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Burning Through Space [SFM]

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Have you ever wondered what happened to the red pyro from The Bolted Behemoth? Probably not, but here's an 8 and a half minute video about it anyway. NOTE: This isn't actually Fedora Chronicles 3, just a spin-off. The real one is on the way! Community Models/Map: Earth: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=363255906 Space: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=343977466 High Poly Pyro: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=233440726 All custom textures created by Unrellius No Scoots or Sphees were harmed in the making of this film.
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Text Comments (13142)
DarkYTGamer Reacts & (1 hour ago)
Omg How’s The Pyro Go To Survive With No Space Helmet! Man
Ketchup Yoshi (15 hours ago)
Alternate title: Pyro plays Civilization....but in *_space_*
Mr Nice Guy (17 hours ago)
You all think that this was all in pyros head because he got in a coma from the landing?
Dominik Chroł (22 hours ago)
That's sad 😭
5:08 here they come
Firestorm 308 (1 day ago)
pyro is my fuckin favorite
Mr Skywalker (1 day ago)
Mr Skywalker (1 day ago)
War on the planet of Alien Scouts
Paws heart y Ginger (2 days ago)
Half life music XD
CandleWax_260 Burrows (3 days ago)
Death machine or death stroke?
Oskar Toivanen (3 days ago)
2:06 dafuq
viktor 666 (4 days ago)
futurama :v?
Matthew Laco (4 days ago)
2:47 wheatley
Pvt_mason2 233 (4 days ago)
it would be nice if valve make a game called| Civillazation Source | you could be human or alien the alien is the mini scout on pyro body and the humans is just scout with normal colour
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
did pyro muffle a song
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
2018 people
Susana Aguilar (4 days ago)
MED- Ah....
Jonathon Featherlilng (5 days ago)
Jonathon Featherlilng (5 days ago)
anyone for the reference
hang kesinger (5 days ago)
War breaks out in scoutville!
ElDogeDoge Games (5 days ago)
Is pyro Land
Gamma Brown (6 days ago)
Pyro can start a fire in space Fuck logic
How much fall damage would you take from falling from space
Danh Nguyen (6 days ago)
Wheatly 2:48 lel at same time when wheatly flew in to space XD
It's a war on his back. And chest. XD
ThatGamerOfYoutube (8 days ago)
Not logical since theres no voice is space but i love this video
Gamingdude 15 (9 days ago)
Why didn't pyro just grabbed the rocket from spy ?
SpacetimeBoiling (9 days ago)
You were doing alright until everybody died.
tachanka (9 days ago)
So cool
The Annihilator 117 (9 days ago)
Wait. Did the engineer just find the pyro or did he watch all that s*** go down with the micro nuclear war?
B. Bayella (9 days ago)
Two things: 1: Pyro should've grabbed the missles and threw them away. 2: A meteorite hitting Pyro at that speed would penetrate through, not stay there.
FormaSe (9 days ago)
This is genious
Walker Hoisington (10 days ago)
This made me cry more than any movie i've seen
RubiksBoy12PH (10 days ago)
4:05 how could the scout smoke??? and hes already got a pipe attached to his helmet lol, AND HOW TO ALIENS KNOW HOW TO SMOKE LMAO
Magali Aviles (10 days ago)
Rip alien scouts
Chocolate the muffin (11 days ago)
Reference to futurama :\
mr juures (11 days ago)
2:57 - 5:06 i cant stop laughing
shadowpikachu008 plays (11 days ago)
how does fire work without oxygen?
Why don't pyro just wipe and pat his back?
Aces (11 days ago)
This would make for an interesting map
Stephen Yu (11 days ago)
Umm the bird is alive Fires in space without oxygen I guess I could rant about this crap but overall this is a great sfm and the fedora spy was one of my favorite series and this isn't a bad spin off
Anthony Frank (11 days ago)
Alright wait I have a question. where did the scout nuke come? the metor hit his waistline so th-that means O DEAR MOTHER OF GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
j8dor18 (12 days ago)
2:41 who noticed Ap-Sap?
Herrold Flauta (12 days ago)
where is the last spy there was three spy in the end maybe he was on fired
Kamabo Co. (12 days ago)
Those alien scouts tho
사자는 크르릉해 (12 days ago)
Did anyone see Wheatley when asteroids were hitting pyro?
