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Should Video Games Even Aim For Photorealistic Graphics?

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Video game graphics are always pushing boundaries in games...but what about style? Is style being sacrificed for photo-realism? Does it matter? Let's talk. Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Antonio Fran (7 hours ago)
I prefer stylized in terms of colorful graphics that decently depicts the real world, so 'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' kind of graphics.
Erik Van Der Waal (3 days ago)
How about a focus on a more stable game with awesome content instead of chasing the perfect polygon.
Radioactive Blueberry (4 days ago)
If a game tries to be photorealistic but has plenty of annoying little details here and there, the game has failed its purpose to be enjoyable. Photorealism is also very tied to hardware capabilities; style art is much more forgivable and does not outdate too quickly. But if done right, it's an awesome experience.
Justin Felder (5 days ago)
Photorealistic depending on the game most of the time
S124434 (6 days ago)
Photo realistic games may age worse than well styled ones, as in the future new technology may make current photo realistic games look less impressive.
Quodaax (7 days ago)
Tell me again what university you have your PhD in art history from? Oh, you don't know the fucking first thing about art history? Gee, that doesn't show in your narrative at all. :p
aaron ray (11 days ago)
I think the biggest thing to factor in is whether the game needs to feel gritty or charming. It is rare for a game in the last 2 generations to be both gritty and have stylized art (Madworld is one of those few exceptions, but even that is a stretch). It is just difficult to do. If you want your audience to hurt, to get that tear in their eye... to feel... you need to make it real. It needs to connect you to the experience.... Compare Zelda to Hellblade... Or Borderlands to Mass Effect. Stylized graphics make funny funnier, but it makes pain less painful. Making it look real makes the pain feel real.
Hi Everyone. (13 days ago)
Photo realistic games all the way. Bring it on and let's improve it. If you want to play cartoon video games, such games are still created.
deividas telsinskas (13 days ago)
there are titles that should push for photo-realism and then there are titles that should not aim for it....
DonGaming (24 days ago)
It can be pretty as a model but if it's physics aren't then it's not worth it
Madara Uchiwa (27 days ago)
That sucketh
Fe Simco (28 days ago)
Graphics were perfected in the late 2000's time to st pushing polygons and concentrate on gameplay.
Lee Fletcher (1 month ago)
I would just like the games storyline its not about the graphics imean i would still play the ps2 for the storyline games like tbe suffering and gta even games like okami is still the best looking game even on the ps2
Adi Vg (1 month ago)
I like when falcon says massive understatement...
Rafey Mohd (1 month ago)
Game should be good and must be enjoyable... This war of mine- great Age of empire2 - great Limbo- great Inside- great... What i personally started to think is... Indie developers are bringing a better game in the gaming community... Picasa didn't produce all the famous art in the world... So why we people think ubisoft, rockstar, ea, square enix, blizzard, Microsoft should make a game that must be a blockbuster... "Brother a tale of two sons" was indie game.. " a way out" is a kind of sequal to it... Play bastion, transistor, frostpunk, mini metro, ravel.... There is a whole lot of creativity prisoned by the big names... Game should be a experience that must be made to remember... Why we remembered pacman and tetris and not games like age of empires 3, assassin's creed 3 or ghost recon games... Because these are forced ones... Assassin's creed 2 was a great game... And rest series a forced to depict the same art until they took haitus and decided to make origins... You cant force someone to make another mona lisa... And thats why cod battlefield are shit... They are still in market even though the they are literally garbage.. Why people play rainbow six siege, csgo... Because they are great... We dont need rainbow six siege 2... We dont need left4dead 3or half life 3... Some games are meant to be the example... What if prince of persia stopped releasing its iteration after two thrones... They were great... But then we got 2 more... And they were trash... Stop dragging things... We dont want better stuff of same thing.. We want better stuff of new ideas... Stop making cod, assassin's creed, battlefield, they are not good anymore...
