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Girls Playing Football - Amazing Skills! | 2018

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▷ In this KYSTAR video you will see girls / women playing football / soccer. This video show that women can also play football and some of them are very good! insane skills, amazing tricks from girls. Very talented female footballers. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ Music: 1. Biometrix - Fire 2. FMLYBND - Letting go 3. Jeen. - Buena vista (offset noize & stravy remix) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me! Twitter: http://twitter.com/KYSTARHD Instagram: http://instagram.com/KYSTARHD -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- This video is fair use under U.S. copyright law because it is noncommercial and transformative in nature, uses no more of the original than necessary, and has no negative effect on the market for the original work. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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Text Comments (208)
KYSTAR (5 months ago)
Thank you for watching my video! If you want to see more, SUBSCRIBE to my channel to get a notification every time I upload!
oye tio como se llama esa chicas que estan bien buenas
Sverigeples (5 months ago)
KYSTARHD damn The thumbnail
leonel Rosales (7 hours ago)
Como no viene jugar con esta pelota
Ivy Mcghie (2 days ago)
ksi nekbakht (3 days ago)
3:45 daaamnn
Fizza Zahra (5 days ago)
Avril Lavgine Is Bae (7 days ago)
Her outfit is unnecessary
Lemon-Lime Bleach (8 days ago)
Put on some damn clothes
alice mejia (12 days ago)
3:15 ҡɨɛʀօ sɛʀ ċօʍօ ɛʟʟa
xxx xxx (18 days ago)
0:47 this skill its amazing
Kibrom Kinfe (21 days ago)
Dud that's amazing I always wanted to see girls playing football, I subscribed, so nice 👍
Nintendo Brofhers (24 days ago)
How could be a woman so beautiful and play as a Football god
Adam Setiawa. (25 days ago)
i see 3 ball @.@
Honey Dubey (25 days ago)
Woww skills @ 1:40
Violeta Urosevic (29 days ago)
my crush know to pull of t shirt when he have ball on neck
Juan J Rodriguez (25 days ago)
girs play pleses
Violeta Urosevic (29 days ago)
my friends knows almost all of that
Mythical (1 month ago)
Dude these women are almost better than Ronaldo
lovely desi pooja (1 month ago)
Ava Niemi (1 month ago)
I don't understand why women have to dress like that to get the attention that men do😡🙄
TubeBarth (11 days ago)
Agreed... pretty much said the same thing 🙄.
Maria Salinas (11 days ago)
TubeBarth it's not that they are girls being girls,they are girls dressing how they want and if they want to dress like that,I don't think there is any problem...
Vagelis Vazeos (1 month ago)
THE...BEST..MOST DEVINE VID that I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...;)..:)
Pavo Rover (1 month ago)
my fav part! https://coub.com/view/19g84i
ksi nekbakht (1 month ago)
3:45 I couldn't stop looking away vd
WildBananaPlayz (1 month ago)
My brotner could do better than that and hes 2
gucci flip flops (23 days ago)
Ur brother the one that still pee on his pant just because ur " brother " Is a boy it doens't mean he is better then the girls B**ch
Ava Niemi (1 month ago)
WildBananaPlayz oh please
Kool Gravity (1 month ago)
Slime and Blog (1 month ago)
There were only like 3 girls that weren’t sluts
rich homie (2 months ago)
anyone know the girl at 0:49
Vanta - Battle Bay (28 days ago)
she's so fkn hot
Zentron (2 months ago)
I'm impressed, not many 'ball handling' jokes in the comments!
Nadia Alward (2 months ago)
Y'all r nasty these girls r playing soccer with their fricking heels on n u focusing on "the other balls" or thinking no there "somthing" fricking assholes please think before u speak these girls probably play better than u
Kenneth Lopez (2 months ago)
Hola Dsouza (2 months ago)
3:23 Who's She?
