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Kingdom Hearts 3's Newest Trailer Isn't What We Wanted to See

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Our excitement for the upcoming sequel is still sky-high, but the latest gameplay reveal doesn't exactly add to it. Subscribe to IGN for more! http://www.youtube.com/user/IGNentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 ------------------------------­---- Follow IGN for more! ------------------------------­---- YOUTUBE: https://www.youtube.com/user/ignentertainment?sub_confirmation=1 IGN OFFICIAL APP: http://www.ign.com/mobile FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/ign TWITTER: https://twitter.com/ign INSTAGRAM: https://instagram.com/igndotcom/?hl=en WEBSITE: http://www.ign.com/ GOOGLE+: https://plus.google.com/+IGN
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Text Comments (692)
ducciboi (2 months ago)
What is even the point of this video. You can condense it to "This doesn't click to me" but they drag it on for 3 minutes.
cligoosnoo xd (2 months ago)
So by "we" its actually just trying to say just them
Sarada Sreeram (4 months ago)
The title is the issue.
DEHAHOST (4 months ago)
Finally someone who have a different point of view on the latest KH3 tariler and it's not quite toxic. Thumbs up.
CreamyIceCreamBoi (4 months ago)
Why would they show off a huge flashy trailer right before e3
SaiD23 SaiD (4 months ago)
IGN. KH3. 5.9 Bad. .
Ruxis (4 months ago)
should this even be news? KH always has mini games jesus
AveryScarlet (4 months ago)
I'm surprised at this point at how IGN doesn't get the clue that nobody wants IGN to talk about KH 3. Do they not see the dislike bar?
Daniel Acuesta (4 months ago)
WoobatisHere (5 months ago)
Of course it wouldn't be, it isnt gonna be "so the UnionX event us over, lets wash it all out with Major KH3 news."
Leems Segit (5 months ago)
it is definitely what i wanted to see, tf are you on about ign?
da zombie dude (5 months ago)
we all deserve an apology cause of how rude u were to square enix
Enrique Castillo (5 months ago)
Too bad if it wasn't that you wanted to see, grow up
White Emerald_ (5 months ago)
I don't get the hate that IGN is getting. They stated their opinion and they are entitled to it. And you guys are whining over an opinion. I swear, the people in the comment section are nerds and losers. Grow up. lawls
Aqua's Latkes (5 months ago)
IGN... STOP! You can't even manage to get a video on a 60 second trailer right. And it's even worse that you're trying to tackle kingdom hearts again. Have you not learned from your past mistakes?
Jose 22 (5 months ago)
JESÚS CHRIST the kingdom hearts community is just as bad as CODS or even Rick and Morty’s community.
Jonathan Kapec (5 months ago)
I may be a few days late on this, but has everyone just forgotten what a side quest is? Square RPG's, ESPECIALLY Kingdom Hearts, have always been chocked full of mini-games like this. Of course they won't be story mandatory.
Charlie Ray (5 months ago)
They just skipped the beautiful looks of Sora's improved model lollll
Ŕx ŘÅĮĐĘŔ (5 months ago)
Lol the fans put ign in their place on this one, GAMERS UNITE!
mattgamer100 (5 months ago)
IGN is right guys, this kh 3 trailer isn’t what I wanted to see, rather I wanted to see what new way IGN can piss us off again. Nice to see IGN back to their old ways.
bobby bo (5 months ago)
I agree, they shouldn't show us crap like that until the game is nearly out. Garbage trailer and anyone that defends it is honestly desperate for KH content.
Socramdp218 (5 months ago)
Who fuckin cares, it's JUST a minigame preview.
Christopher John Ferrer (5 months ago)
i thought this is Justin Bieber Vevo channel where dislike outweighs the like..
Sean Martel (5 months ago)
The IGN isnt what we ever wanted to see.
rob andres (5 months ago)
lot of nerds angry at two other nerds talking about a game lol
brimaster2000 (5 months ago)
Go watch HMK if you want to know why there is hate on this video guys.
Hunter 590 (5 months ago)
"....isn't what YOU wanted to see," IGN. Not "...what WE..." the true fans of KH wanted to see.
Josh Shelby (5 months ago)
Is there anything you won't complain about?
Matty Bizz (5 months ago)
Maybe it’s a hint at the release date reveal, since Game and Watch came out on the 28th of April?
Son_of_Magneto (5 months ago)
I disliked because I had to turn my tv up to 45 to hear this video. Lol
shawn Boahene (5 months ago)
Honestly IGN said nothing wrong in this video it seems to me that fans were mainly reacting to the title. In my opinion the trailer was indeed underwhelming
Manny Diaz (5 months ago)
I wonder if Hayner, Pence and Olette will be our party members?
