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A Video Discussing Whether Or Not Hello Games Lied About No Man's Sky (The Jimquisition)

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http://www.patreon.com/jimquisition http://www.thejimquisition.com http://sharkrobot.com/collections/jimquisition-merch After tearing into rabid fans, compliant media, and hype culture, there is one final element to No Man's Sky that I need to tackle - its creator. I've spent time thinking about this one, digging through the archives, and weighing the arguments. Despite honestly wanting to move onto new subjects, I just had to ask... ... did Hello Games tell a naughty lie? (Born Depressed Sax Version by Carl Catron - https://www.patreon.com/carlcatron)
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UnorthdoxCleric (5 days ago)
I loved Colonial Marines, and I love Bottom.
Serious Spike Sam (9 days ago)
No Man's Sly. Oh well... the launch product was shite, the updated version will be good, but I'll never be picking up the controller for that one.
RXD_Cross (11 days ago)
A bit late to the party but I have to disagree with the part where you say "It was not promised" I remember Sean saying "you can meet other players in the game but's very unlikely" that sounds pretty all in to me.
DaemonCaedo1 (23 days ago)
Murray is on my 'no-buy' list permanently. Joining such wonderful people as those that worked on War Z.
Lex (1 month ago)
In my opinion the reason Bioshock Infinite wasn't hated upon because of the marketing wasn't the final quality of the game. It were the trailers coming later accurately displaying the final game. The first trailers represented the game at the time, it just changed during development. But as long as the marketing shows the changed game it's fine and that's how it was and should be.
Tripp426 (1 month ago)
Sean Murrayknew. Or did he?
Bozocow (1 month ago)
With so many videos like this and the ones about No Man's Sky by Totalbiscuit I just can't believe that people still jump on the hype train and really believe it's going to turn out well.
MchalesNavy (1 month ago)
Amusing watching this now. I bought this game a week or so ago and pretty much everything being mentioned as not being in the game in this vid is actually in the game. If I had to complain about anything with it it would be that its quite grindy. Mine this, craft something. Mine some more, craft something else. Oh you want to fly your ship somewhere? Mine some more. Has it been 30s since you mined something? Better mine something else then. Gah. That said I've still put in a stupid amount of hours in the last week playing this, and I'm not bored yet. Have barely scratched the surface of the game too, so for the $30 I paid (steam sale) I'm thinking I got my monies worth.
mike schoemaker (1 month ago)
Based on the many interviews with the fraud Sean, he clearly and repeatedly confirmed multiplayer, hell even on Colbert, and very close to the games release. Colbert asked him, so it's an online MP game? Sean said yeah and shook his head. Based on the game finally including all it's features a whopping 2 years later, it's clear he knew none of that stuff was gonna be in it
Lord Of Chaos Inc. (2 months ago)
On release when asked about meeting other players ( as in multiplayer) Murray had this to offer: "possible but highly unlikely". The truth would have been: "impossible because we never implemented this feature". That's not stretching the truth that's just lying because something's not unlikely to happen if it's not coded in the game as he knew full well it but will not happen at all. Granted "journalists" meaning the hacks who did the interview didn't inform the readers that no dev would code a difficult and expensive feature which would only trigger in unlikeliness thus calling out the ruse. Or calling some actual expert on net traffic to check what the game is uploading because multiplayer isn't exactly subtle to detect. Instead other "journalists" were surprised much later when they tried to rendez-vous at the same coordinates and it didn't work. Who could have known. Hello Games is said to have now implemented multiplayer in 2018 - the core game remains a bore in any way so don't bother.
Matthew Doucette (3 months ago)
One should interview game developers on this, rather than gamers / reviewers / journalists / etc... before assuming malice: "Don't assume malice when ____ will suffice." There's a lot that goes behind marketing and development, which includes making statements / promises and this balances with deadlines / expectations / etc. It is easy to trip. We "tripped" as an indie studio before ( xona.com ), only without being under the microscope. It is unfortunate that the amazing development of this game by an indie studio is overshadowed, and the are branded as malicious which there is no evidence of. I guess I am asking for compassion and understanding.
