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10 Biggest Movie Mistakes in The Hunger Games - The Hunger Games MOVIE MISTAKES

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10 Biggest Mind Blowing Movie in The Hunger Games - The Hunger Games MOVIE MISTAKES - https://youtu.be/xDCPcfT-UT8 ►Subscribe to MOVIE MISTAKES Here: http://goo.gl/np6r7H ►Visit Film -10 Biggest @ http://www.mistakesstudios.com/ ►Check Us Out On Facebook https://goo.gl/bLpLe0 ►Visit Us At Pinterest https://goo.gl/fz6H1v ►Twitter: https://twitter.com/MistakesStudios ►Google Plus: https://goo.gl/0NJJWp #moviemistakes #bloopers #fails #movie #top10 #easteregg #thehungergames Katniss Everdeen voluntarily takes her younger sister's place in the Hunger Games, a televised competition in which two teenagers from each of the twelve Districts of Panem are chosen at random to fight to the death. The Hunger Games MOVIE MISTAKES - https://youtu.be/xDCPcfT-UT8 10 Biggest Hidden Movie You Missed In Deadpool | Deadpool MOVIE MISTAKES https://youtu.be/wXBUEpB4EcY Here are 10 Biggest Harry Potter And The Chamber Of Secrets Movie You Didn't Notice | Harry Potter goof https://youtu.be/YAJIplvlfRc The Jungle Book (2016) - MOVIE MISTAKES - https://youtu.be/QRG4EhZGAyA 9 Secret Movie You Missed In The Movie Die Hard 1988 | Die Hard goof https://youtu.be/-F7CVe2XOP4 X Men Apocalypse 2016 MOVIE MISTAKES You Didn't Notice https://youtu.be/RNmbKUVtyAE 7 Warcraft MOVIE MISTAKES They Didn't Want You To See https://youtu.be/vpYS8IRPBoY 10 Biggest Central Intelligence MOVIE MISTAKES You Didn't Notice https://youtu.be/-Mw9Qd-04fo 10 Biggest goof in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Out of the Shadows Movie You Missed | TMNT goof https://youtu.be/ByF-xbOq5fo Captain America Civil War MOVIE MISTAKES | Captain America goof - https://youtu.be/YZ8vMPo6avs The Jungle Book (2016) - MOVIE MISTAKES - https://youtu.be/QRG4EhZGAyA MOVIE MISTAKES, We bring you Fails, Bloopers and Goof that slip past editing and onto the Big Screen! These Movie Clips include Top 10 Biggest's, Deleted Scenes, Hidden Messages, Bloopers, Plot Holes and so Much More. Check out our other videos: Most Popular Upload - MOVIE MISTAKES https://goo.gl/qXWRXY Most Recent Upload - MOVIE MISTAKES https://goo.gl/RlzhSK Subscribe Now - MOVIE MISTAKES https://goo.gl/bSRcQb Binge Watch Today - MOVIE MISTAKES https://goo.gl/EfwhQN MOVIE MISTAKES, Goof, Facts, Scenes, Bloopers, Spoilers and Fails | Movie in MOVIES Subscribe Today! http://goo.gl/np6r7H #Movie #mistake #fail #disneymistake #disneyfail #disneyvideo #superheromistakes #mistakesinmovies #goofs #bloopers #error #failvideo #videofails 10 Biggest Justice League Movie Mistakes You Missed | Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman Goofs https://youtu.be/QkqVUAcNzFM Movie Mistakes: The Lord of the Rings - The Return of the King | LOTR Goofs & Fails https://youtu.be/p7Ei5j196Sk 10 Biggest A Quiet Place MOVIE MISTAKES You Didn't Notice - Quiet Place Movie https://youtu.be/gfNu9dyllpI Thanks for Visiting MovieMistakesStudios (mmstudios)! Tomb Raider Movie Mistakes, Easter Eggs, Goofs & Fails https://youtu.be/_PI7brw94o4 10 Biggest Mulan MOVIE MISTAKES You Totally Missed | Mulan Goofs & Fails https://youtu.be/-TkwAZU1Xgc
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Text Comments (2854)
Dj music Lol (5 days ago)
Thihs video trash boi oll the time the same mistakes
Shield_Up_Life (5 days ago)
just trash video - wasted time - that are no mistakes
Paisley L (25 days ago)
I cried like a baby when Rue died
Hey Siri (28 days ago)
Does anyone else wish Katniss and Gale wound up together?
kawaiii Kuma (16 days ago)
Yessssss I really thought they were cute Gatniss and Kale😂
Olivia Friedman (21 days ago)
Paisley Littleton *peeta lol
Paisley L (25 days ago)
No Pita and Katniss
Shirley Miller (28 days ago)
Did you ever heard of angles or clouds before
Epik DABBER (1 month ago)
Wilson The Cat (1 month ago)
Most of these arent even mistakes. There just camera angles being weird like that lock of hair on her cheekbone, that is litterly only because of camera angle.
