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Free Games VS Paid Games

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There's nothing here. This video shows a quick real life comparison between Free games and Paid games. (Based on my own experience) . My goal is to show you that even though free games are bad and they suck, they can be still a lot of fun to play and can save you a lot of money in the long run. and who even needs to buy games, when there's plenty of free games to play? So if you play free games, don't be sad. Free games are saving you a lot of money. Moral of the story: A game is a game, doesn't matter if it's free or paid- it's all about enjoying. That's what makes us gamers. All my videos are just for entertainment purpose only. I do not mean to Disrespect anyone. But if you find this inappropriate, please feel free to comment down your opinions. And if you enjoyed the video, please like it and share it with your friends. Consider subscribing to my channel- it encourages me to create more awesome content. If you enjoyed, check out my other videos here- https://goo.gl/9sePBa if you need to remove a video from my channel, Or you own something that I used in my videos, email me@ bloodwalker55@gmail.com Recently, I've been through a lot of shit. You know, family shit, college shit. That's why I was inactive on youtube for the past 3 months. But now I'm back, I'll (try to) upload once a week. Again, I can't promise anything. Because I don't have a fixed schedule. i can almost guarantee you, this channel will be more alive than ever. So if you haven't subscribed yet, do it now. also, youtube is always changing its rules and stuff, sometimes they don't even notify the subscribers about new uploads. That's why you should also consider turning on the bell icon. Music and Sounds used in this Video- ● Dutty Moonshine - Takin' It Back ● Kevin MacLeod - Fluffing a Duck ● Kevin MacLeod - Monkeys Spinning Monkeys ● Ragamama by purple planet ● The Happy Troll (song) - by D1ofAquavibe ● The Party Troll (song) by D1ofAquavibe ● Sekai - Somebody [NCS Release] ● The Great Avenger - Silent Partner (YouTube Royalty-free Music) ● El Chombo - Chacarron ( aka the reatrd song ) ● bensound-jazzcomedy ● FUNNY BONE - BANJAMATAZ ● Billy Joel - Piano Man Games shown in this video- Paid- ●Forza Horizon 3 ● Counter strike global offensive (csgo) ● Witcher 3: Wild hunt Free Games- ●Rigs of Rods ● Black Squad ● Garbage Game- -Crime Line- (Grand Theft Auto ripoff) Game Clips used in this video- ● ► GTA 6 Graphics - Huracan Performante! ✪ M.V.G.A. - Gameplay! Realistic Graphics MOD 60FPS by GTA Workshop Link- https://youtu.be/mSzlAxg6874 ● Rigs of Rods: Crash Compilation 1 by Marco6158 Link- https://youtu.be/V7EGlQWGvKA And the rest is done by me NOTE: All Music, sound effects, posters and game clips fall under Creative common license 3.0 read more about it- Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Get in touch with me- E-mail : bloodwalker55@gmail.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CDFSH Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChHo4UZLy-pUqoEz-xVXYxg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~- New Video: "90s Gamers VS Modern Gamers" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-cUNiII0NEg -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-
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Text Comments (21498)
CJ Jardenil (2 hours ago)
0:58 what is that game?
A Szipli (13 hours ago)
Jason Voorhees (14 hours ago)
*Hey free games cost too!!* *it cost 0,00 dollars*
Dusan Pajser (16 hours ago)
Have tou ever heard about cracked games? :)
Fahim Khan (19 hours ago)
Have you tried to play free games on mobile they are not like you show
Novita (20 hours ago)
Lol you can play paid games without spending a dime if u know what i mean
t1mur44 l LIVE (22 hours ago)
If you want this 59.99£ game for free, pay us only 59.99£!