Ian Poytress (5 months ago)
Oh ign you poor port bastards, you’ve opened the floodgates to hell with this video. I’m sorry
zegmaarRobin (5 months ago)
Oh my god, jesus christ: stop complaining. They’re just minigames, you’re looking waaaay to much into it
Hisho00 (5 months ago)
Event this little trailer was dope and the hype is real, nobody cares bout what you think
# The Epic Cartoon Lover (5 months ago)
Well. That was a lot of bullcrap.
BigHailFan (5 months ago)
*Reads title.* OH the likes/dislikes are going to be good aren't they? *Checks.* Yep.~
Dreamcast Dazia (5 months ago)
Hey it's the game and watch Micky mouse games *_NINTENDO X DISNEY X SQUARE KH 3 MARIO AND ZELDA WORLD CONFIRMED_* *_SORA FOR SMASH_*
CJFrice (5 months ago)
It's like the Sonic was never good video "Gorgeous Epicness." - The dude who was in that Sonic was never good video
antoniojogg (5 months ago)
You are garbage. Please, stop.
TheNawaf258 (5 months ago)
i'm having sense of deja vu all over again with sonic never been good video
Edward Jones (5 months ago)
We're Going to get a big trailer at e3 so stop nitpicking and wait ungrateful bastards
EurynomeEclipse13th (5 months ago)
IGN is a garbage game company Nobody cares about.
keitaroc (5 months ago)
God IGN just STOP making kingdom hearts videos , just STOP ( will save you some hate from the fandom)
leonardojob (5 months ago)
who cares what marty thinks?
joshua21198 (5 months ago)
Can you get any kingdom hearts fan to talk about it, anyone but Marty sliva? this guy doesn't give a single crap about kingdom hearts. get a better person that likes kingdom hearts my gosh. *sigh* they still never learn.
kvj1989 (5 months ago)
Yeah those minigames look dumb
Andrew Hamilton (5 months ago)
Delete this video and stop covering Kingdom Hearts if you don't understand it.
Akio Eda (5 months ago)
What's wrong with you guys? This mini games look beautiful and fun and bring a lot of memories from our childhood. That is ok if it's not clicking for you, but if you claiming yourself a journalist and have literally no arguments to explain your opinon, than plese stop making noise.
Andres Chavez (5 months ago)
I went to the event. It was super disappointing as a fan event. The only "activities" you could partake in were to just get in line for cut-out photo opps and wait to play these mini games. After completing 5 activities, you get stickers and that was supposed to tide you over for six hours. The art panel was awesome, but every time a big name spoke, it was just a unengaging cocktease.
CN What I'm Saiyan? (5 months ago)
I wanted to see tig ol bitties
Bong_ Gaming (5 months ago)
the best
AgentSephiroth (5 months ago)
The IGN backlash is understandable, but tell me where the lie is?
TrillCosby 22 (5 months ago)
Please be 2018 release. I wanna play this game before I die
Shushant Kumar Singh (5 months ago)
U should think about better titles instant dislikes by everyone.
RaysilvaEXT9 (5 months ago)
What was wrong with what they said you all act like they were trashing the game this is just blown outta proportion
Adria Banks (5 months ago)
It's probably a small part of the game. Considering their progress on finishing the game, I feel like this is a teaser to keep interest high. I'm not that interested in playing the minigames, lol. When I had a gameboy all I played was Tetris!
Spencer Coughlin (5 months ago)
Just came for the dislike
thehmph1 (5 months ago)
llDarkAgell (5 months ago)
Who cares what you wanted to see? Anything new about KH3 is always welcomed by us true KH fans.
Ninjabread (5 months ago)
Oh my god these guys aren't even complaining, they're literally just voicing their concern about the game and they were expecting to see a bigger part of the game in the trailer. Y'all just hate IGN, let's be real. I saw nothing wrong with this video.
PsyGnosiS (5 months ago)
they are pissed it's not on the switch..
TooProGamer (5 months ago)
I don't get whats the problem with this.Its just a cool little touch to the game wtf are you guys on about.
Liam Evans (5 months ago)
It's better than nothing. Not like it was hyped up or anything.
Sarada Sreeram (5 months ago)
The video itself is not that bad and is understandable, but wtf is with the title?
