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Kingdom Come Game Sells Well Despite SJW Complaints

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Text Comments (6047)
Raffaele Cajora (1 day ago)
If they inserted historical representation of "people of color" the sjw would have gone through a meltdown because the only "people of color" in medieval Europe were slaves...
atomic chimichangas (2 days ago)
no ''sell well despite being shit''
*ReadsName* (2 days ago)
As a half black person I literally give 0 shits.
Herobryce1075 Gaming (3 days ago)
Actually, its more like Kingdom Come sells BECAUSE of SJWs.
Santa Clausewitz (4 days ago)
Well when you come from a Higher Class, you live in a different world. Normal people, who work themselves to the bone with two or three jobs, where 40 hours a week is considered "part time", don't have time for Identity Politics. They have bills to pay. They are one check away from being on the cold, unforgiving streets. All they want from a game is entertainment.
J S (5 days ago)
2k people disliked. Many of them are either deaf and blind or lack education. Maybe both.
Liam Dalton (5 days ago)
I’m black and it’s not racist f**k sjw’s
Paweł Skotnica (5 days ago)
The black eagle with the white crest is actually a coat of arms provided by a Polish prince from the Piast dynasty in 1222 to the region of lower Silesia (Poland)
TheAciddragon069 (6 days ago)
Good for Warhorse, if they had added black characters they would have been slaves/homeless/servants which would have pissed the SJWs off cause they weren't made the lord of Talmberg
aurora (7 days ago)
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aurora (7 days ago)
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paristmo (9 days ago)
Argues only with researched facts, not with what you like.
The Batman (9 days ago)
That’s because anything that offends sjws and doesn’t cater to their bs is going to be good anything that caters to them is going to force bs down your throat and be garbage look at battlefield v sjws don’t buy things they just want them made a certain way to make everyone think like them they should be publicly executed to get rid of the aids of society
howlingthunder26 (9 days ago)
Hold fast kindom makers
howlingthunder26 (9 days ago)
We need to shut down an shut out leftist an demtards an shut them out
howlingthunder26 (9 days ago)
Most sjw aren't game players...they are just media whores an complain an wine an stomp their feet till some one listens
Tim Bomb (10 days ago)
Any company that doesn't cave into this stuff can take my money
The Grimm Reaper (10 days ago)
Kingdom Come Game Sells Well BECAUSE of SJW complaints. Everyone loves pissing those self-righteous bitches off.
George Stokes (12 days ago)
Disregard complaints from Women's Studies majors. They are a body of grievance-chasers.
david ross (12 days ago)
So if I hold up a single white person, and a single black person, which if the two is more diverse? I think 'diversity' is code for racism. I think every time they say 'diverse' they actually mean 'not white'
david ross (12 days ago)
Dennis Alfonso (14 days ago)
So it has no SJW bullsh*t content? No wonder the game is selling well!
Unwanted (15 days ago)
SJWs make me want to wish that natural selection would still be a thing
Alex Shuysky (16 days ago)
There are dark skinned people in Bohemia, but mainly they're Jewish and not African people.
AZ king (17 days ago)
White man power fantasy? Lmao you mean history. God said send me your sjw's and i shall offend them. Lol i hate this gen.
Suppressingfire (17 days ago)
SJW kiss my White arse. They should all be locked up and flogged daily.
Crosshair TV (22 days ago)
Is there something that doesn't trigger SJW's?
Sink _ (23 days ago)
Its obvious that sjw's don't know anything about what makes a good game, all they want is to push leftist politics down our throats regardless of whether their idioligy will ruin the gameplay and/or story.
nikushim666 (23 days ago)
SJW's like to rewrite history, just ignore the nutjobs.
Daniel Dhygu (23 days ago)
I bought this game from this video
The games journalists don’t even do their research. The lead developer worked on Mafia 2 which had a lot of blacks (The Bomber gang). They could look there for criticism. They also don’t mention that there are no French in the game, which is plausible because they fought under Sigismund before.
Sjws want to change the past.
PHIL'S dabest (28 days ago)
Well let's stick to the facts gays would be killed and blacks would be slaves it's how it was back then
Alukard TheDeathknight (1 month ago)
Next game SJW KILL EM UP SPANK THEM BITCHES AND BEAT THEM PRICKS all for 9.99 going down to 1.00 due to bitches be screaming .... dumb fuck brains SJW also great game worth picking up
EvilSquarz (1 month ago)
That’s why I don’t want to have kids... This world is completely fucked!
Nick Seychel (1 month ago)
you literally defend the worst games just to "prove" your political opinions lmao. like jeez when are you guys gonna come up with something other than "sjw"? do you guys get a newsletter every month telling you what buzzword names to call people on the opposite end of the political spectrum? or is it like a hive mind thing where you all just know to repeat the same rhetoric?