Marine Brick (13 days ago)
Yeah I totally agree with you
Luke Heasman (1 month ago)
OMG, the girl with Black hairs name is Clove and the girl with the Blonde hair is named Glimmer, wouldn't you want to check their names before you made the video, and by the way, Clove is much tougher than Glimmer is.
Marine Brick (13 days ago)
Yeah they are even on different sides of Marvel and Cato.
Lily Somerset (24 days ago)
yea, out of the careers Glimmer was first to go. Then Marvel, Clove and Cato
Evie Powell (1 month ago)
She unfolded the tape
Starstruck Films (1 month ago)
The black tape. Maybe the name was upside down so she flipped it. Ever thought of that.
boredaflel (1 month ago)
what the duck delete this pls
Mythical Duck (1 month ago)
David Cruite (1 month ago)
There is such thing as a cloud covering the sun
Bonnie Goodman (1 month ago)
When will there be a new movie about the kids in the end that katness and Peter have
tess 321 (1 month ago)
its a great story, whats the big deal??|
Trevian Bourret (1 month ago)
Does it matter if a movie makes a few mistakes?
Richard Filiczkowski (2 months ago)
I wondered about her eye color, it looks green and then blue, I thought Katniss had green eyes in the book, I don’t remember
Emma Lilly (8 days ago)
Richard Filiczkowski She has grey eyes as she lived in the seam in the book, but in the movies, even gales look blue
Richard Filiczkowski She has grey eyes in the book
GM puppydog (2 months ago)
I SAW A MOVIE MISTAKE WHEN I WATCHED THE HUNGER GAMES when the dies and katniss crys next to a log and her arrows are next to her and then the announcement when and changed angles the arrows are on her back XD
Nora Johnson (2 months ago)
Peachy _Ness (2 months ago)
Bruh, mistake one, like her hand was on her head, but then you could see it go down, but the camera angle moved very fast, But if you slow it down and keep going on pause and unpause, then you can see that it went down
grace avery (2 months ago)
Kayla :D (2 months ago)
So the title is "10 *Biggest* Movie Mistakes In The Hunger Games" and in the video you showed us some of the smallest mistakes in the movie that nobody even really cares about.
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Amazing Supergirl (2 months ago)
Big deal. Small things
Lina 1220 (2 months ago)
Well I think the title made a mistake
Meher Geeth (2 months ago)
did you really watch it
Brinda .C.R (2 months ago)
And I don't think that you have actually watched Hunger Games
Brinda .C.R (2 months ago)
I would admit to the last and second last onlyone
Willby Craft (3 months ago)
Why are most of these just hair movements?
Definitely Delaney (3 months ago)
oh and by the way the dark hair girl is clove and the blonde is glimmer have you seen hunger games??
xxxLivxxx (2 months ago)
Definitely Delaney ikr
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Delaney Hildebrandt yeah and she just walked away if they actually watched it they would know that and she’s in the next scene after that anyway
Life as Sixth graders (3 months ago)
How dare you say glimmer is tougher than Clove!!!!! Clove is way tougher.
GM puppydog (2 months ago)
Actually clove is stronger because she came to killing katniss twice and glimmer I dont think I would count the tree
veeaa campos (3 months ago)
Life as Sixth graders it is ture
LovelyMoon (3 months ago)
Tbh I’d find them equal
Kimberly Gonzalez (3 months ago)
Sara Hogervorst (3 months ago)
When Katniss jumped from the tree she also could had the rope in her hand.
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Or just quickly stuffed it in the backpad
Benjamin Channon (3 months ago)
Or put it in her pocket.
