souls isn't hard it is just memorization and keeping your head cool. You die from getting cocky not because it is hard just because you get too ballsy. 
Marie Espinoza (4 years ago)
5 good reasons to stop playing new cods and just play old ones i mean compare ghost to MW2 what would you play
Alfie Brammar (4 years ago)
52 hours m8, get in my level
Sysco985 (4 years ago)
It looks ok I guess
dadmumdarrenV2 (4 years ago)
Biggest surprise of the year by far
EVO6 (4 years ago)
"Shadow of Mordor takes place in Mordor" NO REALLY?!? HOLY SHIT!
EVO6 (4 years ago)
I predict the nemesis system will be here
EVO6 (4 years ago)
FalcoCasto (4 years ago)
This game has become an instant classic to me. It's so good.
Christmas Yeti (4 years ago)
radchoco (4 years ago)
Just another fantasy game >.>

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