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Zelda Theory: SECRET of the Triforce

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Is the Triforce a weapon in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild? In this theory on the 32nd anniversary of the series we explore how the Triforce changed from a wish granter to a deadly tool of mass destruction! Go and check out NintendoBlackCrisis' theory on the Master Sword! Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm
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Commonwealth Realm (7 months ago)
Happy 32nd anniversary The Legend of Zelda! Also Don't forget to watch the theory on the Master Sword at Nintendo Black Crisis' channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rYMWkJ1Lhak
Mion Frota (6 months ago)
when ganondorf touch the triforce for the first time im temple of time , he have his wish ensuring and the triforce split in three , the most powerful, most wise. most valiant, in BotW i never see any evil touch the triforce to make split in the first place '-'
Dave Marx (7 months ago)
Obviously, everything can be chalked up to "it's a game" and Nintendo's _gameplay over story_ philosophy. But we're nerds and that's no fun... I think there is an important link between the Triforce and the Master Sword. There are certainly discrepancies and contradictions to what I'm about to say and it'll take time for me to formulate a better idea but... maybe the Master Sword is weakened when the Triforce is whole and within the possession of a Descendant of the Goddess. Because Zelda is the focus of Hylia's power, the power that would normally be imbued to the Sword is drained a bit. Just a thought. With that out of the way, I do hope Nintendo takes their BotW engine and uses it to quickly build a new Zelda title, like they did with Ocarina/Majora. I know it goes against convention but I think an mmorpg within Breath of the Wild's Hyrule would be alot of fun. Choosing a Race, Gender, appearance and Class and then being able to team up with other players to help defend Hyrule either in the time when Link was healing or after Zelda defeats Ganon. Maybe weapon proficiency and elemental powers (Slate Abilities) could be tied to Race and Class? Goron = Heavy Weapons Rito = Bows Gerudo = Blades Zora = Spears And each Slate Ability would represent a "Class", so a well rounded party could utilize all the abilities in tandem for maximum devastation. I've just always wanted a Zelda game that played more like a traditional JRPG. I'd love to see that done with a 2d zelda engine... but here, with BotW, I definitely think a Monster Hunter style mmorpg would work better. Unfortunately, these types of gameplay don't emphasize exploration which is what Zelda is supposed to be about... but if we're being honest, Zelda had been in a long stint of non-explorative gameplay until BotW. Atleast, with the main (Triforce) titles. Games like Phantom Hourglass and Link's Awakening had much more exploration than Skyward Sword or Twilight Princess. So saying no to a jrpg or an mmorpg because they don't put emphasis on exploration would be hypocritical and, in the case of an mmorpg, arguably untrue.
Saben Campbell (7 months ago)
Nothing special really happened for the anniversary today, sad... Except for these videos of course
Jay Upadhya (7 months ago)
Commonwealth Realm guess what the Triforce is the real Holy icon used in the Catholic Church watch the Litany of the most precious blood of Jesus on Ewtn find it in your local tv guide the Monsatary of our lady of the Angels has the Golden triangle shape in one Big heart Holy altar that is the Triforce
Twilord (7 months ago)
Where was it confirmed that the Triforce was that? I just assumed it was the blood of the Goddess and inherited 'sage-ness'.
Andrew Patrick (10 days ago)
This theory hinges on the convergence theory but to me it looks like the individual split piece of the Triforce can be passed through blood lines so why couldn’t the whole Triforce once reunited. So if the convergence is true what if it only happened once the Triforce in each timeline was whole at the same time. It became whole again at the end of Windwaker, and I would assume it became whole again at the end of Twilight princess with the Death of Ganondorf. And finally at the end of Zelda 2. and this whole Triforce would then be passed down from Zelda to Zelda.
skins4thewin (12 days ago)
You know, I kind of wonder why the Goddess reveals herself so readily to Link, yet seemed to refuse to do the same for Zelda so many times throughout the BOTW story.
Dennis West (20 days ago)
The greatest weakness of the story is that Zelda only demonstrates one virtue: courage. We never see her demonstrate the other two virtues. Arguably, Wisdom - but certainly not Power. She is powerless throughout the entire story. Even in the final moments, she relies on Link almost entirely. I mean, it's just a videogame, and I appreciate that they were switching up the plot-structure, but I don't think it worked. To me, it's very reminiscent of the story of Kerrigan in SC2. All of the interesting novelties of the original story went out the window. The pantheon of scifi has the StarCraft story in it - but the SC2 story is made up of recycled, halcyon tropes, that were already there. BoTW's story is like that, too me. It's so pop-culture. It's big-screen super drama. And it got realy watered down in the process. That said, I think they pulled it off with more deftness than anyone else I can think of. Certainly, it's less ham-handed than SC2's non-plot. Still not a net positive, to me.
JAR4LIFE O-o (2 months ago)
I feel proud to share a birthday with this series
The MikMc (2 months ago)
Hey! I have an idea! Let’s completely ignore what we know about the Triforce and also totally forget about the Light Force! ...Which is an odd thing for y’all to do because you’ve done videos ON the Light Force... I applaud your effort and usually only have a few pieces I disagree with for you and NintendoBlackC, but this time y’all messed up. The Triforce is not Zelda, and vice versa. The Triforce is either still broken up, or is hidden away and has been forgotten by Hyrule in general. Zelda’s Sealing Power comes from the Light Force, which was a power blessed to ALL Females in the Royal Hyrule bloodline. It’s why all Zelda’s can summon the Bow of Light or Arrows of Light, which usually play a part in defeating Ganon. When Zelda kills all those guardians to save Link she is using the Light Force. Why then, you may ask, does the Triforce symbol appear on her hand? Because she is still the one chosen to receive the Triforce of Wisdom. If the Triforce is still broken it’s possible she holds the Triforce of Wisdom without her knowledge. Otherwise her frustration over not being able to unlock her sealing power doesn’t make any sense. If she held/was the Triforce the King would KNOW that she would be able to save the kingdom (at least from total destruction) once she and the Kingdom was threatened by Ganon. There would be no question to her power if the Royal Women of Hyrule held the Triforce, it would only take extreme duress or emotion to release it without a trained and controlled effort. The Light Force on the other hand we already know to be passed down through the bloodline of the Goddes Hylia, and we also know that is DOES take some effort to know how to wield, as Zelda in OoT has no powers as a child, and must be protected, but as an adult, is a powerful and formidable warrior with the ability to use the Light Force at will. It’s assumed that Impa trained her while in exile, teaching her not only how to unlock and use her Light Force and Sealing powers, but also the secrets of the Shieka. It makes more sense that BotW Zelda is frustrated because she was never taught by her mother how to unlock the Light Force within her, and as the Shieka were no longer protectors of the royal family, they had forgotten or lost that knowledge. Ultimately I think I’m going to have to make my own videos on all this and more, because there are some wildly wacky theories out there, this is one of them. Again though, I applaud the effort and the thought. Makes for good discussion.