Shahidzada Amiri (3 months ago)
Fuc you ☝
ricardo ebbers (3 months ago)
lol the first one she just moved her hand
Magical Movies Media (3 months ago)
When Rue and marvel die no cannon sounds
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Ronen Jain there are just Katniss is sad about rue so we don’t hear them in the movie but in the book she hears them
Taylor Rae (3 months ago)
She moved her hand while the camera was changing
Ottergirl 16 (4 months ago)
None of those are real mistakes!
Guy does Random things (4 months ago)
99 comments are deeeeeeeezs are wrongeeeeee
Nea Dietz (4 months ago)
None of these are really mistakes.
Senpai 2007 (4 months ago)
*sees title* IMPOSSIBLE
Do you even hunger games "or she brought two"
Little Duck (5 months ago)
Excuse me the dark haired girl is Clove and the blonde is Glimmer
I am a fork (5 months ago)
I thought this was inaccuracies from the book
Monark YT (4 months ago)
I am a fork Then maybe you should’ve read the entire title. It LITERALLY says MOVIE mistakes.
Beautiful PrinCess (5 months ago)
Adam garcia (5 months ago)
Mistake two is she flipped the card did you think of that
Daniel Evans (5 months ago)
When the child die no cannon sounded
Lara Kent (5 months ago)
Number six is legit so doff like what even maybe her hair moved forward when she moved forward just an idea. And the rope one, you don’t get a full view of her hands she was probably carrying it.
John Collins (5 months ago)
None of these are mistakes, Hair WOW big change!
Tina La Fond (5 months ago)
She never ran out of arrows.
A s (3 months ago)
Liv Love Dance but that is book 2 😂 the monkeys are from catching fire
Liv Love Dance (3 months ago)
bella Hernandez there were two bow and arrows one for her and one for peeta, and he gave her his arrows after fighting off the monkeys
bella Hernandez (3 months ago)
Liv Love Dance can you tell me how the book explains it?
Senpai 2007 (4 months ago)
Tina La Fond The book explains it
Liv Love Dance (4 months ago)
Tina La Fond of u read the book u will see how
Neha Rebecca (5 months ago)
You are the biggest mistake
KittensFurever Sweet (6 months ago)
in mockingjay part two the have already said nightlock twice but Katniss still had to say it three times when she threw it down to Finnick
SparkyLynx (6 months ago)
Umm in pretty sure people can still move odd camera
Megan R (6 months ago)
Um dude... no
LuckyLady Plays (6 months ago)
Jaran Bjørk (6 months ago)
Lol, you are the one making the mistakes
Gameube Plays (7 months ago)
which one is this?
The Kawaii Kittycat (2 months ago)
Ella Thomas No its just The Hunger Games (the first one)
Foncra (6 months ago)
Nah the 1st
Ella Thomas (7 months ago)
Gameube Plays catching fire xx
BangtanJams (7 months ago)
Just letting you know, Clove’s a lot tougher than Glimmer
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
She was but it don’t really make as mush sense bc glimmer is from district 1 and clove is from district 2 so in reality glimmer should be tougher but clove is
Riya Sehgal (7 months ago)
The Cute Potato clove is. She was smart and strong enough to overcome Katniss.
Monster KidYT (7 months ago)
Levi Frizzell (7 months ago)
That is catching fire on some of them. Because president snow comes in then
KittensFurever Sweet (6 months ago)
Obaiah Obaiah (7 months ago)
Telugu movie na mistakes chupinchadaniki
Hiana Draws (7 months ago)
lol Dude your the one who's having mistakes ...
new2survival (7 months ago)
You need a life
Caitybug04 (7 months ago)
The hair when Katniss was in the shade and in the sun when she was shooting an arrow
phantom of fire gaming (7 months ago)
Mistake 8 hello clouds
Gamer_Forever28 (8 months ago)
Rose Sarchet (8 months ago)
Did anyone else notice that in the movie that the forgot Rue and Marvel's cannons when they died?
Senpai 2007 (4 months ago)
Rose Sarchet yeah so did Glimmers, Cloves and Cato I think
Deima Jee (7 months ago)
yes and glimmers
DRaGonItE Fan55 (8 months ago)
Rose Sarchet no cause they didn't forget them
Izzy Slone (8 months ago)
Another mistake is after Katniss spins, her hair is out of place in the bun but when she is back in the lobby after the interview, it is back to normal.