Spocko memes (1 month ago)
This is the meaning of life as an artist 😂
Angel S. (1 month ago)
I feel like it depends on the game. Like a certain game should have it's own style based on characters or plot. But if the creator just wants to shoot for realism it is super cool and impressive to do. I like both stylized, and realistic. Thank you. And that is my opinion 👌 Edit: I would love to see more games have it's own super unique style like okami did have. A more painty style, or idk. Just different. Something we haven't really seen before. I want to be a video game creator so hey, maybe if that works out I could have an opportunity to bring some more diverse styles and look for suggestions in the future :)
Sagnik Maulik (1 month ago)
Good graphics are good but if the game is crap then visuals mean nothing. It is kind of like a pretty person with bad personality. And also absolutely 'realistic' graphics take crap ton of hardware while not adding much from the graphics if you have a decent enough rig. Kind of like a concept of marginal utility. As you take more and more of the same thing the added value from it keep being less.
Ashley J. Worth (1 month ago)
Variety and Option is never a bad thing.
ELITE X Gamer (1 month ago)
Tbh real life doesn’t even look that great most of the time.
Galimeer5 (1 month ago)
I've always said that stylized graphics are better than realistic graphics. Classic Runescape is an example of that. Yeah, its old art style is a product of the dated technology it used, but it ended up giving the game some charm and character.
Nighty Core (1 month ago)
I would rather get witcher 3 style of graphics or skyrim kind of graphics with realistic animation (like realistic interaction animation, not two structures imitating touching)
Bloody (1 month ago)
No seriously. Photorealism should only be a thing in games that try to portray reality as it is. Or simulate something that happens in real life. You want to make a game about WW2? Go for it. You want to make a satire or a game that depicts a idealized version of WW2 that has nothing in common with reality? If you go with Photorealism you'd then invite people who can't take a joke, or who will misjudge the product. This and stylized art would be better for the idea anyway. There can also be a mix of both, an art style that has some phyotorealism in the scenery but has humanoid models that has nothing to do with real humans while retaining some realism to it, you can go for it too. I mean, Avatar was a thing, Final Fantasy Advent Children was also a thing. However with people focusing only on photorealism these days, games are starting to get boring. I loved the Tomb Raider Reboot, but the second game got boring fast, especially with Lara putting ninjas to shame and using a rope tied to a makeshift arrows to transverse the map. I mean how much does Lara weight, one gram? Not all games need to look like movies, and anime looks are a thing with better graphics we can have better anime games, or games that look like they came from the pages of a book, or even a painting. Criativity should be fostered not shunned.
No One (1 month ago)
Yes they should
the duderino (1 month ago)
fuck yeah, witcher 3 porn baby
Christian Larsen (1 month ago)
nier automaaataaa
LanEye (1 month ago)
Gameranx I love your videos and what you're doing. The topics, the editing, the music. And this is where I'm going with this: I never know what music plays along with the video. I'm begging you: Please can you put at least the name of the song you're using in the discribtion? That'd be lovely. Have nice week! And btw if anyone knows the music of this video leave a comment :)
Remco Hamersma (1 month ago)
van go? xd its van goch
Rackummator (1 month ago)
What is the game at 0:21?
Alexander Fordham (1 month ago)
I prefer photo realism
Zander Boettcher (1 month ago)
Honestly I think both have their place like you said. I however do prefer more realistic games, even though I think seeing a realistic breath of the wild would be insane and really cool...I guess it would just basically be the witcher then though just with a glider
Free Gaming (1 month ago)
i need better anti aliasing, that is all i care about
Free Gaming (1 month ago)
and shadows
Steven Kang (1 month ago)
Most people cant afford to run photorealistic graphics so developers make it run on consoles
Romeo Reyes (1 month ago)
A good story is worth a lot more then good graphics
Steven Kang (1 month ago)
photorealism takes more effort
Diego Digetc (1 month ago)
Visualy speaking, my ideal game is Undertale
Stefan ArtzZ (1 month ago)
Just inprove hair on characters
Esteban Laguna (1 month ago)
Definitely both. Just as long as it's not like Bungie where they spend more time on backgrounds and visuals than the actual game itself xD
Neamhdhlisteanach (1 month ago)
Tbh I dont want photorealistic - I want my games to look like A GAME. I dont want a game to be close to real life, i want it to be different, fun, exciting, i dont need realistic graphics.
DragonDuelist (1 month ago)
I shouldn't be watching this because i like to play anime fighting games or street fighter which isn't real at all lel
joe bob (1 month ago)
Absolutely they should not. I feel like that would just be weird.
Sir Phantasmic (1 month ago)
I don't think it needs to be photorealistic, but instead realistic lighting and shading and physics.
wow (1 month ago)
Photorealism for the win!
