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Kingdom Come: Deliverance - A Flawed Gem

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Idiotech provides an in-depth review of Kingdom Come: Deliverance. This video is based on over 60 hours of play and one full run through of the game using patch 1.25. My channel is supported entirely based on donations from viewers like you. If you want to help please use the links below. • Patreon - https://www.patreon.com/IdiotechGaming • Paypal - https://streamlabs.com/idiotechgaming Live Streams • Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/idiotechgaming Community & Social Media • Discord: https://discord.gg/6P7D86w • Twitter: https://twitter.com/IdiotechGaming • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/idiotechgaming.
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Shawn Boudreau (1 month ago)
Someone might have mentioned it already but one of the reasons the game looks like it has a higher production value is because, while crowed funded, it was also sponsored by the Billionaire Zdeněk Bakala. The Kickstarter was party used to show that there was interest for the game to get his funding.
Michael Kreitzer (2 months ago)
lol, who's actually looking for something akin to Skyrim in the combat dept? That's easily Skyrim's weakest aspect. I don't quite understand the complaints about the game not hand holding you. I've not yet purchased this game, but hearing things like "it just tells you to deal with the problem, and leaves you to your own creativity to figure out how" is making me think I should. I'm so tired of modern games basically coming with bundled spoiler laden players guides in the form of something telling you what to do every step of the way. Yet, you actually go so far as to say allowing the player to use their own intellect and creativity to solve problems is the game not being "ready for release". Seriously? Did I miss something? "Save scumming is a real problem in gaming." - ?? How so? My main concern with this sentiment is people use their lack of self control as an excuse to demand developers implement save systems that are severely disrespectful of a players time. Save scumming _is a personal problem._ It is **not** a problem with the game or gaming in general. At least you slagged it off for not allowing complete player freedom in saving for all the right reasons. Recent patches for this game look to have fixed a lot. I'll probably end up picking this one up and modding out the asinine save system. Thanks for the review!
AjitB07 (2 months ago)
Here i am still on the fence and waiting....nice review though mate
VADemon (3 months ago)
Awesome video, here's my comment for the merciless algorithm
OverREACTOR3000 (5 months ago)
"A Flawed Gem" HA... HAHA... HAHAHAHAHA *WHAT A FUCKING JOKE!* This is the worst piece of shit I've EVER seen. Mass Effect Andromeda was EXACTLY THE SAME! Fucked up Animations. Ugly Textures (The "HD Textures are a DLC now... WHAT THE FUCK?) Facial Expressions of death. Game breaking Glitches and crashes still now after three patches with MORE THEN 5GB! Most of the "streched goals" promised during the Kickstar-Campaign many years ago are still missing in the game. Some of the rewards for the Backers were late or scraped entirely. THOSE PEOPLE HAD SIX FUCKING YEARS TO DELIVER THAT SHIT AND THEY STILL DIDN'T EVEN WITH ALL THE MONEY PUMPED UP THEIR ASSES FROM THE COMMUNITY! A MASSIVE Graphic downgrade from the first Trailers in 2012 as well as a massive downgrade in immersion and atmosphere of the world. The game promised REALISTIC SWORD FIGHTING but even For Honor did a better job at that. It wanted to deliver a "totally different story" but all we have is *A FUCKING GARY STU WHO IS THE VERY FUCKING DEFINITION OF A "CHOSEN ONE"* And then of course there is the absolute dumbest idea ever to use the Cry-Engine for a game that claims "realistic physics" because the Cry-Engine for Game-Physics is what Shaquel O' Neal is to acting: A MISERABLE FAILED ATTEMPT FFS! They could have switched to the muuuuuuuuuuuuuuuch better Unreal 4 at some point or even started with Unreal 3 which was a great Physics Engine. AND DON'T GIVE ME THE SHIT OF THEM NOT HAVING ENOUGH PEOPLE OR MONEY WHILE YOU NEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERDS CONSTANTLY BRAG ABOUT HOW MUCH THEY MADE! As well as them constantly telling people how big they are growing (including moving to a new office Space). There was NO big publisher behind this like EA and NO reason AT ALL to release the game in an even shittier state then Gothic 3 back when it was released at first. And Motion Capturing? HA HAHA... AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Funny! The Characters in the game STILL only seem to have one single expression on their face the whole fucking time. WHERE IS THE PROMISED REALISM THERE, HUH? WHAT IN THE FUCKING HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU PRICKS? They FUCK YOU IN THE ASS and all you are able to do is bend over and say "Oh yeah daddy. Gimme some more!"? WHERE THE HELL IS ALL THAT "MIMIMI" YOU MADE WHEN MASS EFFECT ANDROMEDA BASICALLY DID THE SAME DAMN THINGS? Your fucking hypocrisy makes me wanna puke all over your moms face while she lick's my pussy.
