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Dating Mind Games - Are You Being Played a Fool?

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Have you ever worried that the man you’re dating is playing mind games with you? Do you feel great about the relationship sometimes but completely unsure of things at other times? Then you’ve gotta watch this video where I explain the most common mind games when he's just not that into you. Do you worry that the man you're dating is playing you? In this video you will also learn the signs he's a player and the signs of manipulation from a narcissist. I’m Dr Antonio Borrello, and I’m a psychologist and relationship coach. This channel is all about helping you build great relationships so you can grow happy with the people you love. So, if you’re interested in relationship advice and dating advice, start now by subscribing here. https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=antonioborrello And Join our conversation on social media. Facebook https://www.facebook.com/aborrello2 Instagram https://www.instagram.com/edatingdr/ Twitter https://twitter.com/eDatingDr I'm happy to answer subscriber dating and relationship questions anonymously. Email AntonioBorrello@icloud.com
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Text Comments (79)
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
I think the jealousy mind game is probably the most common one that people experience... but what do you think? Has anyone tried to make you jealous to manipulate you in some way? Leave a comment and let us know...
Donna Maniscalco (10 days ago)
This guy I had been seeing long distance lives as a caretaker in his ex-girlfriends home and he stopped communicating with me via phone because he said he wasn’t ready for a relationship. I would get the silent treatment where he wouldn’t text for days, then I would get texts about how he and his ex chipped in to get a juicer for the house or how he would be hanging out with these friends, but could not see me because it would be too hard for him. He has other female friends but doesn’t ever treat me like a friend, so I said that I am making the choice to see other people if the opportunity comes up. This is the strangest situation I’ve ever been in with a man.
Michaela Jefferson (24 days ago)
Yes my guy close friend I thought he was an asshole and cut him off. I'm also having problems with a player
Bette Johnson (24 days ago)
Antonio Borrello yes I find that this guy I've been talking about finds a way to question whether or not I'm seeing anybody it always seems to come back pointing to him on a poor me basis. . Really I believe it's a bunch of poor me mind games .
Carina Mcdermott (27 days ago)
Antonio Borrello I have a guy who is just a friend do this ....what's all that about? Lol
Sarah Steer (29 days ago)
Thank you Dr B, awesome advice as always!! If a man or woman has to reduce you as a person to build themselves up, tell them to Jog on!! 😉
samera ahmed (10 hours ago)
Thanks Antonio very informative
faith hanson (3 days ago)
What does it tell if a guy is ignoring her for many months. Then comes back as if nothing happened. Then back again to ignoring for more than 2 months. What does that mean?
Karen Ashley (7 days ago)
I had a boyfriend who was very physically attractive. He would delight in making me jealous. And if I showed it too much I would get beatings. I was unfaithful and he beat up the other man in public.
Karen Ashley (6 days ago)
I left the country. +Antonio Borrello
Antonio Borrello (6 days ago)
Hi Karen Ashley I'm glad to know he is your ex and not with you. How did the relationship end? Be Well, Antonio
Cassidy Elsworth (21 days ago)
It's crazy you know so much I been with my husband ten years and he does all of these when I question it he tells me "no I love you I want to be with you" but I don't feel it am I blind how do I go about this
Michaela Jefferson (24 days ago)
I have all these problems but he is a close friend we no longer talk now
Nassiha Nassie (25 days ago)
Dr I want to know my ex boyfriend still take my phone call. what can I do. to talk each other or not??
Fatme Amine (25 days ago)
💯 Great video. Thank you for sharing. It's sad that grown men and women engage in this kind of behavior. The only way to win with a toxic person is not to play their game. Love is easy. People are just difficult.
LawLu Shipper (25 days ago)
My boyfriend has this "friend" who he says he's platonic with. Heh. Never texts me. 😒
Yuikiu Rose (26 days ago)
I wish I had someone to love...