Danny F. S. (1 month ago)
YES, YES WE SHOULD AIM FOR PHOTOREALISM!!! Now, this is only a part of the game, and the story and physics also have to be on point, but the realism makes the game THAT MUCH more ENJOYABLE and SATISFYING!
Captain Arctis (1 month ago)
I prefer both. With physics realistic
Andrei Andrei (1 month ago)
I agree with you.i think both should exist for everybody's taste.it depends on the game if like you will play it.i tend to like photorealism cause you can see the advancement of the technology.i consider most cartoonish games for teens..but I was amazed by the artistic style of cuphead
GameSect (1 month ago)
@nigraned So if you go to www.gamesect.net it will show you the best price, I been there loads of times and saved a fortune lol
Mohammad Shebli (1 month ago)
You like fortnite..Unsub Jk I love your videos
Weinstein Cosby (1 month ago)
NO! Video games should fix human imperfections. If I want to see a movie, I know where to go!
Dan Lapain (1 month ago)
I'm a bit for both. Though you should consider this, photo realism paves the way to new types of stylistic art to pop up and also allows it to run smoother because of the advances of photorealism. So technically they need each other
Sheppard Of Fire (1 month ago)
I always thought that maybe devs could add multiple graphics options. Of course, you can just turn down the quality settings if you still want it to look like a game, but there are still sacrifices. If they added one option for realistic graphics and one for unrealistic, I think that would be awesome because if you chose the "unrealistic" option, you could still keep the really high detail of everything, but it would still look like a video game
Jonatan 0_0 (1 month ago)
This is the most pointless video ive ever seen
ANTOMACI (1 month ago)
When I saw TLOU 2 compared to ROTTR I got triggered cause I love rise, and can’t wait for TLOU 2
MusicForHours (1 month ago)
I want my games to look as realistic as possible, because i love immersive games. Thinking i am in the real world but seeing fictional things like other planets and such always gives me a great feeling. Games like Skyrim, Crysis and The Witcher 3 are good examples!
DomiFury (1 month ago)
I like fluid photorealistic graphics, if you have expression where the eyes don't change or don't have weight it looks VERY strange.
sparkle bacon (1 month ago)
I really like styalized
Revolution Uprise (1 month ago)
That SUCKETH..... Lmao
stella (1 month ago)
Yes. That’s my answer
ekimolaos (1 month ago)
the thing is, paintings and music and w/e other form of art are not interactive experiences. You observe/hear/whatever and then you conclude or it drives you to talk about it or w/e. But that's it. In games, on the other hand, you interact in real time with the "art". You get immersed and you feel like you are experiencing new things. It's not a picture or a video or music or w/e. It's something you interact with in real time. Yes it's a kind of art. No, photorealistic graphics and accurate physics won't make it boring as it happened with drawing and painting. The more photorealistic some games get, the better the interraction with them is. On the other hand, there are other types of graphics that work too, not ALL games are going to be photorealistic. We NEED cartoonish graphics and cell shaded and every other form of graphics. All these will coexist. Some go for realism, others not. That's because we have different kind of games.
Fraus Creations (1 month ago)
I really like photorealism in alot of games and think it important to just making the game playable in general. take detroit for example, i personally just wouldnt be able to play a game like that and be able to feel the emotions that the game trys to portray
devonferris (1 month ago)
I love photorealistic games more, but I do enjoy stylized once in a while.
Edward ¡999 (1 month ago)
i used to play unrealistic graphics games , last one was Enslaved . I started playing it last year and really enjoyed it , then i left it for long time , got back 3 weeks to it , and found it .. not that good . But i decided to finish it , and i did. Now all what i want is a realistic game (GTA, PES , Battlefield..) . can't stand cartonic games like metal gear rising . people change
Ponlets (1 month ago)
i dont care of the style but if its a 3d game i expect everything to have some level of interactivity and if possible physics (water physics or soft body or rigid body )
Dom Ex (1 month ago)
Maybe its late at night but those silhouette guys facing at each other looks like two men in a masturbating contest , not the best use but bloody funny (8:11)
Eu Tu (1 month ago)
I prefer a good story rather than realistic graphics but if i can have both it s nice
Yes they should i don't care for what you'll say.
