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Should Video Games Even Aim For Photorealistic Graphics?

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Video game graphics are always pushing boundaries in games...but what about style? Is style being sacrificed for photo-realism? Does it matter? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Brad Lawrence (12 minutes ago)
I feel somehow that too much realism can be a waste of resources that could be spent on the physics and overall gameplay. Seems like all it does is inflate file sizes and budgets. Games look great already
Awesome Me 001 (43 minutes ago)
Vibrant games ftw
VonLanzeloth (1 hour ago)
Realistic games look ugly tbh. The faces mostly are shitty and that’s my problem. Stylistic games look like how they are supposed to look and therefore appeal to me, however photorealistic games don’t look like what are aiming for and in my opinion will always remain inferior to stylistic games.
SmiLey P (1 hour ago)
I'm with you man, I like good games. Let them look however they want
Playmo 02 (1 hour ago)
Picasso didn’t really paint during a time where information spread slowly, he painted during the 20th century.
Umair Usman (1 hour ago)
That sucketh!
Nmair Ismarn (4 hours ago)
I dont like u nomo falcon cuz u like fortnut
Amirhossein TB (4 hours ago)
I think it simply depends on the needs of the game ! Plot for example can really determine weather if a game should be realistic looking or cartoonic ! Some games really fit best in a realistic theme and graphics and some dont...as simple as that...
Anu (5 hours ago)
"We ask the question" is the best series ever
Jacques B (8 hours ago)
depends on the game style both is good
4G Clan (10 hours ago)
i prefer photorealisitc
Marco Puichiță (10 hours ago)
Dev's should put more money first in Story after that should come Gameplay and the last should be graphics i think that the graphics of Horizon Zero Dawn are gorgeous and honestly i think a game should still feel like a game otherwise there could be some problems psychological speeking and with the VR catching up so fast people might forget what is real life and what is a game if you can't destinguish between the too and let's be frank we all know that humans will be able to creat a game that looks exactly like real life
Sagar Poojary (11 hours ago)
I think the priority should be to make a great story and great gameplay. Graphics should be real enough to look appealing, I don't mind if the graphics of today's games continues for more than 10 years without much of a change, what I prefer is a good storyline and butter smooth game mechanics.
Name (12 hours ago)
A certain degree of realism is cool, but id never want to play a game that looks like movie, or looks like your playing through your window. When I play games I want do things that arnt possible in universes that are different to the shity universe i'm in
Nicholas DaRocha (15 hours ago)
The plus of games with very stylized art styles such as Overwatch, Okami, Spyro Remastered, etc. is they will never age poorly. No one decades from now will say "Oh god look how terrible Overwatch looked". Because while we may still reach higher poly limits and texture quality, the game wouldn't look crazy different. But take "realistic games" of any time period in gaming and its laughable. Take Metal Gear Solid, then Skyrim, then The Last of Us 1, then God of War, and you get a timeline of "getting better, but still a long way to go". When we can't achieve 100% convincing realism in movies with unlimited quality budgets in some cases, its hard to say that games should try. Its a good cause, but for every uncanny valley mass effect Andromeda we get, we could be getting hundreds of low poly stylistic games.
HauntedShadowsLegacy (16 hours ago)
Honestly, some games won't even benefit from photorealism. I've heard no one so far tell me they want a photorealistic... oh, I dunno, Tetris. Or Bejeweled. Or Pac-Man! Then there's other games, such as was mentioned in the video, that can take advantage of photorealism to appeal visually to some gamers. But a photorealistic Pac-Man has been digitally painted; if you want some nightmare fuel, go ahead and look for it. Don't say I didn't warn you.
noisemagician (16 hours ago)
Peter Coffin :)
Charlie S. (18 hours ago)
Gameranx, i love your channel! But stop saying "Period of time"! Period is already time! :D
Virajasaur (19 hours ago)
But why would video game industries even try to create games with to quality graphics when a game with graphics of less quality performs better. Basically why should PUBG try to make their game more visually realistic when Fortnite can make more money with less realistic graphics. I want more photorealistic graphics, but I'm afraid that companies will stop investing in new tech because there's no financial benefit in doing so
LemonTiger (20 hours ago)
In conclusion developers who aim for photorealistic graphics put more effort in game but that is because they don't have any good ideas for specialized graphics. And yes photorealistic graphics are more cummon because more of the people prefer to work longer than thinking of creative graphics. That is my opinion :)
Shubham Rizal (21 hours ago)
whats the name of the horror game Falcon mentioned??
