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Kingdom Come Game Sells Well Despite SJW Complaints

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Text Comments (5467)
Bob Thenob (6 hours ago)
Just finished Assassin's Creed Origins and was totally offended that it didn't include any pasty white Irishmen I'm certain they would have been in that area of the world during the era that it was set in so I'm totally confused why they weren't included Now if you excuse me I'll be off to my safe space
Evan Koop (13 hours ago)
6:40 that was uncalled for, i dont really care but Canada isnt all sjw bullshit... oh wait... forgot about trudeau, nvm
Lame Creator (18 hours ago)
White SJW includes black people so they won't look bad
Crack Johnson (21 hours ago)
Your sellout tangent made me dislike
Mickey Halford (21 hours ago)
This game is amazing! And from a small Czech team! They did so well! Maybe these complaining SJWs can make their own company and make their own damn game or just not play it.
Mickey Halford (21 hours ago)
They should play battlefeild 5
Diego Serra (21 hours ago)
SJW hate this game, now i buy, uhu. F***Y*U SJW.
Qwe (1 day ago)
I’d love to see black ppl in this game, would massacre the shit out of them
Sad Keanu (1 day ago)
Boycott? You and what Army!?
darrin moore (1 day ago)
Marvel caved into the nonsense and their comic sales are so bad comic shops are closing because of the loss
Tactical Teddy (1 day ago)
Isn’t the cumin’s hingarian? Or a least some of them look Asian.
Grilliz Rafaël (1 day ago)
I believed the name ("no bullshit"), and than the "trade genius academy" add appeared. I call bs
crazybutcrazy 1919 (1 day ago)
michael underdown (1 day ago)
i like how your promo code is nobs, like nubs lol
EasoLV (2 days ago)
Honestly, you sound pretty biased yourself, basically, the exact opposite of the sjw's spectrum. I also had the feeling you were skipping over their supposed proof of black people (ok, that post was pretty ridiculous) in Bohemia "its just some pages" and went into ranting about sjws this, sjws that. P.S. Witcher books had all the same motives as in the game - racism, hate of the different, wars, poverty and so on. I really fail to see where they caved in.
John Turner (2 days ago)
It's a spectacular game.
W4tch0ut (2 days ago)
I agree with almost everything you said, BUT: Dont buy crypto currency if you got any brains. Its a trap and has literally ZERO value. People only buy it in hopes to sell it again for more money, but they can only do that as long as they find other people stupid enough to give them money for it. I mean really, you could better invest into high qualitiy alcohol and it would always have an existing/real value for example. Its stuff that people want to have. No one wants to have crypto currency, but only for the one reason to sell it again for real money. Sorry but it had to be said ^^ P.s.: KCD is already one of my personal top 10 games of all times and there is some tough competition up there like the Dark Souls or Witcher series.
Shane Preston (2 days ago)
I think the game makers should take a stand. It's an rpg that's historically accurate. There's no reason that they should submit to sjw nonsense
Eddie Sasa (2 days ago)
Would the SJWs be protesting the sequel? Kingdom come: Shaka Zulu???. Will they protest that there will be no white Zulus or oriental Zulus ..or lbgt Zulu chiefs....I dont think so.
Michał Adamiec (3 days ago)
It's not that Witcher 3 is SJW friendly or really caved in. Refugees and other issues have been part of the books since they came out (i believe in '90s). The game just continues with it as in presents the issues to the player, however none of the three Witcher games ever forced any decisions onto you. If you decide Geralt's anti-refugees, anti-gays and all, you can do so.
Zee (3 days ago)
Battle Field V should take notes...
Zee (3 days ago)
I absolutely despise the term "People of Colour"...
Toysoulja1599 (3 days ago)
Liberalism is a mental disorder.
Ken B (3 days ago)
Disliked cuz of M&B butterlord said so.