SerMortzio (3 months ago)
Resi Evil 3 music at the start?! :P
Trevor Goodchild (4 months ago)
Obviously Sean Murray lied through his fucking teeth- Fuck Sean Murray- I hope he chokes on broken glass.
Mikhailovick (4 months ago)
Yes, the end.
TheUltradad (4 months ago)
Goddam, a big muscular black dude playing a sax for the intro and jim with no hat on, going to lay down now :)
Jerzey NiGHTS (4 months ago)
What was that OST in the very beginning with the quote? I forgot but I know it came from a great game.
DarkByDesign (4 months ago)
And now what ?
Fox McCloud (4 months ago)
Hi. I'd like to make a request for a video, as you were pretty fair in all your assessments of the No Man's Sky game. Today it was announced that the xbox one version of NMS will be coming out on July 24th, along with the next major update "Next". My request is that when that update hits, that you give it another try, and maybe another re-review if you feel it worth it. My own experience with the game initially is that it had loads of potential, but got pushed out too quickly. There are 3 updates out currently (all free), 2 of which were done in about 3 months, one was done in six months... And they added (and readded) a lot of features / missing features that were supposed to be in the game, but didn't make it. I think your original assessment was correct, that something went horribly wrong... But I think they're trying their best to fix it, and have learned their lesson about not promising things that aren't 100% set in stone features. It seems like they're putting loads of work into the game, and trying their hardest to redeem themselves... So I'm requesting that you boot it up on July 24th and give it another shot. Either way, thank you for your time. (Video of the date announced) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xKBnepoNiWo
Lucifer Biscuit (5 months ago)
14-March-2018, I still don't understand why Sean said the things he said.
Dan (5 months ago)
Is it wrong that I got hard when Jim did that cheek click at the end? ...Like, instantly?
John Evans (5 months ago)
I always liked the game and Im excited for every big update
Marcus Zyker (5 months ago)
Bioshock infinite is shit
Sitruk86 (5 months ago)
13:18 i'll never understand how anyone fell for this in the first place. the dude couldn't lie to himself very well another human being. every time he says something he knows is bull he damn near breaks out laughing mid sentence.
Kyle Parker (5 months ago)
Murray lied bc he had the big boys breathing down his neck to deliver, and couldn't man up enough to just not over hype his own product. Sony threw him under the bus tho, and I think part of it was to make a point and set a standard for how publishers deal with devs---they don't give a fuck. They just want the money to flow for the stockholders. They couldn't give less of a shit about small game studios or the ambitions for niche markets like what No man's sky was supposed to be for (as opposed to the masses of the world that doesn't like space games etc).
Natty Bennett (6 months ago)
100% soy
Raveous Carlias (6 months ago)
I can't stand Sean Murray...what a pos.
Seth Allberry (6 months ago)
In some of the clips he definitely says, yes players can interact with each other, when there is no multiplayer, how can that not be lying?
varietywiarrior (6 months ago)
Bioshock Infinite was shite.
Vorundor (6 months ago)
Any chance of ANOTHER NMS video for their new... something coming out soon?
sgradone (6 months ago)
That cut of clips at the end is brilliant.
Matt Sweeney (6 months ago)
That was a spot on impression.
Vec (6 months ago)
Holy shit is it the video or is Jim the same shade of white as the circle in his background?
Rhaenyra Reigns (7 months ago)
Definition of mythomania...?
Rhaenyra Reigns (7 months ago)
Background music reminds me of Nobuo Uematsu's composition from *Final Fantasy VIII* called "Slide Show Part I" and it's companion piece "Slide Show Part II".
Rhaenyra Reigns (7 months ago)
That *Silent Hill* screenshot, though... <3
Rhaenyra Reigns (7 months ago)
"He who preorders should look to it that he himself does not become a preorder. And if you gaze long into the hype, the hype also gazes into you."
Brayden Borrell (7 months ago)
I'm sorry but it shouldn't matter if a game is good or not misleading marketing is misleading marketing.
hurrayforvideogames (7 months ago)
I don't think it's that misleading advertising is forgiven if the game turns out to not disappoint. I think that there's a distinction to be made between advertising that enumerates specific features that just plain aren't in the game, unexplained, and advertising -- specifically trailers -- which simply include sequences (and even characters) that aren't in the final game. There's real deceit in that first scenario, but in the second, a reasonable person could argue that the creators felt a self-contained episode could more distinctly convey the game's features, atmosphere, etc. And I think it's when the first thing happens that people get really mad; the second one is, at most, annoying.