Felix Herrmann (5 months ago)
Not my kind of game, but very good review!
Charles Black (6 months ago)
They said it right from the start of the kickstarter campaign-KC:D is a prt of a story. People should be happy that it isn´t 30 hours long... (Kickstarter campaign: Approx. gameplay time: 30 hours (Act 1), 70+ hours (all 3 acts)) I rather won´t comment other "issues"...
flying formation (6 months ago)
Holy shit ! This is a fantastic review. I really love the way you say what has to be said. Well done !
Brian Mayr (6 months ago)
Great review. I love this game, can't stop playing it. Question for you, what gauntlets are you using when showing the combat sections?
JezaGaia (6 months ago)
Henry was supposed to be able to craft some, as a blacksmith apprentice, but they had to cut out that mechanic for lack of time. They hope to add it later but I don't know if it'll be a patch or DLC, though if it were part of a DLC it would be free fro all backers as it was part of the original design, just like all the extended goals (doc companion, female character line tournaments). Also you're the first person to point out the separation that you can feel between the main story line and the side quests, I also had the feeling to play 2 different games and even 2 different characters. My Henry is heavy on standing back and analyzing the situation, using stealth, assassination etc but in the main story his reactions are those of a completely different person that is hot tempered and reacts before he thinks and uses brute force or franc combat, not my Henry at all. He also come out as naive in some ways and my Henry is not that at all. Glad to see Im' not the only one who noticed that.
JezaGaia (6 months ago)
As for save scumming taking out the sense of tension, I completely disagree. If I'm fully engaged in the game, I care about my character and don't want him to fail/die and won't also be changing the outcome of his choices/actions as it's what makes him who he is. Saving is just a practical tool to avoid losing progress, nothing more, it doesn't mean that I play thinking : bah doesn't matter if I'm careless and die I can always reload, or it doesn't matter if I try to steal and get caught I'll just reload. You say that the need for food and sleep were just an annoyance to you while many people say it's done to add to the realism, makes you feel like your character is alive in the world. Obviously to you it doesn't have that effect, in exactly the same way that for me being able to save doesn't add tension at all just annoyance. Doesn't mean that I'm against the save features of the game as they are, I just think it would have been better to make them optional, for the people who prefer it because for them it actually adds tension and they're not sure they could have enough restraint to avoid reloading on their own or because they feel like they've achieved more because they couldn't have reloaded, a bit like if they were playing on a higher difficulty level than others. Heck they could have added an achievement for those who completed the game with that option on. It's not the way I feel but I know some do and I'm all for them having a way to get that as long as it doesn't take away from my own choice to save when I want. Luckily I'm on PC and I just got the free saving mod.
where u wanna be (6 months ago)
Save scum is nobody's business but the player's. If you don't agree with it then don't do it, but keep your hands off other people's controllers.
Charles Black (6 months ago)
Or... If you want to save scum keep your hands off this game
CrunchyCheeto (6 months ago)
on the 1.3 patch the game has a save and quit option now :)
Jan Kollmann (6 months ago)
Good review, but there are few mistakes like that when you say that it just compares numbers in dialog mode, numbers are only showing you your character's abilities, but it takes in account the situation and what exactly did you say.
Charles Black (6 months ago)
True. Even if I have 15 and the other 10, the result is still not certain.
Jesper Bengtson (6 months ago)
Save scamming is not a design flaw in single player games. That's just blatantly false. I'll save as often as I like in my single player game thank you. As soon as other players are involved the rules change of course.
teddybeddy123 (6 months ago)
By far, the best review of this game.
Dinnerladyman (6 months ago)
Best reviews going, glad you're back!
TanukiDigital (6 months ago)
Oh my gawd... welcome back!! :D
Dmitry Koryas (6 months ago)
Thanks for telling me about absent ending! Thats unacceptable!
Charles Black (6 months ago)
If anybody made paid some attention to warhorse, they will know. From the beginning it was stated that KC:D will be just first act of 3. In the end KC:D is more like Act 1+2 (maybe not the whole part of 2nd). It is more that they advertise...
Shinda Haisha (6 months ago)
You're back !
Cave Johnson (6 months ago)
So good to have you back Idiotech!
Kevin O'Riordan (6 months ago)
Is this channel named after a radiohead song?
Tanveer Shahi (6 months ago)
Wow kcd review so early
Raziel (6 months ago)
All the bugs are unfortunate, but it seems that 1.3 has already fixed lots of problems. Still, I'll be patient and probably pick it up in the summer sales with a -10%/-20% or something like that, if it's fixed enough at that point.. Seems to be getting more and more common that games at launch just aren't worth the money.
Amunak (6 months ago)
Other reviewers don't talk about the "unfinisheness" of the story because they probably don't play the whole game. Thank you for taking your time going through it and making such an awesome, balanced review. I don't agree with all your criticisms, even though for the most part I'd say you are spot on. Well done!
