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Top 5 Best Zelda Games, Ever.

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What are the BEST Zelda Games? Which Zelda Games Are The MOST Fun? The Legend Of Zelda has always played a very large part in my life. Helping me through my childhood and my depression. From Ocarina Of Time to Breath Of The Wild, this is my Top 5 Best Zelda Games Of All Time. - Like/Comment/Subscribe/Share My Other Zelda Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gpmwSOteZVk Become A Patreon And Join Our Community By Supporting The Channel - https://www.patreon.com/BeatEmUps Want to send me MAIL?! - Wood Hawker PO Box 152751 Arlington, tx. 76015 Buy Some MERCH! - https://socialblade.com/youtube/user/beatemups PayPal - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Business Email - beatemupsmerch@gmail.com Follow BeatEmUps on Twitter - @BeatemupsWood On Facebook - facebook.com/BeatEmUps Instagram - @BeatemupsWood Join The BeatEmUps Discord Chat - https://discord.gg/zyUGPfs My Second Channel - https://www.youtube.com/user/WoodsMaj... Music: Erek Ladd - https://erekladd.bandcamp.com/releases "Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favor of fair use." All clips and videos belong to their respective owners.
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BeatEmUps (9 months ago)
What's your top 5? Let me know below ❤🕹
Inbar Shemesh (2 days ago)
My top 5 list is: 5. Phantom Hourglass 4. Wind Waker 3. Minish Cap 2. Majora's Mask 1. Twilight Princess I haven't accounted for Breath of the Wild yet because I am still playing the game and haven't reflected upon how it would rank on my list.
IttiOnYouTube (2 days ago)
5: Majora's Mask 4: Breath Of The Wild 3: Ocarina Of Time 2:Wind Waker 1: A Link To The Past
mkitten13 (6 days ago)
I have to do a Top 6, but: 1) Breath of the Wild 2) A Link Between Worlds 3) Wind Waker 4) Twilight Princess 5) Ocarina of Time 6) Minish Cap
Mars Darinder (8 days ago)
1 Is a three way tie between Adventure of Link, Link to the Past, and Links Awakening. Then Twilight Princess, Skyward Sword.
Jonas Søbstad (13 days ago)
5. Mario 4. Is 3. Better 2. Than 1. Zelda
Nibbuscus (1 hour ago)
My top 5 zelda games are, 1: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past 3: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (First Game Ever Played In The Zelda Series) 4: The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask 5: The Legend Of Zelda: Orcirina Of Time My list is not from my favorites from 1-5 it's just the zelda games I enjoyed the most.
Nibbuscus (1 hour ago)
My top 5 zelda games are, 1: The Legend Of Zelda: Breath Of The Wild 2: The Legend Of Zelda: A Link To The Past 3: The Legend Of Zelda: Twilight Princess (First Game Ever Played In The Zelda Series) 4: The Legend Of Zelda: Majoras Mask 5: The Legend Of Zelda: Orcirina Of Time My list is not from my favorites from 1-5 it's just the zelda games I enjoyed the most.
_ JAKEDOWN951 (3 hours ago)
Ocarina of Time #1 all time review score wise. It was always my number 1, (became 1a after I played TLOU, but still GOAT status) OoT has THE HIGHEST metacritic score (99/100) ever (not just Zelda, every game all time) BoTW is a masterpiece as well, so much to do, so much to see. But Ocarina of Time was ahead of it's time and, who doesn't love the ocarina soundtrack? The sound of the ocarina and the power of the songs made it special.
Kyle DuVerger (1 day ago)
1.A Link Between Worlds 2.Breath of the Wild 3.Ocarina of Time 4.A Link to the Past 5.The Windwaker
YKS (1 day ago)
Uncommon list but 1. Majoras Mask 2. Wind Waker 3. Oot 4. Spirit tracks 5. Twilight princess Maybe it’s because I have the most nostalgia for the n64 and GameCube games
Savage Infernape (1 day ago)
My top 5 Zelda’s; 1. OoT 2. TP 3. MM 4. LttP 5. WW
than217 (1 day ago)
Mine would be 1. Ocarina: the best thing about middle school even tho it came out while I was leaving middle school. 2. Twilight Princess. Just a great game 3. Link to the Past: I never owned it but played it at a friends house and loved every minute of it. 4. Zelda 2: my fondest memories of the 80s are of playing that game. 5. Majora's Mask. I have no doubt Breath of the Wild would make my top 5 but I still haven't played it.