Tú còii (13 days ago)
Hay quá
James Yun (13 days ago)
0:45 note what the medic says. i think you know where im going with this.
Sum Buddy (13 days ago)
0:56 *so long gay bowser*
SmoreBob (14 days ago)
T H A T I S N ' T H O W G A S M A S K S W O R K
I don suk m8 H (16 days ago)
Civ 5 in a nutshell
GUEST 10203 (17 days ago)
poor pyro, he's tiny scout friends died :(, 1 like = 1 happy pyro and 1 living tiny scout
Leonardo Venturi (17 days ago)
His suit would have exploded due to lower pression i dpace and he would have esploded immediately after
Quillan Rempel (17 days ago)
How does the fire stay if there’s no air in space?
Kola XD (18 days ago)
WW3 In Pyro
Jose Dadavis (18 days ago)
LOL at 2:48 wheathly showed up
Fernando Quintero (18 days ago)
john ross Mcnamara (18 days ago)
Nekato (19 days ago)
this is Portal 2 five minutes after finish :V
Samantha Sy (19 days ago)
Woah I think I just saw the Wheatley core from portal2
МультМания (20 days ago)
7:40 Как то не разумно. Пиро мог же брать две ракеты сходу и викинуть их к хуям собачим.
-NoName- (20 days ago)
Space_Pyro should be a real map!
RoboMaster122 (20 days ago)
xD u gots da portal 2 music with Wheatley!
RoboMaster122 (20 days ago)
RapidFyrez (20 days ago)
So I just realized the clever visual pun of Spy being on Pyro's back and killing the scouts. Winglet you cheeky bastard.
thomas Epic wardell (20 days ago)
Topi Syrjänen (21 days ago)
2:46 wheatley?
Random Account I dunno (21 days ago)
“That sucks”
shane hayes (21 days ago)
Ho no
Gal Korda (21 days ago)
What is the music at 8:04
CookieCrumble (21 days ago)
Lol he gets sent to space and has a comic book and a guitar that he gets out of no where, no wonder it doesn't show u how he got it
Weeeby McDanald (20 days ago)
Princess Dreamstarr it’s called engie gifts.
Red Pikmin Plays (21 days ago)
Pause at 2:48 I found Wheatley
THOT PATROL (22 days ago)
Thats an tight city there
the strike commander (24 days ago)
I loved the portal 2 reference
Part 3 of the SFM Lets Live Let Spy
Yuka KyuZ (24 days ago)
8:15 top 10 saddest anime scenes
Kaung Kaung (25 days ago)
If soldiers were there that would be a crazy place
blue The raptor (25 days ago)
this is awesome!
7:40 Top 10 saddest anime
Matthew Ogoc (26 days ago)
_Pyro being thrown to space._ *”Medic!”*
plague doctor (26 days ago)
I feel bad for the flare guns he let go
L a n g o (26 days ago)
i want to copy those alien dnas
Tino Jones (26 days ago)
Pyro Should Destroy The spy camp
reee lolez (26 days ago)
when you hear portal 2 music on the metor stage .... ITS WHEATLY wait portal 2 is in progress?
Meanwhile pyro is mist have a holes in his chest
lego878 (27 days ago)
this reminds me of that one episode of futurama
Sarashi Xaenyth (28 days ago)
Futurama reference?
Dylan Janssen (28 days ago)
holy crap i loved the war scene where even tho the camera is focused on a scout or a spy the citys are still being bombarded
Kolby Simmons (29 days ago)
seems like pyro did a better job then bender!
really like how you included Wheatley from portal 2's ending
Kadri Leskovci (30 days ago)
Dont be sad
Give me 1 Sub (30 days ago)
2:19-2:29 me when I figure out life sucks
Daniel Teang (30 days ago)
0:54 when your mom forgets to make your favorite breakfast
Red Pikmin (30 days ago)
Guys even if space is cold fire can make it warm
SuperTrooper (1 month ago)
pyro meets wheatley half life 3 confirmed 3 franchises one universe
SuperTrooper (1 month ago)
nice use of half life music :D
Austin Prince (1 month ago)
Poor pyro
sky fly 23 (1 month ago)
"I don't know what to do right now"/ by Galaxy" Legendary🤣🤣
Dylan Chester (1 month ago)
Why am I crying in Hightower rn

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