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The latest Nintendo Direct just hit, and it was the best Nintendo Direct event yet. Tons of new Nintendo Switch games like Final Fantasy, Luigis Mansion 3, Animal Crossing Switch, Switch surprises, and much more were revealed! Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/shawnlong Twitter: @ShawnLong85 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/rgt85 Shirts: http://rgt85.spreadshirt.com
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Text Comments (1123)
Anthony Villa (29 days ago)
How do I send you Video Game swag? can you message me?
Parin Choensawat (1 month ago)
Damn! Emmure?! which album u listen to?
Bastian Weber (1 month ago)
Could you please make a video and explain the different final fantasy games, I really don't know which one I should be excited about.
Jhaz Fernando (1 month ago)
OMG. I was hesitant to buy Switch because of the lack of FF games (I'm obviously a fan). But here we are now, more than 5 FF games coming right up.😁
Devlon Lyam (1 month ago)
RGT is losing weight. Good on you bro get at them gains!
The Boogeyman (1 month ago)
basically a bunch of games that we already played but lets get super excited over the same games again because they are on the switch, have all the capcom games 1 thousand times over already. the online service looks trash, older games getting ported over should not be a big deal, its cool they are getting ported to switch but that should not be considered something exciting too look forward too. new games only
Samuel Gordon (1 month ago)
Rgt looks tired
Charles FraFra (1 month ago)
Best Direct? Come on... your next video might as well state that Nintendo Online is one of the greatest.
Patrick Courtney (1 month ago)
Just wasn't nothing on the direct for me
Cold _SKULz (1 month ago)
WE NEED F-ZERO!!!!!!!!!!
itsssdante Campregher (1 month ago)
1:39 because we don't care about the 3DS xD
itsssdante Campregher (1 month ago)
Stop smoking. Smoking is bad :P
Ya Dun Goof'd (1 month ago)
This Direct disappointed me.
Abdelkader Ghalem (1 month ago)
3 new games that all (yokai watch, Luigi mansion 3 and Animal crossing)
Stephen O'Brien (1 month ago)
Lol RGT getting excited to pay $60 for NES controllers! Is there any legit commentators left that haven't succumbed to the Nintendo propaganda?
You know you own too many games when you are excited about a 3ds port of a wii game that you *never played*, *heard was good*, but you *probably own it*
Scott Bourque (1 month ago)
Emmure is nasty bro!!
SFbeatdown (1 month ago)
Emmure <3
Dan Ros (1 month ago)
I was hoping for a Punchout wii port
Fabiano Mateus (1 month ago)
Hyped for PS2 old games!? You guys accept anything from nintendo. Look!!! I have found this, this game is gonna have voice chat! LoL.
Stephen O'Brien (1 month ago)
It's the fact they can play it on a particular piece of plastic. It doesn't have much to do with the actual games themselves.
TLRSTN.COM (1 month ago)
Nathan Moulson (1 month ago)
Then there was me.... Asking where the f*ck Bendy and the ink machine is.
smklung (1 month ago)
I'm honestly so surprised. Out of all these game reviewers RGT actually the only one not whining about paying $20 online for 10mins.
Liberal Socialist (1 month ago)
Best thing ever? Nintendo fanboy much? Black ops 4 reveal trailer best thing ever.
Angel Naves (1 month ago)
Will kirby yarn come to switch?
Mother Brain (1 month ago)
What? No way
Andrew Helmy (1 month ago)
I can't express how angry I am with Square Enix. They pull FF from the N64 because its a cartridge based system. They go on to ignore the GCN, Wii/U that used discs. Now its back on switch - a cartridge system??? Wut??
Amano_S (1 month ago)
What would be better than this Nintendo Direct? Another upcoming Nintendo Direct! 😂😂😂
Herman Carter (1 month ago)
Not really impressed with the games mentioned...only Dameon (mech) game and LM3 looks promising, I've never played it before...and I never had interest in Final Fantasy...so it was a mediocre list..I'm just waiting for DBZ fighters...
Katherine Smith (1 month ago)
Nintendo is dead to me. killed the iso zone!
unrealcypher (1 month ago)
Not understanding why the Internet's going crazy over this direct. Just a bunch of remakes and ports.. also they confirmed that the online will suck.
Sr DeSilva (1 month ago)
This direct would of been the best for sure had it came out the day it was suppose to. hours after the cancel direct the stuff that was suppose to be announced for it showed, taking away some of the excitement for the direct they ended up showing.
