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Ryback vs. Kongo Kong (Highlights) @ Heroes & Legends VIII

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Ryback defends his Heroes of Wrestling title against Kongo Kong.
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Text Comments (73)
Zurkanaeen Awang (1 hour ago)
Nobody won, the stage are falling down..
Noel Alexis (10 days ago)
kongo kong sucks wow lol
pablo cifuentes (10 days ago)
Fome la wuea
Sebastian Contreras (11 days ago)
Que empresa es esta???
baltazar pacheco (11 days ago)
Bad match, slow slow slow
baltazar pacheco (11 days ago)
Bulto vs bulto
Andy Bishop (11 days ago)
Ryback and Brian Cage as tag team partners.... I think they would be a great tag team both carrying and strength and Agility. Your thoughts?
FrankieBflat (16 days ago)
Kind of freaky
Matthew Barbrey (17 days ago)
Them boobies
Pintu Sharma (17 days ago)
Ryback can fly
Toxicwaste0830 (18 days ago)
I would love to see kongo vs big show
Jauckor (19 days ago)
So TNA vs WWE happening right now at the indies
Guille (22 days ago)
kongokongis disgusting
The Jericholic (25 days ago)
Kongo kong looks lika a naked granny
Hami Chahal (27 days ago)
FEED ME MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eric Upchurch (27 days ago)
Why does that ring look like it was built for midget wrestling? It seems so small.
David Damron (27 days ago)
Who won
Chris Holland (29 days ago)
(3:47) The referee fell down 😂😂😆😆
Ammar Khan (29 days ago)
Why that fuckin ring is really very small
2963gloydboy (29 days ago)
Big guys cardio is still lacking
Anand Tiwari (30 days ago)
Old 2 year fiight is it
Northumbria Bushcraft (30 days ago)
I don't know why anyone would book Kongo Kong, he's boring, and has giant man tittays. I know all wrestlers don't need to be carved like Greek gods but hell he doesn't look intimidating at all, just all gut and tits. Big guys like yoko, big show all looked like they could whip your ass Kongo doesn't have the look at all, I'm surprised he moves as fast as he can, I'm not surprised either that he came from jcw
wolvie667 (30 days ago)
who is the manager of Kong here??
GoldenShire (30 days ago)
The ring post sound like they were gonna break
Arun Deula (30 days ago)
The Most worst ring ever...
Utter shite...
Arturo Almazan (1 month ago)
And this fat , sack of shit fat turd ain't no Braun Strowman.
Arturo Almazan (1 month ago)
No wonder this, asswipe was no longer wanted in WWE he can't wrestle shit
Da Rising (1 month ago)
Fuck that GOLDBERG wanna be cryback
Carlos Vazquez (1 month ago)
Wht title is this for?
Maret Escarment (1 month ago)
So my dude Ryback is hitting suicide diving now? 😮
A K Chandra (1 month ago)
Ryback is Back
rajnikanth sharma (1 month ago)
Paul Carpenter (1 month ago)
damn shame ryback had so much potential
Xxtentacion XXL (8 days ago)
Paul Carpenter could of had brauns gimmick
Ryback should go to impact so they must make him the next Goldberg, and Brian cage the next booby Lashley... Kongo Kong is an awesome impact monster too
Lee Lee Clark (1 month ago)
Ryback needs to go to Tna wrestling
cahaya malap (1 month ago)
So small field
Mike Spano (1 month ago)
Look at this fat nasty old bast****
Ronicko Keith (1 month ago)
Wow Ryback looks pretty good in the ring. He does a lot of stuff you don't expect a guy his size to do
jino y (19 days ago)
the big guy does cm punk running knee lol
GoldenShire (30 days ago)
Ronicko Keith Have him go up against Brian cage and that'll be a match of the ages
far jbl (1 month ago)
darren eveleth (1 month ago)
what a terrible match
Laurence Anyomi-Smith (1 month ago)
Quite physical but the ending??
Diablos que pésimo luchador es ryback
Logan (1 month ago)
Kongo Kong > Roman Reigns Ryback > Finn Balor
multidimensionalman (1 month ago)
weird built
RvN Sanity (1 month ago)
Who won?
RvN Sanity (1 month ago)
fuck you dude
Roland Frank (1 month ago)
Hulk hogan won
nieshawn charles (1 month ago)
Worst match I've ever seen hmmm poor Ryback
mysticx0 (1 month ago)
this is the slowest, sloppiest, paint-by-numbers match ever. every fucking move is WEAK. the punches and stomps have no effort in them. fuck both these guys. and this channel for clickbait titles....no end to the match.
Mo Pakzilla (1 month ago)
Sigh up for Impact
Jonathan Walker (1 month ago)
Braun is doing what he couldn't becoming a star
RoyalOutcast (21 days ago)
Jonathan Walker you’re saying it like it’s Ryback’s fault his career failed in the wwe. He *chose* to leave because he felt he wasn’t getting the opportunities he was promised.
Jonathan Walker (1 month ago)
Ryback sucks
Anand The ARTIST (1 month ago)
But who won???
GoldenShire (30 days ago)
Deshwan Williams The one with the floppy tits or the tense tits?
Deshwan Williams (1 month ago)
Anand The ARTIST the one with the tits
Thomas Noctor (1 month ago)
Highlights with no ending. Dumb video. Ryback rules though.
Abdul Wahab (1 month ago)
Which company it is
Darren McDevitt (1 month ago)
Heroes of wrestling, it says in the description
Sherrod Henderson (1 month ago)
Abdul Wahab that's what I want to know
Michael Callaghan (3 months ago)
The ring announcer probably weighs more than kongo kong lol
Chris Holland (29 days ago)
Michael Callaghan looks like they both weigh the same! Except Kongo Kong is alot taller!
Karl Breaux (1 month ago)
Michael Callaghan 😆😆
James OMalley (3 months ago)
Jeff the ref in the house #KongoSmash
Dream Match 1 Year i wait for this Match
Minovey Mclean (30 days ago)
Laser Wrestler - CreepyPasta sure
Elie Daou (2 months ago)
Laser Wrestler who won?

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