Unclevertitle (3 months ago)
Maybe at some point in Hyrule's history someone made a wish that changed the nature of the Triforce, who had access to it, how it could be used and for what purposes.
Nexus Lax (3 months ago)
While I do not agree with all the your points when you go into detail, I do believe that you got most of the big points right. Thanks for the awesome video!
LainK1978 (4 months ago)
I think that there is nothing shown that would support the idea that if the Triforce was not claimed that it could not work in the same way as it has in other games. By this, I mean that if the Triforce was not already claimed, then it would have taken a material form and been capable of being used for wish granting. We know that if someone who does not exhibit all three of the virtues of each piece of the Triforce touches it, then it will split and go to those who embody each piece's virtue that the one who touches it does not. I have not played every single Zelda game so I might be missing one, but I do not think that we have ever seen anyone touch the Triforce who both embodied all three virtues and was alive. We have only seen those who caused it to be split over come those who received the other two pieces and get a wish from it. Perhaps if someone was equally Wise, Courageous, & Powerful then touched the Triforce they would not only be granted their wish but also full control of the Triforce itself with the Triforce residing inside of them in the same way that in several of the games one piece of the Triforce resides in each Zelda, Link, and Ganon(dorf). Using what we see in BotW, it could be that upon death, with a conscious decision, or at a certain time (whichever comes first) the Triforce transfers to the offspring of its present wielder. This could be why the King, mentioned in the backstory of Zelda II: the Adventure of Link, hid the Triforce of Courage so that his son could not inherit the whole Triforce; out of fear that he would not use it wisely and benevolently. This would only make sense if the Triforce as a whole was capable of being passed between people as a whole without it splitting when one who is unworthy touches it. Additionally, since the Prince seems to be younger than Zelda I in the illustrations from the instructions manual it would seem that only those born after claiming or inheriting the Triforce can themselves directly inherit it. Zelda I only knew where the King had hid the pieces of the Triforce of Courage, she did not herself possess the Triforces of Wisdom or Power; the prince did. In all likelihood, Zelda I was born, and then the King's (mother/father passed away); after which the King had his son the Prince. It is also not unreasonable to postulate that if one who bears the whole Triforce were to die without any blood descendants then the Triforce would return to its physical form until another came to attempt to claim it. This also would explain why the Yiga clan wished to kill Zelda; seeing as she is the last heir to the Queen (who apparently previously possessed the Triforce) and in my theory her death would result in the full Triforce which the Yiga clan could then present to Calamity Ganon upon his return. In this light, the Triforce in BotW does NOT work radically different from any of the previous installments; because we never saw a situation in which someone had actually taken possession of the Triforce. It was either already split up or its material form was sitting waiting for someone to claim (or split) it. Since Zelda inherited the whole Triforce from her Mother there was no splitting to happen unless she were to die, so no need for a physical form of the Triforce. The power does not need to be learned either; it is just like in every single other game which has involved the Triforce, one either must embody all three virtues to touch and take possession of the Triforce or possess one virtue and then overcome those who embody the other two virtues. Again since the Triforce was passed whole to Zelda, it is herself she must overcome. So in the memories, Zelda cannot make use of the Triforce which she inherited from her Mother due to the fact that she did not embody all three virtues. So Zelda simply could not wield the Triforce or use its power until she grew to embody all three of its virtues; which finally occurred when she exemplified courage in defending the dying Link (she'd already shown us in the various memories that she embodied wisdom and power). You're assuming that the only way that Zelda could have mastered the Triforce is through complex and lengthy training, when there is nothing to support that. The training was created by the King and others who did not know what was required, as only the Queen did. It stands to reason that if the Queen had not died when Zelda was only 6, then the Queen would have properly trained Zelda in a way which would have groomed her to embody Wisdom, Courage, and Power, which is all that was ever needed (which is again nothing new). Also, there is nothing to prove that the Triforce is not still just a tool to fulfill wishes; in this case it just happens that Zelda's wish was for Ganon's evil to be destroyed (or sealed at least). And as my theory above explained, Ganon had no intention of keeping Zelda alive because once she was dead he would be able to take possession of the whole Triforce with both of its protectors dead or at least out of the picture.
Kevin Cabrera (5 months ago)
Have you guys ever heard of the Lightforce from the Minish Cap and Hyrule Historia?😐
DarkMirria1 (5 months ago)
I don't think the actually rver mentioned Zeld's mother ever having the power. But Zelda's diary mentioned that her Grandmother did.
Kristin Glenn (5 months ago)
But power this Zelda has was called a sealing power throughout the game. The Triforce hasn’t been used to seal evil. The goddess In Skyward Sword had sealing powers and did that games Zelda. Light and sealing power(light force in some games) have almost always been linked to Zelda. Zelda from Skyward Sword went though a similar process to awaken her powers and even then she could only seal Demise.  The Triforce is never mentioned by name in BOTW. It also didn’t take a physical form in this game(you even said this in the video). If the royal family did have the complete Triforce, then why didn’t they wish for Calamity Ganon and his hated/malice to be permanently destroyed when they figured out he kept coming back?