Simon Leuschel (1 month ago)
SJW's boycotting games is like poor people boycotting Ferrari.. Pointless
LordTachanka (1 month ago)
If a black person was included in the game there should only be one but everyone is surrounding them in shock to see if he’s real because they have never seen a black person before
LordTachanka (1 month ago)
It wouldn’t even matter if SJWs boycotted the game they were never going to play it in the first place
I Am The Law (1 month ago)
And the funny thing is, one of those SJW ads played in the middle of this.
brickbatz (1 month ago)
It's not just on Steam. GOG is selling it too. The prologue (intro) is crazy long. I was surprised when the main story line began.
Gracz87 (1 month ago)
LOL! Medieval times in Czech REPUBLIC! :P LOL!
Sami Lynn (1 month ago)
Glad I bought this game, more so now I know sjw's don't like it.
OnAChairSitting (1 month ago)
I don't like SJWs but I'll take them over the sensitive, violent and butthurt cucks in the right any day.
Cullen Diethron (1 month ago)
Sjw are violent as well
ryan jackson (1 month ago)
Samurai warriors2 no black people. Thats fucking racist.
ragingbrawler (1 month ago)
apart from lock picking the game is pretty great.
Chris L (1 month ago)
Fuck the SJWs
Grizzly Hates (1 month ago)
Now if EA could get there shit together we could be playing a fun and Accurate BF5
Luke Dearey (1 month ago)
it's good to see that there's a game-company out there who ignored the arrogant left-wingers for a change. And seeing the game do better than Wolfenstein 2, Assassin's Creed Origins and Subnautica is proof that you don't have to be "politically correct" to be brilliant. I love shoulder-charging leftists. And the more we throw these leftists aside, the more they'll fade away. There may still be hope for mankind yet.
arthur floyd (1 month ago)
I'd like to see an sjw play this game for more than 5 hours without swearing
Hayden Kirk (1 month ago)
It’s set in Medieval Europe, a place with the same complexity of milk, and they are crying about diversity. Bitch, what the fuck you talking about
Aetiusx7 (1 month ago)
SJWs are cancer, they are like a filthy and contagious plague, trying to ruin everything with their massive stupidity...
MoonlightDoom (1 month ago)
Just purchased it and glad to say not one black face yet! Sales are over a million as of 05/10/2018 I hope they sell ten million.
indeed (1 month ago)
one of the more ironic things in this is that later on in the game its explicitly suggested that a knight and his page are gay lovers and no one really reacts they just use the gay lover as a hostage and as christians state "god will punish them if he feels the need" and that its not up to them to decide gods will
BobbyZobby (1 month ago)
People of color?? White is a color too so just say black people lol.
BobbyZobby (1 month ago)
IF you make a game in Africa you dont ask why there isnt as many white people lol its just a different country of continent.
Sebastian Duran-Lopez (1 month ago)
This is a good game. Haven't beat it tho
MadMan (1 month ago)
It's almost like SJWs are not the majority, or something. But you know what they say about the squeaky wheel... Also, +1 on 'colored' being inappropriate. It pisses me off to no end that it's somehow acceptable to call black people 'colored' now.
The one part that should be mentioned concerning "black history month"... It's US, UK, Canada & Netherlands thing. Warhorse Studios is based in Prague. They might even not know about it, or which month it is... Which in UK&NL is OCtober, by the way, not February. Accusing others of "racism" and "under-representation" while being so US-centric is just hilarious.
Jarno Bakx (1 month ago)
Last i saw a good medieval game like this was when mount and blade warband released those were the days without sjw fucking games
Billy Benitez (1 month ago)
Serious question What's a xenophobe?
Cullen Diethron (1 month ago)
Someone who hates foreigners
Hom Tom (1 month ago)
ah an african game where you kill pygmies and beduins would be laff maybe someone coerce SJW to make it?
Roberto M. (1 month ago)
White humble farmers are being slaughtered in Africa (South Africa) would those fuckers care some day?
Ian Thomas (1 month ago)
Lawl regressive gaming! I blame the crash of bitcoin on this video.
I Dont Care (1 month ago)
Hey, bought the game, loved it.
Agent Monika (1 month ago)
SJWs: Don't you realize its Black History Month?! Slavic people: Lol what is Black History Month? Never heard of it
ButterPlaysMC (1 month ago)
there's turkic/asian people in the game... fucking sjw feminists
TigerEye6 Gaming (1 month ago)
This game looks amazing and the historical parts even better.The nice thing about witcher, even with some modern issues, you are still able to choose whatever you want, the downside, the witcher is super mythical, with what is considered “typical” fantasy vibes. Deliverance is just UBER historical, which is absolutely amazing! The game looks so amazing and if my PC didnt bust, I would have bought it and sunk in so many hours to it. I have watched gameplay and the whole game is stunning. Kinda glitchy, but insanely hostorical, giving players more of a “in the game” kinda feel. Hopefully one day soon I will get the extra cash to play it! Race is kinda different though. I can say that the lady in the article was probably American, so isnt she raciest to Czech people? Last time I checked, race wasnt just the color of your skin, it was where you came from. Either way I am just some dude on the internet, so what do I know?
HammerFall95 (1 month ago)
you made solid points about why the SJW's are wrong, but you constant forcefullnes of pushing your political agenda made the video quite unwatchable...