Sudip Howlader (1 day ago)
2.5 min for the drama... cud have been a 1 min video.
Adrian Ezell (2 days ago)
Fav is breath of the wild, it has the most content, the most stuff to do and the most voice acting
The Nerd (2 days ago)
my favorite is a link between worlds
Änski Schoetter (3 days ago)
Skyward sword soooo underrated but sooo good 🤘
M Paulson (3 days ago)
5. There is no favorite Zelda. 4. There is no favorite Zelda. 3. There is no favorite Zelda. 2. There is no favorite Zelda. 1. Majora's Mask.
Jonas Kristiansen (5 days ago)
I have yet to play Majora`s Mask, Skyward Sword and A Link Between Worlds. I just can`t make a list before I have played those.
Aaron Wichers (5 days ago)
1.- Link to the Past 2.- Majoras Mask 3.- Ocarina of time 4.- Breath of the Wild 5.- Windwaker
snipersev07 (6 days ago)
I knew oot would be number 1. Nothing beats oot
spectrecutlass (6 days ago)
5: A Link to the Past 4: Ocarina of Time 3: Breath of the Wild 2: Majora's Mask 1: Wind Waker
Joseph Rigdon (7 days ago)
Nice list!! I know I will get crucified for saying this but Zelda II is in my top 5, (not number 1 but up there). It was the first Zelda game that I played and was hooked, especially after moving to Link to the Past after that... it was all over, lol!! BoTW is awesome, unfortunately I played it a LOT while I was sick, (inner ear issues) so I was in bed, nauseous all the time and depressed. When I tried to keep playing I just couldn't... it reminded me of all the pain, nausea and such so I had to put it down. I'm REALLY hoping that I can give it some time and come back to it one day soon though!! Best wishes man!! :)
Fearless Potato (8 days ago)
My top 5 5:Majoras mask 4:Skyward sword 3:BOTW 2:Wind waker 1:ALBW
Roman Fischer (9 days ago)
Still haven't played Breath of the Wild (I know I'm broke... I will get it soon) 5. Minish Cap 4. A Link Between Worlds 3. OOT 2. Wind Waker 1. A Link to the Past
Myfour Biddeninja (9 days ago)
My favorite is zelda is oracle of seasons.
Shane Yardley (9 days ago)
I really appreciate the time you put into these videos, and I love Zelda and can relate to it being there in tough times. Thanks for doing this brother.