Happy Life (8 months ago)
For the tape its called the name was upside down and she tirned it around. You know names on paper dont magically turn
Jackie Bush (8 months ago)
You were really trying hard to find these. Have you checked out Twister? You could do a whole hour with that one.
Emily Grayston (8 months ago)
biggest mistake is the title
EllieLiLi (8 months ago)
Esther Coleman (8 months ago)
Emily Grayston lol yeah
The Gameing Theater (8 months ago)
Peda looks like Logan paul
Emma Awesomeness (2 months ago)
Peeta and no just no please don’t
Senpai 2007 (4 months ago)
Cougar 0508 you mean Peeta?
Senpai 2007 (4 months ago)
The Gameing Theater um it’s peeta
Z Ξ R T I L Ξ (8 months ago)
Lorna Arts (8 months ago)
You’ll also notice in number 7 that there was a little bit cut out and nothing left in the tree so she did put the rope in her bag you just don’t see her
The Chasing Pop Hunter (9 months ago)
I think 8/10 weren't mistakes live number 5 and 1 and 2 lmao
Griffyndor Has (9 months ago)
You try to make a movie thats perfect,its impossible
Kat Gaming (9 months ago)
Sam Barrie (9 months ago)
Most of these are hardly mistakes
Ambermione Hufflepuff (9 months ago)
"the girl with the dark hair" is named clove
Malena Sander (4 months ago)
Azor Scarab sarcasm on his side
Scrappz (7 months ago)
yep 100%
Lorna Arts (8 months ago)
Azor Scarab tougher that glimmer
Lorna Arts (8 months ago)
Ambermione Hufflepuff ik and the ‘blonde girl’ is named glimmer
Scrappz (9 months ago)
and she is tough
Soccer Tube (9 months ago)
Half of these aren’t even mistakes
SamSession (9 months ago)
When Katniss is cutting the Tracker jacker nest down, she uses the machete side of it to start. When the camera angle changes, she uses the Saw, then she changed back to the machete the next angle.
Lyv Dawson (9 months ago)
Evrey movie is gonna have mistakes, but it dosent really madder because we enjoy it and thats that.
Rafik Gte (9 months ago)
شبعتونا تحراش
Johannes Stach (9 months ago)
Sie ist eine richtige Tolpatschig. 😎
Abigail Petty (9 months ago)
Its a movie its gonna have some mistakes
Stephen McNeil (9 months ago)
Abigail Petty hence the video
Cyber Space (10 months ago)
For number 8 also when she moves into the sun the hair on her cheek goes away then goes back when she’s back in the shade.
Maddy Mead (10 months ago)
It’s called weather
Christine Farber (10 months ago)
Milad (10 months ago)
Another mistake: her arrows were endless in some battles
Milad (10 months ago)
zacko (10 months ago)
So many of these are reaching
The Pals (10 months ago)
Also, none of the cast used stunt doubles. Do you even do research?
Neesh Xo (10 months ago)
The Pals ikk
Triple Y Girls (10 months ago)
So yes he dose research
Ari Winter (10 months ago)
When her hand “disappears” u can see her hand move. These aren’t mistakes at all.
Happy Life (11 months ago)
It's called clouds move dum dum. Did you forget that game-makers can control the weather and what time of day it is. That's why she is in the shade then sun then back in the shade
Cdrei Quinquito (11 months ago)
The lead that she take awey from her body it was drop down?
Oscar Harrison (11 months ago)
Mikael Farstad (4 months ago)
The Pals (10 months ago)
no there wasn't....and if you were joking it wasn't funny
Jessica Zhang (11 months ago)
o.o the girl with black hair was clove and girl with blond hair was glimmer
Adriana M (11 months ago)
The number 2 I don't think it was a mistake
Teagan Dinning (11 months ago)
The amount of arrows she has
Sashy Sushi (11 months ago)
The girl with the dark hairs name is Clove and the blondes name is Glimmer
Jaylyn M (11 months ago)
Sam Barrie (9 months ago)
Live,Laugh & Love most of these arent even mistakes.
Scourge Star (11 months ago)
i agree no movies are ever perfect so stop criticizing and just love the movie
Babycupquake33 (11 months ago)
Girl in the dark hair: Looking tough:::::That's Clove.
Cassidy Nash (11 months ago)
J law did all the katniss stunts.... so maybe. it got rubbed off?

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