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Logitech G Play: G903 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Gaming Mouse

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Trusted by top esports professionals, G903 with LIGHTSPEED™ wireless technology delivers incredible responsiveness for competition-level twitch targeting. Featuring the world’s most advanced PMW3366 optical sensor, G903 offers superior tracking accuracy and consistency even at speeds over 400 IPS. The flexible ambidextrous design, customizable lighting, and a lightweight 110g design means G903 is ready to meet your exacting preferences. When you want to push the boundaries of play, Play Advanced with Logitech G. http://www.LogitechG.com http://www.twitter.com/logitechg http://www.facebook.com/logitechg http://www.instagram.com/Logitech_G
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Text Comments (50)
Lucian Andries (2 months ago)
*Logitech:* Please tell me what is the battery life for heavy use with the LEDs off. I stay at my PC 10+ hours a day, mostly browsing, watching videos, shows, movies, and sometime gaming. My PC is a home theatre console tv system... I can't walk so, I've made my entertainment station OP. :) Also, can you make a version of it that has AAA batteries? It needs mooore battery life! I need an ambidextrous gaming 1ms mouse with back/forward buttons on both sides. It has a scroll wheel with both scroll modes, but the mode change button is under the wheel, like the MX Anywhere mice, and the button next to the wheel is the middle click button, or can be assigned to/as it. And it is relatively small, like the G305. This is my dream mouse!! <3 <3 <3 <3 <3
Try Hard (2 months ago)
Is this mouse good for large hands, long fingers?
Asd Kjh (3 months ago)
LOGITECH - I have just returned another crappy mouse after giving you second chance. One of the best things you have are buttons or rather silent and tactile responses. Everything else is just a joke. WIFI receiver is a worst piece of technology ever created and released to consumer market. EVERY CHINESE product winning this competition because when mouse receiver messing UP with you WIFI in 2018 it's a joke. No mentioning problematic "software" with thousands of negative reviews online. What would be you reviews look like without that extent sponsorship of gamers and you-tubers? Another amazing thing is a Weight of your product's - Sorry but light mouse is good mouse and please ignore your so called "weight adjustment" in your product because even without batteries your product weight a ton. Release finally good light wireless mouse without you "unifying receiver" just normal one for casual gamers and price that correctly. Till then I will be advising against your product because spending hours trying to make PC mouse works is just a joke. BTW you even admiting that you have serious problem by adding receiver extender in your recent products.
abdylov (3 months ago)
*It could be great, but WHAT ABOUT DOUBLE CLICK?*
Ragna (5 months ago)
does it make a difference pluging it into 2.0 USB than 3.0 USB in terms of latency and responsivenes?
X Y Z (5 months ago)
Please make it ubiquitous for more of your mice!
베노 유튜브 (9 months ago)
But very expensive this mouse
러본 (1 year ago)
where we but now? (korean)
vedat dinç (1 year ago)
Alt yazı yok 🤔
chrisgcc (1 year ago)
is there any way we can get a bigger hard pad? i noticed c9.n0thing uses a bigger version of the g440. i use the g440 and would LOVE a bigger version! would be willing to pay extra shipping if you would send me one.
PeowGaming (1 year ago)
I want a Wireless G502. Please make one!!!
D dabdab0132 (1 year ago)
Make it lighter
oskar (1 year ago)
I hope they make a wireless version of g502 for powerplay
MrExe300 (1 year ago)
Quick question: Wait to buy this one, or go for the g900?
Leo Cucuzzella (6 months ago)
MrExe300 If you want powerplay, Yes get the g903 because g900 doesn’t have that. If you won’t get powerplay, get the g900 as it is the same mouse as g903 but without powerplay compatibility
Kenny Lay (1 year ago)
It's 190 bucks in Switzerland for the mouse only.
Alan Xu (1 year ago)
Higher than 90gram is just heavy for pro usage. I know it's personal preference.. Just check out what most fps player using...