The game actually isn't that historically correct I am afraid, despite the fans of this channel wanting it to be. First of all the hair styles are literally that of modern people, go look at hair styles back in the middle ages, they were nothing like this. Secondly people in Bohemia didn't speak English either. Thirdly while black people were rare, actually the existence of people with mixed Asian origin actually was common in this era and the DNA mixing still to this date exists in eastern Europe. You see the Mongol empire took over the eastern part of what is today the Czech republic, this occured some 100 years before the time Kingdom Come is based. Now this depends where the game is based in the area, the game is based roughly in the centre of what is the Czech republic today. But the game has only covered so far small villages, so being in the centre and only so far covering small villages it can be forgivable if everyone looks Caucasian. But if the next game includes cities and much more people and no people who even look half Asian are included, then it's actually historically inaccurate and is in denial of the Mongol horde's invasion of the area, which even today (640 years after the event) the east Asian mixture is still detectable in the population from the invasions. http://i42.tinypic.com/1076gkx.jpg
Around 100 years after the date the game is set in, African slaves would become common place in Europe and Prague (near where this game is set) openly sold African slaves. Of course no game is going to portray that. Before the 16th century knowing what a black person was for a central European was only a thing if you were rich and travelled to the Mediterranean. Other than that, they simply didn't exist in the bulk of Europe until a lot later.
Roy Valenzuela (4 days ago)
Lmao, gays, mexicans and lizard people DLC is coming out soon
DR (4 days ago)
I would like to say to you. "Don't feed a troll."
Zamolxes77 (4 days ago)
Let me guess, they complained why medieval Bohemia didn't have blacks and Chinese, or women warriors. I'm not surprised in the slightest, considering the level of geography and history taught in the country of the SJW's. If they would bother to open a fucking book, they would learn that in 15th century, a very large percentage of Europe, was "white only" kingdoms. Slavery wasn't around , except white slavery. Turks were regularly getting boys as tribute from european countries like Wallachia, Moldavia, Hungary, Serbia, etc. The only coloured people in Europe at that time were: moors in Spain, tatars in Ukraine and Wallachia, and gypsies, Roma people, who were all over the place in Europe. Some black people might have appeared, as individuals, in Ottoman Empire (after 1456), perhaps in Greece and possibly in Spain, as slaves from Morocco, also perhaps southern Italy, Rhodes and Malta. I'm not familiar with the history of those latter countries though, so take all this with a grain of salt. In my country, or rather countries at the time, Wallachia, Moldavia and Transylvania, a small community of tatars established in Dobrujea, which was bulgarian at the time, and I think they settled after 1475, after Stephen the Great's reign. Roma people were all over the place and Transylvania was very multicultural, but one color: romanians, hungarians, germans, swabs, sashs, secui (no idea how they're called in English lol) , austrians and several others which escape me now. The closest we ever came to blacks were Roma people, which granted, kinda had a shitty life all over the place. If memory serves, they were imported as serfs from India, to work in the mines of Europe, but they become nomadic once they been released from serfdom.
victorrick rosa (4 days ago)
Black persons that still are mad whit whithes is retarded most if the black persons that are mad about videogames and are sjw are just trying to get attention am black And am from ANGOLA ITS A COUNTRY IN ÁFRICA i have more African roots than these cunts and them are just trying to get pidy of slavery this is Dumb to put white retardeds and Dumb Fucks that belive that by hateinthemself is the Whay to go that is preety patetic and black retards who i dont know how can find this persons that for me is like feminist men is bullllllshit af só if the whites and blacks and yellows dont know who is classifid this way just stop complaining and just dont talk about and trust me i have sufferd from racist cunts kids atualy that askd me if i lived on trees and if IN my house had a tv Só if you área sjw and you are trying to be defensive dont cuz these is alto of black persons That are racismo against these ton of skin and others
VicAlmeida1983 (4 days ago)
victorrick rosa ... falou tudo...
victorrick rosa (4 days ago)
Am a gamer and i dont get these whites are bleaming themself for Fuck sakes
Jake Mcnamee (4 days ago)
1 token black person would ruin the setting of this game. Keep it unspoilt or many will never play it seriously with unicorns about. ( black and female knights ) in medieval Europe . People want to connect with the past, and their history. making all these vary improbable additions ruins the setting
Kindlesmith80 (5 days ago)
"You must include X into a game I may like" XD Better off making your own game people.
my letsplay (5 days ago)
Let me Tell you something in czech And i only saw 2 black people in my life(not a hate)
God (5 days ago)
Yeah let’s buy a game just because black people made it! That’s racist in it self... man I hate leftist scum they are mental asf
lu na (5 days ago)
when henry's father gave his wife a loving tap on the butt i felt outright relieved "THANKS GOD it's not spoiled by SJWs for ONCE!"
