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i got banned.

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All highlights are from my stream :D ► Follow me! TWITTER → https://twitter.com/shroud TWITCH → https://www.twitch.tv/shroud YOUTUBE (2ND) → https://goo.gl/e4dRqE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ 👌Channel Manager - https://twitter.com/stun_empire ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬
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Text Comments (4791)
Demon child (5 minutes ago)
sounds like click bait and no idea why this popped up for me
Kia Bagha (8 minutes ago)
Was shroud cheating? Why was he banned in PUBG?
Domčo CRrecords (20 minutes ago)
In 8 august is my BIRTHDAY lol😂❤
Kenan Keskin (21 minutes ago)
wadu keep dying idiot O.o
Shqip Gaming RNE (22 minutes ago)
you got banned in pubg realy
The One The Only (23 minutes ago)
And you deserve to be banned. Shouldnt be playing with hackers
UnrivaledTRIP ___ (1 hour ago)
How the fuck can u stand to play with someone who only says his fucking name over and over? I cant be the only one that's like SHUT THE FUCK UP
Tobi K (1 hour ago)
name of the song ?
Aaron Atkins (1 hour ago)
Might as well rename the video "Wadu"
Hot-Pocket (2 hours ago)
I keep cringing when wadu keeps saying wadu wadu or wadu heck
i hack (3 hours ago)
Why shourd get banned
Dyt Youtube (3 hours ago)
Who cares ugly hippo
reese puff (3 hours ago)
Shroud needs a ladder lol
DWALER045 PS4 (3 hours ago)
Lolololz people these days.. Watching some fagget play games because you people got no life lololololz
MrDabs alot (3 hours ago)
Please never play with Wadu unless you had a real conversation with him off camera, The guy is fucking stupid.
Sandi Lomas (3 hours ago)
I hope you did too
Clevername (4 hours ago)
I don't think it's f@cking funny! It's highly irresponsible. If you're done with the game then move the F on! Encouraging your viewers that behavior like this is acceptable or that you're above the rules makes you a little spoiled brat that needs to learn some real life lessons. I imagine PuBG is a pretty good source of income for you and behavior like this just adds to it's, and your, demise. A total f*cking disappointment.
Dakota Stanley (4 hours ago)
Why he not build around dem when Dey go down
Gold Zap (4 hours ago)
Gets canes fries extra crispy then they are good
Wb6bzo An Criostai (4 hours ago)
Good thing pubg didn't sue you
Wb6bzo An Criostai (4 hours ago)
NFS Hot Pursuit anyone?
I AM M3NTAL (4 hours ago)
Paxton Tutor (5 hours ago)
yea because your a cheater using wadu is cheating
ES Shooters (5 hours ago)
song at 1:19???
azz depp (5 hours ago)
Nishan Joshi (5 hours ago)
are you a real player or a hacker one?
Lucas Pereira (6 hours ago)
why he gets banned?
TheDuffus (6 hours ago)
Fucking Cheaters....try to cheat live..idiots...
Cleidsonn 10K (6 hours ago)
Skylar Wixxs (6 hours ago)
Wadu death compilation
Banana Duck (6 hours ago)
Maybe Bluehole should just do more to stop hackers rather than ban legit players who promote their game?
B M (6 hours ago)
All love.
Zed Zul Zorander (6 hours ago)
Good, you're a fucking hacking troll anyway.
JukinG KillerS (7 hours ago)
John (8 hours ago)
What's the point in banning only his account and not him from playing. What a literal waste of time lmao.
Zarko Micic (8 hours ago)
Who is Wadu ? can some one fill me in on his story
Mr Wizard (9 hours ago)
our lil banana is growing up you can tell his coconuts have dropped with that barry white voice hes got now
Momonga (9 hours ago)
cheater, i knew it
Waslo Vunis (9 hours ago)
why did he get banned?
Lewis Crompton (10 hours ago)
I got banned. More like I need views.
Sanjeev Kumar (10 hours ago)
Why was he banned? Can somebody fill me up on it?
FailuReDope (10 hours ago)
Where did he get banned on?
Bastien Thievent (10 hours ago)
Your aim is too good for this game, it's a strategic game go play Quake or Unreal
HiHi (11 hours ago)
What music in 1:19
sas3kMeister 12 (11 hours ago)
who gives a fuck???