Cyrano (6 months ago)
Thanks for the review! I feel the save system point could've been worded better. If the potion is so easy to make, then why would busy people not have the option to save whenever they want? I don't know if you or your audience would be interested in this sort of game, but I would love to see your in-depth and balanced review style applied to Final Fantasy XV.
Hewhohunts69 (6 months ago)
excellent as always man, keep on going!
Root (6 months ago)
Deus Ex Mankind Divided had a similar problem with the world not reacting to your actions. Despite the fact you're part of Task Force 29 - a counter-terrorism unit - you can kill the Prague police with no consequences; the story will continue regardless. Sometimes, the game would also act like I had killed people even though I didn't. It might be because the enemies/opponents had started a firefight or perhaps the game was written that way.
Jonny Rogers (6 months ago)
Said this already, but it's good to have you back. This is another game that keeps popping up on my Steam and I just can't figure out if the game is brilliant or a will be a struggle to get into. I'm holding out to see how and if modders breathe life into it.
Halsaufschneider (6 months ago)
This game has so much problem, bugs & actual plot stopping ones at that. At least, until you "restart" either the quest, save state or the game itself. But that leads to the uber stupid saving system being absolute terrible. And the game being broken. This game, is one giant circle jerk of good ideas. That are totally badly executed/implemented. At release time, I had to basically use every mod available on Nexus. To fix this broken game. But it was still not enough for this beta state game. Then to quench at least, a tiny bit of fun out of KCD, I cheated. Basically achieving "End Game" status. And that revealed every last bit of flaw in the game design in its entirety. And I am done with this game for good! Just thinking about, I had to go through all the hoops this game throws at Me, is disgusting! Its a grind fest. A poor medieval survival walking simulator. With half assed game design. And they will not fix this game. Yes, they will get some patches out for the most raw problems. But the real issues, will never be addressed! Because that would mean another year of redevelopment. At the very least. The few good moments it this game has, is tiny as fly crap, compared to all the other Jank that is constantly in your face... Kingdome Cum is that broken! And I don't have the patience anymore, to deal with all these ungodly broken modern games. Just because the devs. either don't give a F. or don't know what they are doing anymore! Its sickening & tiring. People claim, KCD cost ~30 million to develop, without marketing included. Then I look at Elex, another broken game. That cost about 2 million. Where did all the money go, I have to ask? Mess Defect Andromeda was 40 million. Elex is cheaper, but bigger. And ME:A cost just a bit more. Yet, all three games fit into the same dumpster... None of these devs. knew what they were doing. Their games, are one big sorry ass mess. Sorry, derailed a bit. _/derailing off_
Roman Traveler PL (6 months ago)
Great review, thank you!
RobosergTV (6 months ago)
Crowdfounded? They actually had a 15 mio $ investment
Charles Black (6 months ago)
No investors wanted to give them money. Just one and they have to prove that people are interested in "dungeons and no drugons". Still they needed more money that he was willing to give them. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1294225970/kingdom-come-deliverance
Feint Life (6 months ago)
Great to see you again, this was a pleasure to watch the review! hope to see more of you this year wish you the best.
OrganizationXIII (6 months ago)
good review as always!
Start Game (6 months ago)
They are not independent dude, they got a mil from kickstarter and thirty+ millions from others like Deep Silver who by the way is the publisher.
Lukáš Czerner (6 months ago)
You're contradicting yourself when talking about the save system. If it is as easily obtainable as you say, why are you complaining about not being able to save when you'd like ? I think the system is a little bit frustrating from the start since you can't really make the potion yet and you do not have enough money to buy a bunch. Also in the beginning I really didn't know how easy or hard it is going to be to get those potions so I was reluctant to use them when I didn't really have to be. They could provide you more of it in the beginning. However I think that the strength of this system is not just that you need to consume resource to save the game, which means you need to think ahead, but also you can't really save too often either because the potion will actually get you drunk. I think this system is great, yes, it can use some fine-tunning but I'd like to see simillar system in other games as well.
Charles Black (6 months ago)
And also - same with almost all of the other riviews - didn´t mention all of saving options (baths and checkpoints). I also find it hard to belive that somebody didn´t save the game for hours. And even if there was the normal option to save-it will protect you from bugs the same way this system does. Drink saviour schnaps, go to baths, find a bed. It is not so hard!
Varangian af Scaniae (6 months ago)
Save scumming is not a problem and I don't understand why people/developers are trying to "fix" it. If someone want to save scum its their choice, we are playing solo games. It's nobody's businesses if someone wants to "cheat" buy reloading a savegame after failing a lockpick. I rarely reload saves other than after a bug, game-crash or if I feel cheated by a game mechanic I feel is stupid. WarHorse totally screwed up on their save mechanic. A game riddled with bugs shouldn't have a punching save system. Not giving the player the option to save and quit the game whenever he wants without expensive costs is not a smart idea (I think they fixed that in the latest patch).