Hellrider (5 days ago)
Just for jokes I checked the patreon of the article site thing. It makes 5 bucks a month...fuckin lol.
USMM Chris (5 days ago)
Yeah they should have had a fair representation of POCs because there was a shitload of them running around Middle Ages Czechoslovakia. * sarcasm * And for any SJWs that are reading these comments and foaming at the mouth - if POCs are offended by this game, I'm sure they'll voice their outrage. They have no problems voicing it any other time they feel slighted or mistreated, so why would they be silent on this if they truly gave a damn?
help me (5 days ago)
I want to buy 20000 copies of this game to be able to ruin the SJW's
thundergameing155 (5 days ago)
The main reason why sjws hate this game in my opinion is because they don't have thick skin to take bad things and have zero brain cells to think that hmm medieval times oh the time where only men can be knights and soldiers.
Alexander Serbe (6 days ago)
For anyone reading the article on that abomination of a website: Don't bother to comment. If you criticise that article or the author (it's a "they" by the way), your comment will be removed without comment. Obviously, they don't like to be called out for their bullshit.
Youri van Steeg (6 days ago)
i bet if we had an historical accurate game in africa without whites they wouldnt care
Ally Vahlok (6 days ago)
You know what I'm fucking Mexican and a passionate gamer I don't give a flying pig Shit that's there no Mexican in this game and I don't give a fuck I personally wouldn't play this game because doesn't look like a game for me but not because there's no Mexican or black people. sajw's should really take into consideration that most gamers don't care as long as they enjoy the game
Hana Song (6 days ago)
I'm a girl and I love this game, people just need to freaking chill out and enjoy the gift that is henry lol
Xerdar36 (6 days ago)
SJW... get over it!!!
lazer tag (6 days ago)
I'm fucking sick and tired of media shoving Black's into everything they shouldn't be in like medieval Europe setting.. shows like Merlin, and Arthur.. WTF, try putting a white guy in wakanda and see the back lash
the mist (6 days ago)
No no it doesn't!!!
the mist (6 days ago)
Dose haveing a penis make me sexist?
True Jitsu (6 days ago)
40 hours plus and didn't notice there wasn't any black people. I guess I just don't look at race as such a big deal. Even when I see a black person or mixed races in a game it goes unnoticed. Stop making race matter you racist bastards.
OHCAM5 (6 days ago)
bringing up an article probably nobody besides you has read means nothing. I would not affect sales of the game because nobody cares. SJWs keep getting the spotlight because people like you keep bringing them up. let it quietly die please
Scroom120 (7 days ago)
I just bought this, don't think I will like the combat at all. Still, anyone who pushes back against snowflakes can have my money. Are Warhorse accepting donations?
AnAngryGiant20 (7 days ago)
I get diversity in modern and futuristic games but dont fuck with historical accuracy look8ng at you bf5
Daytona Falls (7 days ago)
What, no tranny Asians in 1400s Europe?! OUTRAGE! hahaha
Warmbeer (7 days ago)
Released during black history month? Was that their half-baked argument? holy shit... these SJWs are pathetic.
Warmbeer (7 days ago)
Colored people is racist. People of color is the accepted term and yes, the terms are different.
jasmin greaves (8 days ago)
Yeh this is why I am no longer supporting devs using EA
Hagar853 (8 days ago)
Here's my question: we (the conservative/right) get harped on about oppressing and speaking for "PoC" and yet everyone of these articles about representation, inclusion, diversity, etc. are all written by white people. So, how is it, we get shit on for oppressing but the white left gets away with assuming they have the right to speak for blacks?
Mr Grey man (9 days ago)
sjw's threaten to boycott something they never had the intention of buying. which is why it hasn't lost money. SW fans threatened to boycott solo, a movie they would have actually paid to see. soylo made a gross loss. see the difference.
Marc Dejean (9 days ago)
I loved it,and glad I bought it. To hell with the sjw baby ragers.
Alex Byrd (9 days ago)
Bounced on my boy's dick for many a delightful day to the dulcet tones of Mr. Bullshit here. Keep on keeping on my Cis-gendered white male socially opressed by the Liberal Cuck Society of today Alpha Male badass bro! Elon Musk 2052 (He becomes a cyborg).