PACKBACK (1 month ago)
Really? With spoilers and all I thought it was the worst
Alexander Tepper (1 month ago)
I was pretty disappointed and don't like where nintendo is heading I got a gaming laptop I can play most on that I guess and the switch I have has nintendo games but I am not that impressed no offence to nintendo fans but I thought about it and was thinking if the internet service is gonna be a big thing I would probably end up just using my ps vita for remote play on the go if I am anywhere waiting for something and get to play games like the new spiderman and monster hunter world on my vita if internet becomes important when using my switch later on in the counsels lifespan I hope nintendo keeps things tight without much need of internet I am still disappointed wolfenstein 2 doesnt have the full game on the catrages I might as well remote play it on my vita from my ps4 have a more portable device and better graphics even it truly is sad where Nintendo is heading these days I feel like cause it gets subscribers on youtube more and more nintendo fan boy stuff has turned up making it easier for nintendo to be a bunch of slackers to the customers while you all eat it up and love it no matter what as long as some stupid luigi game sequel coming in to 2 years luigi's mansion i never played much of or cared for its ok come on like cant we get a just cause game even black ops 2 I would ne happy with maybe shadow of mordor either one over dark soles and and for freaking sake watch dogs 2 ghost recon wildlands etc. Should be coming to switch and I will lose faith in nintendo if they do not port those titles over even porting wii games over would be nice like honestly I dont like the lack of backwards comparability and fowards compadability this is looking lame the tegra was in the nvidia shield like 2 years before the switch came out I predicted this all happening with nintendo a lot of sales great hardware to play games a lot of people like me missed on the wii u and planned future titles for the wii u and some new ideas but what's next what comes direct to us about everything nintendo directly in the future lol nintendo is becoming shady
Joe Bailey (1 month ago)
Nintendo Switch library is becoming pretty damn incredible!
Nafis Zaman (1 month ago)
The Switch really is the best *Port*able system
koffinkat666 (1 month ago)
They broke Cannon, The Mario universe has no smart phones!!!! Does it?
Jaxon Holden (1 month ago)
World of Final Fantasy was NOT a mobile game. It was a fully fledged release on Vita and PS4, and one of the better Final Fantasy games ever made. It's very high-quality with excellent production value, end it kind of has a Pokémon style approach to it.
DarxPhil (1 month ago)
Only two amazing things that announced were Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing. Was pretty meh otherwise.
Chris Gronau (1 month ago)
Just give me MARIO odyssey dlc and a pikmin 4 already!
40link (1 month ago)
I like nintendo beacuse plastaion and Xbox dose not tell us what games are coming out expect e3
Phobophile 89 (1 month ago)
Why no love for FF8 ? Do i sense a second wave of FFgames in the near future?
FreeRPGer (1 month ago)
I'm excited for Final Fantasy Chrystal Chronicles remaster & Luigi's Mansion 3 on Switch, for sure. I *WILL BE* excited for Final Fantasy 7 and 9 ... *IF* they get physical releases on the Switch. If not, I'll sadly ignore ... again. I very seldom do digital games.
Blah Blahs (1 month ago)
Whats with youtubers having their mouths wide open? Looks gay....
H4ck1ngDaily (1 month ago)
STILL. NO.... PRIME.... 4! :(
Aaron Davis (1 month ago)
Am I the only one who would play Katamari Damacy on the 3DS?
Wizard of Loneliness (1 month ago)
Luizi’s Manson? No need to rush my boi
Carlos Perez (1 month ago)
Why no FF8?
Leonardo Bandeira (1 month ago)
Only 1 new game show (Luigi 3) and 1 announcement (new animal crossing) : best ever?
xRROD (1 month ago)
I loved that Direct. I'm so excited!
jt aster (1 month ago)
Just cause a game has a cutesy style doesn't mean it's a mobile game. World of Final Fantasy was a ps4/vita exlusive.
MARARTB2 (1 month ago)
Not best direct ever , but very good in mi opinion.
lluke18 (1 month ago)
old and indie games...
KJ Molina (1 month ago)
FINAL FANTASY 9 ! The best Final Fantasy i ever played
Uhh Mitch (1 month ago)
Lol, this direct sucked man. If you like Final Fantasy it wasn't that bad, but other than that I don't care about Yoshi, Animal Crossing or Luigi's Mansion 3, the third party support sucked and the Online service is still garbage. Not to mention no word on MP4 or Pokemon 2019. Like even if you do love Animal Crossing, I think its hard to argue that this direct was better than previous ones which announced Mario Odyssey, Doom, Skyrim etc.
Verne Miller (1 month ago)
The problem with the NES controllers is that they are only available to people that pay for the online service, which means you have to buy it from Nintendo
gman2015 (1 month ago)
Better than E3! E3 was an over emphasis on Smash Bros.
Michael Bramall (1 month ago)
All rehashed crap to be honest
Fire Walker (1 month ago)
World of final fantasy was a vita and ps4 game, and chocobos mystery dungeon was also on Wii.