Ally W. (5 months ago)
Maybe at some point in the era preceding BotW, someone touched the Triforce and their wish was that it would no longer be accessible to any other than the royal line... Why else would Zelda be the only one with it? It also might explain why Ganon gave up on being reborn. After spending so long chasing it, if he can't get the Triforce, he's basically powerless as a Gerudo or the like. His raw form would pretty much be his final option.
Ben Victim (6 months ago)
In the video, a thing that is stated that irks me a bit is how you say how the triforce is different in how it isn't a physical object but tied to an individual. It existed in both states in previous games and some times both states in the same game. In Ocarina of time, it was a physical object till Ganondorf touched it, then the pieces each got tied to an individual characters. These characters held the piece with-in them. In Windwaker, it is both as well. It piece of wisdom was in a physical form till completed, and then went inside zelda. Same with Courage and Link. Then at the end, Ganondorf pulled all the pieces out of themselves to from the full Triforce. In Twilight Princess, the Triforce exists only tied to the specific characters. Ganon had his from when he was sealed, Zelda says she got hers from her bloodline and then Link was choosen for his. Each piece in this game was never in it's physical state but tied to each person. This makes me think more or less that Breath of the wild takes place in the fallen time. This time-line has the most Ganondorf deaths. Link to the past, Link between worlds, The Oracle Games, The original Zelda, Zelda 2. Not just that, it is the only time line were the royal family had constant possession of the Trifroce. We've also seen the full Triforce used once before: by Ganon in a Link to the past. His power corrupted the whole sacred realm into a dark reflection. That was him, using the full Triforce, to corrupt. Zelda here, is just using the full power of it I feel.
AzureRoxe (6 months ago)
Breath of the Wild adds so many more questions than it answers. Why would the sword weaken? Why would Link, the same Link btw, have to prove himself to the sword again when he already wielded it? Why is Zelda's awakened power the Triforce? That has NEVER been "her power" before, she has always had extremely powerful magic with the Triforce of Wisdom being an addition. Why does neither Link nor Calamity Ganon even seem to care about the Triforce (to the point its barely mentioned)? What the heck is Malice and why has it never been shown before? Is Calamity Ganon that powerful compared to his previous incarnations?
Ashael Febo (6 months ago)
Since i have yet to beat the game, ill just add to watch later and come back in a month or 2 now that i wonna get all the shrines but they are getting harder to find the more i progress. Welp, wish me luck
TBelly (6 months ago)
Very good video guys
yogesh sharma (6 months ago)
i think there will be a prequel to botw which tell the events of the first calamity
Emma Henderson (6 months ago)
Displeasement!? Displeasure
Bryan Luke (6 months ago)
I don't think that Zelda directly had the triforce. I think that she is harnessing it's power, however without ever possessing it.
Mion Frota (6 months ago)
when ganondorf touch the triforce for the first time im temple of time , he have his wish ensuring and the triforce split in three , the most powerful, most wise. most valiant, in BotW i never see any evil touch the triforce to make split in the first place '-'
The Arcanian (6 months ago)
All of the points in this video could just as easily be used in an argument that it was not actually the triforce in BOTW, but that it was Hylia's power and the Triforce symbol was just a continuity nod for fans. The way to Triforce has worked has been consistent throughout the games, just because BOTW changed how LOZ is played does not nearly change how things in the LOZ universe work.
Amish Cowboy (7 months ago)
I like how they cut off his spoiler warning at the beginning
Nonoctoro (7 months ago)
The Triforce is the reason why Hylia become Zelda in the first place.
nythepremier (7 months ago)
She should have the entire Triforce, she visited the Springs of Courage, Wisdom and Power (once she became 17). Link was just a bodyguard...hell, even Ganon didn't really do much to get the Triforce this time around. He sat around in some cacoon for 100 years. You gotta earn that shit.
GU KingOfHeart (7 months ago)
Power = She was going full force against the guardians Courage = She was going to risk her life Wisdom = She studied ancient technology
Psycho Ninja (7 months ago)
Zelda is kinda like the avatar now.
Zelda hyrule (7 months ago)
I was wondering why link didnt have the triforce of courage
Gotcha The Spider (7 months ago)
I wonder what would happen if the royal family stopped naming their daughters Zelda.
Rich Nosowicz (7 months ago)
It still makes me happy to see my name in the Patreon credits. Love you guys. I'm very honoured to be able to support you.
Reidiculous64 (7 months ago)
Almost the 1 year anniversary of Breath of the Wild and the Switch!
Melva Edmiston (7 months ago)
Why did tirfroce ext in braath of wild true timeline Identity REVEALED! on this vidro please rewatch Timeline as downfall timeline Wind waker tirfroce shard and dead are everywhere so can fall there Phantom hourglass you must draw tirfroce so can fall there Spirit tracks froce gems exist Next child timelinw On every game tirfoce never exit or clue Four Swords Adventures As the Imprisoning War that start downfalll timeline Can not fall in downfall timeline Downfall timeline trifoce appease every installment there
Angel Hernandez Vega (7 months ago)
It’s about time someone besides me noticed the Triforce was almost completely forgotten
R MCX (7 months ago)
Yeah... just because the triforces blowing it doesn't mean that it's directly being used as a weapon. Something to remember is that it has been used in the past as a source of energy to amplify pre-existing powers . Such as when Ganondorf use the Triforce of power to amplify his dark magic in Ocarina of Time. The way I see it so that could simply be drawing energy from her Triforce piece to amplify her pre-existing Light Force powers.
Commenting Commenter (7 months ago)
I thought Inside Breath of the Wild was over? Hey, I'm not complaining, I get to listen to that amazing Cleffernotes theme song again!