Robert HUN (9 days ago)
I will go and make a ww2 game with females in it and purple people because why not
And SJWs are crying and crying. And Dan Vávra did very good thing. Czech History in good game with good fight system and with good story.
Soundwave 47 (10 days ago)
Kingdom of Bohemia was diverse it had Germans, Czechs, Slovaks, Hungarians and even Turkic Cumans along with other Europeans. But did black people live in Kingdom of Bohemia fuck no many historical records prove this. As a Muslim barely any Muslims came to kingdom of bohemia even if it was to trade. The game deserves all the credit for being historically accurate while sjw and progressives cry about it being racist. So is history racist?? Globalisation what we know today barely existed in kingdom of bohemia. And other parts of europe like denmark and northern germany.
Knowndictator76 (10 days ago)
like and share for free anal sex
Dantè Pillon (10 days ago)
In fable 2 you have to find a partner for this guy whose gay and you get evil points for finding a female and good points for finding him a male
that one guy (10 days ago)
*Makes realistic medieval game* SJW NIBBAS: *Autistic Screaming*
ykagz007 (10 days ago)
I'd like to think the reason it sells is because people want to troll the sjw community
Bilbo Faggins (10 days ago)
2 ads and you still insert sponser in monologue..
Bilbo Faggins (10 days ago)
It seems to me the best review a game can get is having sjw's hate it. Finally reviews I can trust ironically lol.
GI Joe (10 days ago)
1.7k sjw are mad as fuck right now haha.
Nicol Bolas (10 days ago)
These SJW calling for bullshit
Yolo Swaggins (11 days ago)
Can you imagine the uproar if a game was made about African colonization and PoC's history and white people were added to add diversity. The internet would have a shitstorm. There is no winning with these people. This isn't about equality, it's about white shaming. I can't tell you the amount of times I've been accused by SJWs of being a straight white male like it's some sort of crime.
Bilbo Faggins (10 days ago)
Yolo Swaggins your name is offencive. 😎
Goldbranch (13 days ago)
I love this game but the controversy is overblown. Also, there are no children in this game. Not a one. That is not historically accurate. A good game, but let's stop pretending about accuracy since you know, literally no children.
Daniel Contos (13 days ago)
There we're prolly gay people. But they prolly left it out because Christians used to stone them sooooo... Prolly a good thing they left it out lol.
Phoenix Purin (13 days ago)
Nobody gives a flying F about what SJWs think. They can all go kill themselves from all the Triggers
gamerx112 (14 days ago)
people find a way to make a gravy, they'll make a *gravy*
Its bohemia
Bored Asf (14 days ago)
I’m not shooting KCD for not having enough minorities considering it’s the Czech Republic but I still don’t care for all the repeated white history I already know either. Not an SJW, If that’s hard to swallow, idc it’s boring and recycled.
Corina Noble (15 days ago)
It's a great game.
Abel 76.2 (15 days ago)
Never got any politics out of Witcher but whatever
BatshitInsaneHuntres (16 days ago)
No. Actually people need to seriously stop. It's about good writing and gameplay. What should draw a person is, is not the color of a character or where they are from but the story they are trying to tell. These SJW libtards are so fucking obsessed with color of skin, sexuality, and gender that they wouldnt know a good game or story if it bit them in the afterburner. Again they cant look past color, gender, race, and sexuality to realize that something is good. Alao I wanna play this game. It looks fun.
Flux Mulder (16 days ago)
I'm behind you on the main video, but what's up with the crypto shilling at the beginning? Very tacky.
El Redentor (16 days ago)
jajaajaj!!! the black uncle's in the XV era don't have soul so will no have rigth's, if you see black people they are slave's that it's the reality!
zwippie92 (17 days ago)
Even if you had black people in the game they would probably be slaves or low paid workers. How's that for historic accuracy? Definitly buying the game when I can. Looked forward to it before it was released.
zwippie92 (15 days ago)
Cool idea
Cdawg FahShawg (15 days ago)
Lets make a historic game about African blacks. We could play as a warrior tribe member and the objective is to attack, brutally murder and torture other tribes and enslave them and sell them to white slave traders. That way we can be accurate and include blacks.
