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Battlefield 5 gameplay - 9 things we learned from the Battlefield 5 closed alpha

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Battlefield 5’s Grand Operations mode is big, beautiful and seriously destructive. It’s also ridiculously good fun. Here are 9 things we learned from our hands-on with the Battlefield 5 closed alpha. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg https://www.instagram.com/logitechg
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Text Comments (7)
theWanderer521 (4 months ago)
that syringe happy medic though hahahaha
Logitech G (4 months ago)
It's quite the image, isn't it? :D - Matt
Fanrath (4 months ago)
I wanna have that game! But I also wanna have the Logitech G Pro Headset! But I can only get one .. With the Headset my friends will understand me, I will hear better, and I can do comms in Overwatch With BF5 I will have a new game, my first Battlefield ever, much fun, it looks pretty good aaaaaarg the decision making >.<
Lauan Sanches (4 months ago)
7:14 the snow falling off the hoof!!!!
MD (4 months ago)
Awesome Video 😍🤩👌👍
Klumsy Kameleon (4 months ago)
Wait is the beta out on Xbox?
Logitech G (4 months ago)
Not yet! This was from the closed alpha, so the beta should follow. Nothing certain, but the Battlefield 1 beta released on 31 August, 2016, and the full game was released on 21 October 2016. You can *probably* expect something similar from Battlefield V - Matt

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