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Nintendo Switch - Greatest Strengths

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What are Nintendo Switch's greatest strengths? Over the course of two videos we take a look at the system's strengths and problems to find out if the Switch is a redeemer or the second Wii U when it comes to power, line-up, third party support and so on. Subscribe to Commonwealth Realm!: http://bit.ly/Commonrealm Follow CR on twitter! https://twitter.com/Commonrealm Music: Intro: Song of Storms Remix by Will & Tim (Kill the Copyright) http://bit.ly/WillTIM Nintendo NX Menu Music rendition by Music Proposition: http://bit.ly/NXMusic
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Text Comments (338)
Flashfire 356 (10 months ago)
Well I really live the switch but when you said that the 3ds needed to die... I'm not sure... I really like the 3ds
Ebbe (1 year ago)
I dont think the Nintendo Switch will necessarily fail but I dont think it would become a supreme success either
Graham Connett (1 year ago)
what song was that from sonic?
IkoGrande (1 year ago)
Will & Tim are alright, but their drums really suck. kinda kills the quality a bit
Jared Garcia (1 year ago)
A missed moment for Zelda is a tiny gold cart.
Xnerdz (1 year ago)
Nintendo desperately wants to keep making money with their old 3DS system, it's like they're not ready to really _"switch"_ to their new platform...
Gamer Madden07 (1 year ago)
I Hope this video is better than the last video about the Switch it looked like a Switch bashing video which I wasn't impressed and mostly all your videos are really good!!!!!
Lame Gamer (1 year ago)
Zelda is not a launch title if it's in the Wii u ppl stop it.
YeszCore (1 year ago)
If there was a new 3D metroid game on the switch I would literally pre order it right now without hesitation
Dennis Montalvo (1 year ago)
I just want kid icarus uprising secuel
orizondelu (1 year ago)
I love your videos, but let me give you a technical advice: hi-pass filter recordings of the second person talking, because his audio is always waaaay too heavy on the low freqs, in every video. A -10 db hi-pass filter reducing 150 Hz and below will do the trick. Even better, if you can, just apply a band compressor to low frequencies: this will yield an even better result.
NEXSNRG? (1 year ago)
The pro controller not being bundled is named as a negative; I think it was just an unrealistic expectation. Neither the Wii nor the Wii U came bundled with a pro controller; it's always been a separate purchase.
Blood (1 year ago)
We do not speak of 1 2 Switch.. nobody in their right mind would buy 1 2 Switch..
mnb323 (1 year ago)
If the joycons motion control are just more advanced Wii remotes than skyward sword hd for switch would be possible, but I'm not sure how that would work on the go.
Veteran Nintenerd (1 year ago)
I don't think the 3DS should die. I mean it's still a good portable system that can easily be taken around in your pocket, especially because the screen is more protected due to it being closed when you want to put the game in standby mode. You would need a little travel case for the Switch to keep it protected on your travels. I'm just saying the DS will still have *SOME* relevance in the future and should not be overshadowed by the Switch
BigFrickenTurk (1 year ago)
I laughed so hard when he subtly said "like that masterpiece 1-2 switch". Lol
Henry Niemi (1 year ago)
Greatest strength is that it will be Nintendos last console before the company goes under. So, ten years from now Switch will be of huge value to collectors, the same way Dreamcast is.
Miguel A Ramirez (1 year ago)
mixed opinions.. but playing.. Mario Odyssey.. Zelda Note.. sonic mania...mk8..and solution 2 in portable mode is really a convincing idea
Tim Dook (1 year ago)
The 3ds can't die, what if it fails and the 3ds is gone? Also do you know how many kids got one the xmas? If it dies Nintendo will lose tons of popularly trust me I hope the switch is good but the 3ds has to be alive until the end of 2018 plus, I brought a 250 special edition.......
Kevin Willians (1 year ago)
I gave this vídeo a like just for that laugh at 3:46 Damn, my stomach is in pain, I can't laugh anymore kkkkkkkkkkkkk
Milk Jug (1 year ago)
Knack ROFL
Orion Dezagrats (1 year ago)
TruthSword08 (1 year ago)
I think one of the biggest strengths of the Switch is how it came play all of Nintendo's IPs on one system. This means people won't have to buy another device in order to play Pokémon or Animal Crossing (which have been primarily on handheld systems until now) and thus Nintendo won't have to focus support for two different pieces of technology/systems. I just hope they pull all of the right strings and play all of the right cards.
Jarry Pota (1 year ago)
stella essay
CUPID (1 year ago)
the intro is the beast one I seen
Donut Genesis (1 year ago)
but didnt nintendo say the switch wont replace the 3ds?
