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Kingdom Come Game Sells Well Despite SJW Complaints

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Text Comments (5911)
Anthony Jurado (1 hour ago)
Im guessing EA thinks standing their ground on braking laws is the same.
M S (22 hours ago)
i love this video, world is going to shit with all this liberal stuff, what is to much is to much
LionheartNh (1 day ago)
Bill's fooling no one with that syrup.
Xander Fox (1 day ago)
Historically accurate? more like Historically convenient.
Xander Fox (1 day ago)
It is ART and video games are ART. As such, they have a responsibility to represent a larger picture than what we understand. It would have been very easy to put a for historical representations of black life from that time into kingdoms come. Minorities have ALWAYS existed. This game needs some DLC STAT. Even books describing africa would suffice. or a joan or arc style women? A black person running from slavers perhaps? hiding in a house far up the hill, terrified of being hunted for sport. It was feasible and the team missed a great opportunity to tell compelling stories of POC.
Empolian000 (2 days ago)
More game devs need to follow the creators of kingdom come, NEVER listen to SJWs they only want to ruin games for the people that actually care it
Mr1987Joe (2 days ago)
The backlash against this game is a testament to the fact that leftists are brainwashed loons that despise reality. Not only do they want to shunt the present and the future into some kind of crooked fantasy, but they want to completely destroy the past, as well.
Ayo_ Ocho (2 days ago)
I agree but there no feminist in Canada fuck tard America breed that sharif
Ayo_ Ocho (2 days ago)
Onii Chan (2 days ago)
Sure the witcher had a refugee quest, but also has radovid killing off all minorities in the north, the discrimination the non humans face and all those other refugees left to die around the world, so it's more realistic than it is appealing to sjws, not to say no blacks, no asians, and even those kids in the swamp getting killed
Mark Odissey (3 days ago)
Bull's shit? Never thought of it that way, clever.
HARD WIRE (3 days ago)
Can you make a vid over the European countries that are resisting migrants
zibby Jdm (3 days ago)
Battlefield 5 is an example of what giving in to sjw demands looks like
rukiddinbro (3 days ago)
That argument is just as valid as calling Mario developers racists because Mario is white... These people are not driven by logic, reason or common sense. Instead it's hate, self-righteousness and ignorance. It must be really grueling to live like that, if you think about it... Peace!
Luy22 (3 days ago)
Witcher 3 has nothing to do with anti-Trump, but the original stories were written during the neo-liberal period. There're a lot of race issues and political issues in the Witcher stories, just none of them have a single thing to do with color or sexuality. Also I'm not a racist but I'm glad Christmas puts Elves in their place.
Hypno Coosh (4 days ago)
KCD is fucking awesome.
Blobfish 101 (4 days ago)
I love Warhorse Studios and their game, Kingdom Come Deliverance. I've been wanting a historically accurate medieval RPG for so long and they really delivered. By ignoring the dumb criticism of SJWs they have made an amazing game which I have loved paying. Something that CD Projekt Red said was that the best form of marketing is a happy gamer recommending your game to their friends. In my opinion, Warehouse Studio has succeeded in doing this and I don't hesitate in recommending their game to any of my friends.
Darien Darkhouse (4 days ago)
I HATE being called black. For one thing, I'm Mulatto (half white, half black), so calling me black denies half of my genetics. Also, black is just inaccurate. People of African descent are not black, we're technically shades of brown. So people of color would be way more accurate until humans evolve to the point where we can stop emphasizing the color of our skin. I'd get complained at for calling someone red or yellow, so don't call me black.
waldo pepper (4 days ago)
heres a thought. instead of constantly bitching and moaning that video games dont accurately match the latest census, how about the sjw's get off their fat lazy arses, start a gaming company and write a game full of "people of colour", fat ugly lesbians and trans people. from all the bitching, it will obviously be a best seller.
LoL Darth Ynot (5 days ago)
Lizard people are ok 👌 It’s a Skyrim’s reference
Naamak Badosh (5 days ago)
There are too less whites in Assassins creed 4 : Freedom Cry, i want more!
Tasty Not tasty (5 days ago)
I've got to get out of this planet.
Cole Davis (5 days ago)
these doushbags can be as extremist as they want. But leave my video games out of it, im mainly a solo campaign player and even thats getting hard to come by. also why do people like the sjw try and use big words..... like most of the people they'll get triggered at would in my mind be people like big baba( alot of my NC people know what that guys likes look) basically think redneck that likes men and he aint lookin for consent.alot of dumber people like me are mainly the onea that will argue back at these dicks, while the smarter people will hear a few sentences from safe place becky ( whos a guy mind you) and be like what a doush i gotta get out of here.