Sully5246 (10 days ago)
Say botw isn’t his favorite because “it is lacking a story” Literally 2 mins later says ocarina of time is his favorite Irony
Apple Sause (10 days ago)
My favorite game is love live
slushiestfan48 (10 days ago)
My first Zelda game was breath of the wild
Harrison Hutson (12 days ago)
I called that he was going to mention game theory
Katrina Richards (12 days ago)
1.Breath of the wild 2. Twilight princess 3. Link between world's
Owl Monkee (13 days ago)
I think twilight princess is my favorite
RYAN ON RAMPAGE (13 days ago)
5. Breath of the wild 4.Breath of the wild 3.Breath of the wild 2.Breath of the wild 1.Breath of the wild
brentstah (13 days ago)
1. Zelda 2 (seriously the best Zelda, if it continued in this direction it might have been my favorite series) 2. Majora's Mask 3. Windwaker 4. Twilight Princess 5. A Link to the Past
Don'tJinxIt (13 days ago)
My favorite snes game is Super Mario World
Don'tJinxIt (13 days ago)
1.) Breath Of the Wild 2.) Majoras Mask 3.) Wind Waker 4.) Skyward Sword 5.) The Legend of Zelda (This is my list. OOT was good but it places 6 on my list)
Travy Harrington (14 days ago)
Majoras mask Wind waker Breath of the wild Twilight princess all my fav
OhCrapWerx (14 days ago)
I have to say, well said. It's the experience each player has different as they may be that truly matters. (^.^)
Scruff Zilla (14 days ago)
5. A Link To The Past 4. Ocarina Of Time 3. The Legend Of Zelda (NES) 2. Twilight Princess 1. Breath Of The Wild
Carson Yates (15 days ago)
I havent completed TP but its my #1. Its just given me that feeling that pokemon colluseum (the first game i ever played) did when i was little. I know now its not that good of game but it just amazed me what i was able to do in video games and that i had an affect on what happened and twilight princess (and MM which is my #5) gave me that feeling that the characters were really in despair and i was the only person that could help i absolutely love TP and i havent completed it
Aj Awesome (15 days ago)
HOW COULD YOU PUT BREATH OF THE WILD AT 2 but number 3 looks so fun I think I'm a Zelda fan now
Jeffrey Katz (16 days ago)
1. A Link to the Past 2. Breath of the Wild 3. Majoras Mask 4. Wind Waker 5. The Legend of Zelda
Fernando Holanda (18 days ago)
Pfaff James (18 days ago)
5. Wind Waker 4. Minish Cap 3. Breath of the wild 2. Ocarina of time 1. Link to the Past
Pfaff James (18 days ago)
Child part of OoT was not very fun. But when I got to adult link I started to really enjoy it. But Link to the Past is my favourite game of all time.
Ps3pic (18 days ago)
5. Windwaker 4. Link between worlds 3. Majoras mask 2. Breath of the wild 1. Ocarina of time
Ps3pic (18 days ago)
(Ive never played TP or SS btw)
Derva Kommt von hinten (19 days ago)
igiuLoiraM (19 days ago)
5. Minish Cap 4. A link between worlds 3. Ocarina of time 2. A link to the past 1. Links' Awakening
KyleXY Gaming (19 days ago)
ALBW Is NOT a Sequal to ALTP.
Pro Nerdy (20 days ago)
Im a little confused, you said that MM was better and more developed than OoT. I do get the nostalgic memories you had when you were younger, but a little confusing. Im just glad you didnt choose to put skyward sword on this list. Thats the worst game
Diego Santana Silva (21 days ago)
7 - Majoras Mask (Cause it was freaking hard... The last temple...) 6 - Twilight Princess (Ocarina for adults) 5 - Wind Waker (Cause was the first Zelda that i felt like i was free to do whatever i want it to do) 4 - A Link to the Past (Cause it has a great gameplay for a old Gameboy) 3 - Skyward Sword (Don't hate me, i just like it) 2 - Breath Of The Wild (That's the definition of freedom) 1 - Ocarina .
Diego Santana Silva (21 days ago)
*Wind Waker, Twilight Princess, Ocarina and Majoras should be on Switch. Just an sugestion.*
Alpha Spy Dog (21 days ago)
For some reason I thought he had already mentioned Ocarina of time so I thought his favourite would be skyward sword so for a second i was a bit confused. But oh well, I'm tired. If I had to list my top 5 I couldn't because I've only really played and finished 3 so 3 Twilight Princess 2 Skyward Sword 1 Breath of the Wild
Roin (21 days ago)
I agree with the whole list aside from a link between worlds, those type of zeldas are at a huge disconnect with me and I can never see myself completing them happily
Ryan Maki (22 days ago)
I played 150 hrs of botw
Jayden Hamilton (24 days ago)
If we also had proper temples,in the game, and a bigger story. Breath of the Wild would have been my number 1.