TruthSword08 (1 year ago)
Donut Genesis Yes, but they also said the same thing regarding the Wii U and we all saw how quickly they went back on their word (not that such a move was unexpected; it was all but imminent). While the 3DS is still selling well for the most part, its hardware and age are clearly showing. Come March, the system will be 6 years old (not 8 like in the video) and it's time to put it to rest. It had a great run and I think it's important for Nintendo to focus their attention on the Switch entirely, as well as place all of their IPs onto the system so people won't have to buy two pieces of hardware (a home console and a handheld system) to play all of the Nintendo titles they are interested in.
vyper900 (1 year ago)
Dude NEEDS a new mic.
The Law (1 year ago)
Hey look this positive video has a vastly different upvote / downvote ratio than the negative video. Wonder why that is...
Jonny Phoenix (1 year ago)
Nintendo is clearly not taking my money fast enough, should I throw it faster and maybe just maybe I can have a glorious Switch?!
Let's play mit Fischi (1 year ago)
I preorderd the Switch :D
LoomDoom (1 year ago)
Great video as always guys. I love that you guys do pro and con videos!
slave eel (1 year ago)
That golden switch. My god if Nintendo saw that.... (I WANT IT)
Yonk (1 year ago)
I'm so glad you made two halves of the situation and this video doesn't have a weird subscribe command at the end.
Tis I Never Fear (1 year ago)
The switch makes me happy. Having to pay for multiplayer in the fall? Not so much. Wtf nintendo.
Lidor Berkovich (1 year ago)
you didn't mention monster hunter in that long 3ds game list *note*
James Jarman (1 year ago)
They still need strong 3rd party support. It pisses me off that devs aren't trying hard enough to support them, EA needs to get over themselves & put games like ME Andromeda & Battlefield 1 on it. Same goes for Capcom, they need to put RE7 & Marvel vs Capcom Infinite on the Nintendo Switch as well.
Breno A B Lira (1 year ago)
There should be a (Switch+Dock+pro Controller)-only bundle :T
Make2wo (1 year ago)
I can see the 3DS ending, but unless mobile is profitable or feel innovative enough for Nintendo. I'm sure Nintendo will just make something else. Nintendo have not been known to put all it's eggs in one basket.
Atro785 (1 year ago)
I don't know that I want them to phase out a devoted handheld. In a lot of ways, they really are different markets. A 3DS game will never cost more than $40 whereas a AAA Switch game is $60. To an extent, you may still have different audiences and Nintendo has had experience juggling two systems since almost it's beginning. The gameboy is very old at this point. They may be taking a wait and see approach because if 3DS sales don't slow down they have no reason to phase it out.
Erick de viking (1 year ago)
3ds wont be dropped till its replacement. its too much of a money maker.
Ian Paterson (1 year ago)
Y'all fucked me up with the city escape song from Sonic Adventure 2... Damn i'm going to be singing that all day now.
Henry Jones Jr. (1 year ago)
The 3/2DS are important for filling a lower price gap - where children may want to get into Nintendo systems, but the family (understandably) isn't willing to spend £280 on a present. Granted the hardware is dated, but Nintendo has a history of selling older hardware and continuing to make good use of it. While I personally couldn't justify the price of a New 3DS, I think that £75 for the 2DS and a bundled game is an absolute steal, especially when you consider how well made it is and the sheer vastness of the software library. Where is not for the 3D compatibility, Nintendo should just put all their efforts into marketing the 2DS as an entry product for children and nostalgic adults.
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
I agree. If the 3DS will continue to go strong, they should definitely focus on putting the 2DS front and center. Though honestly, I think they'll probably drop the platform fairly soon, despite them saying otherwise. They've said these things before.
George Giannoulis (1 year ago)
are u brain dead? all u need is nintendo games in a console? u really want 0 3rd party AAA games but only B class retro popular games? i enjoy nintendo games trhough new 3ds xl but ffs it is not enough. If u think nintnendo fans are enough then go fk urself as u ll get wii u sales all over again. Stop raising ur ass for nintendo to combine with u and start demanding stuff. Have fun playing kids games for 1 hole year until 2018 for a chance games on ps4/xbox one s/ pc come to switch.
47Gigs (1 year ago)
Because Nintendo has the guts to be different unlike sony and microsoft
Aidas Mikalauskas (1 year ago)
are you from lithuania?
Ty Smith (1 year ago)
that sounds interesting you should make a second channel maybe? I like learning about history
Commonwealth Realm (1 year ago)
No I am half Polish. Originally this channel was supposed to be a history channel about the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth. Hence the name and logo inspiration.