Beatorizu :D (1 month ago)
I just think it depends on the type of game that is being created. They are both great in their own ways, because they serve different purposes. And in my opinion, graphics are very important. It might just be because I’m an artist and I pay a lot of attention to the visual side of things. Of course, if a game is very good but has mediocre graphics, I’ll enjoy the game. I could even enjoy it a lot. But when graphics are bad or mediocre, it definitely makes my experience much more unpleasant.
katakisLives (1 month ago)
I've played both kinds of games, it all depends on what the game is, if I'm walking through New York City with a character and story rooted in the real world or something more plausible I'd rather it was as realistic as is possible with the current hardware! I've been waiting for photo realistic graphics all my life and I'm eager to see them
Jonathan (1 month ago)
Depends on the game. I dont want a stylized MGS or Battlefield. But also i dont want a photo-realistic Zelda or Borderlands
mike post (1 month ago)
I love forza horizon but i got a great time whit mario kart to so i just want enjoy the game
Vladimir Putin (1 month ago)
I think a game don't need need extreme graphics to be good. For example: Super Mario series. All games' essence to bring something new, something "unrealistic". If somebody wanna' play a realistic game, go outdoors and explore the nature. If the game developers will keep making realistic games, all the kids will end up playing video games all day, because they will think that they already explored it. *Thats my personal opinion.* *N0 MOR3 R34L1S71C G4M3S!*
Toxic_waste_universe (1 month ago)
I dont like video games that look to realistic
marcus niemen (1 month ago)
videogames shouldnt strive for realistic graphics because the gtx 1080ti will become the low end of gpus and that shits 700$
marcus niemen (1 month ago)
it doesn't take the mainstream opinion to see that some art is shit
Wiimilozy V. (1 month ago)
A good example for this comparasion is The Last of Us and The Walking Dead Telltale series. They have very similar subjects and story and one of the main purposes of both games is make you *feel* melancholic and sometimes sad. They both fulfill their purposes and one is going for photorealism and the other for cartoony/stylized graphics. It is really interesting :) Thanks for the video.
Dominant Wolf (1 month ago)
First thing in any game is story and/or mechanics (depending on style of game) then comes the graphics. That being said the graphics style should fit what the game is trying to be (it's a piece of the artwork, perhaps the most important at face value) take the Nathan Drake, Laura Croft, Battlefield, GTA, etc etc franchises. These games prizes themselves on creating a realistic and immersive world that you take seriously and could pass off as real like looking though a window. These games would not be as great if they were not so heavily polished on the graphics side or stylized differently (frankly it would distract the gamer and remove them from the realistic world and deep themes). On the other hand think of Breath of the Wild, or Borderlands for example. These also have incredible stories, but the styles chosen are not realistic to give almost a fantasy world and comic book look. These games would in my opinion be less immersive if they weren't in the hyper stylized fashion. Each game is unique and should be treated on an individual basis to create the the best way to immerse the player and tell the story Anyway that's my take
Dominant Wolf (1 month ago)
I should add that Fallout 4 and Elder Scrolls are not stylized, but the graphics are subpar to the other games that came out around the same time...and that detracts from the game a little as you notice things that shouldn't be in a game that's trying to depict a plausible future in a different timeline (this can be fixed through mods which many use heavily and the game looks stunningly realistic) And yes I'm aware some games are huge and sacrifices must be made in the graphics to fit the sheer size of the world into the game which is a good move for Bethesda because those games are awesome (as I said initially, content is the last thing to sacrifice)
Martin Procházka (1 month ago)
Photorealism? Why not. But you have to realize that people won't buy a game which they need supercomputer for to run it.
Gleaming Supreme (1 month ago)
you can also have photorealism by going outside
LAZER POTATO (1 month ago)
I like both but I style I really like is low poly. Like that robot game grow up
Josh DeRoche (1 month ago)
Better graphics is never bad as long as the content is good
vilcantroper (1 month ago)
No they should not go for photo realism. It just takes away from the game experience. Just a pretty picture with no substance. All the memory is used up on rendering graphics and the game has no objects!
iammoon (1 month ago)
To me, it all comes down to how good the game is. Yes, games with good graphics like the last of us are freakin beautiful, but I loved it for it's overall story. In the beginning, the graphics were something that drew me in, but it was the story that drew me closer. So at the end of the day, it's all about the story and if the game is actually good or not.