28SweetGhost 09 (2 months ago)
I wish i was the ball
Jordan Kennerly (5 days ago)
Lemon-Lime Bleach shut the fuck up dude who says pervert anymore
Lemon-Lime Bleach (8 days ago)
Κοινός Θνητός pervert
gucci flip flops (23 days ago)
Κοινός Θνητός lol
daniel delgado (2 months ago)
Azaam Khan Closer (2 months ago)
Tirta Daniswara (2 months ago)
Ngentot sama danis
glenn magri (2 months ago)
You know why they know these stupid guys that they are e to be order in a couple hours fgj
pumasism (2 months ago)
puro circo
Dylan (2 months ago)
Leo Games (2 months ago)
3:42 amazing skills!! Omg beautiful cunt
Sebastien Bardeur (2 months ago)
Elle est très forte
COREY SMITH (2 months ago)
I expected football not foutball
Callum Redmond (3 months ago)
There sexy
Lucas Santoos (3 months ago)
Foram os melhores 4:23 min da minha vida ❤😍
Manfred Knüpfer (3 months ago)
UUUUuuuund fast habe ich die hühner ernst genommen, dann aber sah ich die kleidung ... nur muschis
《NETO 》 (3 months ago)
Tô de pau duro por causa da terceira
Enəɡˈmætɪk (3 months ago)
abdoul kader bangoura (3 months ago)
Meilleur site YouTube
VIHTAKOLPIE (3 months ago)
..W H A T *is* THIS..??! ..yea'Sure. *butt..* - 'CAN she': 1.COOK *her* meals? 2.MAKE one'or..twoothree' babies *..TOO?* (JustCurious..;)
Kilogramm Dezitonne (3 months ago)
the less the clothes, the poor the skills.
Choco Milk (1 day ago)
Lemon-Lime Bleach at least he’s not a joke from 2016.
Lemon-Lime Bleach (8 days ago)
Kilogramm Dezitonne learn some grammar dumbass
fluffypuppyneo (1 month ago)
Kilogramm Dezitonne hahaha
Mateus Nk (3 months ago)
Brittany Renner 3:41 <3 ... She got skills <3
Leo Games (3 months ago)
3:59 name pls?
gucci flip flops (23 days ago)
Ashley freund go check on yt she Is so hot
Mateus Nk (3 months ago)
Brittany Renner
Joseph Molo (3 months ago)
1:00 is that Alex Morgan?
Regoots BeRe Gaymepleix (3 months ago)
2:50 brazil!!
jamesblunt006 (3 months ago)
2:48 ^^
Nicholas Vera (3 months ago)
These are some of the best street football players I’ve seen
Nicholas Vera (3 months ago)
I pressed this because it said skills
Сексуалные девицы
Giovanny Rivera (3 months ago)
They are hot
Ken Fett (3 months ago)
Lose the "eye candy" girls and just keep the true talent players and this is a great video.
Alwen Christhuthananther (3 months ago)
0;58 what is hte point it is hotxD
Enrique Suàrez (3 months ago)
la del minut0 3:40 namas enseño eñ culo
blueblood (3 months ago)
Daaammmbb I'm a sucker for a nice pair of tits .😀
Genesis Rodriguez Ruiz (3 months ago)
minuti 4:24 más bien le estaban gravando él culo
Vittorio Castaldi (3 months ago)
Kube Dog (3 months ago)
I can't help notice the sexuality involved here.
Andreas Loosman (3 months ago)
lol seriously most of them didn't have any talent whatsoever and can in no way be compared to freestylers with talent and what was up with them wearing those clothes to get as much attention as possible i'd expect some better quality if the title says amazing skills edit: 2 of them were tallented
Andreas Loosman (3 months ago)
KYSTARHD definetely but i did expect more than that
Andreas Loosman (3 months ago)
KYSTARHD but i'm not tallented and only 15 years old and i can do better than most of these girls of course respect women but they weren't tallented
Duong Tran (4 months ago)
0:40 who's she?