Michael S (1 day ago)
I don´t need to watch the video to answer the question in the title it is yes
Amy MT (1 day ago)
As you mentioned, it should just depend on the developers vision for the game. And also on the story and world it's set in. Personally I find most "realistic" looking games very dark with little colour variation, so I do love more stylized looks, having more colour and quirky designs, but still play realistic if they seem interesting to play and experience. Plus the detail is stunning~ Great video and examples here!! Will defo make people question overall styles and try games they may not have before :)
Another Captain (1 day ago)
Does any one realize this is clickbait. I mean look at all the rest, clickbait, clickbait, clickbait. I am not trying to aim for this channel I am just trying to get rid of clickbait in general. I am sure if you got rid of clickbait gameranx you would do just as well. Because clickbait and fake news is ruining the internet. Then we don't know what to trust anymore. Sorry if this one is not clickbait. But a lot are. Don't you dare target my channel. I know it has no videos and everything I am trying to clean up the internet. And I AM NOT A BOT! Because if fake news continues, as I said people wont know what to trust anymore. What is real or what is fake. I mean it is an obvious answer from the start.YES! but then the title could lead to some people wishing it wasn't. Then game developers will try to make there games with no photorealism. Or your clickbait videos might lead others to do the same. The only games that should not have photo realism, are old classic games. Obviously. So there is not much of a fight going on. So, please stop the clickbait and share this message to other channels. Please. (Just because my title is Roblox does not mean I play it btw, My friend made it and for some reason he does, and I have to wear because I have nothing else.) Also one last thing. You might think that you can use common sence around clickbait videos as I just did. Some people don't have good common sense first of all. Second, if there is to much fake news we can't tell as easily. Edit: thank you if you read all of this.
B.Anantha Narayanan (1 day ago)
I just love third person Stealth games. I don't care about the realistic graphics. I still play Assassin's creed (2007). Thus I can't say whether my taste is exactly stylish or photorealistic.
Caring Storm (1 day ago)
I like both, nothing wrong with either of them
παδιm (1 day ago)
Photo-realistic all the way...
Gamer Samlali (1 day ago)
Games don't need realistic graphics! Proof is : counter strike 1.6 and many other games are still the best and still played by hundreds of thousands of ppl online! Good graphics make the game look bad in many ways. Good Game play is not originally from good graphics!
WOTB LOL13 (1 day ago)
Should video games aim for photorealism? Definitely! With hardware getting more powerful by the year, we should expect games with intense photorealistic graphics. Like Detroit Become Human. Maybe in the following years we'll be probably playing on our powerful Battlestations and experiencing jaw-dropping photorealistic graphics. I DO HOPE FOR THAT IN THE FUTURE.
My Answer: Not Really, games should aim for Aesthetic Beauty
Russell Blackmon (1 day ago)
I feel that I would like Firewatch in its current state versus if it was photo realistic.
stylized style is easier to be simply lazy with and its very easy to claim that your not even half finished models is "stylized" when in reality you are just lazy and want that money as fast as possible with as little effort as possible, on the other hand, photorealism ALLWAYS requires effort to aquire, you simply cant be lazy on the graphical side. i am obviously not against either of them, i own and play games of both styles, Borderlands series is one of my alltime favorites and those games is a perfect example of stylized graphics with genuine effort put in to it, it has details, it has beauty in its own way, i allso have and love Stardew Walley, that game is made in 16 bit graphics and has amazing details in it. videogames and movies, regardless of style, you need to be able to tell what the hell is going on, with paintings, you can litteraly throw a couple paint cans on a canvis and call it a day, no effort, no imagination, you just call it "stylized" art and those posers in the artworld will argue for centeris about the emotions and whatnot the artist had while "painting" and the painting could very possibly sell for millions, you could have a elephant paint random doodles and people will call it "complex" art and try to use the colors and the strokes to determine the artists emotions.
sai teja (1 day ago)
I am with you Falcon ! i like both worlds unless the game is trash !