EmptyNone (12 hours ago)
GR3Y (12 hours ago)
Did he get banned on r6s
cxnsxlxcxxn (12 hours ago)
That's hard 😂
AC-130 (12 hours ago)
hey he gets unbanned on my birthday
Samy M (12 hours ago)
Wadu wadu
Ady Putra (12 hours ago)
Greg Jones (12 hours ago)
Oh nooo a cheater gets banned! So sad
JohnieBeGood12 (13 hours ago)
I Subscribe
treesap (14 hours ago)
This makes up for it 😂
SANKET BHANDARE (14 hours ago)
fckin cheater
Monte Cristo (15 hours ago)
6:25 to 6:30... definite aimbot, his team gets shot a lot... by accident in the moment eh, even when he has no visual
Hehe Haha (15 hours ago)
what a trash game am i right?
VaraNet (16 hours ago)
RenoJackson (16 hours ago)
Gould (16 hours ago)
Is Wadu a Pokemon
Insomnia Gaming (17 hours ago)
I'm banned from rules of survival almost every time I log on and play from too many player reports
Yukine Hidemichi (17 hours ago)
ok you can play pubg in your account again and me here finally can play mhw in pc XD
butterkipz (17 hours ago)
i live literally 1 minute from raising cane's. best place in the world
I Love Roblox (17 hours ago)
So, what game is this?
CyberGuinea (18 hours ago)
what did he get banned for?
Level 4 Helmet (12 hours ago)
he was banned for this https://youtu.be/yeoKwIL4dI8
Jens Biersack (18 hours ago)
Pick a house and have a family hahahaha
H1ZERO TV (18 hours ago)
Drew Hash (19 hours ago)
They finally found your aimbot?
No Name (21 hours ago)
i love shrouds voice
Gabriel Tescarolo (21 hours ago)
wario wario wario
Robert C. Christian (22 hours ago)
Shroud doesn't appreciate what he's got.
Irfan rahmanda irfan (22 hours ago)
Mpoez 😎😎
you me (22 hours ago)
You got banned but I dont know who u are im too late
Level 4 Helmet (12 hours ago)
https://youtu.be/yeoKwIL4dI8 he was banned for this
Adem Rokh (22 hours ago)
Choose your Uber wisely
Bruns Wood Carvings (22 hours ago)
Shows the state of this game when literally the last streamer on twitch gets banned for trying to have fun on that garbage game.
Alien Network (22 hours ago)
Feels bad man
LegendGaming LT (22 hours ago)
Lost some respect for pubg lol , decides to ban shroud but not Other Cheaters
Turtle. (23 hours ago)
Nathan (23 hours ago)
More like Wadu Hack! Lul
Si ocong (23 hours ago)
Level 4 Helmet (12 hours ago)
he was banned for this https://youtu.be/yeoKwIL4dI8
boombonic666 (1 day ago)
just play other games, PUBG is shit anyway.
koreaninng (1 day ago)
Somerhing is Happen!!! 💪 😎 💜 suerte! you too Shroudy
Don tho (1 day ago)
5:33 ;(
Don tho (1 day ago)
Awww banana man is becoming a man
mason spears (1 day ago)
Why did you get ban
Level 4 Helmet (12 hours ago)
he was banned for this https://youtu.be/yeoKwIL4dI8
skela_nate (1 day ago)
does wadu speak? lol
Congrats lion
tylerelmore (1 day ago)
maybe you should get banned from Forknife permanently because that game blows.
Mak Ern (1 day ago)
What did he do
Matthew Saxelby (1 day ago)
I literally was watching the stream when he got banned he was flying around with wadu and it was hilarious
Trill Cosby (1 day ago)
Dam you’re ugly
Malakai Quinn (1 day ago)
i had to make another account on Xbox too, Named it " SadStolenKids "
MrKaryerist (1 day ago)
Who the fuck are you? I'm not even your subscriber and I've never watched your gaming time wasting channel, why do I receive your useless notifications?
Ian Terry (1 day ago)
I hope no one actually gives a shit that he was just having fun. It was like one time chill the fuck out.
Isaac Binning (1 day ago)
Banning the only thing relevant to pubg omega lol
saleBBO (1 day ago)
Soo... why did he get banned?
Devin Berry (1 day ago)
Banned for using their fuck up???
Andrew Gleboff (1 day ago)
fuckin banana man
Bailey Patten (1 day ago)
that shit at 8:00 with the door gets me dead
TANNA MAULIK (1 day ago)
i AM seeing Tai lopez ads again! :(

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