Jayden Hamilton (24 days ago)
Here is my list of zelda games starting from 5 to 1 most favorite. 5. A Link to the past, 4. Wind Waker, 3. Skyward Sword, 2. Breath of the Wild, 1. Twilight Princess.
kody nordin (25 days ago)
Found your channel recently after getting into the new 2ds xl. Subscribed right away. You are a beautiful person. Loving the channel. Ocarina turned me into a gamer as well! It triggered something inside me. Please keep up the good work!
Alejandro Sanchez (25 days ago)
Its no brainer men all of em are goods
Pivot (27 days ago)
1.SkyWard Sword 2.SkyWard Sword 3.SkyWard Sword 4.SkyWard Sword 5.SkyWard Sword
KNIGHT MASTER (27 days ago)
1 Ocarina of time 2 Breath of the wild 3 Twilight princess 4 Majoras mask 5 Skyward sword 6 Wind waker 7 Link between worlds 8 The legend of Zelda 9 Phantom Hourglass 10 Links Awakening
KNIGHT MASTER (27 days ago)
5. Oot 4. Triforce heroes 3. Wind waker 2/1. Botw and A link between worlds
Alain Trépanier (1 month ago)
Skyward Sword is awesome but the ending is just ok.
gamergosh360 (1 month ago)
5.Wind waker 4. Majoras mask 3.Ocarina of time 2. Twilight princess 1. breath of the wild
Blueflame (1 month ago)
1:ocarina or time 2:Majora's Mask 3:Twilight Princess 4:Wind waker 5:a lunk between worlds
Rafa383 _yt (1 month ago)
5. Breath of the wild 4. Twiligth princess 3. Majora's mask 2. Ocarina of time 😍👑1. Wind waker👑😍
DemonKingNemo (1 month ago)
I knewish to your channel (about 3 months now) and the Australian is obvious but I'm confused now where you reside lol. Past videos I was watching (from a binge lol) you mentioned being in Canada, but here its Texas. Where you be man? XD love your videos and opinions
tyler underwood (1 month ago)
1 breath of the wild 2 twilight princess 3 wind waker 4 ocarina of time 5 majoras mask
Angel Zarate (1 month ago)
You're hot
LeMondeDeTommy ツ (1 month ago)
1.Majoras Mask 2.Ocarina of time 3.Breath of the wield Just a top 3 because I have play just it. YES im gonna play more Zelda Games
James 23 (1 month ago)
5 twilight princess 4 a link between world's 3 wind waker 2 breath of the wild 1 ocarina of time
MajorasMask22 [GG] (1 month ago)
Number 1 should be Majoras Mask
Shyota Sellers (1 month ago)
1 Breath of the wild 2 Windwaker 3 Link to the past 4 Majoras mask 5 Orcarina of time
anthares96 (1 month ago)
5. oracle of ages 4. ocarina of time 3. majora's mask 2. link's awakening 1. Botw/skyward sword (I literally can't choose) tho i'll admit i haven't personally played all zelda games, so if i ever get to play them all, my list might change
Benjamin Emanuelsson (1 month ago)
Leave a like for Zeldies!
Andrés González (1 month ago)
And my number 1 game iiiiiis... TRIFORCE HEROES!
Lightningzz (1 month ago)
My top 5 5. Ocarina of Time 4. Windwaker 3. Botw 2. Twilight Princess 1. Skyward Sword
Samantha Taylor (1 month ago)
Levi Schuiteman (1 month ago)
Your on spot!👍👍👍👍👍👍
HYAAAK!!! (1 month ago)
My top 5 Zelda games: 1) Zelda CDI 2) Zelda 2 Link's Adventure 3) Link's Crossbow Training 4) Spirit Tracks 5) Phantom Hourglass
ink bringer (1 month ago)
That's so incredibly accurate, the fact that personal and unique experiences determine where your heart goes in terms of your beloved game. To me, Zelda also arrived in my life at a time when I dropped out of college and was wallowing in self pity, same time I found Game Grumps, and so the two forces helped change my life bit by bit, piece by piece. I'm just so happy it exists and I found it at a time where I was free to pursue my love of it.
