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Fortnite | Switch vs PS4 vs PS4 Pro | Graphics Comparison | Comparativa

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ElAnalistaDeBits (5 months ago)
FRAMERATE TEST HERE: www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgOjgswzJyM
Tito Garcia (3 months ago)
ElAnalistaDeBits a
Brandon Lozoya (3 months ago)
ElAnalistaDeBits eeeem así n se ve en la switch
ShaneIsntHere (4 months ago)
Nintendo switch is even worse on portable mode
Lusp (4 months ago)
ElAnalistaDeBits you should have do the mobile too, then did the switch look a lot less worse
SuperZdvd (4 months ago)
ElAnalistaDeBits I have a question when you say ps4 does it include ps4 slim? Are both about the same graphics?
J Hays (7 hours ago)
Can you do a new on of these since they uncapped the frames for ps4
Randal (1 day ago)
! La vas a matar perro ¡
Tommy Reyes (2 days ago)
Play fortnite outside with the ps4 oh wait....
kelvin game (2 days ago)
Como Tebas a poner a comparar un pesado de cartón con ps4
Yeragta12 (2 days ago)
Eva Fornasiere-Birner (3 days ago)
ps4 is the best
ZEX Oneeyed (4 days ago)
Surely it's the same for most UE4 games? Or does Fortnite have it's own graphics? Because I've noticed the same lens flare etc on some other games.
Switch version or Mobile version? I can't see the differences 😂😂
dulce maria ferrer (5 days ago)
Switch perdon por que switch es horrible que Los ps4
dulce maria ferrer (5 days ago)
Yo digo que Les requomiendo que no jueges a s
Kaio Sama (7 days ago)
Puede que la ps4 pro tenga mejores graficos pero nunca tendra un smash :V (comentario random)
THE BLACK STAR GAME (7 days ago)
Hey no abusen con los mas pequeños
Dvorak (10 days ago)
Graphics wise, ps4 pro but you gotta listen to me for a sec Fortnite with console graphics on the go
Joaquinrodri234 (10 days ago)
Look the PC hahaha
Aguielpro Aguilera (19 days ago)
En switch se ve mal porque epic games intento sacarlo rapidamente (fortnite switch) y es su ademas es su 1 version
koko__pedro (18 days ago)
No es que se vea mal mal... Es que la consola no da más
JJ Animations (22 days ago)
I don’t you should be comparing a giant console vs a suped up tablet.
High End Gaming (23 days ago)
1:04 LMAO
Nnd Nnnxk (25 days ago)
ps4 and ps4 pro graphics are 90% the same Nintendo version also looks good here's a love from PS4 fan to Nintendo switch fans
SirDano64 (26 days ago)
I want a PS4 but I have no money... 😢
TrEZz THrOt (28 days ago)
I’ll be honest I barely see the difference between PS4 and PS4 Pro graphics
Shadow difference
CHUBy SSET (30 days ago)
Me daría risa ver una portátil de play son tan fracasados en eso
Álvaro Uribe Vélez (23 days ago)
CHUBy SSET (30 days ago)
La nintendo es portátil y mucho más chica idiotas y de hecho tiene los mejores juegos exclusivos y muchas más que la play y además tiene el mejor juego del año actual
koko__pedro (18 days ago)
Mejores juegos exclusivos por que lo dices tu 🤣 portátil y sobremesa
EMON (30 days ago)
Why are you comparing a handheld lol also in my opinion regular ps4 looks better
Tudo a mesma coisa
PointlessPlay (1 month ago)
How did you record 60fps on ps4
Ardirestu Septiadi (1 month ago)
In terms of Graphics and FPS : 1. Enthusiast Gaming PC 2. High-End Gaming PC 3. Mid-End Gaming PC/High End Gaming Laptop 4. Entry Level PC/Mid end Gaming Laptop 5. Xbox One X 6. Low End Gaming Laptop/PS4 Pro 7. PS4/Ultrabook?PS4 Slim 8. Xbox One S 9. Xbox One 10. Nintendo Switch
Joshua Macdonald (1 month ago)
the ps4 and the ps4 pro looked just like the lightings a little difrint sorry I'm a kid can't spell
Incocnito 2.0 (1 month ago)
Cual compro ps4 o ps4 pro
Flipnote :'D (1 month ago)
Wormwitcher (1 month ago)
Is it a coincidence that it's on Switch noskin?
Then nintendo is better docked
Vangoose Gameing (1 month ago)
Forgot ps4 slim
Dope beats Central (1 month ago)
Ps4 pro for shure sorry switch 😭😭
Swich has less chest
Ricardo Floresツ (1 month ago)
Pc xbox one x 👌👍👏
ichalo 123 (1 month ago)
Todos son muy buenos pero en mi opinión mejor es la switch
3z-`zxSッ (1 month ago)
Ata Kaplan26 (1 month ago)
Ps4 pro best but switch dock and tablet mode
LumiYT (1 month ago)
TKArmado_HG (1 month ago)
3-Nitendo 2-PS4 1-PS4 PRO
Cristóbal Hernández (1 month ago)
Yo creo que la pc le gana a todas las consolas Pero si hay que elegir entre la switch o la play 4 Eligo la play 4 porque encuentro que la switch es más incomoda
BOTs V One (2 months ago)
Pz 49 (2 months ago)
It annoys me how the switch version is super quiet in handheld mode
ja ck (2 months ago)
Winner PS4Pro
JOHN IZL (2 months ago)
Switch !!!
