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Counter Strike 1.6 Bots DeathMatch | Create One Yourself

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Hello peros :D Wanna create your own death match with bots on counter strike 1.6? then your are at the right place . Watch the video and learn how can you create one :) Death Match Files - http://www.mediafire.com/download/n8i7n5cbkj23fxg/Death+Match+by+Thug.rar Become Admin - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ycPhplJqsS8 About My playlist Counter Strike 1.6 Hacks & Tricks- I play cs 1.6 a lot!! :D But now days most of the players quit playing cs 1.6 , most of the servers remain empty so I made this playlist to reveal some secret hacks and tricks that most of you don't know and i hope this effort by me again bring back those old players back to cs 1.6 .Its is like a show magic biggest secrets finally revealed LOL. One more thing I want to tell you all cs 1.6 players that my hacks dont give you aimbot , walling or speeding. They are normal hacks in which key are binded which lowers down your effort to a certain level. I also provide some cool tips & tricks. So what are you waiting...:go ahead and learn all :) Subscribe for more videos! Music - Codeko - Crest [NCS Release] (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q1jqaK49SgU)
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Text Comments (196)
Xenon Bonz (19 hours ago)
To make the cs 1.6 deathmatch works, You need con configure the amx on folder addons and edit the metamod.
Sudeep Deepu (1 day ago)
It only works in cs 1.6 orignal if you have buyed it from steam or the orignal cd
Miister Perfect (21 days ago)
Not Work :'(
ExBitDLazyGuyZ Udean (1 month ago)
Can i placed on : Cstrike / Custom
Peckhell (1 month ago)
stopped working... -1
Danut Datcu (1 month ago)
Alimin MOONFIRE (1 month ago)
Guys press what button do I Respawn
Mayham (2 months ago)
Shanks (3 months ago)
dose it rquiering Amxxmodex ??
Mohsin Khan (4 months ago)
not working
Becks 1 (6 months ago)
PonKung TV (6 months ago)
Can play team deathmatch?
Amin Amen-Ya rub (6 months ago)
Thanks it working 100%
xMostFuriousx (6 months ago)
Doesnt work. WIth normal steam version it hangs while loading the map.
Kirisen Gaming (6 months ago)
But how to turn it off?
ali şahin (7 months ago)
cs açılmıyo ırıspı çıcığı
Rayn Khan (7 months ago)
It's not working
McBlockLT YT (8 months ago)
KING BG (8 months ago)
I was bugged by ugly shit
Toxst | FA (9 months ago)
what if i want the original one back?I forgot to save the original one ;-;
Abdulkader Aloush (10 months ago)
its work but when i bay any weapon it gave me without shield and grenade is there any something missing or ????? please if anyone know just tell me
Luís Meireles (10 months ago)
Does anybody knows the name of that sick wallpaper?
I Sasidev (10 months ago)
i works but there is no bots and any command is shown as irrrevelant
SSJB VEGITO (10 months ago)
Which cs 1.6 r u using bro???
PLAY_NET 4 (11 months ago)
help me when i do server game crash what i do and my game it's cs 1.6 warzone
Werexcar ZesX (11 months ago)
Werexcar ZesX (11 months ago)
cause too many
Werexcar ZesX (11 months ago)
i got freaking not responding
Lorenc619-Gaming (11 months ago)
my cs 1.6 warzone freez when i try to play deathmatch with those files
FlorentGM (1 year ago)
not works
Sambridh Khati (1 year ago)
dude my bots wont appear... please fix it !!!
Lucho Nicolás (1 year ago)
For all maps?
Ergys Neziri (1 year ago)
_Safat_ Tec_n_ (1 year ago)
dose'Not Working bC mC
ParaDiZ Khalil99 (1 year ago)
wow i just fucked up my counter strick 1.6
Cktra (1 year ago)
me dañaste el cs isyou fuck
ToFita gaming (1 year ago)
You want play deathmatch s'ubscribe in my channel
AdventMark (1 year ago)
guys you need to have no steam cs 1.6 it will not work on cs 1.6 warzone..
test (1 year ago)
CS 1.6 deathmatch with bots http://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/2565 http://gamebanana.com/gamefiles/download/2565 Very easy instruction included. Read. <3
Jens G (1 year ago)
James Clerk Maxwell (1 year ago)
How can i uninstall the mod tho?