Crab with a knife (17 days ago)
I think there should be minority’s because there would most likely have been Asians like Chinese traders but almost certainly there wouldn’t have been black if there were black people they wouldn’t have been flattering to the SJW’s they would have most likely been beggars and slaves not knights and nobility
Soundwave 47 (10 days ago)
Crab with a knife i highly doubt asians would go to the kingdom of bohemia if they wanted to trade with europe they would either stop at Bukhara or the city of Baghdad where they offload their goods and go back to china. Those goods would reach europe through Muslim traders who would then trade with Italian merchants those goods would no doubt make its way to Bohemia. I doubt a Chinese would go all the way to a far flung region like Bohemia when they can use the Muslims or Mongols to get their goods across. Closest Asians they could get is either the Tatars or the Mongols. But the game does feature the Cumans who are Asian nomads who come from the steppes.
Leon August Stemland (17 days ago)
Yay. Was really looking forward for this game and happy it hasnt caved in to the screeching.
Roman Lev (18 days ago)
I am Very proud to be from and live in Czech Republic
Azeraithe (18 days ago)
Lawls who gives a fuck to sjw XD All they do is bitch abt ut and gamers not give a fuck to it Bet they cry to sleep in the night
UNSC C Cerberus (18 days ago)
Come on people. SJWs are just people way in over their heads that want attention, and we keep giving them what they want. Stop succumbing to their ‘boycotts’ and just ignore it. Sooner or later SJWs will dissipate once they figure out how fucking worthless they are after we stop giving them the attention they need to survive.
Cotey Ward (18 days ago)
Sjw's don't buy games, therefore they have no value in they're opinions. Developers need to stop relying on the internet for potential success.
TripodsForMe (18 days ago)
So some one makes a realistic and historically accurate game and SJW’s loose their shit what else is new am I right
TripodsForMe (15 days ago)
Cdawg FahShawg yeah pretty much
Cdawg FahShawg (15 days ago)
They would complain until the African tribesman were changed to white.
TripodsForMe (15 days ago)
Cdawg FahShawg The SJW’s would eat that shit up
Cdawg FahShawg (15 days ago)
Lets make a historic accurate game about war in Africa. We can play as a member of a tribe that fights, defeats and enslaves another tribe with using only spears and muh-chet-ays and then we sell them to white traders who will sell them to the Americans and west indies as slaves. Oh and Brazilian traders too. Remember 40% of all slaves went to Brazil.
P. Gawol (18 days ago)
Bought it, it's pretty good, but it places some responsibility on the player, because you can cheat, by getting items hidden in locations throughout the world, without completing their long-ass associated quests. Also, don't loot the body the dog is watching over. If you're playing a thief, it'll fuck over your game. Seriously!
Davis (19 days ago)
cause it's a good game and politics don't sell or hurt sales
Mr.Wilhelm (19 days ago)
Is it strange I still get oblivion vibes from this gameplay? I like it though.
Brendan Tannam (20 days ago)
Lock-picking is impossible. It doesn't just affect getting the contents of trunks. I can't complete the two bandits part to get the muldovite. First time round, I had got the key to the trunk from one of bandits when I killed them. When I restarted the game, this wasn't possible and it was so frustrating not knowing they got rid of this option. I really wish the law allowed full refunds for badly-designed/not fit for purpose games.
Štěpánka Nováková (20 days ago)
My brother as a little kid (6yo maybe?) saw a black man in public bus in third biggest city in czech rep. and was scared and scream 'boogeyman' because he never saw one. That was around 1992, and even now it's rare to see a black person on the street, so how do they think the diversity looks in 1403? It's hillarious :D :D
Dukker Jammish (21 days ago)
They never would have bought it anyway so threatening with boycott is redundant.
michael Wastelander (22 days ago)
Now I'm going to buy this game. Maybe two copies
Epic Nothing (23 days ago)
SJW’s are mad that we boycotted Solo so well.
KingCobra17 (23 days ago)
The left is so hypocritical!!! They call for racial equality but then they pull some stupid shit like this!
Devin Sword (24 days ago)
typical sjw shit- 'anyone i dont like or who dosnt agree with me is either racist, or literally hitler'
Svetlana Rodriguez (24 days ago)
I'm a afro-Cuban female and I love Kingdom Come. I could care less if I don't see other Cubans in it since we were not in the Czech Republic back in the day. SJWs need to go fuck themselves.

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