F0nkyNinja (1 year ago)
Why do people automatically think the Switch will fail because the Wii U did? People have no fucking faith in Nintendo. All big companies have had their share of failures. Nobody thought the Nintendo DS would fail because the Virtual Boy did. Come fucking on. Crystal Pepsi, New Coke, the Star Wars prequels and Donald Trump are greater failures.
T0m My (1 year ago)
What do you mean it has digital triggers?
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
It means they are not analog, like the triggers of the Gamecube, every Xbox, PS3 and PS4 for instance. There is only pressed or not, 0 or 1, nothing in-between. Which does suck in some games, mainly driving games, and doesn't really matter in others. Though I do wish they were a standard, as well as the more subtly analog buttons like we had even on PS2 (but that was underutilized and some people didn't even notice so hey, makes sense that it's not a standard).
T0m My (1 year ago)
Man I wish you guys didn't show me that zelda console edition bundle! I now want that to be real!
Eddie (1 year ago)
Get in line.
Markus Kosmo (1 year ago)
I agree! Great video! Keep up the good work!
Markus Kosmo (1 year ago)
I agree! Great video! Keep up the good work!
J Godden (1 year ago)
Ugh, will people please learn the meaning of the word "gimmick"!? Something that is part of the core product is by definition not a gimmick!
Cindy Works (1 year ago)
I don't think fire emblem warriors will come this year, it seems very early in development. We will see.
AngryDemonBowser (1 year ago)
8 years next year? Sorry fam But the 3DS was announced in 2010 and released in 2011. Get your fucking facts straight, oh wait you barely do.
GaiusZero (1 year ago)
This isnt Sony. You cant just let 3DS die and hope that the customers will change the system (or shall I say switch the system?). It would result in losing a big part of the 3DS target group I believe.
Majictimtam g (1 year ago)
Leo Jokinen (1 year ago)
Can someone reply with the source for the updated software list please?
Sam Moss (1 year ago)
Commonwealth Realm, where did you get your name from?
Alfred Conqueror (1 year ago)
hope it gets Hellblade
Cihan GN (1 year ago)
how fast does it charge?
Daejon Moody (1 year ago)
DoritoDash with USB C prob really fast 40min tops lol
Merlijn Verstraete (1 year ago)
if a micro sd card can easely hold 265 Gb why shoudn't a small card hold a game the nintendo games are around 1gb -> 10 gb
Luketheclone 0 (1 year ago)
Don't you just love it when adds for Xbox show up on a video about The Switch
Artur Pinheiro (1 year ago)
Switch need Monster hunter strong suport too!! hehe
Wil (1 year ago)
if pikmin comes to the switch I'm sold.
Great Image 4:46.
piratatrillo trillo (1 year ago)
Region free!!! l hope the switch does not get flooded with a ton of Japanese games with subtitles like the ps vita and nothing else.
Mattab29 (1 year ago)
"What we really want is the death of the 3DS" oh.
Gestrid (1 year ago)
But... but... I just got a 3DS... :'(
Raul Mont (1 year ago)
ESCAPE THE CITY, best sonic game I had from Dreamcast
Feels Good (1 year ago)
I really don't get the negativity towards its title line up. Seriously, the games that don't come now will come later and when they do it will sell even more consoles anyway so I just don't get it
SEGAGIGA (1 year ago)
Nintendo merged their handheld and home console divisions so that they can make game development more efficient. It's not so that they can focus only on a single platform. Nintendo can continue to support the 3DS the same time they make games for the Switch. All they need to do is scale down the same assets from the HD version. Unlike the Wii U, the 3DS is still profitable, abandoning that 40M+ installed base is stupid. It's the reason why they chose to go a different format and sacrifice losing Wii U and 3DS backwards compatibility for the Switch.
SEGAGIGA (1 year ago)
Nintendo has already shown us that the 3DS can handle scaled down ports of Wii U games. They've even announced just recently a new Fire Emblem for the Switch that's also coming for the 3DS. This just goes to show that they've somehow worked it out for those type of games. As long as a significant number of people are still buying games on the 3DS, Nintendo will continue to make ports for that system.
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
That makes continued support even LESS likely. On GBA and DS, new releases on the old systems didn't just find potential customers among owners of the GBA or DS, but also of the new system. DS meant a GBA game could potentially be bought by GBA only owners, owners of both systems AND those DS owners who skipped the GBA. Buying a DS didn't necessarily mean the customer abandoned the GBA market. The Switch doesn't have that benefit. Those who skipped the 3DS aren't potential buyers of new 3DS releases, and among those who have both systems, there will be a lot who want to move on to the new system and not get anything for their old hardware anymore. So the lack of backwards compatibility only hurts the chances of continued 3DS support.