TH00PERMAN onXBL (1 day ago)
For me a good video games has this ingredients: 34% story, 33% music, 33% graphics.
Mert Üray (1 day ago)
What dumb question is that lol? Of course they should
Pink Fluffy Unicorn (1 day ago)
0:04 I am playing rise of the tomb Raider right now lol
Photorealism means more scripted scenes in game so less gameplay! I want more games that look like Wind waker, Breath of the Wild, nier automata and gravity rush! But i like photorealistic games too but those who have real gameplay like Boynetta, Resident Evil 7, RE2 remake, Devil May Cry, Final Fantasy XV, Souls franchise, The Witcher franchise, Mass effect franchise and many more
Randomly Sam (1 day ago)
That “debate “ looks like two guys taking it in the bum.
saem901901 (1 day ago)
Photorealistic graphic is an excuse for these triple AAA companies to charge 60 dollars for there game. Even tho the style doesn’t take much effort compared to back in the day where you’d have to stand out with unique style. Realism is fine but photo realistic is just boring. No room for cool exaggeration.
Arcade Party (1 day ago)
Pit Fighter and Mortal Kombat were awesome back in the day for "photo realistic"
Rocky Capone (1 day ago)
It depends on what kind of game the developer is making . If is a realistic shooter or story driven game , Yes. If it’s just a cheap thrill game , well No
Photorealistic is beautiful, there is no question to that. But that doesn't make a game fun, in the last year I mostly played pixel art indie games. I wasn't buying beauty or effort (although some of those games had beautiful stories and art styles), I was buying originality, because great studios are too focused on what sold well last year and just repeat the formula, which I tried to avoid. There is no denying that it is harder for a studio to make a game that looks realistic. Sometimes, when you are overloaded by conventional beauty, some degree of originality is necessary to keep you going. But that kind of beauty will always have a place. The push for better graphics was a great thing in the history of games because it was simply impossible to make realistic graphics. But since, I would say, around 2012, games got to such a degree of realistic graphics that all that anxiety for realism was quenched to a great extent. The history of games was not the history of realistic graphics, but the history of stylized graphics due to technological limitations, and that's why people still crave that perfect graphic that will simply say "we achieved it". Although by no means gamers ever will not play a game just because they are stylized, even when the game looks childish adults play all the time.
Armia Khairy (1 day ago)
Whatever, what's important is that they shouldn't do like Crysis 1 and release a photorealistic game that need at least 2 geforce 1180ti to run it at low spec.
Mycalling621 (1 day ago)
I don’t think paintings and video games can be compared. I don’t buy a game to just look at it like I would a painting. I want it to be Immersive and “real like” because I will have control of it. A real looking painting is boring because there is no style to it, which you want since you are only looking at it. So yes, I think developers should continue to improve they’re games graphics.
Linn Xin Callenborn (1 day ago)
For some reason, this was such a calming thing for the soul to listen to!
Liraken (1 day ago)
I'd say if we ever get to "true VR" it's not a bad idea but I think I'd still prefer to have a more stylized art style so I don't get confused as to what is real.
Brïan Bultman (1 day ago)
I honestly don't care what a game looks like, I still play on my ps2 sometimes. If there is one thing that I absolutely can't stand it's the whole cinematic thing. I love racing simulators and I think that iracing looks great, project cars 2 on the other hand is just bloom and lens flare that for me ruins the experience.