Tommy - GTW (1 year ago)
is work in another cs 1.6 not warzone =)
GDFR Gaming (1 year ago)
Thnx bro
Sarvang Lokhande (1 year ago)
Can u pls tell me how to disable it I want the original one back
Warn![N]g (1 year ago)
Your Cs modle pleas ?? Give me link ??
Mahendar (1 year ago)
Is there any way to play deathmatch with friends in hlds server because in offline it works but while playing in hlds its not working please tell
Mahendar (1 year ago)
its ok
SpoKitON (1 year ago)
no idea bro sorry
It Works? (1 year ago)
the thing is that some cs 1.6 does'nt support this mod. Can u give ur cs link?
YF19sama (1 year ago)
Thanks man for the help.
Cem Zafer (1 year ago)
Dont working !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Cem Zafer (1 year ago)
Game crashing :(((
Nguyễn Cường (1 year ago)
me too :(
BowMasterGamer (1 year ago)
BowMasterGamer (1 year ago)
And again crash
BowMasterGamer (1 year ago)
Ok and please create video "Counter Strike 1.6 Console Cheats" :)
SpoKitON (1 year ago)
i need to update this file , the currrent file dont work. try to install cs 1.6 again or delete the amx folder
ὦμέγα nωzαr (1 year ago)
busco bots no podbots esto no me sirve -1
Joseph Wild (1 year ago)
does it work online ?
mehdi zennini (1 year ago)
mehdi zennini (1 year ago)
YogMine Box (1 year ago)
Dont do it doesnt work at all
YogMine Box (1 year ago)
Ur fucking crap i need to reinstall my game nos you fuck
Dimitar Nachev (1 year ago)
fuck you it crashes my game!!!
Fanta CS (10 months ago)
thats because your shit mythical
Syahmi (10 months ago)
me too :/
Mihael tomić (1 year ago)
dimi nachev // mutant602 gaming mine too
Vansh Saini (1 year ago)
hey it worked perfectly thanks but when i play it always re spawn me on base only :/
InternalxHD (1 year ago)
Thanks alot
Kemal Ağalıkoğlu (1 year ago)
when i open new game it give me error HELPP
Mitra (1 year ago)
Why when i kill a bot, or a bot kill me, the game go in crash?
KPaccountt (1 year ago)
How do you become alive again after die ?
hichem zahaf (1 year ago)
you mean respawn again ?? it's a cs mod called CSDM
Bole Toh FunnY BTF (2 years ago)
my counterstrike is hang when i open new game'
Bole Toh FunnY BTF (2 years ago)
Siddharth (2 years ago)
will this work on lan game too????
CQC007 CQC (2 years ago)
Works for cs warzone ?
David Aljančič (2 years ago)
anyone knows how to make DM FFA with bots? Please help.
Vini p-p (2 years ago)
one problem when i start a new game with bots my game crashes and i have to restart my pc
Pranay Madavi (2 years ago)
Ruined my cs 1.6
can i do these at cs source.
saltyshank (2 years ago)
Im getting scared because of the comments... Does it rly freeze when u start the game?
unknown username (1 year ago)
reinstall the game..not the mod..the mod is totally broken
t0fulord (1 year ago)
what do you mean? put the files again or the whole game completely
saltyshank (2 years ago)
oh ok
unknown username (2 years ago)
yes it does..just reinstall
LukasGaming (2 years ago)
Wow! This is exactly what I was looking for!
Kim (2 years ago)
Everytime someone dies the game crashes
Larry CxZ (2 years ago)
right place? wait what? why left and right? Question Of The Day!
KES HAV (2 years ago)
i've downloaded it!! its working but make the game lag!