Ragna (5 months ago)
Some pros in overwatch use the g903 and they are fine.
CFGamescape (1 year ago)
I just purchased this at Best Buy in California. This is after I pre-ordered through Logitech's website. When I inquired what the shipping ETA is, Logitech replied "last week of September." So I cancelled my pre-order and just bought at the store. Weird.
MegaTheJohny (1 year ago)
Hey Logitech... any chance we gonna see G PRO larger version ? Please make it happen :( Mouse is perfect, just too small :(
Barns (1 year ago)
Just Amazing!!
Rocket Jump Ninja (1 year ago)
Can confirm, G903 is awesome, but so is the G900. So people who just bought the G900 don't feel bad, this isn't that big an upgrade, unless you wanted wireless charging with the PowerPlay.
Dreamcatcher Prints (1 year ago)
won't buy from logitech again after my G402 started double click problem right after warranty expired. Shortly after that there's the scroll wheel problem where it behaves erratically when scrolling, i never expected this from logitech, heck even a knockoff chinese brand that i used before i switched to logitech lasted longer and i replaced it because of a scroll wheel problem. G402 was a wonderful mouse but it didn't last long, a letdown that ensures i won't buy from logitech ever again. P.S. my headset was also from logitech (G230), but rest assured my next one won't be from logitech too because of that G402 problem.
june sun (1 year ago)
I was hoping this version would be lighter :(
Magnum (1 year ago)
The man has spoken!
Rocket Jump Ninja (1 year ago)
They're not even close... not sure why you would need help deciding between the two. Mouse choice is more complicated than that though... as a rough guide, measure your hand then find a mouse with dimensions around 60% of your hand size. The G900/G903 are the best out of the all purpose mice. The only reason I use a different mouse is for FPS gaming (because I need a smaller mouse to aim properly). Otherwise for work and general use, I'm always using a G900. The MasterMouse S should have been a top FPS mouse but had some issues that prevented it from reaching its potential.
Dazza skillz (1 year ago)
Rocket Jump Ninja G900 vs cm master mouse s? What do you think? Currently using the g pro mouse but the shape after months of use still dusnt feel great.
Aivar (1 year ago)
Already placed Pre-Order for my new G903! Cant wait till it will be delivered...
Rain RedFox (7 months ago)
Aivar so how's the g903? Is it having a delay? I meant for wireless usually got delay.
DictatorShadow (1 year ago)
"Without exceeding 110grams" *checks Razer lancehead* *lancehead is 111grams*
Vietfreedom Gaming (3 months ago)
magnum is a bitch ass
DictatorShadow (1 year ago)
Im not bringing up which is better, I found it funny how closely weighted they are. Can you maybe chill?
Magnum (1 year ago)
Does it have wireless charging for example? Did you even bother to see the whole video?
zen fro (1 year ago)
change my G900 to EC2A
Ragna (5 months ago)
ziz kooz (1 year ago)
dayik (1 year ago)
PixelIce (1 year ago)
Razer Lancehead wasn't even a threat lol
Paarsiya (1 year ago)
Great job Logitech!
manod (1 year ago)
guys i just get g900
Dan (1 year ago)
Why re-upload G903 video?
FatPiggieness (1 year ago)
but the shape of the mouse tho
SEONBOK LEE (1 year ago)
T_T Still wating for G903, G703 to arrive in South Korea...
Default (1 year ago)
Unfortunately with all these technology a mouse becomes unaffordable.
MikusTheDog (1 year ago)
just buy an old one , problem ?
RICHARD CRAFT (1 year ago)
Epic mause
Kamerad TV (1 year ago)
Change my G900 to G903:D
Veikka Hakulinen (1 year ago)
Andropov TV thats not good choice :D
Kakash E (1 year ago)
ha chabucha
Jonas Schroeder (1 year ago)
We Use The tecnology.

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