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Playing EVERY *FREE* Battle Royale Games!

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Whats your favourite free battle royale game? Today guys and girls I go and download every competing FREE battle Royale games. - SUBSCRIBE for more Linkzy - http://bit.ly/2din7pE - Follow My Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/fazelinkzy - My Apparel: http://electronicgamersleague.com/collections/linkzy Use code "Linkzy20" for 20% off! Business email: Linkzy@kariostalent.com CONNECT WITH ME: https://twitter.com/FaZeLinkzy http://instagram.com/imfaze_linkzy Snapchat: JackLinkzy For 10% off on Gfuel use code : "Linkzy" www.Gfuel.com Join Fullscreen: https://fullscreenmedia.co/creators/?ref=R4J6Rl7ZnX3mJTEl2paaaw
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Text Comments (225)
idgd chu (28 days ago)
free game that you can BUY
Tatt Ben (1 month ago)
He’s not saying the names of the fucking games
Kael_man Gaming (2 months ago)
Play creative destruction
DEaD-'-RiSE (2 months ago)
at least name them in the desc ya daft cunt
Joseph Cordero (2 months ago)
Lol not even every single battle royale game
L3G1T_ Austin (3 months ago)
Ali-A in 10 years??
Tobias Ahlm (3 months ago)
why is this guy in Faze?
kgetho monama (3 months ago)
What about h1z1
Martijn van de Werken (3 months ago)
The developer of warface sad that he would fixes the battle royal mode
Jayden 2kGamer (3 months ago)
Free game that u can currently buy??? Smhhhhh
Vizzy (3 months ago)
um u forgot zombs royale.io
H N (3 months ago)
H1Z1 is not in there so dislike
M0RASIA (3 months ago)
Well newz isnt a battleroyale game
TheOnlyGamer Games/Vlogs (3 months ago)
You forgot Fortnite
DarkWolfGaming (3 months ago)
You talk like Ali-A
School Flxps (4 months ago)
So quiet I can barely here him.
FREE V BUCKS (4 months ago)
Is Islands of nyne coming to ps4??
Autistic Aviator (4 months ago)
you're just bad.
Autistic Aviator (4 months ago)
how are you in faze? this content is shit
Justin T (4 months ago)
The faze channel that no one knows about
V E T I X (4 months ago)
"every single free battle royale game that you can currently buy" - linkzy 2018..
Anime Collector (4 months ago)
where is Ring of Elysium?
Kendrick Lee (4 months ago)
U forgot rules of survival
Matthany Fiedtano (4 months ago)
Why am I being recommended this trash vid
Hyper Bear (4 months ago)
First one insint free is 15 on steam
Scorpian (4 months ago)
TwisT Hyper (4 months ago)
Buy a free game?
Fracture Blaze (4 months ago)
The comments are more entertaining than this guy😂😂
Rioter Plays (4 months ago)
Darwin project is my favorite I love it I have already won 2 matches and I bought the game yesterday
You guy's do know that this video was made in 2/27/18 right? All the games such as Realm royale, h1z1, hasn't come out at that time.
HoXy TV (4 months ago)
i went out of my way to dowload all these free battle royale game that you can currently buy (some random faze guy 2018)
Henrik Olsson (4 months ago)
You didn’t play king of the kill but I think it’s became free in April (h1z1)
Syna (4 months ago)
Khidd Herbo (4 months ago)
"Free Games You Can Actually Buy"
Az (4 months ago)
Corbin Steer (4 months ago)
Darwin project is free?
Klok (4 months ago)
Is this on ps4 to
Zorro Echo (4 months ago)
that last game he played is pretty shit
Wavey Savage (4 months ago)
Why dont you put thw games in the bio also
UnknownGamer YT (4 months ago)
Free game that you can currently buy?!😂😂😂
Nick Requena (4 months ago)
Free battle royals games but does Darwin project count as a br
SheddyTV (4 months ago)
Radical heights?
UltraLeftos (4 months ago)
paladins realm royale
some person (4 months ago)
What about rules of survival. If you did just a little bit more research you would know that they ported the game to pc.
It costs money on steam
Niel Anzer (4 months ago)
You missed rules of survival and horizon souce,
Bushwookie (4 months ago)
“Every free battle Royale I BUY” I’m confused
Extremo Logic (4 months ago)
Yo your faking videos
G .S (4 months ago)
Where is ring of elysium
Sebbe Himself (4 months ago)
h1z1 is free
Rasmus Brammer Jensen (4 months ago)
u need h1z1
samuel oluwa (4 months ago)
A game on Roblox island royale what it's called it's actually quite good an exact replica of Fortnite but not exactly the same looks but yeah you get the idea so don't say Roblox is not a competitor of fortnite
Suyash Ahuja (4 months ago)
Rules of survival is also a great battle royale game, Its on mobile and PC both!