Nassiha Nassie (27 days ago)
I met a person on social media and firstly he chat like friendly manner and it Changed to lover. he talk a lot about romantically and last he move away from me and I am 😕
Lory Pineda Chavez (27 days ago)
Thanks for this video, now I know 🙏
Dana Ben Bassat (27 days ago)
Thank you so much For that. :)
high Feyisara (28 days ago)
he did all to me 😪😪😪he made me feel like a fool
high Feyisara (28 days ago)
Antonio Borrello thank you for the courage. it's of recent so I am trying to get over it
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Hi oke temitope I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad the relationship is behind you. Time to focus on the right one for you. Thanks for watching and commenting. Are you a subscriber? I love reading comments and talking about issues that people deal with. Please share your ideas and thoughts in future videos.. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
Carla Amero (29 days ago)
Why is every man I've had a relationship with every one of these??? 😬
Judy Jack-Burton (29 days ago)
What about when he started out doing all the right things. Better than anyone. Then after time, distance and some complications you now see some of these things. How do you get him back to how he was in the beginning??? Is it possible? Completely drop all contact, do your own thing, then leave it up to see what he does?
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Hi Judy Jack-Burton You have to be willing to walk away if he doesn't make the changes you need. Thank you for watching and for commenting. Antonio
composer19la (29 days ago)
He did all of those things. I left. Happier now.
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Hi composer19la That's probably a good idea in this situation. Thanks for watching and commenting. We are building a community of supportive friends who are interested in building great relationships and growing happy with the people they love. I'm excited for you to watch our videos and join in on our conversations. =) . If you haven't yet subscribed, please click the following link to be sure you aren’t missing any of our new videos. And don’t forget to click the bell icon to become part of our notification squad.  https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=antonioborrello Chat soon, Antonio
Joyce Jackson (29 days ago)
thanks for the advice.
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Hi Joyce Jackson Thank you for watching and for commenting. Antonio
Shekha Patwa (29 days ago)
It was really helpful n all instances are true... Thanx. Its an eye opener for many.... From India
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Thank you for your kind words Shekha Patwa. And thank you for your watching and commenting. Antonio
Lina Figueroa xoxo (29 days ago)
Dr Antonio, I love all of your advice! I've learned so much about myself and the guys I talk to. For example, you gave me advice about reaching out to an old flame that had stayed texting me over the years. When we finally set up to meet he only suggested meeting at events that catered to his interests...like meeting up for his birthday, a Halloween event where a celebrity he liked was going to be, etc. When I told him I wasnt interested in those type of events to meet up and catch up after 4 years, I got the silent treatment-no texts no calls nothing. Thanks to your advice I realize that my time and who I am are far more important to me and I don't havta be second in anyone's life! Thank you Antonio, you helped me dodge a bad potential relationship!
Antonio Borrello (28 days ago)
Hi Lina Figueroa xoxo I'm sorry to hear about your situation. Perhaps he was not right for you and it would have ended the same way regardless. =( Thanks for commenting and for watching. Be Well Antonio
Tatiana Almeida (29 days ago)
this was so, so direct. I felt every word a burden to my grave. I need more solutions, more practical actions to see me free of this game Antonio!
Barbie2018 Cuban (29 days ago)
New bubscriber here loving your channel already. Blessings 🤗
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Thank you for your kind words Barbie2018 Cuban. And thank you for your watching and commenting. Antonio
Figment43 (29 days ago)
All my dates have been “Houdini” boyfriends and they all eventually ghost. Some fade slower than others, but they all completely disappear at some point. What is your opinion on friends with benefits? Is it a good way to help you feel less desperate to find a man (or woman) or just another way to get your heart broken? And can an FWB situation turn into a romantic relationship? If so, how?
