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Towers Of London - Green Eyes

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Music video by Towers Of London performing Green Eyes. Big Shades Productions http://vevo.ly/vCNElk
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Text Comments (21)
radaresalaam (1 day ago)
This is absolutely awful. I was laughing watching it.
George G (4 days ago)
ChrisMisc1 (22 days ago)
He looks fucking awful now, Christ.
zeds dead (1 month ago)
Did his helmet turn blue?
MentalMickey (22 hours ago)
lol, yea right after he dicked on the sex pistols
Josh Ronan (1 month ago)
zeds dead never mind the buzzcocks was the shit dude 😂😂
Matthew Manning (1 month ago)
Cool pop music! 2001 would have loved this shit
solidsnake918 (1 month ago)
Pop music.... No thanks!
Dale Hannah (1 month ago)
Love when this wee gem comes on at work, keep it real.
Jack Leigh (1 month ago)
Union jack?
reece holbrook (7 days ago)
You find a girl and you fall in love,you then never want her to leave you.Self doubt sets in and you think to yourself' 'Is this to good to be true?'.Basically get that shit out of your head.The end of the video says it all,with her cute smile.
reece holbrook (7 days ago)
Yeah! I got it off there too,I think it's a belting tune.
Pete C (1 month ago)
Different to the old school towers, but still a great song. Can picture this song being on Fifa 19 👌👌
Me You (1 month ago)
WZWA Games (1 month ago)
Donny looks like Johnny Lawrence from Cobra Kai
FBGOODIE! (1 month ago)
Great song, needs more thumbs up...
Andrew waldon (3 months ago)
Great vid great tune!!!
Jay Mcmanus (3 months ago)
Brilliant boys!!!!!
Justin Mcmullen (3 months ago)
Reminds me of old Faith No More
Oscar Itu (3 months ago)
No fun, no rock. .. a new coldplay band?

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