SEGAGIGA (1 year ago)
The difference here is the lack of backwards compatibility (BC). The GBA had BC with Gameboy games, the DS had BC with GBA games initially, and the 3DS have DS BC. The Switch is physically incapable of having BC with the 3DS and Wii U games.
RanserSSF4 (1 year ago)
but keep in mind, they abandoned the GBA and DS fanbase to support the successors.
Eazy Eggs (1 year ago)
Hot cakes never sold good!!!
Gatrax (1 year ago)
i dont know about you guys, but im fuckin sold simply for Zelda. Splatoon 2, Mario, Arms, etc. are just icing on the cake
romahnae (1 year ago)
6:22 ::holds heart:: im hurt, no mentioning of f-zero??
Niko Suave (1 year ago)
I Fucking Love You Guys Videos, Very Detailed & Honest!
romahnae (1 year ago)
i think they should've made the color off white or black with colored buttons.. what is this grey shit?
romahnae (1 year ago)
2:39 lol
Jude Law (1 year ago)
You are aware that Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Pocket, Game Boy Light, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro, Nintendo DS and Nintendo DS Lite are all region free, right?
PlayStation_Gamer (1 year ago)
We need cod games or some type of free roam 3rd person game
Ethan Rice (1 year ago)
Leo Funari (1 year ago)
EHM EHM... like Breath of the wild? or super mario Odessey? or Xenoblade 2?
If Nintendo gets to bring the few good games Wii U had with enhanced resolution and a virtual console with games from the NES, SNES, Gameboy, N64, Gamecube and Wii apart from enough third party games playable on the go EVEN if the graphics are a bit weaker on the switch id TOTALLY get it.. So im giving Nintendo 1 fucking year to give us GOOD content and take the most of the portable part of the console. Then and only THEN Ill HAPPILY make peace with Nintendo and become a fan again. Cus im very angry after losing my trust with the Wii U.
Majora's Wrath (1 year ago)
desperately awaits preorder renewal
Drapes Drapper (1 year ago)
Zelda will keep us all quite untill e3 but nintendo needs to dropping names and release dates then. If i don't see metroid then i don't know what to say konrad. Smash is a game that houses nintendos giants so pick anyone from it and make a game. Ness? Star fox? Metriod?
FulanoConPsicosis (1 year ago)
Pls nintendo, win the e3 this year, show us game, like sony do previews years... I want METROID, Dark Souls remastered, Resident Evil, etc!!!!
akram hrpah (1 year ago)
can I play 3ds digital games in the nintendo switch ?
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
Probably not. There might be ports or something out there at some point, but there's no regular backwards compatibility feature announced for it.
bcuphunk (1 year ago)
Nintendo is trash. As a company, they will leave you hanging. why did they release the NEW 3ds to not release any games for it except xenoblade.
clorox leech (1 year ago)
5:01 Lmao at how he says ARMS looks promising while in the other he says it's a glorified Wii Boxing game. Choose a side lmao
SirStupifie , (1 year ago)
I don't see the switch selling like the wii , but it could be better than the 3ds sales
Jude Law (1 year ago)
3DS is their lowest selling handheld, even lower than the Game Boy Advance which only had 3 1/2 years on the market by itself until the DS came out.
Victor Berciano (1 year ago)
the Nintendo switch preesentation
ParanoiaGentlman (1 year ago)
the pro controller has digital triggers? are they fucking stupid??
Rick Chop (1 year ago)
the ds wasn't reign locked, i have jump all stars and it works on both the ds and 3ds
TurboCMinusMinus (1 year ago)
I guess if you consider Japan's exodus from stationary home consoles, Switch makes sense. But Nintendo still made at least half a dozen REALLY BAD decisions including not enough system power, NO PACK-IN GAME (1-2-Switch should have been), high accessory prices, pitiful online rewards (maybe they are backing down on this)...
TurboCMinusMinus (1 year ago)
We don't know the price, but taking away the monthly access to a ROM was ludicrous. And I should have listed the shifting of online chat and other features to smartphones. This is retarded for several reasons: - Requiring every Switch owner using these features to own a smartphone (not everyone does, really) - Requiring every Switch owner using these features to always have their smartphone with them, with both devices having enough charge to work for the entire session - Since many people like to use headphones/earbuds, especially in many away-from-home situations such as public transit (where they are mandated) or any other situation that is either noisy, or where you don't want to disturb anyone with the audio - you would need to use TWO pairs of headphones / earbuds at once to hear the chat and the game??? This is the dumbest of all. - Forcing all these people to have their smartphones with the Switch will make many (like casuals) wonder why they don't just game on their phone to begin with
guygabe (1 year ago)
TurboCMinusMinus while I agree with most of those we really don't have all the information on their online service. If it's much cheaper than Sony/Xbone and offers other as-yet unmentioned features then I can see it being a benefit.