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Hi Figment43 I don't think FWB situations often turn into long term romantic relationships. I just haven't heard any situations like that. Thank you for watching and commenting. I love reading comments and talking about issues that people deal with. Please share your ideas and thoughts in future videos.. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
NattyAF.com (29 days ago)
Women be using the same mind games mentioned in this video
keita son (28 days ago)
Omg. I found my issue here!does confusing me why Guy I date for a year who got on so well and want to marry me suddenly gone missing without sign! Everything you said it make sense now. I always thinking of why he suddenly disappear after a year of built relationship on rock, we speak everyday for over year before met! Before he gone missing there is no sign at all we never have an argument. He said I want to meet you and make a video of us so I can remember you for the last time. I even made joke are we meet for the last time he quickly respond of course not I want to see you for life time! Then he came we had sex we had great time together since that day he completely gone missing! He never text during his holiday I remember last year holiday he texted me day and night as he has no work to worry about but this time totally not even 1 text. Then he back I text how was the holiday he said was blessed and never contact again. I text him is he alright he didn’t read even he is online! Since that day I never after him anymore because I think he’s leaving for sure. Still hurt as I missing him so much also it has been a year of speaking with someone met someone love romance then suddenly disappear but I don’t be bother to text or contact as I accepted the issue. I couldn’t find any fault as we never have trouble we had fun we laughs alway. We met online he text me first since I responded he never text firs! He never sleep over also I had asked to visit he at home he always had excuses, I did feeling always he having someone hidden but he always stand saint! only came on day time and go home said I have work in the morning always! he is company director he has lots independent time as most work from home! Since we met in person he only text me one or twice a week! He excuse he has been distant because he have lots going on at a moment, he just became director also family issue but in November thing is sorted I can come stay over!now October almost November he cut me off, gone quiet without any sign, also I remember now that he Only text me when he want sex! I did spoke about this he only here for sex he said no he doesn’t make time to anyone not everyone deserve his time! and I’m the one he want to seeing for life even have marry plan anything about work plan all have me including, even next year he will go to Miami to set up company for 6 months he said we will have holiday together I can visit whenever I wanted! Also other’s holidays all plan ahead! I am an open mind person everything can talk with me and I never get upset or don’t know how to argue with people, I do have fussy sometime but release very soon, we always talk everything for what we wanted and I’m never shot anyone down, I’m support worker and do care job also restaurant maneger all my career is support others always surrounding with individual people also working with all kind of mental health issue have bright many people everyday with relationship is the same care come first, but shame some people are so cruel to take grants on my kindness. Thanks for your video xxx
keita son (28 days ago)
Antonio Borrello he live 100 miles from me, yes it has been difficult time for me at a moment as I said we never have trouble or argument at all. We had future plans ahead and he suddenly disappear. He not past away as he still active on Instagram also WhatsApp but he wouldn’t text me anymore. Yes I’m following you and subscribed your channel. Why wouldn’t I be? You are so amazing intellectual and informative never thanks enough of having you here to support others:) ❤️
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Hi keita son I'm sorry to hear that. It's crazy to think a person could turn off all of their attention so quickly. How far away does he live? Thanks for watching and commenting. Are you a subscriber? I love reading comments and talking about issues that people deal with. Please share your ideas and thoughts in future videos.. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
nikhita borkar (29 days ago)
yes played my mind games
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Hi nikhita borkar I'm sorry to hear that. I hope this situation is behind you now. Thanks for watching and commenting. Are you a subscriber? I love reading comments and talking about issues that people deal with. Please share your ideas and thoughts in future videos.. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
Becca L (30 days ago)
I heard this video few weeks ago lol
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Thank you for watching and for commenting Becca L! Yes, I have made similar videos months ago.. this one was a newer update. Be Well! Antonio
kumamochi (30 days ago)
remember the last question i asked? i found out the answer. he get back with his ex and im just a girl which he'll find to pass his lonely time.
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Hi kumamochi I'm sorry to hear that. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
Madhuri sandhya Mathur (30 days ago)
Too good.
