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STEAM Guide - How to Drag & Drop Install Games and Run Off an External Drive NCIX Tech Tips

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Thunderbolt gives some unique options in terms of cable management and performance for external drives. This video shows gamers one of the coolest ways to use an external drive! CA: http://ncix.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=thunderbolt US: http://us.ncix.com/search/?categoryid=0&q=thunderbolt
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Text Comments (1025)
snaek (8 days ago)
Holy hell it's Linus
Durgaprasad Srivas (25 days ago)
C thvvbvbvbvvn how vjvv
Plunder crest (1 month ago)
young linus techtips
Matt (1 month ago)
dab dab linus tech tips
Ernel Barrios (1 month ago)
my pc cant handle monster hunter world, so i copy my game(monster hunter world) on my usb, then i wanna play on cafe using my usb. how should i run monster hunter there? newbie on pc here. i hope you can help me. Thanksss
sumeet bansal Rahul (2 months ago)
He did it before it was cool....!!
Epic gamer Ya (3 months ago)
How bout on mac
vEvil-Morty (3 months ago)
linus tech tips????
Manny Shaikh (4 months ago)
Awesome video. I want to start using my external hard drive from now on. Where do I start if I already have steam and a few games already installed on my computer? Delete steam and just install it to the external hard drive?
Augustus Sutton (4 months ago)
Thank you i will try steam
linus what you doing here ? lol this is sooo 2010 , cringy with that intro
Jerome Schwartz (5 months ago)
What if your back up storage drive is starting to go bad .. That is were I put my steam games on , and the boot loader will not open ... I can look at files from the computer , but It will not login to steam at all .. and I didn't back up my games at all .. the , only game file I don't want to lose is Skyrim ... not sure what to do .. I always thought steam kept saved files ..
Dyce Dillenga (6 months ago)
how do you change the main steam download destination file
Drew Moody (6 months ago)
So young!!! Lol
Zifei Li (6 months ago)
speaking of...???
NuMb Life (6 months ago)
Thanks man you are the best
DROPSHOTz (6 months ago)
Well damn linus😂😂😂
Poe Lemic (7 months ago)
Really cool way to keep Steam portable. Never thought about it, but neat idea ...
RyanCovers (7 months ago)
it didnt discover files i had to redownload :/
JKPieGuy (7 months ago)
I've watched this video more than once, and I just noticed now that before the intro, the Black Seagate External Harddrive was crooked on it's platform, and that after the into, it's fixed.
Pratiksha Gaikwad (7 months ago)
hello sir can i run wwe2k18 game on smart tvs external hard drive
Pikachu (7 months ago)
2018 how
SuperWhyNot (8 months ago)
iiHollow (8 months ago)
Do you get game sound, I've tried it before but I didn't get sound which I need
Enzo Pulido (8 months ago)
Hi, can you test booting a game in NAS on 2 or more computers at the same time?
from dah 6s (8 months ago)
I tried to install it on my drive and it wont let me
Bat Dude (8 months ago)
Thank you LINUS
WillyWonka (8 months ago)
Wait so when it discovers a save does it install it to the internal drive? I'm trying to just import them to an external and into another PC. So basically can i drag and drop what i put on the external drive onto the new PC's internal drive?
Lil Ma3 (8 months ago)
can I do this with google drive?
CapCaloy 420 (9 months ago)
can i put PUBG also in steam? i already downloaded PUBG in my laptop? how can i put in steam?
SoulZ_X (9 months ago)
When I click Install Game it says an error occurred while updating the isle!! How do u install the isle?? Edit: plz reply
Fanning (9 months ago)
i just want to know if i can install games on it then play them not moving or anything
heli-man-2007 (9 months ago)
Hi being your a whizz on steam can you please help ????? i have the Asus 1080 so very capable i have loaded steam onto the c: drive and i downloaded new Tomb Raider onto external drive it installs and runs fine but each time i turn my laptop off and switch on next day i click on the Tomb Raider icon and it wants me to re-install it cannot find the game, i done it this way because i thought it would run better with the platform on the main drive should i just load everything onto the external drive thanks for any advice
Marsh MellyX_X (9 months ago)
who s watching this in 2018?