Varasalvi2 (6 months ago)
People often say, if you fuck up, don't reload you can just do better in the next playthrough. I so very rarely play games twice, especially long games like that, so i reserve the right to load and do better if i so choose.
Michael Jepsen (6 months ago)
Good job as always, mate. Good to see you back.
Richard Richard (6 months ago)
Well worth the wait. Thanks.
radialdrift (6 months ago)
This game could have been good, but the bugs, the unfinished story lines, incomplete game mechanics and a identity issue, with it not sure if its a causal game or a hardcore rpg and the pretty awful ending makes it a overall dud. It was clearly released 12-18 months early. You want to become a Nobleman, just put on some Noblemen clothing, want to become a Knight, put on some armour, its not very deep.
HellDuke (6 months ago)
Correction - blocking does not require directional input. A parry simply requires you to click "block" when you see the shield icon, and simply blocking will stop any attacks in an arc in front of you.
Tempo Rary (6 months ago)
That intro gave me chills
Yumidori Iro (6 months ago)
You are making good points
Ronin11111111 (6 months ago)
Actual Hungarian dialog? Wow that's prety lit.
MrNangle (6 months ago)
Been highly anticipating your review, you never fail to provide, great job, never stop speaking the truth 😁
DynamitePotato (6 months ago)
I will never forgive the developers for downgrading the game and releasing in that unpolished state. They are not a AAA studio, so their decision to make console ports was horrible. They did it to make more money, and they wasted time and resources that could have been invested in making a better game for us the hardcore pc gamers, which I though were the target audience for them, but apparently I was wrong.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Can't really blame a company for trying to make money, it's what they do. But I agree there was obvious mismanagement. The game should not have released in this state.
zombiefriend (6 months ago)
I just want to mention that I personally love the soundtrack. The music that plays when you're in the town's especially have been stuck in my head. I just love soft ambient type RPG music
Charles Black (6 months ago)
Music is amazing! I was tempted to stop watching when he was talking about it (and I should). I recommend this one to watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lhr1ulxd_og
lokoumi (6 months ago)
I agree with a lot of your criticism, but this game is fantastic. On par with the Witcher 3 for me.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Not quite at the level of TW3 for me.
Hosty (6 months ago)
As a czech myself I can safely say you would get stoned to death around here if you’d call us eastern Europe, it’s right in the middle, our capital is more to the west than Vienna - the capital of Austria and have you ever called Austria eastern Europe? No? I thought so.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Happy to be of service.
Hosty (6 months ago)
I live in Pilsen, an hour drive away from Germany so getting called eastern Europe is really obnoxious.
Charles Black (6 months ago)
I was born in CZ and it was actually more to the west than Berlin. Yeah pretty fucked up history. Where do you live? It´s pretty bad place everywhere to live nowadays...
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Sounds like a bad place to live.
zombiefriend (6 months ago)
Hosty Obviously you would know better than me but I always thought Czech Republic was considered a slavic country? And I guess most people think of slavic countries as being eastern European
DevinSilverVids (6 months ago)
Happy you're back.
Carofdoom1126 (6 months ago)
Literally the only balanced review out there for this game. Never stop.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Thanks :)
aussie_rex_91 (6 months ago)
Great review, agree on most points though i feel that i enjoyed more than you seemed to.
MJG (6 months ago)
Cool review! Also thanks for not filling your video with ads. I saw your vlog and your attitude is admirable. Will make sure to support you on Patreon and other "quality content" oriented youtubers.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
I appreciate that :)
James_ (6 months ago)
Idiot tech
meHRUNGNIR (6 months ago)
Good to see your rolling out more video's again man! Hope all is well now and everything has settled down a little.Looking forward to your next video already.
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Cheers :)
Nitrium (6 months ago)
OMG it's finally here!
Yuro (6 months ago)
Thanks for a great review!
Idiotech (6 months ago)
No problem :)
Gameomat (6 months ago)
I agree to this for them most parts. Funny how you shaked your "head" after failing to pick a lock. I did the same but 10 times faster in every direction! :D
Adam Etherton (6 months ago)
Holy shit, been a long time between drinks mate. Good to see you making some content again.
Lage 97 (6 months ago)
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Joe Worpole (6 months ago)
About to go to sleep when this video comes out! Damm you!
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Sorry about that :P
Rinocapz (6 months ago)
Thanks Idiotech!
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Thanks for watching :)
Idiotech (6 months ago)
Thanks for taking the time to watch the video. I know it was a long time coming and I appreciate your patience. If you want to support my work please see the links in the description. Cheers :) *Update:* Patch 1.3 introduced a save an exit feature. This helps players with limited free time. However, I would still recommend the mod to avoid the system entirely.

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