Reign ladbrook (6 days ago)
Lol it does have a couply gay peeps in it
SuperN0IS3 (6 days ago)
"the game fails to deliver representation" who made you a god to determine what games should or shouldnt deliver? it's fucking pathetic to see SJw's demand something that they simply have no right to ask no one HAS to deliver whatever the fuck you want slavery ended centuries ago
F3NIX (7 days ago)
8:36 Witcher 3 came out before trump was president tho
Merseyak (7 days ago)
Can you see snowflakes, you have no impact on reality, and you never will.
Cave Johnson (7 days ago)
History god bless this game
Long Vu (7 days ago)
I'm from Vietnam. My friends from China, Russia, Poland, etc and luckily they don't give a fuck about SJW and PC. Even most of us from communist countries or were communist countries. Because like East Germany we respected culture, history and the different.
TShaggy 43s (8 days ago)
EA/dice need to take a page out of warhorse book
Jan Schneidereit (8 days ago)
I really hope that Developers learn from this to not listening to dumb people with their retarded claims
Advertiser Unfriendly (8 days ago)
the sjw's weren't gonna buy this game anyway. what the hell did they think a boycott was gonna do?
Imago Gestalter (8 days ago)
I demand a Mongolian Tatar history month! NOW!
Mizuken Haganekawa (9 days ago)
I'm a part of a Russian HEMA club, and all my friends were almost ready to fap themselves out to death because of how awesome this game is. I'm glad devs weren't mislead by SJW.
wriker36 (9 days ago)
They wanted people not to buy this game and it didn’t work. Then when Battlefiled V is total PC, gamers just don’t pre order it. So fucking sweet! If this is not enough evidence enough to provide SJW’s a such a small minority of fucktards!
Youri Khan (9 days ago)
People of colour : everyone but the invisible man.
Robine plays (9 days ago)
Obito Nagato (9 days ago)
Developers didn't cave in. Good for them! Gamers are tired of these crazy sjw's ruining everything.
vinC3th31st (10 days ago)
I will buy this game just for standing up to SJW it’s my way of giving them my finger
ErnestKaltenStalin (10 days ago)
Americans are idiots. Plain and simple.
Revere Tha MC (10 days ago)
5:31 we dont
Lochrine -8 (11 days ago)
Developers should make an online only SJW safe game, wait until it gets perfect reviews, then take it down and make sure no one ever plays it ever again just to prove the point that it’s only because the devs pandered to them that it’s popular
Liberal Tears (11 days ago)
Black history month?! That's not a thing outside America.
Hyrule Hero (11 days ago)
How was the Witcher 3 anti-trump, when trump wasn't even in power at the time?
Matyáš Slavík (12 days ago)
Well, this is what happens when you want a historically accurate game.
FrontLineFox 20 (12 days ago)
Wow, maybe that’s because, oh I don’t know, THE MAJORITY OF PEOPLE DONT CARE WHAT SJWS HAVE TO SAY?
Ewalds Eiland (13 days ago)
SJWs hate this? I found it too expensive so far but now I will buy it
Shadow Fox Archon (13 days ago)
I'm surprised sjws didn't cry about resident evil 5 lol
Another Guy (13 days ago)
A boycott from an SJW means a purchase from me!
TAPriceCTR (13 days ago)
A negative sjw review equals a positive review.
ClassicGamelover85 (13 days ago)
I would like to request you do a video for Rosanne Barr as the SJW's it seems have been wrongfully attacking her for her tweet though she meant nothing terrible by her tweet. Give this comment a thumbs up if you would like to see it too.
ShortestMike (13 days ago)
love this game tbh. im happy its doing well and that those virtue signaling dipshits have been proven wrong. sick of PC losers in the gaming crowed.
Mete Tural (13 days ago)
Not enough black people in 1403 Bohemia... just like that there isn't enough Asian people in 500 bc London... jesus christ.
Mete Tural (13 days ago)
SJW'S telling me the Czechs don't know about their own history? They must be fucking dumb.
Tori Ellise (13 days ago)
As a black person i don't care if people that look like me are in the game or not. I would much rather have an authentic historical game, and not to b.s history bc we don't like it. I don't feel offended or anything! By this game. I just want a good game. And interesting characters. Because i don't need a black person forced into a game just to feel included or a valued part of society.
keep arguing (14 days ago)
czech your privilege
Sola Surf (14 days ago)
I want to see aliens in this game, why just human? Aliens may exist during that time too :p
Michael Cluney (14 days ago)
Are there any decent gaming journalists left that haven't gone full sjw at this point?
1512m (14 days ago)
You know, next time there's a new game in medieval India, SJWs will probably want women warriors, African warlords nd what not.
warlock040269 (14 days ago)
In the 1500 so this guy was looking for slaves to be included? Isn't that one of their mantras that the world would not have been built without black slaves? So they wanted the choice of a character that you played a slave and died a slave in a video game now that really is regessive.