Matthew (1 day ago)
Photorealism in my opinion. I like RPG games like Fallout and TES, so most games I play are real looking. I like playing all types of games, but I couldn't see myself spending 60$ on a game that isn't photorealistic.
MrHustler (1 day ago)
I get trigger when people only think graphics is what makes a game good!
Max Grossman (1 day ago)
I don’t care either way but I HATE games that try to be photorealistic and fail!
K B (1 day ago)
I think photo-realism has it's place. If a game is trying to make you feel fully immersed into a realistic situation (like a modern or historical war zone/sports games/racing games), then it'll only feel that much more immersive the more realistic it gets. If you made those stylized, it'd feel fun, but fail to deliver the immersion they push for. However, if you're going for something that's meant to hit you in the feels, deliver a compelling narrative, but with abstract characters and gameplay features, then there's not as much a need for realism. For instance Night in the Woods. If you made that with realistic looking humans, it'd destroy the immersion. Then there's all the games in-between that can be seen as something akin to a crossover of outlandish-fantasy and and relatable to something realistic... Some choose to go toward realism (Elder Scrolls, I know it's dated but still), and some choose to go more stylized (Dragon Age). Neither is particularly more immersive than the other, despite the visual art style choices. I honestly think the game industry has plenty of variety. it's seen as though there's too many games that go for realistic graphics, but that's only because there's too much focus on AAA games.
I think there should be photorealisam and nice style I like how horizon zero dawn looks but I also like hollow knight style.We can have both
Storm Harvey (2 days ago)
Huge fan of both styles, if only my hardware could keep up XD. Valid point though. Art for the sake of art is the ideal. One is not inertly better than the other. Keep up the hard work folks.
Mikrobyo Zero (2 days ago)
van gogh was murdered says forensic experts. He did not kill himself.
JKM395 (2 days ago)
It all depends on the game. A deeply emotional game such as Life is Strange would have a very different impact if it looked like Ni No Kuni (sp?). A game like Worms could suck out loud if it were photo-realistic. It's all needed just like painters need all the colors and musicians need all the notes.
Jake38nine (2 days ago)
It's just going to drive competition because there's always going to be an incentive for life-like graphics and non-life-like graphics. People are always going to disagree and companies and indie developers are going to hear and see that, so they're going to shoot for one or the other demographic. So even if we get it, we're still going to get the other stuff along with it because there will always be an incentive for both. Supply and demand and competition.
Alexander Dennis (2 days ago)
Every dollar spent on graphics is a dollar not spent on gameplay, design, mechanics, narrative, etc. I do like fairly “sharp” graphics, but stylized designs are so wonderful. Botw and fortnite are really fun and are interesting to look at. Ultra high graphics bog down content and speed. You shouldn’t “need” a $3000 custom built pc to enjoy a game as it was meant to be enjoyed. Photorealistic games should just be niche novelty. Old battlefront games look like shit compared to EA Battlefront, but the old ones are packed full of way more content.
Masterwizard25 (2 days ago)
(Potentially controversial opinion) I'm not a huge fan of the Borderlands games. It's not really the game-play that I dislike, and there are some bits that I found cool. For the longest time, I've been unable to pin what it was that turned me off of the game, but I think this video really helped: I don't like the graphic style of Borderlands. I guess my main gripe with the style is the heavy use of cell-shading, coupled with what I find to be a lack of colour variation. This is my personal taste and I realize that others feel differently. I just wanted to thank you for helping me to understand what it is that I dislike about the game, as it otherwise seems up my alley.
bombus467 (2 days ago)
I’m personally waiting for the day when you can’t tell the difference between a game and real life, but at the same I understand photorealism doesn’t work with ALL content. I mean, there’s a reason cartoons exist. Sometimes a more stylized approach is better.
Digital Dreams (2 days ago)
Awesome Video! My channel aim for Best graphic and photorealism!
Camilla Valerius (2 days ago)
No they shouldn't. Better graphics means the games will be bigger and take up more hard drive space and will take longer to install. Potentially hundreds of GB and maybe even close to 1 TB. Which is fine if you're on PC but unacceptable for us on consoles.