Layluck (7 months ago)
I think the tri-force doesn't work differently, I think it still is what it always was but can take many forms... Mostly since it's the ultimate object of power. However I think that the Royal family over the generations has somehow learnt to pass it on mother to daughter and that it lays dormant in the carrier until the carrier finally balances her virtues. Or if the carrier dies without having a suitable/compatible relative it will return to behaving like it did in the other games... scatter, find the chosen ones or try to return to the sacred realm. So if Zelda had died in the game the triforce would have likely just returned to the sacred realm or scattered.
Spoob Spoob (7 months ago)
“Love alone would be cliche”
TeaRzOfTheFalleN (7 months ago)
I ike that after breath of the wild's release, so many people have become "experts" or "dedicated fans" of the series, yet they can't discern the difference between the triforce and the imbuement of the triforce of wisdom. The actual Triforce is not present in breath of the wild, anyone who had played a few of the games would know that Link and Zelda, in times of duress against Ganon, undergo trials which activate their inherited Triforce. Zelda has Wisdom, Link has Courage. Ganondorf possessed the Triforce of Power, but after Zant killed him and the God's forsook him, he was stripped of its grace. The actual Triforce pieces are not in the game. To possess the full, physical Triforce is to possess immeasurable power. You need not awaken any abilities at that state, simply wish for something and it will be done. Just as Zelda's of old have done, this Zelda sealed Ganon. The triforce a weapon? Was that ever a question? It can do anything! It's usages are dictated only by its wielder's desires. It can save or destroy. I don't know how anyone could have played WW, OOT, TP, SS, ALTTP and or Z2, and not know this.
TeaRzOfTheFalleN (3 months ago)
LainK1978 at the end of Twilight princess Zant snaps Ganons neck, severing his link to Raava and ending the avatar cycle... I mean, severing his link to the triforce of power. And in Twilight Princess Zelda, Ganon and Link all had their respective Pieces of triforce inherently imbued in them.
LainK1978 (4 months ago)
I agree with most all of what you said, but when did Zant ever kill Ganon, causing Ganon to lose his connection to the Triforce of Power? Also, Zelda and Link do not innately have those Triforce granted them in most of the games unless someone prior to the start of the game tried to claim the whole Triforce without embodying the balance of its three virtues causing it to split sending Triforce pieces which are not embodied by the toucher to their default embodiment.
Alistair Watson (7 months ago)
The Oracle of Secrets (7 months ago)
I think that the Triforce's change was actually something done on purpose in-universe. If you make people forget about the Triforce then there won't be wars over it. If you make it so the "Sealing Power" only passes down the female line of royalty you can ensure it stays with the royal family (and blood of the goddess) and can say that it legitimizes the Royal Families divine right to rule. As for why the Triforce was not able to be used the same, it is because the people don't know what it is. Everyone thinks it is just a Sealing Power, not the Triforce, and they think it has to be used a certain way. Because of this the Triforce can only be used as a Sealing Power (as that is the only thing one using it would use it for) and requires one to meet certain conditions (again, because that is what the weirder believes). I can go into more detail later. But have to go to work right now.
ÆonGuardian (7 months ago)
Hey, maybe you guys can look into whether or not the Goddess bloodline has anything to do with Gerudo bloodlines, since the Goddess' power transfers mainly through women. Would you think there's a possible connection?
Brian Preston (7 months ago)
It was the most disappointing ending and final battle ever. "Shoot the Glowing Spots on the Boss Link! Because you've never played this game before!" (sadly, Zelda actually says part of this.) I was also hoping the expansion would add some of the much needed missing enemies. Gibdos. LikeLikes. Tectites. So many missed opportunities. Don't get me wrong, I LOVED the game. I just don't bother playing it anymore now that I beat it... and that's a First for me with a Zelda game.
Swordlesslunk (7 months ago)
thank you for some reasonable speculation. I can't stand hmks wild stories upon wild stories or any bullshit zelda theorists. this was a refreshing video after a long period without a coherent observation from any theorist.
Swordlesslunk (7 months ago)
it seems after many millenia of failure and resurrection of ganon.. the descendant of hylia realized the destiny of the triforce and finally fulfilled it's true purpose, to be wielded by one most virtuous, to destroy demise. perhaps the the previous welders of the triforce weren't eligible to fulfill the role of Saint and thus, were given a single wish rather than "the true force". remember, the true force has been spoken about but has never been unlocked in the zelda universe prior to botw, nobody ever had the potential that zelda had. this video reveals what the true force is and the game tells the story of what it takes for one to wield such a power. thank you for fixing botw's broken story for me! until now, the bs love cliche is all I had to go by.
Ramiro LP (7 months ago)
But the King of Hyrule married into the Royal Family, he had no blood of the goddess
Kilravok (7 months ago)
I believe, the reason why Zelda was not able to access the Triforce without her mother's guidance because she considered it a burden, just an unwanted duty, not a gift to be embraced. She possibly even blamed the Triforce for the death of her mother. And the more her father pushed her to focus on her practice, the more she resented it. Her mother died before she could pass on the true secret of the Triforce and the key to unlocking it. All the days meditating and praying, she did so because she had to, coerced by tradition and duty. Only when Link was about to die right in front of her did she forsaken all resentment and called the power within with her own free will, not because her father told her to. The Triforce is still the same item it always has been. Even in past instalments, the Triforce was able to embed itself in form of energy in its wielder. In the past, the Triforce used to split up and only grand a part of itself, giving the other parts to the other parties that were connected by the curse, respective to what they valued most. There is however no reason to believe that the combined Triforce could not embed itself. Since the Triforce most often was associated with the threat of Ganon, the passing of time and the Chinese whispers of legend evolution have led to the believe that the Triforce was only a sealing power or weapon that the women of the royal family were born with. Its role as an omnipotent holy relic, that could literally reshape the world and the course of history, was forgotten. Also, it is shown in Twilight Princess that one can have the Triforce, or a fragment of it, without even knowing, presumably being born with it, only to awaken on its own accord when it is needed the most. Zelda may well have been born with the Triforce inside her and never been instructed properly in how to use it. We also know from Twilight Princess, that the Triforce can be passed on to another person, which greatly weakens the previous owner. Giving away a completed Triforce that was embedded may weaken the owner so much even that it might be fatal, which would add another reason for young Zelda to hate the power she inherited. If her mother died because she passed the Triforce on to Zelda, she would not want to awaken it inside her just out of resentment of the thing itself, not just the duty of being the princess.