Fire Walker (1 month ago)
Not enough smash. Jk jk loved the direct MEET ME BEHIND TOM NOOKS BOIS GONNA THROW SOME HANDS
R34P3R (1 month ago)
Hearing final fantasy games being released on it kinda made me moist lol
Viktor (1 month ago)
Any chance we will see Metal gear solid and metal gesr solid 2 for switch? Wouldnlove to play those again.
HitoshiKobe83 (1 month ago)
I am hyped for the Munchkin Dungeon Crawler that was shortly anounced on the direct :)
Complete (1 month ago)
GaminWithLeyton (1 month ago)
I must say this was a pretty good direct.
Sonja M (1 month ago)
It was awesome!! Super excited
Terry Williams (1 month ago)
j Barnes (1 month ago)
Lol it was not the best the best was the one where they announced the teaser for smash
innoutraged (1 month ago)
Still no Actraiser 3 from Square-Enix. :(
sixfittyonembitties (1 month ago)
I loved FFX, this is sick af. You Sir, are a video game Oracle.
Jemma Howe (1 month ago)
Where's the most important news, gamecube ports now!!!
D Bechtel (1 month ago)
That's so sick that Cities Skylines is coming to switch. That would be a killer game to have in docked mode and take with you places
shinra358 (1 month ago)
Nothing but anti cemu ports xD
exelsaga (1 month ago)
i think i'm going to wait another year to buy the switch.
Phanbot01 (1 month ago)
Makes Microsoft look bad with the bleak offering of games for the XBox One S/X... Not a good time to be a XBox fanboy...
HG Wells (1 month ago)
Katamari just sold me on the switch
ojideagu (1 month ago)
I'm mostly underwhelmed. Yoshi has really nice graphics. But I'm not into Mario Tennis, Final Fantasy, RPG's, Xenoblade, NES games, Animal Crossing Mario Party, Pokemon, or Luigi's Mansion. I already have the beat-em-ups on emulators. Most of the games are too cutsey for me. I want more hardcore games like Doom, Wolfenstein, Street Fighter.
DrunkSnowWhite (1 month ago)
We already knew or at least heavily suspected a good deal of the things in the direct, even before individual publishers started leaking info early when direct got delayed, so probably wouldn’t say it’s the BEST one ever
Recognizedre (1 month ago)
This direct sucked donkey nuts. Is this paid promotion rgt?
Natasha Galea (1 month ago)
My wallet cannot handle November T_T
MikaelKarp (1 month ago)
so all the final fantasies ?
Trolly McTrollface (1 month ago)
Huge news ? They were repeating the games we all already knew about . More RPGs and indie games 😑 yay . Mario's should be good .
Its a good time to have a Switch and great, informative video :)
Godz29 (1 month ago)
Direct reaction? Or Direct summary?
Frank Ayers (1 month ago)
I've been playing Kirby's Epic Yarn on the Wii and its awesome! Beware...It is Kirby so It has been really really easy thus far.
Jamie Lishbrook (1 month ago)
Im so getting those tabletop games.
Mithical1 (1 month ago)
If the online wasn't so bad I would agree even though there wasn't too much that surprised me for my tastes. But man the online sucks and that really brought it down for me. Still, definitely some great announcements
Jay M (1 month ago)
WHERE THE HECK IS PIKMIN 4?  WHY IS IT TAKING NINTENDO SO LONG TO RELEASE THAT? They stated that it was near complete YEARS ago. What's the major delay?
Jay M (1 month ago)
As far as unannounced surprises goes, three's only two that made me super happy in this Direct. And that's Luigi's Mansion 3 and Animal Crossing for Switch. Isabelle being included in Smash Bros. makes no sense to me, but heck. The more the merrier.
Rocky1138 (1 month ago)
I see it. I see the cosmos.
Jesus Da Lawd (1 month ago)
Dissapointment is all it was for me
BlitzWolfer (1 month ago)
to be honest most of the 3rd party games were disappointing execpt a few
Seniku Moonjewel (1 month ago)
Like your videos but I wish you'd wear the damn cap the right way around. lol
Alejandro Rubio (1 month ago)
last video he made was negative(online stuff), lol. Guess things changed.
fakk you (1 month ago)
Metroid?? Hello !!!!! Wtf
412 Gamer (1 month ago)
Seems like mario maker and star fox zero are only deluxe ones left.. What do u think
The Chaos (1 month ago)
Can't we just install the fucking voice chat app on the Switch??? WTF Nintendo?!?!
dark hurrikane (1 month ago)
Why did they skip Final Fantasy VIII?
Fundemental Roast (1 month ago)
Really dude ?
Kendall Cooper (1 month ago)
I hope that there will be other systems beside Nintendo systems, like TG-16, Master System, Genesis etc. coming to the online.

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