Ron C (7 months ago)
So uncomfortable to sit there and watch someone repeatedly lie
NarcoticDimension (7 months ago)
Oh yeah! What ever happened to that?
JRGProjects (7 months ago)
The opening reminds me of SNL
Klony (7 months ago)
"Can you run into other players in the game" - "Yes". Is this possible? No. Lie. Case closed. O.o
Zel G. (7 months ago)
Not sure how people bought all those promises back then. Looking through the records now, all I can see is a nervous giggly bint that *never* said "no" to anything. - Will this game have multiplayer? - Yes. - Is it possible to play purely as a trader? - Yes. - Can this game cure my son who is dying of cancer as we speak? - Yes.
Karl Massie (7 months ago)
i dont think he lied i think the version of the game he wanted to release was still years away from being made and because there an indie developer that did not get there money from any kickstarter they got it from sony it ment sony were in charge so they would not give them the time so what you got was an earl access game for full price and they have slowly been adding in features bit by bit i dont think it will be finished till 2020
Simon Coope (7 months ago)
A friend of mine said "hello games have fixed their mistake" but I find this hard to believe as I saw Murray the other day and he definitely is still alive and breathing.....he was buying a Cornish pastie in ALDI. To make sure I dropped a penny on the floor just behind him, and when he bent down (dived on it) I quickly glanced his name clearly on the 10p off coupons in his rucksack.  If this isn't enough proof, his skateboard sporting Hello Murray GFX on opposing sides painted in the same colour as his elbow patches on his sweater, was 1 ft long and 3mm deep coincidence I think not !...I just missed him the other day when he left for work earlier than normal, think my telescopic sites needed adjusting as it was to the right.. : /
Azza Prime (7 months ago)
Hit it right on the head Jim. Indy Team created a premium full price product and no one said a thing about the PR and Sony just stood there racking in the marketing.
Felix Ponce (7 months ago)
The Jimocracy has BEGUN!!!!!!!!
Bing Bong (7 months ago)
You've earned a subscriber just for that Bottom clip.
Earthboundmike (7 months ago)
Say it Furoar
Adam Poole (7 months ago)
the creator's lips are shut tighter then a japanese teen girl's :D
Geordan Lemon (8 months ago)
0:30 is that a figure of Fox Mulder, or have i just been watching a lot of X-Files?
Nightpacer1 (8 months ago)
As I understood it Hello Games fully planned to have everything they promised but was forced to rush it because they were told to either finish it by a certain time or get the project shut down
Atreuso (8 months ago)
That Resident Evil intro killed me xD
Hannah Fishburne (8 months ago)
I wonder in what situations, if any, the hype was justified in today's market?
Crows Wit Gaming (8 months ago)
I never played no man's Sky, but of all the images I've seen, is there anything to actually shoot besides astroids?
Crows Wit Gaming (8 months ago)
Anthem carries this level of hype and expectation now, everyone has their own little fantasy of what it's going to be, which means no one will be satisfied 😂 It's going to be like battlefront 2, there, I just saved you $60 -$100.
Justin Z. (1 month ago)
Does it though? Maybe I'm wrong, but most people seem rather cautious of it, or in my case, apathetic towards it.
wizzardoffuzz (8 months ago)
i understand that you mean furore, but it sounds so much like fuhrer that i spat out my tea... now i need to clean my keyboard.
The Cavalier Cat (9 months ago)
Randy Pitchforks vs Sean Murray-oh Death Battle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
The Cavalier Cat (9 months ago)
They certainly did.
Bigoun Big (9 months ago)
He is a liar and cheat. He should be jailed for fraud.