Memerald メメラル (7 months ago)
Isn't love also a balance of the three ? Power, Wisdom and Courage?
Son of Time (7 months ago)
I got a theory what if a previous King or Queen of Hyrule made a wish to the Triforce to bond it's power to there blood line
Rémi SANCHEZ (7 months ago)
And what if the Triforce had always been a simple tool tu fulfill one's wishes? Of course the Princess uses it as a weapon but it could have become this very weapon according to the most important wish for Zelda: destroy Calamity Ganon. Don't forget she has spent her whole youth praying and hoping some power would awaken... for nothing? No. With the return of Ganon, the Triforce granted her wish, sensing there was no other weapon stronger than a pure god power and no other weapon able to manage to kill Ganon once and for all, and then it became this weapon. What do you think of it?
AJ (7 months ago)
Zachary Erickson (7 months ago)
Why does Zelda look pregnant in her white gown? HMK noticed this.
Blood (7 months ago)
I wonder if we'll ever see this event take place.. To my knowledge even the history of Breath of the Wild take place thousands of years after any other Zelda game in any timeline.. that is even if BotW even fits into it at all. Some argue that they wish they could play BotW 100 years ago during the events where the memories were made.. but to be completely honest.. I would love to play the history event in BotW.. the very first appearance of Calamity Ganon, the creation of the divine beasts and the guardians.. and then seeing the transformation of the Triforce from a divine artifact into godly weapon wielded only by Hylia's bloodline. This event is probably the most important one in BotW's backstory.. more so than what happened 100 years ago.. I want a Zelda game that allows me to experience this story.
Matthieu Mukwege (7 months ago)
Guys...Gyus...Skyward word...
Keith Castillo (7 months ago)
In reality Love, proper love, which is how a person acts and NOT how they feel, this compassionate love balances all virtues.  Courage and wisdom are balance by it because courage taken to far can end up being foolish and wisdom taken to far can end up being cowardice.  Same with Being humble and confident first taken to far could be depression and the other pride.  Love is being patient and kind is not easily angered rejoices in learning truth and always endures everything.  No greater power can a person have than compassionate unconditional love.  Therefore maybe that was one of their messages in the game?
Relyea (7 months ago)
Did using the Tri force really take lots of training or did princess Zelda hold the power inside all along? I think that the princess was beating herself up about not know what to do when really there was no training needed at all. She instinctively knew what to do when the time was right. She didn't learn how to use the Tri force over time or with practice. Even at the end she could feel the power was gone and still does. It understand it.
LainK1978 (4 months ago)
I'm of the mind that up until the point 100 years ago when she saved Link, Zelda only possessed 2 of the 3 required virtues to use the Triforce inside her. Her fear of failure which, as you said, she beat herself up about all the time, kept her being acknowledged by the Triforce of Courage until she stopped caring and thinking about that fear and acted.
Shade Blackwolf (7 months ago)
Zelda didn't unlock her powers till she proved her courage, strength and wisdom. Not an internal balance, a proof.
The Ultimate Potate (7 months ago)
What do you mean this zelda is the first? It's been stated that this game takes place after ocarina of time and the king's diary says he,s keeping to the TRADITION of naming her zelda
TGL Mudora (7 months ago)
Just want to point out that, in Breath of the Wild's Master Works, page 382, it appears as though Zelda makes a silent wish from the heart to protect Link. And that is when her powers "awaken." The original Japanese text, and translation, as follows: ゼルダ姫の手を取り、ガーディアンを退けつつ逃避行を続けたリンクであったが、ハテノ砦を目前に力尽きてしまう。自分を守るために傷ついたリンクを助けたい......そう願うゼルダ姫は、今まさにリンクに襲いかからんとするガーディアンを抑えるかのように右手をかざした。するとゼルダ姫の手の甲にトライフォースの紋様が浮かび、周囲に強い光を放ったのであるゼルダ姫の封印の力が覚醒したのだ。光を受けたガーディアンは厄災ガノンの怨念から解かれ、次々に活動を停止させていった。 Taking Princess Zelda's hand, and repelling Guardians, Link continued his flight but ran out of strength when Fort Hateno was right in front of him. "I want to protect Link, who's gotten injured to protect me"……So did Princess Zelda wish, and held her right hand out as if facing the Guardian that was about to attack Link right then. The Crest of the Triforce emerged upon the back of her hand and released a powerful light into the surroundings; Princess Zelda's sealing power had awoken. The Guardians hit by the light were freed from Calamity Ganon's malice, and stopped moving one after the other. This passage was translated by the user Sidier/Yamikawa, on January 11, 2018.
Shade Nox (7 months ago)
Nope. No such limit is ever expressed. We do however only see one wish ever being made at a time though.
NintendoBlackCrisis (7 months ago)
TGL Mudora Hmm, I always had the thought that perhaps the triforce/power awoken because of a wish like that (after all that is how it works), but the triforce can only have one wish right? The whole thing is confusing rofl
chillking3 (7 months ago)
Where can i watch the fanmade animations used in this video?
xXPsionicPhantomXx (7 months ago)
Ok i get that u making a good point but this game is sadly dead😢
Froilan Fuentes (7 months ago)
The problem with implying that Zelda has the complete Triforce is that it makes Link and the Master Sword's role and the whole struggle, practically pointless. If she had it, why not just wish for Calamity Ganon's destruction like the Sky Hero did to Demise? The Triforce just shows that she has the perfect balance and her power awakened, you got that right. It is barely mentioned in the game, because Nintento did not make it a focal point of the story. Like in Minish Cap and FS, we have The Light Force. In BoTW, we have The Sealing Power of the Princess of Destiny. P.S. I always hated that the Triforce is nothing but a plot-device. Why is it never an usable item? Getting makes you activate some power or power-up mode. Also, I hope one day we get the option to play as all the Chosen Ones. Like Sonic 06, but you know... Done right. A Ganon story, a Zelda story and Link story.