KeK StrayHALO_MAN (15 days ago)
Just a guy Bob (26 days ago)
Marsh MellyX_X I am lmao
Danny Daner (1 month ago)
lol #linus2012
SavierHD (4 months ago)
Rick (10 months ago)
Hey its linus!
FhuN (11 months ago)
dammn, you have really changed Linus.
Mechanic 47 (11 months ago)
Can I use a USB 3.0 drive?
демон (11 months ago)
But what if you don't have that extra space after copying the game then you are fucked?
kelvin master (11 months ago)
OMG!!!bro you saved my life...i lost my rider of icarus shortcut and everytime im trying to open the launcher from the folder it cant be opened but when you show me the way to do this....it restore and rebuilding my shortcut....thank you very much bro!! XD
Nerdy The Squeaker (1 year ago)
Where do u drag
Game Bros (1 year ago)
how do i add gears of war 4 to my steam library? the exe file keeps saying i need admin permission when i am already using an administrative account!
havoc010101 (1 year ago)
This great video for copying game files, but what about game save files how would you copy those? Is there a way to copy game save files for games not supported by steam cloud? Thanks!!
Louis-Charles Hamel (1 year ago)
GorillaEmperor5 Can I use a USB to download an update on another internet and drag-drop the update on my gaming computer where the game usually is?
GorillaEmperor5 (1 year ago)
havoc010101 search for "my games" in your file explorer and you will see a list of your games. Click on the one you want you will see a save folder in there then copy the save you want to a USB. I copied a Skyrim save to the remastered edition like this.. It works.
Jere Heimonen (1 year ago)
Hello 2012 Linus.
mamamia88 (1 year ago)
Hmm I have 2 usb 3.0 docks lying around and 2 gaming pcs. Is usb 3 too slow?
david southard (1 year ago)
how do i download a game like eso on a harddrive iam trying to move it to my harddrive but it cant
Techtosterone (1 year ago)
Does this still work in 2017?
Ryan McCardle (9 months ago)
I do believe this still works. I have moved my files from 1 HDD to another HDD on my system and willing to try other methods. I personally want to be sure my library can install and run even without internet. That way I know in a bad situation I can still play my games. :)
EpicestGamer (10 months ago)
I probably wouldn't do the same things they do, but as long as you have admin privileges I know for a fact Steam works almost flawlessly, it might mess with your local steam install though.
Techtosterone (11 months ago)
George Hayward, I had a sucessful one. Went to a nearby internet/gaming cafe to download the game. Copied the downloaded files found in /common into a usb. Went home, copied the files from the usb into the /common file of steam in my pc. I then restarted steam, clicked install on the game, and then it magically worked.
Tony Lackie (1 year ago)
When you installing an external hard drive does the game have to install from Steam at all? My problem is I don't have internet so I tether my cell phone then it is days just to install one game
Eron Endi (1 year ago)
Damn, dude. Looks like I m gone be your huge fan. You ve been made that kind of tutorial-helping out it videos just like those ones I ve been needed the most. And of course I ve watched your other videos too, because theyr really interesting. You know. Games-gaming, computers and those inner staff. I really engoy your videos because you know this staff really good. So, I can t wait to ask you some really anoing questions (think that you can avoid those, sorry). But, was there another part of that super com?? Do they already figuring out how to make it really tiny, so everyone could buy and use it??? Anyway, big thank you for making those videos and hepilng ouit the idiots.
George Giannoulis (1 year ago)
So, it is worth having usb 3 external case/drive to run games from. I guess that means there is not a speed problem anymore that we were talking about back in usb2.0 days.....Right? My laptop has 3 usb3 ports so it should even run gta5 without disk creating mini crashes loading high speed car chase draw distance right? I would appreciate a reply, so i can decide if i install AAA 2016 or 2017 demanding games or just the "older" less demanding games.