Drini Peci (4 months ago)
Stas Kroshka (4 months ago)
2:38 Perfect skill !
LIL GaMeR (4 months ago)
People that disliked this video r just jealous that these girls r better than them
Maria Salinas (11 days ago)
SuprisedLion06 Edwards you are insulting with no reason and being also sexist :v
Maria Salinas (11 days ago)
Andreas Loosman it's not that men are better,some men are better,some women are better....why so sexist? Chill
Maria Salinas (11 days ago)
Andreas Loosman well,men are stronger when it comes to hit the ball,so don't compare,and a professional girl is....professional
SuprisedLion06 Edwards (13 days ago)
gucci flip flops 🤣🤣 shut up
Chicho Orellana (4 months ago)
Like si solo viniste para jalartela y ver skills
Vando Leal (4 months ago)
gucci flip flops (23 days ago)
Então oque e poah pensei que era PORRA
Kaue Bertoni (1 month ago)
canal pes mito (2 months ago)
Matheus Santos (3 months ago)
Vando Leal Essim mano
MD Amir uddin htc (4 months ago)
so nice baby
Tzz K (4 months ago)
finally no clickbait!!!!!!
KYSTAR (4 months ago)
Tzz K ofcourse not. Not on my channel
18Altum (4 months ago)
Name 3:42?
biker (4 months ago)
excellent jiggly bits and fine ball handling even in heels .fucking hot !
Bevfgh Bgg (4 months ago)
Mi primo es mejor ke todas
Traore Moussa (4 months ago)
Ajdhd Bajsks (4 months ago)
Eleazar (4 months ago)
In 2.50 what her name
matheusbarrossilva silva (4 months ago)
Lethabo Raymond (4 months ago)
Wow nice babe👼😍👼😘
Math Mor (4 months ago)
Quels ayient a la gym c pute o gros seins !
Naveed Ahsan (4 months ago)
1:23 name? So good
Ines Lous (3 months ago)
Naveed Ahsan sj
Ines Lous (3 months ago)
Naveed Ahsan shj e vvie8r
Scooby the bull terrier (4 months ago)
Needs more ass
Ramses Flores (4 months ago)
0:53 what's her name? Como se llama ella?
Martha Kamisum (4 months ago)
I liked your videos as they are more entertaining and funny.
KYSTAR (4 months ago)
Thank you!
Arjun Dutta (4 months ago)
I was not watching d ball. Lol
Jordan Kennerly (5 days ago)
Lemon-Lime Bleach really 😑 why are you here
Lemon-Lime Bleach (8 days ago)
Ur both pervs
gucci flip flops (23 days ago)
Arjun Dutta Me too
Катя Борька (4 months ago)
amaze , I had been in shock from what you saw
Tri Tran (5 months ago)
I didn't looking for the skills.. like if you know what I mean
Lemon-Lime Bleach (8 days ago)
Tri Tran perv
ksi nekbakht (1 month ago)
Tri Tran xd😂😂😂
《 Gamerzao 》 (5 months ago)
3:59 ?
Mateus Nk (3 months ago)
Brittany Renner
Squiggly MF (5 months ago)
Awesome video
KYSTAR (5 months ago)
Avash gtm Leo 10 (5 months ago)
I love your videos and your doing great job love you Bro.
KYSTAR (5 months ago)
Thank you so much! I really appreciate your support
SJ Flo (5 months ago)
I love your vids man.. All are interesting. Lisa Freestyle! Yes... Shout out to S3 Freestyle
KYSTAR (5 months ago)
Thank you!
Armitshu Shu (5 months ago)
More interested on the other 2 balls.
Adnane lardi (5 months ago)
everybody fell for the thumbnail
Matias Astudillo (5 months ago)
Black cailou (5 months ago)
Love your channel
Sverigeples (5 months ago)
Jamie Geary (5 months ago)
good vid as always
KYSTAR (5 months ago)
Thank you!
lehet tudni (5 months ago)

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