Antonio Borrello (29 days ago)
Thank you for watching and for commenting Madhuri sandhya Mathur! Be Well! Antonio
Bette Johnson (30 days ago)
Sometimes you need to make the guy you've known feel confident and comfortable,guys go through issues too sometimes they have a hard time talking them out to the girl they that have known years sometimes you think that it would be easier for them to talk to you. Sometimes guys get insecure it may be their finances their health and sometimes they get jealous because they feel like they're not doing what they should be doing to please you. You have to listen close sometimes they give you a signa,l if it's insecurities could be depression could be many things that's when you can always be where you don't jump to conclusions and try to wait and find out what could be the reason why you have not heard from him for a couple of days or a day are he hasn't called you for a day are a couple of days I'm with the doctor don't text first sometimes if they text you first it's best to wait not answer for a while , if you are too easy it makes a man lose interest
Terri Brown (30 days ago)
Lina P. (30 days ago)
I met a man online. The conversations went from friendly to sexual ....fast. Every time he’d communicate with me it was in a sexual manner. At first I thought we were just flirting and keeping things light but after a couple of weeks I noticed he wasn’t really wanting to know me or asking any questions to get to know me. Uhhh...buh bye 👋🏼 lol
Missaisza90 (30 days ago)
Lina... Your scenario just like mine.. At first he was so good.. Idk out of nowhere he begin to be more sexual and he was like mystery to me.. Like chipsmore as well.. Lol.. Haha.. You can get over it?
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Hi Lina P. I'm glad to know that you picked up on the fact that he wasn't wanting to know about you deeply. Thanks for watching and commenting. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
Rosee Negri (30 days ago)
I swear your videos are right on time! May God continue to bless you Dr. Antonio!
Rosee Negri (30 days ago)
+Antonio Borrello youre welcome 👍
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Thank you for your kind words Rosee Negri. And thank you for your watching and commenting. Antonio
Joy Lewis (30 days ago)
Milly Ashby (30 days ago)
Thanks Antonio for your information cause that my intuition is to disappear and keep off my fone or stop commenting to people's posters these are my feelings okay it hurts badly but I no what I have to do thank you
Linda Wilson (30 days ago)
I love the fact that you've identified the "Silent Treatment" as emotional abuse. I've had several men, including one husband, use this on me and I learned early on that it's abuse. Now, when I get that silent treatment, I move on immediately. Not worth my time! Abuse is abuse whether it be verbal, emotional, or physical.
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Yes.. it certainly is an abusive practice. Thanks for sharing your experience, and thanks for watching. Antonio
ice water (30 days ago)
Omg. The emotional abuse one. My husband did that effectively for 6 months. I loved it! I saw the bullshit. Called him on it and finally ended it.
R J (30 days ago)
What were some of the main things he do . I want to avoid being abusive to my gf.
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Hi ice water I'm sorry to hear that, but I'm glad you took care of it quickly. Thanks for watching and commenting. Are you a subscriber? I love reading comments and talking about issues that people deal with. Please share your ideas and thoughts in future videos.. We are all in this together and can help and support each other. chat soon. antonio
Margret Onini (30 days ago)
This video is very important to me i really love every word of it but please may you always do a video about falling in love with a married man when you know that you are married.
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Is that your current situation? Thanks for watching and commenting Magret.
Violeta Orton (30 days ago)
First like and comment. What are your thoughts about sexting?
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Sexting? The problem with sexting... people start to do it when they hardly know one another.. that certainly puts them at risk for their photos or videos to be shared, right?
Gloria Tactac (30 days ago)
I think it is a risky practice unless you are in a solid long term relationship. What do you think Antonio?
Adventure Your World (30 days ago)
I totally Love your videos and building great relationships is soooo important that you inspired me to start my own channel. Awesome video like always! Thanks for sharing!
Adventure Your World (30 days ago)
Thanks guys I really appreciate it! I just started so my channel is def not as great as Antonio’s but we are still learning. :D
Antonio Borrello (30 days ago)
Wow.. that's the nicest comment ever.. I'm going to check out your channel as soon as I"m finished responding to these comments. =) . Thanks for watching and commenting. Antonio
Gloria Tactac (30 days ago)
I'm going to check it out too. =)
Adventure Your World (30 days ago)
Thanks darling! I truly appreciate it!
Alila Snowball (30 days ago)
Adventure Your World omg i looveeee Your Channel! Guys you should check it out, she is doing cool stuff!

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