BajikaMan (9 months ago)
Personally I never cared for this game, but I can tell just by watching the interview footage that he was lying through his teeth, just look at his body language and facial expressions
Pete Detrick (9 months ago)
Hello Games didn't lie. Sean Murray lied. The developers of the game didn't have the power to fire him, so Sean was just lying and the businessmen weren't firing him because Sean Murray was generating hype. Basically Sean Murray and whoever made the ads probably knew they were lying, the developers are probably not at fault here.
xzenitramx666 (9 months ago)
theres a mcdonalds worker in my city who looks like sean murray
I Climb Everything (9 months ago)
fat skinhead jk XDDDDDXDXDXDXDXD
uzimonkey (9 months ago)
Sean Murrayneux, I like it.
Zanzoltan (9 months ago)
I only pre-ordered two games in my life. The first one was Sonic Mania, because I thought "Yeah, it looks good" and it was good. And the second one was ".Hack G.U. Last Recode", but, it was a remake with a final added game that actually were worth it. But, yeah, pre-ordering a game like "No man's sky", I can understand how so many people asked for a refund...
Thetechgenius (10 months ago)
They should of released a press release on what will be and what will not be in the game before launch. But they didn't. They kept the false hype going based on what Sean has been saying what's going to be in the game, including early gameplay footage.
Amelie Caron (10 months ago)
promise reason study tuck bathroom supply none bowl.
Stone Osborne (10 months ago)
This is the video that lifted the veil and has allowed me to become a conscious consumer, in general. Thanks Sterdus...I mean Jim.
irllcd13 (10 months ago)
Maybe I'm naive, but I believe Hello Games falls into the same problem Peter Molyneux does, not intentionally deceiving people, but they get so excited that they promise things they can't deliver on and then don't have the balls to walk those promises back. I think they are more guilty of omission, not telling people the entire truth rather than intentionally, maliciously deceiving people.
Dr Krocket (10 months ago)
When Spore had a deeper space section than an entire 60 dollar game.
Manored (5 months ago)
Eh, nah. Spore let you terraform planets and shift species around and that was fun but there was little to actually do on the space section.
Spore is an amazing game!
Prism Sage (10 months ago)
And they win a award 👏😑💀👌
Prism Sage (10 months ago)
Actually if he never lied about 89% of features it wouldnt have tht much hate.
Pickle Rick (10 months ago)
Everyone was too nice with that liar of Murray. If happened to see him, I would break his teeth (and it should be a matter of public service to do so)... His face is engraved in my retina. I didn't even bough the game (I'm not a moron), it's for the lies and in behalf of everyone that felt wronged by him in some way or another. Fuck this scammer. Now he gets to live as a millionaire somewhere safe! I hate people like him.
Unibrow Monster Attack (10 months ago)
In hindsight, Sean is a nervous wreck in these interview. Everything about his body language from the way that vein is bulging in his forehead to the desperate laughing makes it look like he hates what he's doing there.
DamnMyNickIsTaken (10 months ago)
"Will your game include feature X?" "Yes." Game doesn't include feature X. Well, that was simple, and didn't take 17 minutes.
Loose Snauage (11 months ago)
Nigrescence (11 months ago)
Instant like for THE BEST Nietzsche quote that is also found as part of the intro to the original Baldur's Gate. It was a wonderful tone-setting statement.
Sjthjs Dread Father (11 months ago)
Grrr it's Hello Games. Hello with an E. Not Hallo Games
ValensBellator (11 months ago)
It seems like he's just too uncomfortable to say "no" to any questions... whenever asked about a feature he just cringes and squeezes out a "...yeaah" or "kinda".
Jon Burhan (7 months ago)
Yeah but the fact he said "a little bit" to the griefing question is an outright lie. There was no way at all to grief other players in game. NONE. Since you couldn't even interact with them.