Justice Khorombi (1 month ago)
0:34😂, maybe it's just me
dgboi 14 (1 month ago)
Dominik Guzowski (1 month ago)
I don't think think photorealism in games is good. It takes away from the fact that games were supposed to be these magical or creative and unrealistic world's which are so different from our real world that they catch it attention. What the point in games looking like real life? And what good comes from realistic shooter games? It fucks with people's heads and desensitizes us in relation to gun violence, hence so many psychopaths in America shooting up places for no real reason.
Bearie roblox (1 month ago)
I’d say photorealistic video games should be the way to go. Because sure video games are beautiful and can be considered art. But video games have something different that paintings don’t. Video games need to be immersive the more photorealistic the more immersive.
6Lolzor Saurus9 (1 month ago)
what. Van gogh died because he ate his paint and got poisoned. It wasnt really intentional (just wanted to get that out there)
idly (1 month ago)
that's the stupidest van gogh theory I've ever heard
Zman95 Freejucee (1 month ago)
You realize van goh never sold a single painting in his entire life right? And no one wanted his shit for a very long time after his death he was considered one of the worst painters in his generation. And a few generations after him
Horror Pill (1 month ago)
It's like getting a pizza with more cheese. Why not? I pay for that pizza, I want the best pizza.
Kalin Thanos (1 month ago)
I like both. I think it depends on what the game is about. Photorealism can be more immersive, so if you’re playing a game like the Last of Us that has some deep serious theme I think I like the graphics to be photorealistic. It’s like an interactive film that really draws you into the narrative. However with more lighthearted games or games that are meant to be just fun and engaging I think certain styles that aren’t photorealistic can add to the fun of it.
exiii jimboodoof (1 month ago)
yes, i dont want to see more childish fortkid style games
Siim Tuulik (1 month ago)
Games should aim for photorealistic quality of gameplay and story. And stop with the cheap money grab tactics of DLC, pre-orders, loot boxes etc. Who ever falls for it is either too rich to care or a fool.
loomman529 (1 month ago)
If the game is silly, or doesn't take itself seriously (eg Borderlands) then it should be stylized. But if the game is really serious (like The Last of Us) then it should be realistic.
Vyom (1 month ago)
yea but game physics died after GTA 5 came out.
Arniox (1 month ago)
Biggest thing for me in games is the graphics. If it doesn't visually look good, or stunning, I don't play it. That's why I never play retro games.
Joe (1 month ago)
Eduardo Carmona (1 month ago)
I think this desire to be realistic in games is a big misconception of what IS a game. Look for Detroit become human for example, Beyond Two Souls too... Some people think this is the best games from ps because the graphs... Same merchan with The order 1886. I like all these games, but its not a truly gaming experience to like a game most because the graphics... This is ridiculous. Detroit, Beyond, Heavy rain... Etc In reality is just interative movies not games at all, of course they need to have good graphics... A truly person that realy wants to play a game don´t care so much to graphs, some people just want to play a good game and have fun, and not watch a movie... Want good graphics? Buy a Bluray movie.
George Alexander (1 month ago)
It's not a matter of "should", it's a matter of "when"...just look up Nvidia RTX (ray tracing), in a few generations (2-4) consumer graphics cards will be able to render true photorealism. Personally, I think it will just add another bunch of unnecessary ethics to the whole bowl, which are already present, but not to that extent. People who have the problem of discerning between fantasy and reality will come back even stronger with the claim "X behavior is learned from X game", especially when it will look "real". Couple that with some other random crap, like sexual objectification ... and you will end up with a giant clusterfuck, imho shit really has not hit the fan yet regarding the topics I mentioned. There is probably a lot more to talk surrounding this issue, which I could not cover, but I really cba. As almost everyone knows, there's a lot more to a game than good graphics (story, sounds, controls, etc), I just hope the video game industry does not go down the same path as Hollywood has - more FX and visual appeal, less of everything else. It seems to be a general trend these days. Back to the topic at hand: should devs do it? Maybe not, who knows. Will they do it? You betcha!
Hello? (1 month ago)
All I care about is if the game is fun or not, if i dont find it fun ill leave it alone. If its fun ill play it no matter what it looks like.
pneumococco meningitis (1 month ago)
I agree. Go with the style that fits the game's theme, let the art follow the story you're trying to tell.

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