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Free Knot! Steamwheedle Cartel Rep

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A short guide showing where to go in Dire Maul when doing Free Knot! quest and the The Gordok Ogre Suit quest. Now that people are starting to farm for the "Insane in the Membrane" Achievement. this is the way to rebuild your rep with the goblins after ruining it while getting Bloodsail rep. Happy hunting
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DeeDub02 (8 years ago)
I never played pre tbc ..so nice vid ty man i got my imba suit omg!!<3
My Paradox (9 years ago)
good? yeh i know :P
My Paradox (9 years ago)
just alot of addons put together to for this ui :d i use Btex for the bottom pannel, bartender4 and autobar for buttons, ouf and p3lim for playerframes, carbonite for my map/minimap and fubar with lots of plugins.

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