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Evolution of Video Game Graphics 1952 - 2015

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This is all the best games from every year 1952-2015 Here is the list: 1952: Nimrod Computer Game 1958: Tennis For Two 1971: Computer Space 1972: Pong 1973: Space Race 1974: Clean Sweep 1975: Anti-Ai 1976: Blockade 1977: Indy 500 1978: Sea Wolf 2 1979: Crash 1980: Pac-Man 1981: Ms. Pacman 1982: Paratrooper 1983: Super Gridder 1983: Hunchback 1984: Sokoban 1985: Super Mario Bros 1986: Outrun 1987: Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards 1988: Super Mario Bros 3 1989: Xenon 2 1990: Prince Of Persia 1991: Prehistorik 1992: Wolfenstein 3D 1993: Day of the Tentacle 1994: The Lion King 1995: Command & Conquer 1996: Tomb Raider 1997: Gta 1998: Half Life 1999: Quake 3 2000: Max Payne 2001: Gta 3 2002: Serious Sam: The First Encounter 2003: Medal Of Honor Allied Assault 2004: Half Life 2 2005: World Of Warcraft 2006: Need For Speed Most Wanted 2007: Crysis 2008: Assassin's Creed 2009: Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 2 2010: Red Dead Redemption 2011: World Of Tanks 2012: Battlefield 3 2013: Gta 5 2014: Wolfenstein The New Order 2015: Tom Clancy's The Division
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Text Comments (12268)
Eric haskell (13 days ago)
At it’s time, Intellivision was better than it’s competitors.
NoMercy (14 days ago)
He didn't use 90% of better games.
iNgsane (15 days ago)
Really? WOW is your graphical example from 2005? what about F.E.A.R?
Bhuvanesh Sharma (16 days ago)
Counter strike? Sonic?roadrash? Disappointed!!!!!
JongHo Park (17 days ago)
Not video game history. PC game graphics history
Marco Max (20 days ago)
Always kill and destroy
Abdul Rehman (23 days ago)
2050 grand theft auto 20
cj so cool cj (23 days ago)
Mahesh Walatara (23 days ago)
Crysis was way ahead of its time.
Gameplayevi sa Lukom (24 days ago)
Super Mario 64???
Sander Cohen (26 days ago)
Honestly, til you get to red dead redemption everything looks like a downgrade from crysis. And even then it only trumps it in a few areas
omer yasir (28 days ago)
u forgot to mention the "Counter Strike, and the IGI game series :)
emello81 (30 days ago)
Quake 3 came out in 2001 not 1999. 1999 was Quake 2
emello81 (30 days ago)
No Galaga
emello81 (30 days ago)
Wow Outrun?? For the past 20+ years I've thought that was the first Need For Speed Lol
Cartoon Station (1 month ago)
At your looking for something funny https://youtu.be/FCQ7zacm7qM https://youtu.be/Hj2qdZ_vfPs https://youtu.be/S-FB_mj9JhQ
Jonatan Gamer (1 month ago)
Show brother sucesso https://youtu.be/P4eDuGqqMYE
Sourav Tikadar (1 month ago)
1998 game's graphic revulotionary change👌👌
Ashish kumar (1 month ago)
And i am still playing super mario
The Alien (1 month ago)
Your Intro is also from the 1900
Big Smoke Gaming (1 month ago)
Old game looks sucks
Bmoney64 (1 month ago)
You chose Tomb Raider over Mario 64.
Poom Theptawee (1 month ago)
The graphic need to be bad I can't play fortnite why do they need to make the graphic better
Francois Labussiere (1 month ago)
Christ I'm so happy dubstep isn't trendy anymore! god that was bad!
weird scribbles (2 months ago)
Half LIFE 2 is gmod wtf?!
Akm2547 (2 months ago)
Music please
Genn Woner (2 months ago)
what's called the song
SvearViking91 (2 months ago)
1952?!?! Shit... Gaming was older than I thought
Un chained (2 months ago)
The first assassin's creed was released in 2007, not 2008.
Expert PlayZ (2 months ago)
2017 squad xD
Isac Alexswag (2 months ago)
Nfs mw was from 2005
Zaid Khan (2 months ago)
zeroblackdeath 13 (2 months ago)
Gta 5 came out in 2013 time flies
Sawney Bean (2 months ago)
1:00 noob player ever
Ganylov27 (2 months ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tOgtmOpV5aQ vieron el nuevo smash?
Islam World (3 months ago)
WWaaaOOOooO! #gameandanimeworld
uppjke YouTuber (3 months ago)
Waldemar Godlewski (3 months ago)
Awesome. I don't remember games before PacMan...
*NeayT* (3 months ago)
YAY!!! HALF LIFE IS FAV!!! 5:26 - AND HALF LIFE 2!!! 7:06
gta 5 was in 2015
David The Roblox Gamer (3 months ago)
These are the wrong time lines. Pong was made in 1948 u dingus
13 Style (3 months ago)
Crash bandicoot? The Last of us?