Electronic Cat Offical (3 months ago)
Rules of survival is terrible after recent updates. Servers are terrible too
Suyash Ahuja (4 months ago)
GoBanaenae Idk I like it! :)
GoBanaenae (4 months ago)
Suyash Ahuja no it’s bad (at least in my opinion)
XxMLG _DOGExX (4 months ago)
Had a PUBG ad at the start of this video😂😂😂😂
Dhillho d (4 months ago)
What is the name of the second game?
Cordking (4 months ago)
Were h1z1 at 🤔 (LOL)
GamerTN (4 months ago)
Last man standing is mybfirst ever played game
Alfred Rouse (4 months ago)
I had this lol i played warfae before too
just a guy (4 months ago)
Where h1z1
brrr (3 months ago)
just a guy ur dumb as hell it wasn’t free when this was uploaded. H1 only recently became free.
MILL ROCKY (4 months ago)
You didn't ask shit. But anyways why the fuck we fighting. im a 16 year old fighting a random kid on youtube xD
zombie kingdom (4 months ago)
MILL ROCKY dude you literally called me a dipshit for asking a question 😂
MILL ROCKY (4 months ago)
Gee zombie kingdom at least i'm not a teen who sits in his room saying to people older than him "Get a life"
zombie kingdom (4 months ago)
MILL ROCKY gee sorry for being mistaken you don’t need to be so hostile bro, get a life
Just Me (4 months ago)
Hmm where H1Z1
Adi BS (4 months ago)
"download every single battle royale FREE game that you can currently BUY"
Ballistic KIWI (4 months ago)
more than a 1000 views no way mind blowing
Kendrick Ellsworth (4 months ago)
Rules of survival do that
xXSOLTROBXx (4 months ago)
Kendrick Ellsworth TRASH GAME
Wdoctor (4 months ago)
Fortnite is gay now
H N (3 months ago)
always has been
MR espresso (4 months ago)
OMG Your bad at Darwin project its like The most easy battle royale game out there
Elegy (4 months ago)
Linkzy: 'free games that you can currently buy' Me: Wtf?
Keelan (4 months ago)
" *Free Battle Royale Games You Can Buy Right Now!* "
Zubair Hadi (4 months ago)
Nice Vid tho 1 THING i aint rubbing it on ur face but i survived on 1 HP so yea aint saying like am better but also got victory royale WELP THX FORR MAKING NICE VIDS
Aimless (4 months ago)
"Yesterday i downloaded every free br game that you can buy" seems legit
TwisterZz (4 months ago)
I forgot h1z1
Goku GT (4 months ago)
Where's H1Z1 and super late
Cryostal (5 months ago)
Last Man Standing is awesome.
SirZettabyte (5 months ago)
Darwin Project is the best free survival royale game & is so much different than the rest.
Julian Johnson (5 months ago)
"free game that you can currently buy" Boi
bshwhwhbebevevveve (5 months ago)
Mozart Movies (5 months ago)
crap pc
Epic Gaming (5 months ago)
What about paladins realm royale
Krow (5 months ago)
Wow you edited and uploaded this video in a day
Rarksy boi (5 months ago)
every free battle royale game that you can buy... smh
RealityHard SF (5 months ago)
21:15 Welcome to fortnite console aim assist thats why ur alive joy
Mr.Llama (5 months ago)
free games u can buy xD
X TAHARXD (5 months ago)
it's fake gays don't believe him
Cloreto de PUTASSO (5 months ago)
darwin project is't free now
Name of game on 6:24
wyatt conway (5 months ago)
how do u have 625k subs and only 332 likes... what ???
ia opa (5 months ago)
i kinda like BR games but there is one thing thats bugging me. Most of the BR there is nothing to play for, just join a match drop, find loot try to survive. That's fine and all but where are the unlocks or character customisation? If that is missing in a game then there is almost no reason to play them.
keylock (5 months ago)
Darwin Project is not free
keylock (5 months ago)
zinszlee i post this comment before it was open beta
zinszlee (5 months ago)
keylock it's free on PC not on Xbox if that's what you are talking about
RA Music (6 months ago)
te o spart gaozaru esti prost
MajkzXx Otvor (6 months ago)
17:27 game name pls i want play this game pls tell game name
EverythingTechTime (5 months ago)
MajkzXx Otvor last man standing look it up on steam
gamerich (6 months ago)
MajkzXx Otvor it’s on steam
najat mjahed (6 months ago)
ha ha ha.....ur a BIG noob
AndreW (6 months ago)
Plz list of games
ボイドv o i d (6 months ago)
check out ring of elysium
Yuri (6 months ago)
6:10 "Salut c'est moi..." = "Hello it's me..." Yeah i'm french
GiorgiYT (6 months ago)
what that game at 14.50??
Zaky (6 months ago)
C'est un francais?
christian espada (6 months ago)
darwin is not free any more
Bruce Wayne (6 months ago)
Good Jobb!!
Goood Job!
Hani Mohamed (6 months ago)
Line of Sight
Shock (6 months ago)
where is pubg and H1Z1 xd
Opie 123 (7 months ago)
Fortnite is the best

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