AsIsWritten (2 days ago)
I like both. Ive never thought these things were problems.
KaileenaOni Does Art (2 days ago)
Some games are better realistic, others are better stylized depending on the story and gameplay. Detroit Become Human wouldn't look right with super cartoony graphics because it kind of centers around the real life and uses the graphics to tell the stories. Or even worst would be a realistic Mario, like I can't imagine how they would make some of the characters look. Legend of Zelda can go both ways but I really like the style of Breath of the WIld.
Sorrow 256 (2 days ago)
both is great
Cardinal Biggles (2 days ago)
It's no different from film - those using real actors in real locations compared to fully animated films - both have their own appeal. To me, it's gameplay/story that matters. A crap game is a crap game, even if it's got photorealistic graphics.
Orangefire25 (2 days ago)
Stylized. I prefer this because often, it allows developers more wiggle room and horsepower to put into other things, like splitscreen/more onscreen chaos.
Cropolan (2 days ago)
Very good content guys, I've been watching you since you had about 50k subscribers and i got to tell you, besides your top x videos(except for mobile ones) and podcast videos (because i don't have the time), i'm enjoying clearly biased articles like this. I know many people don't give a damn about graphics, there are plenty of good games that even feel they were made with heart. They were all made with a different purpose, but all turned out to be great. And the thing with these games, you don't just complete them once, you keep coming back to many of them because they keep hitting you with that sweet pleasure reward system we got in our BRAIN. Games like Rimworld, Dota, Hearthstone (freaking card game!), Undertale (lol wut), Rocket League, Sid Meier's Civ, Terarria, Minecraft, This war of mine, etc. I'm not saying i don't enjoy AAA games, stuff like Battlefield is fun to play with friends (if you have any lol). I'm also seeing many people agreeing with needing to reach for more photorealistic games, remember, it's a matter of Taste, think how many people spend a LOT of hours playing Gwent from the Witcher 3 when the game itself was stunning, i think here was also a matter of immersion but i regress. Basically people play games for fun. Graphics matter only if you want them to matter.
L3GION11512 (3 days ago)
Shout out to Bob Ross for being the first artist in my lifespan to bring me photorealistic environments.
CosmiCandy (3 days ago)
NO. Gaming is art. Look at Witcher3, Dishonored, Borderlands and manymore.
nuno line (3 days ago)
For games, I care more on the experience than the visuals, not saying the its not important though.
adham amr (3 days ago)
If games get way to realistic the game would get so boring
outlaw boss (3 days ago)
Stylized games
Ghost 94 (3 days ago)
Photo realistic 🤗
Haohmaru HL (3 days ago)
The only one justified to aim for foto realism is horror games. It's just that americans want their shooters look realistic and the rest of the world have to suffer from americans' bad taste simply because usa is the target market of videogames.
Colourful Banana (3 days ago)
We still have a long way to go, at least for human models. Nowadays human characters in game look like realistic plastic figurine,they look real but not alive, they are like realistic toys.
Xavier Hudgeon (3 days ago)
honestly I'm a gamer I like what I like I enjoy both sides I just want a good game
glados098 (3 days ago)
i like stylized photo realism like fallout 4 and fallout 76 i dont like the art style in fallout 3 though
Neil Leisenheimer (3 days ago)
I finished Firewatch with my girlfriend last weekend. It was fun and the art style is gorgeous. I wouldn't change it at all. However, would I want that art style applied to BF1 or GTA V? Probably not. It all depends on the game.