Sher Ali (23 hours ago)
I am free gamer
M7mdGM77 (23 hours ago)
remember fortnite
Actualy there's a game Free but the graphic is good like "Ultimate Custom Night" from Scott Cawthon So i will give you dislike because you false giving the information what Free game was
Irfan Hakim (1 day ago)
Super Bladder (1 day ago)
4:41 it's worth saying that team fortress 2 gow free in 2011 in october so yea' valve pls
Zach Bewley (1 day ago)
Firstly this is bullshit. You are purposefully showing the worst f2p games out there while there are tons that are AAA rated that are great plays. Maybe you should do more research before saying that all f2p games are trash.
Thomas Riegman (1 day ago)
you can download hitman for free
Block Strike (1 day ago)
7:17 is he mad or happy?
IVAN LIM ZAN YEH - (1 day ago)
Awesome and funny video!!
Fabiano Bernardi (2 days ago)
Que porra
Jaden Rintharamy (2 days ago)
ahem beaming drive is not free
Sacx1B (2 days ago)
Fortnite is free game.. we win XD
abudi abofaker (2 days ago)
What about cracked games :)
Zsozee Ropperka (2 days ago)
Play fortnite its free
V. Sriram Sundar (2 days ago)
At first he directly criticized Valve then he plays CSGO!!! WTF!!!!
Giorgi (2 days ago)
Real heroes download paid games for free
Matthew Henry (2 days ago)
Good song at the end
Kiki The Fox (2 days ago)
Pubg mobile 4 life/free
Kiki The Fox (2 days ago)
Try roblox
Peter Alam (2 days ago)
Why you don't put fortnite in free game?
Willson lim (2 days ago)
Nice AWP Skill
Meanings of these: Free games is for gamers who would like to save, play with friends who doesn't really have money for paid games, and just to enjoy it. Paid games is for gamers who are especially rich, (that a lot says about it) and to play a 4k 60FPS experience. Don't fight who is better, just pick what is best for you. :D
cs go is free if you downloud in internet
Pie Maker2 (3 days ago)
have you seen black squad? Thats free its great
GamingWolf (3 days ago)
0:30 on car table it says "CODFISH"
Fussion-GaminG (3 days ago)
you know fortnite is free
Streetplay12 (3 days ago)
umm apb reloaded? Fortnite? league of legends? Realm royale?
Vasja (3 days ago)
fuckin reatrd
Vasja (3 days ago)
retard free games can be with better graphics!!!!!!!! and u can buy cracks
Booyah Conference (4 days ago)
4:50 is not a paid game it is a free game, I had played it in free........
Joseph (4 days ago)
Gamesfull+Utorrent baby :D
WeTalkForFootball z (4 days ago)
Free games are better..
I actually played Rigs Of Rods once, everything sucked except the damage
Amazing Fifa games (4 days ago)
GTA 5 have not that graphics
- FishDoesMC - (4 days ago)
diep.io V.S. Lego Mineeraft
Sake On My Sushi (5 days ago)
What about the asphalt series that is free.
DABINOU (5 days ago)
what is one game free
Aqua_Flamz (5 days ago)
1:19 this is what happens when a driver doesn’t have drivers license
Gonan Music (5 days ago)
You are so a noob man. Free games are very nice like warface
Junior (6 days ago)
I like free games because their funny
Mr Berserker (6 days ago)
your not even getting the good games your just getting trash ones cause you like paid games better but, i do like the emotions
mcperson (7 days ago)
btw first game was forza horizon 3
Почему он ассоциирует платные игры и игры говно заместо платных и бесплатных незапятнанное и бесплатное
MovieGame Ranger (7 days ago)
But what if you compare paid PUBG with free Fortnite ?
Ana Kutaladze (7 days ago)
Free game is veder that
zz FTV10 zz (8 days ago)
Graphics This game is GTA V . They mode the pictures in the street and pictures on the trucks
stealthbear911 gaming (8 days ago)
What about mortal Kombat X on mobile good graphics and gameplay
Olandoboy Cloud781 (8 days ago)
CSGO is free though
Drama (8 days ago)
What about Paladins?