Dr Salt (7 months ago)
Breath of the Wild is GOAT
HeavyDonkeyKong (7 months ago)
I freaking love the intro music for the inside BOTW series. :)
LordNul1 (7 months ago)
BotW didn't really change the use of the Triforce, into a weapon, that was Skyward Sword that did that when it was used to kill demise in the present (only for Girahim to make you have to kill him in the past as well)
nworder4life (7 months ago)
It's not the triforce, it's a sacred power which is passed on in the blood of Hylia. Zelda's mom didn't just pass the triforce on to her daughter, every blood descendant can use the sacred power. This is simply the bloodline that we have seen emphasized in so many zelda games. Instead of the magical blood unlocking transformations, giving telepathic powers etc what we get in BOTW is the magic blood giving Hylia's descendants an incredible sealing power.
nworder4life (7 months ago)
I would think the sacred power is exclusive to the women of the royal family. Either way, the triforce isn't just going to fundamentally change in it's function to support this theory. Plenty of links have had the symbol of the triforce without possessing it, this isn't anything new.
_crispito_ 1 (7 months ago)
I would agree with that except for the fact that if King Rhoam had the sealing power then that would mean Rhoam would have committed incest (but then again, I wouldn't be surprised) Honestly IDK, I really don't trust localization teams after Fire Emblem Fates. (But I don't mind when it's done decently)
Shroom1Up (7 months ago)
so all it took was a magic effect to make this theory`? sorry but you also showed ganons hand in TP showing a triforce with more then just his fragment. all zeldas always had light infused powers, that BOTW zeldas tri force fragment glowed so bright even on courage and power parts is due to that light.
Nonst M (7 months ago)
Just wanted to say thank you for the spoiler warning at the beginning. Spoilers are a big deal to me and like an idiot i clicked on this video without finishing the game. I liked the video and i hope it helps!
Saben Campbell (7 months ago)
32nd anniversary bois! Man I remember playing Wind Wake when I was like 11. Those were the days. So many of the games were mysterious to me because I never thought I could get them, and then I did and I beat them. BotW is its own thing. It was the first game U felt true hype for and first playing it and seeing how far away Death Mountain was, that's when it hit me.
Nathan Trinh (7 months ago)
If BotW's Zelda and her ancestors before were the only users of the Triforce, that could only mean one thing. BotW is in a completely different Timeline than any other installments. Everything we saw were simply stories. Simply Legends. What if the Yiga Clan wasn't aiming to eliminate the power of Hylia, but rather take the power of the Triforce, or scatter the Triforce?
Turaco (7 months ago)
They need to overhaul Link severely. Like it feels he is no longer needed in the equation to defeat the Evil. This can be seen in the fact that the one thing that makes Link special (The Master Sword) is no longer needed to strike the final blow/seal the Evil. Ganon is the reincarnation of a Demon God, and Zelda is the reincarnation/descendant of a Goddess. I am good with this when Link is vital to the equation with the Master Sword, but the fact of the matter is he isn't really needed anymore as Ganon can be felled with the Master Sword or a Wooden Stick. One way they could remedy this, is having Link cannonically being the reincarnation of the same soul over and over. This could also be implemented into a game as well, obtaining memories of one of Link's past lives and obtaining their abilities. In the next game, if this was optional like the memories that would be insanely cool imo. What are your thoughts and opinions on this?
Kevin Notanactualname (1 month ago)
Link is a lot more vital than you guys give him credit for. He is the front liner. The sealing power won’t work with Ganon at full strength, he MUST be severely injured in order for it to work. The Guardians and Divine Beasts were created as backup, mainly because the Sheikah at the time were hyper advanced (I mean, if you knew something would inevitably come to destroy the world, wouldn’t you use every available resource to stop it?). But, as advanced weapons as they are, they can’t deal with Ganon directly. On a second note, Link already reincarnates... kinda. Every Link has the “spirit of the hero,” which inevitably binds them to the impending conflict, as per Demise’s curse. That’s why they all have similar personalities, they carry the same spirit, yet are not the same person. Recovering the memories from their predecessors would cause a LOT of lore issues, since it heavily relies on the passage of time weathering down known history into legends and semi-true myths. So I don’t think that would work really well. One more thing: it is kinda annoying that the Master Sword, and the Divine Beasts, for that matter, aren’t really required, despite supposedly playing a crucial role. However, that can be chalked up to open-world game design. Also, the Master Sword is extremely effective in the presence of Malice (which I can consider the physical for of pure evil), which adds to it being “the blade of evil’s bane.” (Though there is the Trial of the Sword, which greatly annoyed me, tbh. I liked the idea of the Master Sword only gaining its true power in the presence of true evil). That being said, Dark Beast Ganon could be touch by anything without the sealing power holding him back, and even then, only Light Arrows, the Master Sword’s beams, and Ancient Arrow could make a dent, all of which being a “sacred” projectile of some sort.
Swordlesslunk (7 months ago)
had it not been for link in this equation, as little role as he played, none of it could have happened had be not built up his courage to once again face ganon. Never forget... this is zeldas legend after all. you're just the best knight in town.
HeavyDonkeyKong (7 months ago)
Links wasn't necessarily needed, I agree. But the Master Swordnwould give them an ADVANTAGE against Ganon, and Link is the only one there who can actually use it, imo.
KLink (7 months ago)
I have a theory about botw and Odyssey. I feel like in a certain way the endings of botw and Odyssey are very similar, obviously I don't mean I felt Mario's ending was serious just that it had a similar fell I think. In Odyssey when you beat the game Princess Peach shows independence and strength as a character by showing that she doesn't need anyone to protect her or to give her flowers and spoil her, instead she takes off on her own to experience the many adventures to be had in all of the kingdoms. This lead me to think about possible stand alone Peach game, or maybe even "Peach Odyssey". This may seem over the top and a dumb thing to just assume but think about the ending of botw and the many characteristics of Zelda talked about in this video. Both princesses are very underdeveloped in past games and the focus is just on saving them, never on the characters themselves (I'm talking more about peach here). But by some "coincidence" they get more character development in Nintendo's two block buster 2017 games that revolutionized there game series as a whole and were worked on for a long time. In conclusion I don't think there's bad chances Peach and Zelda get there very own stand alone games.