Ankit Mathuria (2 years ago)
1.) why not any bomb????? 2.) i want it to give extra 15 - 30 hp for every kill????like some other death matches???
Ankit Mathuria (2 years ago)
it's okay bt...
robertS (2 years ago)
+Ankit Mathuria my point still stands thogh.. you can practice grenades all by yourself but DM is to train aim and efficiency so this is quite for that
Ankit Mathuria (2 years ago)
+robertS oh fuck.. :P i am talking about grenade....so that was the misunderstanding... :P i knew about that tho... :P
robertS (2 years ago)
+Ankit Mathuria In DM the goal is to practice aim and pre fires not to plant the bomb
Ankit Mathuria (2 years ago)
+Mr. Shpee i do get bombs in other deathmatch's on internet....(i am a noob) :(
A VEVO Studio (2 years ago)
fuck it's dosen't work my cs 1.6 .>. it's freez
ante2307 (2 years ago)
Can I get vac ban for this I have steam version ?
ante2307 (2 years ago)
Sta je to ?
жика (2 years ago)
+ante2307 randy
ante2307 (2 years ago)
Sta randy?
жика (2 years ago)
zato sto je ovo randy cs 1.6 video
ante2307 (2 years ago)
Zasto ?
Ahsan Elahi (2 years ago)
wont work on windows 7 as well it spoil my game........
Shark - Agario (2 years ago)
why your knife its not like cs 1.6 give link for this cs
Hiếu Phạm Trung (2 years ago)
But how can i back to normal mode ?
Larry CxZ (2 years ago)
Uninstall then reinstall
Pratik Rathod (2 years ago)
Now i am playing in deathmatch mode but idk how to go back to normal mode, is there any way to switch between deathmatch mode and normal mode thnks
MrTyz3nn (2 years ago)
In the console deathmatch 0
Ankit Mathuria (2 years ago)
+Pratik Rathod replace the new files with old ones... :)
Pratik Rathod (2 years ago)
Thnks Worked :D
Silent Wraith (2 years ago)
noob question but how will i know wether its a dm server or the normal one?
Silent Wraith (2 years ago)
+SpoKitON OK I'll see anyways thanks
SpoKitON (2 years ago)
When you start the game.. There will be a buy menu on your left hand side
RadiuMM (2 years ago)
Knife link pleasee +SpoKitON
joys4i (2 years ago)
Great :)
Karkuroboy Karkuroboy (2 years ago)
it broke my cs wow real helpful thanks
Sanchez DME (2 years ago)
+Karkuroboy Karkuroboy yes
HeAd sHoT assassin (2 years ago)
i have zombies on bot :D
Reezgo (2 years ago)
and how to i get the bullet trails
Reezgo (2 years ago)
it doesn't work ;(
Nuttela GamePlay (2 years ago)
music name
Ammar Zecevic (2 years ago)
its not wrking it dosent giv me the dethmack its onli the calsic game
fizzacles (2 years ago)
Yung Christ (2 years ago)
Yung Christ (2 years ago)
thaks bro you the best i sub for you
Virain Shukla (2 years ago)
it ain't downloading man! everytime i click on the download link below after opening it appears preparing download.... and then it changes to start downloading.... everytime i click it crashes!
val valdrin (2 years ago)
Good work but i hate like that the knife :)
G1 GAMING (3 years ago)
sorry guys its working im sorry
G1 GAMING (3 years ago)
man you are the best man ever now i can make server on HLDS and play with friends on lan
Jetulla Kolloni (3 years ago)
Not working to my Counter Strike
SpoKitON (3 years ago)
if you cant able to add bots then watch this video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TkF2z24xeI&feature=youtu.be
Bukva (1 year ago)
and my
Mislav Matic (1 year ago)
Please help, my game got crash when I started it !!
Lucas ivan (2 years ago)
+ SpoKitON como hago para que todos se maten entre si?
SpoKitON (3 years ago)
type guns in the console to buy guns
Bukva (1 year ago)
hey man my game crashes when i start

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