Luçifer Forçe (8 days ago)
samrat kc (9 days ago)
what game was that looks like hitman
krzyżu XD (9 days ago)
Wicher polish game
Abdirahman Mohamed (9 days ago)
Fortnite is the best free game which is not pay to win
power pixel 456 (9 days ago)
The free games I think should have been compared to payed ones are: 1) Asphalt 8 airborne 2) Gangstar Vegas 3)??? 4)Modern combat:versus Gameloft makes best free games for mobile lol
VEER ARJUN (9 days ago)
online vs offline
Van_ Lyon (9 days ago)
0:56 Game name?
SUVRA MANDAL (9 days ago)
Free games are usually better than paid games
CrowdieThePenguin (10 days ago)
wat about tf2... its free gud gameplay and graphics
ArthurWolf (10 days ago)
Free games are not that bad
-SUPERSOLO- (10 days ago)
fortnite is free and sooo good
TheDiamondGamer456 (10 days ago)
Fortnite is the best free game ever its so better than other paid games
AVE2018 xX (10 days ago)
And then came fortnite br😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
dinosaures sumilator (10 days ago)
Your not even do really good games like fortnite that is free dude
Ryan gaming (10 days ago)
Fortnite wasn't even popular or well know yet
Armageddon 2004 (10 days ago)
hey, rigs of rods is not bad
Dwanell Mobley (10 days ago)
dude you just dont know real free games, you probably were told to get free games by going into roblox,type "free games" in search, and press enter
Dwanell Mobley (10 days ago)
tbh free games or way better then paid games
Anas Al Jamal (10 days ago)
Free games are better cause the company win money by make the game it self hard and let you pay to win beacause its too hard so that make a sens of challeng cause the game will be so harder not like paid games that come very easy to play
Prince Virginia (10 days ago)
any game is free if you use torrent
GamingNight Slacker213 (10 days ago)
You can install paid games by free like gta v minecraft
Jedyny Ocalały (10 days ago)
Polish company 😊3:39
unkown unkown (11 days ago)
what bout asphalt,League,fortnite,tf2,roblox wait nvm forget roblox
D3yvid (11 days ago)
RED MAN 503 503 (11 days ago)
I just got far cry 5 free using uTorrent and power and power iso
Camper spark (11 days ago)
Some free game's are awesome
You can pirate games
ZX Spa (12 days ago)
لماذا يوجد صوت قران في فيديو😡😡
encore (12 days ago)
igor skrzynkowski (12 days ago)
excuse me bitch, you just dont know how to play those games. Please get a life, you just played random games.
encore (12 days ago)
Get some help, he knows, or he fails for purpose.
Rishik Plays (12 days ago)
U know there is a free game called fortnite
encore (12 days ago)
Yep, but when he made this fortnite wasn't popular.
Or for nite
encore (12 days ago)
Yep, but when he made this fortnite wasn't popular.
Like roblox
EdgarsPelmens (13 days ago)
have you even went on steam and looked at any game thats popular? There are alot of free games whitch are better than paid :/
Dhananjay Anv (13 days ago)
I like mooooooorrrrreeeee words like fuck
Siebe Leurink (13 days ago)
it seriously looks like you tried to find the worst free games lol
Siebe Leurink (13 days ago)
lmao there are some hella good free games out there
Zero Fox Gaming (13 days ago)
Dota 2 and csgo is free now :)
seraj ahmad (13 days ago)
aaisa nahi hota hai
Have you heard of ps4 or xbox games? I love that shit but you have pc Nah use a PC for your important stuff and game of ps4 or xbox
Peter Sinbe (14 days ago)
Neo the Shadow Warrior (14 days ago)
Paid games: Wow, this is so good! Free games: *deletes game* KNOW YOUR PLACE, TRASH!
Phoenix Dragon (14 days ago)
Sometimes i enjoy a 2d shooting game more than any high quality multiplayer game.
Pravin Trimbake (14 days ago)
Imma free gamer plays paid games
Santu Bambale (14 days ago)
which shooting game are you playing paid games

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