SP Inc. (1 year ago)
While I agree with the only one console, I do not want the death of the 3DS. And with the switch being as expensive as it is, it's gonna take a while for me to get one.
Tomtycoon (1 year ago)
3ds will be 7 years old next year not 8
Justin Nation (1 year ago)
Wave Race!!!!
Life and Gaming (1 year ago)
What's the problem with digital triggers?
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
Besides Gamecube games, there's also Driving Games that benefit greatly from having analog triggers. Other than that you will probably not miss them much since most games either don't make use of them at all even on systems that have analog triggers, or would work almost as well without them anyway. Just really sucks for driving games.
Just-AWESOME-old-me (1 year ago)
+Antony Shannon  Oh okay, I get it now. XD I was so confused, haha.
Antony Shannon (1 year ago)
A number of games benefit from having pressure sensitve inputs. In the case of gamecube games, think of how things like Lugi's vaccum or Mario's FLUDD worked. Press the shouler buttons lightly, you could move while perfoming the action, and stop and aim when it's pressed all the way. There are work arounds of course, there are "digital" triggers that are pressure senistive. Only time will tell.
Life and Gaming (1 year ago)
Antony Shannon why tho. What makes them bad? It was a serious question. How are they any better or worse?
Antony Shannon (1 year ago)
For one, they won't work well if we get something like Gamecube VC...IF we get it.
TheRandomGamer (1 year ago)
Iwata's hard work WILL pay off.
IMLR. (1 year ago)
I like number 4 That description is flawless and perfect
IMLR. (1 year ago)
Reasons why this video exist: 1. Calm Nintendo fans of the previous video 2. Farm views
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
This is a pretty dishonest video, guys. You package this as a fair analysis and comparison between the good and the bad to reach a conclusion but it's obvious to see you already made up your minds before you even went into this. To be fair, I haven't watched the "Biggest Problems" video yet, but still.. (oh, and I should probably say that I have preordered the Switch and Zelda and this will actually be the first system I ever buy at launch (I'm 28 and have been playing games since I was 3) so it's not like I'm not interested in the Switch at all) For instance, you basically bring up it being a handheld twice. once coupling that with the battery life as if the battery life, which you admit will likely be shorter than the 3DS' battery life (which also had people complain when it first came out, mind you), as if that was a positive. It can be argued that it's not that big of a deal but does it deserve its own bullet point? I don't think so. You also bring up the USB-C connection and how you can charge the Switch in no time, even though I'm pretty sure it has been said before that the Switch 3 hours to fully charge. So you bring that up as a positive in the same breath as you bring up long plane trips and whatnot, even though you charge about as much, if not longer, than you end up playing the thing on the go. That's hardly a positive! Then you act as if Zelda is THAT big of a deal. Yeah okay, people preordered the Switch for Zelda, there is no doubt about that, but can you really see that as as much of a positive as you do in the video when it's a Wii U title that has been delayed multiple times (and let's be honest, the Switch not having another killer app at launch is pretty likely to be the main reason for the delays) and will be released on the same day on Wii U as well? I'm not sure. I'm not sure if it's really THAT much of a positive when the most important title in a system's launch window, possibly even most of its launch YEAR, is not an actual exclusive... And it's not even a that much better version. It looks slightly better, sounds slightly better (apparently), runs about the same and has a slight bump in resolution in docked mode. That on a system that markets itself as primarily a home console, in a new generation. The other games are somewhat small deals, with some exceptions, and the first really heavy-hitter, Super Mario Odyssey, will arrive during the holiday season at the earliest. Delays are still possible and not unlikely, no matter what they have said so far. The same goes for Xenoblade. And then you go on with speculation of when you think the 3DS MAY be dead and what games we MAY see, but honestly, that's not much different from the wishful thinking found at any console launch.
Pandsu Yo (1 year ago)
Yes, I even said I haven't watched that yet (at the time of writing) in the comment. Watching that doesn't change a thing, though.
Ethan Rice (1 year ago)
You know there's another video with the negatives, right?
George Arizaga (1 year ago)
2 things 1. why would you say maybe for fire emblem warriors when it's be confirmed to be coming 2. you just reminded me how much I want a new Kid Icarus game
J_laubster (1 year ago)
coolest intro song

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