Joseph Watsono (1 month ago)
*Has to point out you had depression*
Moussa Zyka (1 month ago)
1 Majora's Mask
Count Vanni (1 month ago)
Andre Kruk (1 month ago)
Great list but you spoiled Windwaker for me when I was about to play it for the first time ;_;
4bit321 (2 months ago)
1: Majoras Mask 2: Ocarina of Time 3: Wind Waker 4: Twilight Princess 5: Breath of the Wild I honestly prefer a MM game than an OOT game. I mean, they’re both really good, but MM is my personal preference for a zelda game. *prepares for oot fanboys to blow me up*
Dylan Jimenez (2 months ago)
To me breath of the wild is not zelda when i played it i was not reminded of zelda i forgot i was playing zelda one time and then i go to the menu i remember that its zelda, i mean i still love it still an amazing
Game And Roll (2 months ago)
Botw must be nummer 1
John McClean (2 months ago)
Super Easy I liked the NES/SNES version Trilogy , but for me , for my taste ... The BEST Zelda TRILOGY ever and forever (the soul, the heart its in theses) they never been able to catch that "Spirit" again... 1 ocarina 2 majoras 3 wind waker
Saxon Farmer (2 months ago)
Let's dive into the number one it is ad
David Campbell (2 months ago)
1.Breath of the Wild 2.Wind Waker HD 3.Link Between Worlds/to the Past 4.Twilight Princess HD 5. Skyward Sword Honorable Mentions 6. Majora's Mask 7. Ocarina of Time
David Campbell (2 months ago)
Video begins at 2:50 thank me l8tr
Dodutchernaut (2 months ago)
LIONK! 1. Ocarina of time 2.the legend of zelda 3.phantom hourglass 4.link to the past 5.breath of the wild
Matthew Rogers (2 months ago)
Zelda 4 swords adventures for GCN is the Best zelda game ever than Breath of the Wild
Joey Guarino (2 months ago)
I played Windwaker HD and skyward so close together I don’t actually remember which one I played first but they both hold a special place in my heart. I remember beating both of them and sobbing both times because it was over. After that nothing ever came close to those two for me. Ocarina just didn’t have the same magic for me and Breath of the Wind while FANTASTIC didn’t have the same Zelda vibe those two had. It makes me sad but I don’t think I’ll ever have an experience quite like windwaker and skyward sword
Felixkeeg (2 months ago)
Man, I really need to play Windwaker. I loved Phantom Hourglass
NerdCate (2 months ago)
Majora’s Mask is my personal favourite. I have no nostalgic attachment (first time playing it was 3DS), and I have played every game so I think it is my definitive favourite. My Zelda game was Wind Waker On Gamecube, and that only places 4th, so I don’t think there is too much Nostalgic bias in my decision.
Mopslayer 28 (2 months ago)
Twilight princess
Tori Ditizio (2 months ago)
loved this lol
Daniel G (2 months ago)
Orcarina of Time is so good! I'm in the middle of OOT Master Quest (the real Master Quest with different dungeons, not the Master Quest crap on 3DS) which I've never played before and it's freaking awesome.
Hassen Bomba (2 months ago)
5:ocarina of time 4:Majora mask 3:a link to the past 2:Twilight princes 1:Skyword sword
Groovy Glenn (2 months ago)
1. Windwaker 2. Phantom Hourglass 3. Botw 4.OoT 5.Majoras Mask
Krizefugl (2 months ago)
5 wind waker 4 link between worlds 3 oracle of ages 2 oracle of seasons 1 minish cap as you can tell im more influenced by the handheld versions. and minish cap was truly great. personally i just couldnt get into botw at all. it had nifty new features but it just didnt feel like a zelda game but rather a sandbox open world game with a lot of options to get around (really liked the climbing) but all in all i really didnt enjoy it and even ended up returning it since it didnt feel worth the money for me. hate my opinion all you want. wont change it. i didnt think it was all that great and dont understand what makes it 10/10 at all. it just was neither a zelda game nor a good open world. just a weird open world game and of those we have more than enough already.

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