ZerqTM (3 days ago)
0:40 yes they are art and anyone who disagrees should not be considered a human-being and probably euthanized so their contemptible stink does not rub of on actual humans and taint the gene pool. Any country that fails to recognize games as art should probably be sunk under the ocean like Atlantis starting with Germany. Seriously fuck Germany! or at least the parts of it that are useless pigfucking asshole who think they can censure games and insult the art form by not accepting it as such. oh and countries that block games rated for adults that do not have content that is actually outlawed should also be obliterated from space with huge fucking tungsten rods!!! (they hit like nukes but without radiation) This is one of my greatest pet peeves! nothing is as insulting as people who treat adults as if they where children that had to be protected.... Just label things properly and let me decide what i consider eye bleach or distasteful. If it does no harm to anyone else then you can take your fucking censorship and go fuck yourself with it! Oh and again FUCK YOU GERMANY! (except for the good bits.... Like BlueByte and Daedalic Entertainment who have created some of the greatest works of art ever! which their useless human garbage of a government will not recognize as such.... i can feel nothing but endless unrelenting hatred for that.... it's as offensive as having a government insist that the sky is purple with yellow poka-dots despite the very self eveident reality that its BLUE!!! ITS FUCKING BLOOD YOU FUCKING RETARD!!!.... it's that kind of thing... they are lying about reality and i hate liars!)
X Diminishar X (3 days ago)
I love all styles and realistic graphics. For me it’s not about the amount of effort put into it as per se, I think it really depends on how you want to tell the story and what story you’re telling. Let’s face if would you be as amerced in uncharted if it looked like fortnite? There’s a place for all of these styles and graphics.
Kevin Gersteling (3 days ago)
Ori and the Blind Forest <3
Dacus Decebalus (3 days ago)
no because games shouldt be all graphix,yhat is what they missed i the last 5-10 years games with lesser graphic were and are better than games with mega graphics.example World of warcraft
Ivaylo Borov (3 days ago)
Does anyone know the song at 5:07?
Spuck1983 (3 days ago)
Holy carp guys...almost ready to get epileptic with this vid. ..slow it down =/
Der Finder (3 days ago)
Photorealism but there are some games like Minecraft and the LEGO games which I really like to play aswell.
Superpope69 (4 days ago)
No, video games should have better graphics than real life.
Wade Wilson (4 days ago)
Content>Graphics I have no preference.
Masud Parvej Sani (4 days ago)
Developers should focus on gameplay and optimization
Cool Gee (4 days ago)
guildrich (4 days ago)
The most important aspect of _any_ game is quality.
Emiel333 Official (4 days ago)
Real photorealistic in-game graphics will be reached before 2025. Even in 2020, the realism in videogames will be eye popping.
E-Man Morales (4 days ago)
i see modern final fantasy to be the ideal way to progress, stylish and ridiculous yet somewhat relatable aesthetic
BoomhauerSixOneNine (4 days ago)
Someone show this to joe rogan
Samuel Robinson (4 days ago)
Octopath Traveler........mike drop. Seriously...as a lone, single player gamer, a solid and engaging story is far more important to me than a game's overall visuals. And that's the metric I tend to judge a game's value by.
SageFox (4 days ago)
YES, THEY SHOULD BECAUSE WHY NOT? You don't expend resources in making gameplay mechanics, not really. If you are indie studio you can do good gameplay with good graphics. Always aim for the best in everything like CDPR. This new dogma "only gameplay matters" got us in the worst place with the worst games.
SageFox (4 days ago)
Now if you want bad graphics with the best gameplay just play Fornite......right? GTFO. Guess The Witcher 3 wasn't enough to casuals so they understand what a good game is. Better graphics would be possible too without the developers just developing for the trash consoles.
SageFox (4 days ago)
I would rather have both because no game with crap graphics will get good gameplay, not really good unless an indie game maybe. And games with the best graphics possible most of the time have good gameplay, some of them the best. Witcher 3 has the best graphics considering the world size and detail. People who say "i want good gameplay with bad graphics" is the same people who play crap casual games and think those are "good".
denrizza (4 days ago)
I believe in a balance. If you have to sacrifice the quality of the game to achieve one or the other, then one is wasting their time.
Dark Guardian (4 days ago)
Also, should character likeness copy their voice actor like the jarring changes in “Halo Wars 2.” When did that be a thing and what happens when a particular voice actor doesn’t return for some reason. What happens to the character’s likeness in sequels?

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