Eric Canup (14 days ago)
This is a good thing. It shows they can make games and they will sell.
Aayush (15 days ago)
I heard the term SJW when I was 6. I was a leftist for a day.
Chris Holguin (15 days ago)
And now... I’m going to buy this game.
09 RetsamEdalb (15 days ago)
I’ve never really seen much news about libs and SJWs complaining about stuff, but I do now and I really like this channel because of it. You present your stuff quickly and clearly, and you give a little of your own opinion too. I get to see SJWs being whiny and I learn why it is that they’re usually wrong or don’t make sense. Nice channel
Quillan Jacobson (15 days ago)
The game really wasn't even that good. Thats the only problem you should have with it. It has a steep learning curve but once you've "got gud", it becomes boring
Ivan Emilov (15 days ago)
developers with spines and balls something rare nowadays
ANB1988BNA (15 days ago)
How can you threat to boycott an item that they would never buy it's not a threat because they would never be a customer so they pretend to take away their money from an item that they would never buy
Jader Sant'Ana (15 days ago)
Never heard any complaints about ac syndicate and it's ridiculous representation of karl Marx
TheCynicalKazakh (16 days ago)
Witcher creators did not cave in to anything. Racism was a theme since the first game.
Roman 3Rr0r (16 days ago)
Me : Buys the came cause of SJWs asking to boycott it loves it
Loser (17 days ago)
Gracz87 (17 days ago)
There wasn't Czech Republic in medieval! :P
despacito 69 (17 days ago)
In that time people in czechoslovakia didnt even know there are some other colors of people
Augusto (18 days ago)
In your face SJWs. Now go to twitter and whine about it
Ayden (18 days ago)
Why dont they create their own black game lol
RoachTV 6 (18 days ago)
Half a million in a week? That’s Space Engineers entire community! Man I love capitalism!
Lee Boon Kong (18 days ago)
Not a white person, but will definitely give Kingdom Come a go, just to piss of SJWs.
Cullen Diethron (16 days ago)
Dlc is coming out next month you might wIt unitl all the dlc is out
Mailman Break (18 days ago)
And it’s a video game who really cares what type of people you having it no matter what you going to have the choice to either the decapitate them or teabag them
Aurik Kal-Durin (18 days ago)
Ironically, it's the stuff the caves into SJWs (like Star Wars and Battlefield V) that are being boycotted.
Daniel du Plessis (19 days ago)
I wonder what they would say if a game was made of the vikings
Adoring Fan (20 days ago)
Kingdom come deliverance is one of the best rpgs I’ve played
Random Khajiit (21 days ago)
literally crybabies who learned history through cereal boxes and CNN.
Drasiella of Darnassus (21 days ago)
Vodka and slavic magic
Mhao Yeager (21 days ago)
Sjw are bulldogs shit
GameShock (21 days ago)
Why is it only black people who need to be in it.. WHAT ABOUT THE YELLOW PEOPLE! DON'T YELLOW PEOPLE MATTER TOO?? jk
Cullen Diethron (16 days ago)
Well it's people of color and I hate that term but there cuman who are Asian Turkish people
Mats Karlsson (21 days ago)
NoShit! Good points
Seth Houser (21 days ago)
SJWs do not play that many games. They are not game friendly or user friendly. If you say something they disagree, they will go bat sh.. crazy.
The Furriner794 (21 days ago)
Daniel (21 days ago)
I want to buy the game
deidjera (21 days ago)
Hear that Battlefield 5!?
Guns N Grizz 24/7 (22 days ago)
Why would the SJWs care about this? It's not like they even play it. Its so fucking stupid that they would boycott a game just because its not catering to their every whim. Moronic sjw pricks.
Citizen of Earth (22 days ago)
SJW's aren't that bright, they just like to fight.
Jason Atkins (22 days ago)
@5:40 You sound like everything my dad says to me privately about my mom.
Jason Atkins (22 days ago)
it would have been funny if they put 1 black character in there, let him be likable, and then killed him needlessly shortly thereafter. "This is historically accurate, what?"
Paul Reacts (23 days ago)
Where are all the White people of Wakanda?!
KtDodye (23 days ago)
26 y/o czech here. Saw black dudes like 3 times in my life. I guess Im racist bcs of that... =/
raby760 (23 days ago)
Because of SJWs, I now know to buy Kingdom Come: Deliverance, and to not buy Witcher 3.
Cullen Diethron (16 days ago)
The witcher 3 is not really a sjw game either
WorkedBros Crew (23 days ago)
Okay, lets put in 'Poc ' as slaves then or something. This is just stupid
toothless toe (23 days ago)
I feel like the partial cause of success for this game is _because_ of the SJWs, ironically.
Rich Mond (23 days ago)
Xaxa Washington (23 days ago)
Amazing how much I want to buy this game now, despite not wanting to play it.

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