Black Rosé (7 months ago)
Best game of all time in my opinion
Andres Marrero (7 months ago)
I think that was the lightforce, or what little remains of it since Vaati never returned what he stole. And there is competent evidence that the lightforce is Hylia's power which is equal if not greater than the triforce as mandatory for a guardian of such a relic.
Omar Rivas Bustinza (7 months ago)
The mother of that Zelda is another Zelda?
Lifeoflink Hyrule (7 months ago)
As always, I enjoyed the video. However I do not think that BotW changed the Triforce from a relic that granted wishes to a weapon of mass destruction. Being able to have the Triforce allows the bearer to do anything he or she wishes. Ganondorf used just a piece of the Triforce in OoT to transform into Ganon, a living weapon of destruction if let loose. The Triforce is used in Skyward Sword as a weapon to eradicate Demise. The use of the Triforce depends solely on the one that wields its incomparable power. On a sidenote, we have also seen the Triforce or parts thereof inhabit people, such as in OoT. Only when it is separated from the bearer does it regain its normal, golden form.
Vívio CA2 (7 months ago)
Before I watch the video: Please don't be a 10 minutes vídeo saying that Zelda was using the Triforce in the scene where she nuked Ganon. We already had various examples of Hylia's Power (or Blessing) being represented by the mark of the Triforce. And ... it was!
rick van der horst (7 months ago)
i directly subscribed to you guys amazing!!!
Daniel Kedney (7 months ago)
Nyxael's Hub (7 months ago)
Hey guys!
Dodo Bravo (7 months ago)
I was so confuse in the game because the triforce was not showed or spoken of... I still prefer the old triforce formula doh
ZXBilly (7 months ago)
Gave up trying make sense of the Zelda timeline long ago. Not really much point. It's much less painful to accept them as standalone stories in the franchise. Twisting plotlines to suit an individuals narrative is pretty much pointless.
LainK1978 (4 months ago)
You can have a Grand Plan and a woven story without it being a tight knit weave. The Zelda games all are linked together in one way or another; some stories and games are very closely linked and others are more distantly linked. The Zelda series is not an anthology series like the FF series. As a rule, the games within the FF series are their own game and are only linked together by their name; one can pick any FF game and play it without having played any of the ones before it without even knowing that there are other games in the series; the exception is FF9 and that is just because of the call back to FF1 in it which was done intentionally as FF9 was the last in the old FF style of game. The games within the Zelda series however all build on each other and actually are inter-connected. While each Zelda game is a self contained story, the world and lore of that world make it clear as you play it that there are things you are missing if you have not played the other games, and that there is more to enjoy if you have.
ZXBilly (7 months ago)
Fat Tiger That sums it up quite well.
Fat Tiger (7 months ago)
Yeah though I find timeline theory videos entertaining, not for one second do I think Nintendo has a grand plan or even care about continuity between games. At this point, the LoZ series is closer to an anthology series like FF than a tightly woven story like MGS.
inexfan89 (7 months ago)
ZXBilly pretty much the same what Nintendo did.
Lunala Projects (7 months ago)
wut u say'in? The reason only zelda could use the triforce was because Demise's curse!
The No.1 Guy (7 months ago)
Zelda Wiki can help reference the various appearances of the Triforce across the games. The thing Zelda does to Ganon at the end....is the equivalent of what her ancestor did in Ocarina of Time, right before Link struck the final blow. Of course, it wasn't defined exactly the same as it here, but it's sealing magic, POWERFUL sealing magic, as they mention numerous times in-game. I wouldn't confuse the symbol or sigil of the Triforce with the actual artifact. When the actual physical Triforce is present, it is clear - it has dimension and thickness and is something that's tangible. Whenever it's used as a sigil or symbol in some king of magic, or used as more of a concept, the Triforce appears flat/2-dimensional (which makes sense since it is only a symbol). Since Zelda II, it has appeared on the backs of people's hands as a mark, sometimes in association with possessing a piece and sometimes not. The Triforce symbolizes the power of the gods beyond just the physical object itself. There is a habit of showing which portion of the Triforce is in use by hollowing out the inactive pieces, like OOT or Link Between Worlds, but it can also appear as part of a spell that invokes magic associated with the gods since they are its source. You see this in real-world religions as well. The symbol for the religion often represents something tangible or something real in the context of a story, but it also symbolizes the religion and its gods as a total concept as well. Zelda's sealing magic comes from the gods, like the Zeldas before her; some might say it's tied to the Triforce of Wisdom. It's often associated with seals and gateways to other realms, and magic tied to the gods and Hylian lore. Ganondorf's magic puts an emphasis on power, and doesn't seem to be informed by any kind of knowledge. Before Skyward Sword, it just seemed he was utilizing the dark arts, or maybe archaic Gerudo magic. Link's power is probably the least obvious of the three. At the most, its seen in the use of the Master Sword and his absurd durability and stamina. You never see him calling on the gods like Zelda does, unless you count the sword. Overall, the Triforce is wholly absent as a physical presence in this game. If you recall, it either resides in fragments or pieces in the physical world, or it resides in the Sacred Realm until contact is made with it again from the other side. Very rarely, it remains in the physical world completely assembled, albeit guarded until it is hidden away again. Access to the Triforce is usually closely tied to the Royal Family and sacred locations in Hyrule...but they've all been leveled. The influence of the Triforce's power is alluded to here and there, but it's kind of not a major agent in this game's events.