ApeChimp (1 year ago)
linus? the fuck you're doing here?
Maronp (1 year ago)
whos watching this in 2017, weird to see linus like this lol!
RotInPixels (1 year ago)
My old laptop died, and i got a new one, and I wanted to move my files over to steam. I took the hard drive out of the old one, got an external reader, and moves the files over to the steam folder I have on my new laptop. How do I get steam to recognize the files as already installed?
Alessandro Maniscalco (1 year ago)
If I'm understanding the video correctly, you have all the files you need, but you'll have to go through the install process again from within Steam.
Amir Naseri (1 year ago)
thx bro really usefull u rock
Hack McNoob (1 year ago)
when i dropped the file on steamapps then i click install it does say its discovering files but then when it finish i need to install it again how to fix?
if i put steam on my portal ssd the samsung t3 will all the data and games i download on steam automatically go on my ssd so its on there when i want to play games and will the same thing happen with overwatch and the blizzard launcher and also my ssd is just for when i play games so when i take it out will my steam still stay on my computer or no and will everything i do(not including gaming) like the internet and youtube go on my ssd or only things that i manually put on my ssd will go there
Matthew Maimone (1 year ago)
That One Dude (1 year ago)
Currently building an mATX gaming CPU for gaming elsewhere but home and this video is perfect... Glad to see I don't have to download them all again... *sigh of relief...
Lil Cr0ss official (1 year ago)
i have the same external hard drive as him
SAS Productions (1 year ago)
ok well i installed on my external and went to play it next day and switch computer on and it said install in steam. i have installed again on my hard drive making its steamlibrary2 and it works. then when i turn pc off and back on it says install again in steam. how do i get around this please? i have no space on my 60gb ssd inside my pc. edit: fallout 4 pc
GeonExMachina (1 year ago)
Is there a updatef video of this?
mcNogard (1 year ago)
I replaced my harddisk with an SSD. The SSD has only 128GB though, so I have to use an external hard drive in order to store what I have. When I play games, I sometimes hear the "a device is disconnected"-sound, and then I can play for about 1 min before the game crahses. So I really don't know what is happening. So I expect the hard drive is disconnecting for just a short while for whatever reason. Does this even make sense? Wouldn't the game just crash imidiately?
SAS Productions (1 year ago)
well i have no space on my ssd inside my pc so i installed fallout 4 on my external. it worked great untill i restarted computer. the fucker keeps asking me to install when it should auto run it. i even go external steam folder and click fallout and it launches then i click play and the fucking installer shite comes up. its fucking annoying as the only way i can think to play is is by installing it AGAIN AND AGAIN AND AGAIN EVERYTIME I WANT TO FUCKING PLAY IT.
Savvy l (1 year ago)
You are a life saver! seriously! Awesome :D
WillSmit 101 (1 year ago)
My laptop is running slow and I was wondering can I move a game to a Hard rive and still play it on the laptop? I use steam.
oakmen (1 year ago)
Linus Consumer Grade Enthusiast > Linus Enterprise Grade Enthusiast
zee shan (1 year ago)
wtf.......don't need of your face while you are showing what is going.... you have to focus on screen what is going on the system....fuck.........
Glove (1 year ago)
Why is linus in NCIX
RobotShlomo (1 year ago)
I did this for Star Trek Online HOPING it would work. When it did I was like "HOLY SHIT!! It worked!!". Now I don't feel so smart.
Domino_Emery (1 year ago)
What if you already installed steam?
jackvleming (1 year ago)
does this wurk with non-steam games???
mcNogard (1 year ago)
That's pretty darn sweet.
schweinsteiger Cruise (1 year ago)
very complex method
Neptune My Waifu (1 year ago)
Sir do you knows how to add games in the steam library? can u teach me?