If in a situation like they were, I'd have been very careful with what I said. The only things I'd give definitive answers on would be things that are already in the game, and functioning, that is "Yes, you will be able to fly a ship from planet to planet. This is a crafting survival-like game." Things I wanted to see added, but weren't in yet, or were meeting difficulties in their implementation of, I'd preface with "Now, this isn't quite in yet, and so I won't make any promises that it will be in at launch, but what we are looking at is doing XYZ. What we imagine this will look like is X, and we think we should be able to get it done in time for the release. However, if we can't get these things done in time, don't fret, we will be introducing them, even if it ends up coming out post-launch. What we are promising will be delivered, and we'll do our best to keep you guys updated on the progress of what will, and won't, make the final cut for release." Something as simple as that, adding a bit of realism to the expectations of the consumer base, while promising that you will keep them updated on what the current state of the game's final release will look like, and what will be unable to meet the release date. Assuring fans that the stuff will still be coming out after release, if it's found incomplete, or missing, would give you a bit of credibility and leeway with game systems that don't work as intended, things that simply weren't done in time, and engender the consumer base to the belief that you are an upstanding company who will do your best to give them the best product you can, while also making the distinction of what is, and isn't, currently in the game. Anyone that is that incompetent, who doesn't innately realize the necessity of this, deserves to be nowhere near public relations, or hell, I'd say even in a management or leadership role.
105 Wonky (11 months ago)
Hallow games?? Hello games 👍
missinginstereo 1 (11 months ago)
You really should do a part 2 to this given the content that has come and apparently is still coming.
Don Gamer Guy (11 months ago)
In 2014 sean murray did an interview stating not all things will be in the game at release. Research next time you neckbeard.
WinMore (11 months ago)
Who cares. They are all liars. Get over it.
Pro Toss (11 months ago)
So...most likely SONY should be spit upon either more...
Sindur Goku (11 months ago)
Sean Murray reminds me of Scorpio.
DaemonCaedo1 (11 months ago)
9:00 and Sergey with the 'War Z'. With all this guy's suspicious smiling and laughing at everything, I guess it should've been more obvious that he didn't know shit or was outright lying.
kek bur (11 months ago)
This game is still $60 on steam lol.
Mista Dobalina (11 months ago)
This man is a genius
Ethan Newbold (1 year ago)
This whole thing has gotten both the company and the game a lot of publicity...although negative.
I really didn't mind colonial marines. I got it years after it came out and heard nothing about its marketing until after I finished it.
Come to think of it that might've been a different AvP game that came out for the Xbox 360. Oh well.
TX RNG (1 year ago)
It's false advertising. Nothing else. If a company in any other industry pulled this shit they would be sued for millions, and rightfully so. It's time to start holding these people responsible for the products they produce.
TX RNG (11 months ago)
CaitSeith that's a fair point but take colonial marines for example, there was basically nothing true in any of the advertising/pre game footage etc. I'm not saying it would work in every situation but surely it must in a few and maybe that would be all it would take to sharpen some publishers up, at least a little bit.
CaitSeith (11 months ago)
Have you seen fast food advertisements? You can't buy hamburgers that look that good from them. They can't be sued successfully if the consumers' expectations from advertisements is that they don't have to tell 100% the truth. According to FTC, if their advertisements don't mislead reasonable consumers, their lies are legal.
Epic Gunner (1 year ago)
Just wish it wasnt over hyped n shit. It may have been taken a lot better and not as harsh if the game was what we expected it to be.
Ameeth Ram (1 year ago)
DUDE! you should've been my school teacher. So awesome!
TheGmodkilla (1 year ago)
I mean a year later it's pretty good.
TheGmodkilla (10 months ago)
Your reply is 2 months late. IRRELEVANT!
xeagaort (10 months ago)
TheGmodkilla that's irrelevant.
Taylor Jones (1 year ago)
That montage at the end proves he fucking lied. Im still pissed going into 2018
RetroRival (1 year ago)
Is No man's sky a scam he clearly knew what he was saying about player visibility was a thing and the ship flight variation maybe he thought they it will take months for players to meet we will have something inplimented by then
Montesama314 (1 year ago)
There's falling for hype, and then there's being straight up lied to.
Jaune Brando1776 (1 year ago)
Is it just me or is it that people are still buying this piece of shit lying fucking game? ....... Are they really fucking stupid of buying a game who lies and shits on ya face?
DamageJackal (1 year ago)
3 words come to mind when I think of interviews of Murray and the questions of "Did they lie". and that's "Lie by omission". A yes/No would have stopped 90% of what happened around No Man's Sky, but Sean had to be all cryptic and just say "Eehhh. Hahahaha"

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