Isaac M FYUO (2 months ago)
En xbox se ve mucho mejor
Davide Della Bella (2 months ago)
Ele a eme i ese eme a doble be E be a de a (Deletreado *LA MISMA WEBADA :V)*
el caramelito (2 months ago)
Xbox one x
Blocky (2 months ago)
Se ve mucho mejor hoy en día la versión de switch.
Matty xD (2 months ago)
El echo que puedas jugar esta bien
Todas son exelentes sólo tiene una poca mejor gráfica en la ps4 pero es entendible
GLAESHEA GAMES (2 months ago)
TBA FOR LIFE (2 months ago)
so fake its funyy
kamegonnかめごん (2 months ago)
Jade Rabbit (2 months ago)
Im so happy i bought the pro instead of the slim
Antony Khoury (2 months ago)
The switch is ass
Santi! Agudo (2 months ago)
Chango la nintendo nunca sera mejor que la play solo por ser portatil la nintendo es una pendejada y critican a la ps4 no la supera
ErEdith13 (2 months ago)
Es de subnormal comparar los graficos del fortnite. EN FORTNITE NO IMPORTAN LOS PUTOS GRAFICOS.
Álvaro Uribe Vélez (23 days ago)
seh ese juego de mierda no tiene por donde sacarle algo bueno porque no jugabilidad tiene
AraFake_HD (2 months ago)
The Switch is so small and it has too good graohics so shut the hell up and dont compare switch with ps4/xbox one
Fernando Perez (2 months ago)
Xbox one Switch MOBILE Ps4
maxence voisin (2 months ago)
Ps4 pro
Marek See (2 months ago)
Ps4 pro
Geanina RAD (2 months ago)
ps4 pro:Best game ever ps4: perfect pc:noice Nintendo switch: <:( mobile : =/ mac:what is this shit? ???
Geanina RAD (2 months ago)
ps4 pro
dario cv (2 months ago)
Ps4 pro😍😍
Gregoire Appaerts (2 months ago)
Ps4 pro : perfect Ps4 : good Switch : normal Mobile: BAD
Kaguya (2 months ago)
The Switch version isn't bad at all in graphics the graphic match if not outperform the original PS4 and add in the fact that it's more versatile than either PS4 can every hope to be by being playable as a console and handheld while the PS4 consoles can't boast that they are the ultimate versions of Fortnite when it's a matter of preference on either the player prefers versatility over seemingly "perfect framerate and graphics" all that matters is if the player that is playing it enjoys it no matter what flaws it has from platform to platform.
Khemile Frias (2 months ago)
fael gamer (2 months ago)
Vc é brasileiro?
ART Steven (2 months ago)
Es mejor playstation
Lucas Dorneles (2 months ago)
OK, PS4 tem bons gráficos, mas dá pra jogar cagando?
ChurrascoPaltaTV (2 months ago)
Switch has less trees, completely unplayable
bayad ameen (2 months ago)
ps4 Pro
RixdoYT (2 months ago)
This just makes me want to buy the ps4 pro
Pixel Gamer77 (2 months ago)
Why can they make the Switch version with shadows, and at least 40fps, when Zelda Breath of the Wild exist? smh
Maria Vasco (2 months ago)
I have Nintendo switch
david04 DSM (3 months ago)
Switch is a big sheet
martinvicente 777 (3 months ago)
Prefiero la ps4 normal
Nasrallah Jabbar (3 months ago)
Like ps4 pro😘😘😘👍👍👍👍👍👍
Hector Juarez el prooo (3 months ago)
ByDylan (3 months ago)
Calidad precio Ps4
BylioFortnite 15 (3 months ago)
Por si no se dieron cuenta estos pelotudos le suben y bajan el brillo
GAMACHIS pro pro (3 months ago)
Tengo PS4 👌👌
rezi (3 months ago)
I legit don’t know if I have the pro on original how do I know?
Pharell Z (3 months ago)
ps4 is very the best
Jeeses99 (3 months ago)
Graphically no difference. The switch just needs to hurry it up with the 60fps update. Especially since it's getting bigger UE4 games than Fortnite that will run at 30fps.
JonRM (3 months ago)
The Nintendo switch does pretty well quality with the size, It is like 10 times smaller than Ps4Pro
JonRM (3 months ago)
I bet if the Nintendo switch was the size of the PS consoles, it propably do the same or better.
chorigames YT (3 months ago)
playstation 4 pro win
abdullah minhas asad (3 months ago)
gna ps4 pro
まめたけ. (3 months ago)
Rodrigo0 099 (3 months ago)
Quiero la Nintendo shichw
LunasAnime (3 months ago)
I just bought a Nintendo Switch, guess now I’m returning it. Seriously, The quality SUCKS eggs.
Kacper Wakulewicz (3 months ago)
Jebany śmieciu a gdzie xone?
Reoma Hayasyi (3 months ago)

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