Mitteroid Music (1 year ago)
chozo echo (1 year ago)
can u share files over network for gaming tho ? like say i have a server can i run the games i want to threw said connection i know the loading times wouldnt be the same but it would be great for having a bigger use for said server
SlothyPlayz (1 year ago)
This is my Mac specs: MacBook Air (13-inch, Early 2015) Processer: 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5 Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 6000 1536 MB I play Ark Survival Evolved at 10-15 FPS with lag spikes once in a while at low settings. Minecraft at 100+ FPS Unturned I don't know the FPS but it runs pretty well. If I play with a 1TB Hard drive will I be able to run Ark Survival Evolved well? Will I be able to change the graphics to high or maybe even epic? I don't really get the whole gaming on USB thing. Sorry.
SassyTheSasquatch (10 months ago)
oh jesus christ..................
Sir_Sethery (1 year ago)
Someone needs to email the_peanuts_gallery@hotmail.com
Dante Laylay (1 year ago)
Let's say I open my steam games in my harddrive. Are my save game files will be in the hard drive too or not??
DEVOLisLOVED (1 year ago)
please help me someone. I have a cloudbook and it doesnt have enough internal disk space for dota 2 on steam. So can i copy the whole steam folder from my friend ina flash drive and then plug in that flash drive to play on steam? Do i have to copy the steam folder to my cloudbook? If i have to then i dont have enough space on my cloudbook. I just wanna plug in my flash drive and then play dota 2 by using that flash drive as the storage. Can i do that?
glitcher gamer (1 year ago)
Trenton Tong (1 year ago)
Omg that intro XD
Muilisx (1 year ago)
yeah steam is cool, i love the spring/ summer/ fall / winter sales
Jesse Cordero (1 year ago)
do you have to paste it on common folder on external hd as well?
Dante Laylay (1 year ago)
tolilot tottot i think so
Modern Bladesmith (1 year ago)
recording your screen with your phone again? shame on you linus.
Lam Kuan (1 year ago)
Greetings, Great Tutorials...Do have one for setting xbox 360 for PC settings in NOX android games? Also,how to move games from Wargaming.net tp External Hard Drive? Much appreciated!
bringthedarth (1 year ago)
Thanks!!! +1 Like
RosesNeverFade (1 year ago)
So you have to have the entire program (Steam) and all its files on the external hard drive? You can't just run specific games off the external HDD but have the program on your actual computer?
Alessandro Maniscalco (1 year ago)
I've installed Steam on my windows tablet and run games off a jump drive. But I imagine you've already tried this since your question is from 7 months ago.
J2colts (1 year ago)
I installed steam before I had the chance to select were I want it to download to. can I change it on the settings so games download to external hard drive or do I have to uninstall and install steam all over again
Pyroflamer (1 year ago)
this is an big issue for me, because my computer doesn't have an internal disk drive and I don't have internet.
Chee Thao (1 year ago)
if your router supports the option to connect a storage drive to it and share it across everyone who's on your network, are you able to play games in that drive from any computer without downloading that game on the computer's internal drive as well?
hayabusa sun (1 year ago)
Another great life saving video as always. Thank you so much.
Max Knut (1 year ago)
Is there a way to start steam from a USB without administrator user rights?
I have a 1tb external hard drive and I can't move my witcher 2 folder. It says something about pack0.dzip is too big... freaking witcher 2. Any help?
Gaming Grounds (2 years ago)
thank you linus!
Rev (2 years ago)
Nisa Brown (1 year ago)
one hundred and seventy six THOUSAND!
DruJahMac (2 years ago)
how to transfer ssd files steam games to hdd on windows 10 64 bits?
Adel Mandani (2 years ago)
Thank you
Steven Madia (2 years ago)
you waste volts pay electricity
Christopher Macleod (2 years ago)
NCIX Tech Tips or any other Gurus- Can this be done if you have Steam already on your PC. Then connect my external drive and then do as in the video install Steam on that external drive copy my games in the common folder across from internal drive to this external and then i will have a backup drive and a portable library. Will this conflict having two steams with game library on the same system?
JordannnHD (2 years ago)
Do i have to save the hole steam folder onto the drive
Bandit Leader (1 year ago)

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