Soynereh (5 months ago)
It's going to be better the less we know about it. I remember having Dream Drop Distance 90% spoiled both in story and gameplay.
valor key (5 months ago)
i'm don't hate ign i just.... hate everything about life
K.E (5 months ago)
this needs to stop
AmpAiden (5 months ago)
I honestly thought they were bringing back timeless river again but this is also okay
Tyler Macedo (5 months ago)
This video doesn't deserve all this hate lol
Fergaze (5 months ago)
The event was not for KH3 but for Union Cross, so any news for KH3 is well received!
Game Changer204 (5 months ago)
This kingdom hearts trailer shouldn’t even be at the dandelion event. But Square Enix was nice enough to let us see something kingdom hearts related. But I was excited to see something other than sora swinging his keyblade around. Maybe this could be something where if your tired of getting killed or killing heartless, maybe you can go to twilight town and play a mini game. Idk but I thought that the kh3 trailer was informational... at least we get to see Haner, Pence, and Olet.
alexkairas 66 (5 months ago)
Is Roxas still a garbage character?
Andy The Hypster (5 months ago)
I'm not sure how many Kingdom Hearts fans just read the title and blew up or what, but really there was no need to shove so many dislikes down everyone's throats like this like come on guys, you're just giving all KH fans, myself included, a bad name. I respect your guys opinion and kind of agree in a way. I didn't really wanna see this exactly but I mean every Kingdom Hearts fan wants to see a new world, new enimies, all that crazy stuff in every new trailer. I think this is a nice detour from the trailers we've been getting honestly. I'm excited, I still highly dislike IGN for the number of moments of unprofessionalism but this is not one of those moments everyone needs to chill.
Lance Eugenio (5 months ago)
These mini games are so nostalgic why you hating IGN? as a true fan of KH these are bonus fun for the game and im so glad that they do this
Peter Capsalis (5 months ago)
This hypes me up, what ya'll talking about IGN?
The_Pot_Dragon (5 months ago)
So when Fallout 4 does it REVOLUTIONARY but when KingdomHearts does it "mmmmm meh"
Alex Drez (5 months ago)
IGN back at it again... 🙃
Alex Drez (5 months ago)
This channel isn’t what we wanted to see
Smoker (5 months ago)
Ign dont understand kh They pretending to understand games 1- kh always have mini games and this one is unique 2- alot of stuff changed u didnt mention it u just mentioned the negative stuff 3- we do like it talk about ur self
TheDalia22 (5 months ago)
Really ign 😑😑😑 just stay away from kingdom hearts. We weren’t even promised a trailer 🤦🏼‍♀️
Mad1Cow (5 months ago)
Ign: THIS ISNT THE BIG PLANNED REVEAL WE WANTED, THIS IS JUST FLUFF Well...good it's not supposed to be a big reveal, maybe ign need to stop scrounging for news.
Legend- _-Modz (5 months ago)
The Truth (5 months ago)
Garbage. Mini games don’t need a damn trailer. It’s barely worth a sentence in a paragraph
Loa (5 months ago)
DigitalSlicer (5 months ago)
IGN is a review and news site, not a “being a bitchy baby because we can be” website, stop crying over nothing
Smoker (5 months ago)
Ign u dont understand kh so dont talk about it
MrJambola L (5 months ago)
Can someone who is mad explain exactly what the big deal is? it's a bit clickbaity sure, and it's silly to say people are starved but what's the big deal?
Sprite Guy (5 months ago)
Wow when you have more dislikes then likes
Sprite Guy (5 months ago)
This is everything anyone wanted sora in twilight town redesigns cool mini games
Rozamas (5 months ago)
Lmao chill IGN
Tobin Utada (5 months ago)
I know a big faceless company like IGN is an easy target for hardcore fans, but grow up! IGN is doing awesome with the KH3 reporting and everything in this video is either true or sensible and a common opinion in the community...
Baytuh (5 months ago)
I agree.
jkbobful (5 months ago)
it was a short 50 seconds video that was showed off during a KH mobile game event
havel twink (5 months ago)
Koopa Trooper79 (5 months ago)
Why is the volume on all your vids so low? Can you fix this, please??
resrevr (5 months ago)
have they delayed it yet?
HeavySandvichGuy1 (5 months ago)
This Video Isn't What I Wanted to See
Ke We (5 months ago)
Yeah why didn't they show a 20 minute long KH3 trailer with four new worlds, a release date and a demo at this event for a mobile game. They literally just showed it because the mini games will be both in KH3 and KHUX.
Jonathan Ward (5 months ago)
IGN should just avoid posting anything about kingdom hearts cause you always seem to have a negative opinion. I remember one of them moaning cause they had to play as an "insignificant" character that no one cares about.....Roxas :-/
Kameha (5 months ago)
Moral is think before you speak

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