LainK1978 (4 months ago)
In order for the backstory of Zelda 2 to work, the Triforce has to be able to be passed by linage somehow. Because if the Triforce was always a physical object, then the King had no need to have went and hidden the Triforce of Courage, because upon the Prince touching the Triforce, it would have split with each of the Triforces going to the one who best exemplifies its virtue. I would say that when it is touched by someone who does embody all 3 virtues, then it resides in that person or any direct offspring of that person after they gain the Triforce; with the wielder being able to remove a piece or transfer the whole thing consciously to one of their offspring.
Bob Belcher (7 months ago)
That clip of killing the stalmoblin with an ice arrow makes me irrationally angry
Oli (7 months ago)
Link also plays a role in the battle of Ganon not just pulling out the Master Sword and bringing Zelda to unleash her power. He also is the one that weakens Ganon so that Zelda could take the Final hit. I also think of the Power less of the Triforce but overall the Power of Hylia that is only one part that is needed to beat ganon, the other part would be Link if the Heros Soul. Still a really nice Video!
Simply Will (7 months ago)
Anyone else notice that the Triforce, while awesome and one of my favorite concepts in video games and fiction. Never is useable in game? Like you can't use it like magic or items or something like that
peter skrobola (7 months ago)
Isaiah Torres (7 months ago)
I love the video but you called Link her lifeguard instead of bodyguard.......
Lillyz (7 months ago)
I think the Triforce isn't even in the game, I'm pretty sure Zelda just has the typical power every Zelda had. The light force or sealing power or whatever it is that she inherited. If she actually had the Triforce, she could have destroyed Calamity Ganon right away without Link. Your theory makes no sense.
Froilan Fuentes (6 months ago)
Alejandro Quiceno Link doesn't have the Triforce. The pieces come out of him because he was the nothing more than a transportation device, since the pieces were in the Silent Realm and needed to be in the material realm. The Triforce on his hand was just a mark to indicate he had the perfect balance. Zelda having it makes no sense and saying that it is only powerful enough to just seal Ganon is plain wrong. The thing literally killed Demise and flooded and destroyed a kingdom. Calamity Ganon is nothing to the Triforce Zelda's Triforce symbol is probablu to signify that she had the perfect balance.
Alejandro Quiceno (6 months ago)
In skyward sword Link DOES have the triforce. When he is in Skyloft in front of the Godess Statue the triforce literally comes out from within link. Also, he doesn't have to touch it to make a wish. So I'd say in BOTW Zelda indeed has the triforce, as it appears in the palm of her hand, but maybe it's only powerful enough to seal Ganon on its beast form. Thus, Link becomes necessary. As to why Zelda has the whole triforce, idk... Maybe she actually gained it by visiting the fountains but she hadn't activated yet...
Froilan Fuentes (7 months ago)
Brandon Anthony Calamity Ganon is Demise's Hate Curse taking a beast form, rather than a human form. Think of it as the curse itself in its primal form.
FierceDeity (7 months ago)
Brandon Anthony Exactly.
Brandon Anthony (7 months ago)
I guess it’s a Triforce bargain sale. “You get a Triforce...and YOU get a Triforce...and YOU get a Triforce!
Mr. Internet Man (7 months ago)
If Zelda had the full power of the Triforce within her and at her disposal, she would be an actual God. The power she was trying to and eventually wielded, was that of the Goddess Hylia.
Mr. Internet Man (7 months ago)
Andres Marrero No shit. Hylia gave up her divinity.
Andres Marrero (7 months ago)
funny because she is Hylia.
Vernon Benton (7 months ago)
where'd those scenes of goddess hylia at 1:32 - 1:35 come from?
Colton Lindley (7 months ago)
Sorry, I do not really like the rim of the video, the blue hue. Is that a NBC thing, or what? Just a viewer's feedback...
Sees Konrad is narrating... “UGH 😫”
EmeraldDragon (7 months ago)
It would be interesting to find out how the Triforce ended up inside Zelda.
Colton Lindley (7 months ago)
Wouldn't it be an interesting game idea if, looking back on it's history, the people of Hyrule try to destroy the Triforce of Power, but it either massively backfires, or they do manage it, but with disastrous consequences? Just an idea...
Froilan Fuentes (7 months ago)
TheloyalArcanine Unlikely. The Triforce of Power has little to do with Ganon's ability to reincarnate. That is Demise's eternal curse. That said, without it, Ganon is highly nerfed
Colton Lindley (7 months ago)
I don't know either, but definitely the right mindset of a Zelda theorist.
TheloyalArcanine (7 months ago)
What if that is what happened, and that's why Ganondorf couldn't reincarnate properly? Or maybe not, I don't know
inexfan89 (7 months ago)
Colton Lindley no problem. You should definitely check it out. It's fun and kinda was a blueprint for BotW and it's concept to do things how you please.
Colton Lindley (7 months ago)
me bad have not played that yet
WilliamtheSilent (7 months ago)
Happy birthday Legend of Zelda
Reyla Wolfang (7 months ago)
Two of my favorite theorists making a video together is epic. Plus its on my fav game ever
Linkling (7 months ago)
Happy 32nd anniversary to one of the best frachises ever The Legend of Zelda
Nayru of the Zoras (7 months ago)
Wow, 32 years already. This such a legendary series! I wondered about the Triforce for some time now when it came to BotW. This is close as we can get to have an idea on what true reason the Triforce has for only being use by Zelda. I am still curious and confuse on why Link didn't really have the Triforce of Courage, but considering the circumstances, I guess it made sense. Do you think Zelda can still wish the Triforce to wish the Kingdom back to its glorious state again? I mean she has it, and its both a weapon and a wishing relic, so why not?
Nayru of the Zoras (7 months ago)
inexfan89 So true!
inexfan89 (7 months ago)
Nayru of the Zoras of course it's legendary. The title implies it. 😉
Sage Tan (7 months ago)
Honestly how is tri force is a Weapon?
kingjonny (7 months ago)
they said that during botw development they worked out where the story of the series is going to go from here, but i can't even imagine! here's to another 32 years of epic games

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