Cullen Diethron (1 month ago)
Lol its called showing your biased which is fine if you can think for your self sjw and the far left are pushing a political agenda as well
Okabe Rintarou (1 month ago)
I wish to meet those SJW game journos in person and mock them until they have a heart attack because of so much triggering.
james cottrell (1 month ago)
My wife plays this game. And LOVES it. She says during this time period women were minor characters in history..deal with it. Her words.
light saberAddiCt (1 month ago)
I am so buying this game now. Is it on Steam lol...
Rodrigo Xavier (1 month ago)
Do historically accurate now means adding black people to the history of all places of Earth regardless of facts?
Hector Ramirez (1 month ago)
My opinion is that you should take all these leftists & SJWs in an island make them not able to breed & let them die out!!! They’re a cancer in society!!!!
Cancerous Cake (1 month ago)
A certain race of people advocating for another as if it was so superior that it needed to be highlighted in everything. Sound familiar to how Hitler advocated for the Aryans, despite not even being born in Germany, but in Austria?
azerty azertu (1 month ago)
SJW's ruin life.
Mattx Kolarx (1 month ago)
I live in Czech Republic and I have not seen a single black person where I live. I'd need to go to Prague. And most of them are tourists though. You just won't see black people in smaller towns and villages.Just Vietnamese and Gypsies.
QorinHalfhand. (1 month ago)
I now want Germans to make a game about their history-ww2 to be exact.You rp as Hitler.Just to piss the sjws off.
Renzo (1 month ago)
Has this game received a patch yet? I want to buy, but after it has been upgraded a bit.
Cullen Diethron (1 month ago)
Yes next week will be second paid dlc also a free tournament mode two more dlc paid after this one along with mod support
DkXboxer (1 month ago)
Why won't these sjw bullies leave developers who developed a game and their fans who only want to represent themselves and showcase history as well as deliver some diverse culture for themselves and themselves alone, yet open to the public ALONE? It did nothing wrong to people and yet its still bad. You're just going out of your way to accuse and abuse people. Why don't you make diversity worthwhile for a change instead of forcing it on everyone or God forbid let it happen naturally? Why can't you be nice?
Arade Comate (1 month ago)
Sjws are not the buying consumer so there opinions and promotion are nothing but little dog barks .
Michael Smith (1 month ago)
Glad the devs didn’t cave. That would’ve been pretty stupid to see a game set in medieval Czechoslovakia full of Asians, Blacks, Latinos, Middle Eastern, and LGBT characters. Lol.
Oyekanmi Fawwaz (1 month ago)
Umm, who's the chick with the guitar at the end of the video?
Ali Mirzaee (1 month ago)
Fuck SJWs
MoistyMerman (1 month ago)
Now bitcoin is useless lol
Daniel McGillis (1 month ago)
I just look at Steam feedback on a game. People who have the game and play it know whats up.
Jamie House (1 month ago)
Of course, because all they do is complain. There's such a small percentage of them that actually play games, sales are never going to be affected if they complain about something! Like Cyberpunk, all these SJW's who are gonna boycott the game, so sales won't be affected then!
Beedy KH (1 month ago)
"People of color" I hate this phrase.
Barbara Philosophy (1 month ago)
The fact that SJWs even have to acknowledge color of people labels them as racist to me. I've never played a game and became angry over not seeing mixed colors. I dont even acknowledge the race. I focus on the lore itself. How the fuck does one get so focused on race itself?
Valmanway Kruz (1 month ago)
I have a solution for SJW who want a black noble in medieval europe, Play Crusader Kings 2, start with African character, Claim one of europian state and conquer it. simple, eh?
Cullen Diethron (1 month ago)
They don't play video games and they heard that game was racist
Sebastian Vertoua (1 month ago)
cause fuck retarded SJWs. plz end your lives
DantesLuna (1 month ago)
don't see the problem... Like there where black ppl in medievil czechoslovakia... Highly doubt it
Legion (1 month ago)
It's wonderful to see my people didn't back down.
weevilspongebob1 (1 month ago)
What is SJW
DantesLuna (1 month ago)
social justice warriors
Chosenone10356 (1 month ago)
Those developers are not educated enough to make a videogame :D
Inshrektor Gadget (1 month ago)
There is a way blacks could appear in the Czech Middle Ages, as enemies. The Ottomans did use black, North Africans as soldiers. Even so, to find them as far north as Bohemia is a far stretch
BMH Beatbox (1 month ago)
Well obviously. The SJWs just complain about video games, they don’t even play video games themselves so sales wouldn’t be affected really
Regnier Encoblassa (1 month ago)
Women in that era were literally seen as nothing more then Breeding Machines, at best you could own a farm.
Awaken Iron! (1 month ago)
So, for the sake of inclusiveness: if I wanted to make a game about the historical Kingdom of Mali in the 1400s, would I have to include both BAME and white characters?
Majira Red (1 month ago)
I played this game for over 100 hours and not once did I ever think that having black ppl in it would make any significant difference. Hell i didn't even notice the absence of blacks because I was too busy having fun playing the game to give a shit about race.

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