Christopher M Hansen (3 months ago)
No MechWarrior games? Those were technical masterpieces of their days. And why the fuck is WoW on here but not Morrowind? Far more fucking impressive. WoW has never been cutting edge on anything. Also the music is fucking obnoxious, how about try narrating lazy cunt, and next time you make one of these videos try getting a computer that can run then at more than 15 frames per minute.
domyxTV (3 months ago)
Iscritto ricambi o succhiamelo
SJW Beater (3 months ago)
Makes me wonder where video games will be in the next 20 years from now🤔
jaydeep pahad (3 months ago)
Antonio Pepe (3 months ago)
QUAKE 1 . 1996. WITH OPENGL &3Dfx ... What about... u cant Jump this revolutionary game.
David _Yt (3 months ago)
How it s named the music??
Shelley Goodman (3 months ago)
Anti aircraft was the ancestor of Atlantis (an Atari game) and so was Paratrooper
kotik TV (3 months ago)
Counter Strike 1999
oof YoHomieNoami (4 months ago)
what was this music?
electron tube (4 months ago)
CharlotteHacks (4 months ago)
Its crazy to see how far video games have come.
SuperGamer Z Ph (4 months ago)
you forgot minecraft
ThePatientWolf (4 months ago)
I had forgotten all about this game. I bought it with my ps1.
Jacob Cyp (4 months ago)
This from 1952 is still better than Fortnite
Abi Nair (4 months ago)
Maxpayne ever green 💕💕
Hemant Kokate Art (4 months ago)
Which game will you choose for 2016,2017,2018? Reply ASAP.
NOM NOM (4 months ago)
Fish Kwan (4 months ago)
How about Doom 1, 2, 3 ? :)
azpro gaming (4 months ago)
2018 anyone
shehzad Baloch (4 months ago)
GTA 3 date is wrong
First fishing game: my fishing hd 1998
My fishing hd is the first fishing game on earth created last 1998
what is this music
tehn00bpwn3r (4 months ago)
Crysis was the real game changer.
Helawolf (4 months ago)
No Diablo?
Aleksa Stankovic (4 months ago)
Tùng Anh Lại Mạnh (4 months ago)
wolfenstein was the best
Rajcze Private (4 months ago)
You have too low graphics
Why all those dislikes? Lol
WindowsSonic 2004 (4 months ago)
Where Is Sonic The Hedgehog?
Daniel Polo Rovira (4 months ago)
fuck, there's so much errors....
Rounak Singh (4 months ago)
Youtube Trash #1 (4 months ago)
Red Dead Redemption is literally my childhood
BaconPancakes I (4 months ago)
remove ur intro and outro they suck all balls
Aldo Espinoza Flores (4 months ago)
Y sonde quedo Street Fighter, Sonic, Tekken y los Final Fantasy con su gran apartado grafico??
furqan skafel (4 months ago)
The games are asome
Alen Sabanovic (4 months ago)
No Doom 3? and you make a video about graphics evolution??
Samhain (4 months ago)
8:31 - Assassin's Creed came out in 2007. In fact, 2008 is the only year an AC main game wasn't released from 2007-2015.
ItsKgan (5 months ago)
Hold up. You think Mrs. Pac-Man, a game that was just a re-skin of Pac-Man, was more revolutionary than Donkey Kong, which released the same year? Also, I've never heard of Prehistorik, but it looks really dumb, and you put it before Sonic the Hedgehog? Lmao
EXPERIMENTONGOD (5 months ago)
Terrible choice of music and most games are played at not max graphics settings or framerate so it looks terrible.
FiggScars Plays (5 months ago)
Where’s wolfenstein 3D 1981
Communist Nut Biscuit (5 months ago)
What about Doom
Greads Zersa (5 months ago)
1952 years??? That my mom never there
Dark Paladin57 (5 months ago)
Note: WoW released in 2004
bob (5 months ago)
Why the shit music though?
Coffee & Propaganda (5 months ago)
Apparently, any game where there is shooting is the "best game."
Dinesh Dharam (5 months ago)
I think Doom and Deus Ex deserve to be on this list. So do games like Contra, Tekken and Saints Row.
Spinning square (5 months ago)
The first 3D game was Spasim 1979. You missed doom
Will Rock (5 months ago)
super tight!
Nut (5 months ago)
Why did gta5 look like such shit in this video?
Face eat screen (5 months ago)
wanna hear a lie...big big big lie half life 3 SOON !
TsarOfTheKaiser (5 months ago)
Music ??
Yakisoba (5 months ago)
Where’s Kingdom Hearts in this?
Faizan Ali (5 months ago)
Where is igi?
Ma n (5 months ago)
Think about how games would look like in 2065 or 2115....
EL Parela (5 months ago)
1998 The Aliens helped "Valve"
zuhn j'x (5 months ago)
2030..... 6180p
SauceCake (5 months ago)
Tbh HL1 was one of the largest game changers, really good games series yet kinda overrated. Rip 3
vickjadon jadon (5 months ago)
minecarft is made in 2009

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