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Playing EVERY *FREE* Battle Royale Games!

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Whats your favourite free battle royale game? Today guys and girls I go and download every competing FREE battle Royale games. - SUBSCRIBE for more Linkzy - http://bit.ly/2din7pE - Follow My Livestream - https://www.twitch.tv/fazelinkzy - My Apparel: http://electronicgamersleague.com/collections/linkzy Use code "Linkzy20" for 20% off! Business email: Linkzy@kariostalent.com CONNECT WITH ME: https://twitter.com/FaZeLinkzy http://instagram.com/imfaze_linkzy Snapchat: JackLinkzy For 10% off on Gfuel use code : "Linkzy" www.Gfuel.com Join Fullscreen: https://fullscreenmedia.co/creators/?ref=R4J6Rl7ZnX3mJTEl2paaaw
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Text Comments (73)
ia opa (9 hours ago)
i kinda like BR games but there is one thing thats bugging me. Most of the BR there is nothing to play for, just join a match drop, find loot try to survive. That's fine and all but where are the unlocks or character customisation? If that is missing in a game then there is almost no reason to play them.
keylock (1 day ago)
Darwin Project is not free
RA Music (5 days ago)
te o spart gaozaru esti prost
MajkzXx Otvor (8 days ago)
17:27 game name pls i want play this game pls tell game name
EverythingTechTime (1 day ago)
MajkzXx Otvor last man standing look it up on steam
gamerich (8 days ago)
MajkzXx Otvor it’s on steam
najat mjahed (9 days ago)
ha ha ha.....ur a BIG noob
AndreW (12 days ago)
Plz list of games
ボイドv o i d (18 days ago)
check out ring of elysium
Akoryma (20 days ago)
6:10 "Salut c'est moi..." = "Hello it's me..." Yeah i'm french
GiorgiYT GiorgiYT (21 days ago)
what that game at 14.50??
Zaky (22 days ago)
C'est un francais?
christian espada (26 days ago)
darwin is not free any more
Saba4ka :3 (29 days ago)
Good Jobb!!
Goood Job!
Hani Mohamed (29 days ago)
Line of Sight
Shock (30 days ago)
where is pubg and H1Z1 xd
Opie 123 (1 month ago)
Fortnite is the best
Dzonzza (1 month ago)
625k subs and 5k views.
uriel fantilanan (1 month ago)
it says free? i search the game on steam its 300dollars more?
Fortnite Man 2008 (1 month ago)
and thats why im not playing darwin project because the director can just help one person he likes the whole game
Bchamp Gamer (1 month ago)
Try Rules of survival
Mostafa GiIiPsy (1 month ago)
What name this games?
Rohet Rohet (1 month ago)
you suck at battle royale games
Makk (1 month ago)
You missed a game called Grand Battle Royale
Evan Reid (1 month ago)
650k with 2k views....
SHY (1 month ago)
This channel with all other cod youtubers apart from jev is dead
Clerk God (1 month ago)
Play h1z1
Eager NA (1 month ago)
Ad royale
Harley Stewart (1 month ago)
Lol if you played last man standing on osrs
Luxury Cynical (1 month ago)
you should have tried rules of survival its a mobile and a pc br game and is just like pubg
FaZe Brad is not fat (1 month ago)
Good shit jack
ッJumboEdits (1 month ago)
Islands of nyne is not free it is pre paid alpha it is not free released until June or something like that
Jewish Duck (1 month ago)
What happened to you? You became a shit youtuber
Drekzy (1 month ago)
Great vid jack
Jovan x (1 month ago)
@linkzy u forgot rules of survival
arron rushton (21 days ago)
Jovan x is that even on pc ?
oDomzy (1 month ago)
I liked the first one
MOS13 (1 month ago)
00:8 That was a *NOICE* wet clap.
Isy 12345 (1 month ago)
just play fortnite their all shit
Dover Ben (1 month ago)
You never pop up in my sub box anymore🙁
Radii (1 month ago)
Mate you missed RoS pc
Divine Eldridge (1 month ago)
Nitroz (1 month ago)
ayy, sup linkzy
Radii (1 month ago)
I support it y’all so negative
Alejandro Nava (1 month ago)
I still love this channel, more than any other content creator I’m subscribed to. Much love.
ARWZ VII (1 month ago)
U have to answer me,so...HELLO LINKZY!!!
Fatal tarquin (1 month ago)
First 60 views
Fatal tarquin (1 month ago)
Watermolon 21 if this video goes viral I will be one of the first 60 people to watch
Watermolon 21 (1 month ago)
Thegamingyoutuber that’s not saying much
Fatal tarquin (1 month ago)
Faze linkzy your the best faze member
Callum Wynn (1 month ago)
It's a dead channel, dead channel, gotta drop a comment on a dead channel
Gecko IV (1 month ago)
Yes the channel is dead. Congrats, everyone can see that without you pointing it out in the comments, hence why I replied in the first place. Should have know you were stupid from the beginning. It's like sticking a note on the chest of someone who has just been shot in the head by a .50cal and writing, 'He's dead btw" and then reminding everyone when it comes up.
Callum Wynn (1 month ago)
Gecko IV Stfu have you not realised it's hard to tell if someone is being sarcastic in a comment, sarcasm is mostly the tone of your voice and btw THIS CHANNEL IS DEAD
Gecko IV (1 month ago)
Callum Wynn Convenient how you seem to have forgotten the other half of the comment....Would you like me to put a big, red sign on it saying 'sarcasm' or do I need to explain to you what it is in the first place? Me finishing with a rhetorical "Right" and "Oh wait" should be clue enough but apparently you are fucking stupid. Try again next time.
Callum Wynn (1 month ago)
Gecko IV Read your first sentence, you said if I'm commenting on the video, then his channel can't be dead. So you are saying his channel isn't dead because I did in fact comment on it.
Gecko IV (1 month ago)
Callum Wynn I didn't debate in wether or not his channel is dead...try again next time.
SXVXN (1 month ago)
Nice and early!
Fatal tarquin (1 month ago)
SXVXN ayyy
Fortnite Nerd (1 month ago)
Come on
Fortnite Nerd (1 month ago)
Florio (1 month ago)
Idk what I am
Fortnite Nerd (1 month ago)
Fortnite Nerd (1 month ago)
Yo first
FaZe Linkzy (1 month ago)
Whats your favourite Battle royale game!?
Julian Ough (5 days ago)
Ekin See (9 days ago)
Liam Alkobi (25 days ago)
Miffy (1 month ago)
Islands of nyne is not free it cost 30 dollar right now but you can also win keys in their livestreams and in their discord but i have never won 😭
Fatal tarquin (1 month ago)
FaZe Linkzy fortnite
Connor16 (1 month ago)
Told you on twitter

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