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Desktop Gamer Vs Ps4 Gamer

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Desktop Gamer Vs Ps4 Gamer This video made only fun purpose . I don't offend anyone . I am just showing the Desktop gamers and laptop gamers advantage and Disadvantage (Pc gamers vs Console gamers life}. If you like this video, then share it with your friends and tell my mistake. Encourage me to create more awesome videos by subscribing to my channel New Avatar, inspire from explosm.net if you have and problem this video or i have used something that your own , Email me : mrsumon976@gmail.com Watch My another VS video : https://goo.gl/JvJNGy Sound and music use this video 1/ Thug Life #1 Sound Effect [HQ][Free Download] 2/ Ice Flow - Kevin MacLeod (No Copyright Music) 3/ Suddenly - YouTube Audio Library 4/ [No Copyright Music] My mind - Peyruis (ft. Sandrah) 5/ [Free Music for YouTube] Confessin' - John Deley 6/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Fluffing a Duck 7/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys 8/ Kevin MacLeod ~ Sneaky Snitch 9/ Funny Sound Effects For Videos _ Full Package _ Latest _ HD 10/ ASMR Controller Noises - Tinglezzz?? 11/ ASMR 7 HOURS KEYBOARD RELAXING SOUNDS 12/ Complete Gaming Sound Effects (The Gaming Lemon, Vanoss Gaming, MessYourself and more) 13/ [STREET FIGHTER V] Ken's Theme - FULL COVER by Nock & P - DASH 14/ ??Hello Darkness My Old Friend?? ?Compilation? - Edição Lixo #1 - DASH 15/ At The Fair - The Green Orbs (No Copyright Music) 16/ BLACK PEOPLE REACT 1080P REMASTERED 17/ Nightcore - Decadence 18/ The Great Avenger - Silent Partner (YouTube Royalty-free Music Download) 19/ Dr DRE ft. SNOOP DOGG - STILL DRE - SIMPLE PIANO TUTORIAL - THUG LIFE MUSIC 20/ Thug Life Bike 22/ Top 10 Non Copyright Intro _ Outro Music + Free Downloads 23/ Eddy Wally says 'wow' for Videos, Edits, Montages, Parodies etc. 1/bensound-clearday | 2/bensound-moose | Link : https://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-music 3/bensound-sexy | Video use 1/ THE EVIL WITHIN 2 - O FOTÓGRAFO PERVERSO - TRAILER OFICIAL | 2/ Uncharted : The Lost Legacy - Homecoming | Episode 3 | gamplay under Creative common license 3/ Middle-EarthShadow Of War Ride On Olog-Hai | Gamplay 1/ Evil Within 2 2/ Uncharted The Lost Legacy 3/ Assassins Creed Unity 4/ Battlefield 1 5/ Middle-EarthShadow Of War All music , sound , effect , poster , image, gamplay under Creative common license 3.0 Read- Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 - https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ Video inspire from codfish Follow Me Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Tech-Pathagar-1540528352671939/notifications/ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/paaglaagemaar Thanks For Reading Plz Stay with "Pathagar"
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Text Comments (14230)
Your friendly bro (1 hour ago)
What man u copoed video of tech pathagar
PS4 can also game above 60fps. Popular Tech Youtubers prefer controllers over mouse. Like if you guys agree.
Jurassic World (1 day ago)
Guys dont fight fight xbox
noob (2 days ago)
Controller 4 life
noob (2 days ago)
Jay van der valk (2 days ago)
3.40 haha
Abdul-M_Skills (2 days ago)
6:45 thats not Ps4, its pc u can see left under My IQ+9000
COOLZERO _games (2 days ago)
Shutt up guys all are best
Mr. Texts (2 days ago)
Woh man I bet you didn't saw the tech pathagar watermark.
I have both
Xristos Giankas (3 days ago)
Yo pc 4 ever
UmtKing Gt (3 days ago)
Zaka Ur Rehman (3 days ago)
I tried to play COD:WW2 in pc,but I kinda suck,but COD pro in ps4.
Zaka Ur Rehman (3 days ago)
I think both are awesome
Zaka Ur Rehman (3 days ago)
Your such a noon,desktop gamer,seriously??
Anonymous gamer (3 days ago)
PS4 exclusive
Adrian Balboa (4 days ago)
I have that console ps4 and pc pc is good but ps4 is much better
ItzBrooksFTW (4 days ago)
playing on a ps4 but it says RLD!
Trident (6 days ago)
pc gamers gotta pay 1k plus and ps4 have to pay like 300-400 there’s no reason that pc shouldn’t be way better than ps4 players
brooklyn6279 (5 days ago)
Trident actually i can build a $500 pc that outperforms a console in every way
Jason (6 days ago)
I am a mobile gamer
A very Happy man (6 days ago)
welp i apreciate the effort
harlem (6 days ago)
LOL this video is so misleading and terribly argued, its almost like a teenager made it
SteveSupreme (6 days ago)
It pains me that a lot of good games are PS4 exclusive being on PC. I really wanted that Spiderman game :(
Technical Video (7 days ago)
Bhai PS4 gamer
I know this video is for entertainment purposes which it fails at but the 3 years later thing is just not true at all
Kylo Ren (8 days ago)
PS4 fanboy YouTuber. I love my PC gtx 1080 ti and intel i7 4790k vs ps4 ? = win my pc
Yolo_TheOtherOne :/ (8 days ago)
This is why I play on Nintendo consoles
Light Yagami (8 days ago)
The 3 years thing it's not true, asshole
Xbox one rip huehuehue
iZeTa HD (8 days ago)
All these hate comments...really?
Mr MadMan (9 days ago)
lol i am having the core i5 3 years ago and im still plying all new games with the maximum quality<ultra> lloll i think a core2 due pc can challenge a ps4 xD goodgame
komal sharma (10 days ago)
SurgeXL (10 days ago)
2:50 what song
Hrishikesh Kashyap (11 days ago)
The end justify all means
ROBCTFBE (11 days ago)
Cant we all just unite as one to defeate the mobile gamers?
Nikt 0 (12 days ago)
Lol i dont care i Have PS4 and desktop lol
Lezzy (12 days ago)
And now spiderman turned the tables.
DPunkGRG (9 days ago)
Just what I was going to say
No one Attack tuc (12 days ago)
It’s for PS4 exclusive only, great grammar!!!
Omeo Mahardad (13 days ago)
Pc wins.
CherBear Banana (14 days ago)
Ps4 is better xD
brooklyn6279 (12 days ago)
CherBear Banana how?
Cageplayz 74 (14 days ago)
bitch there is something called an emulatior so i can play uncharted and gears of war
Hansel Thepedo (15 days ago)
$2000, piracy and hackers vs $200, exclusive games and controllers. Choose your poison
Hansel Thepedo (15 days ago)
I just wish you don’t get your salary stolen someday. Piracy is not a cool thing.
Agustín Risatti (15 days ago)
Red Dead Redemption
Mahi Khan (16 days ago)
Austin The Slasher (16 days ago)
that guy just has a crappy ps4 desktop is good but ps4 for life
jannes degangster (16 days ago)
why is the ps4 on desktop screen 4:22
Wrixine (16 days ago)
uhhhh there is a thing called ps store idiot
Zhao Yun (17 days ago)
I'm watching this because I'm so confused to buy pc or ps4
Inspiron Gamer (16 days ago)
+Zhao Yun welcome to the PC race
Zhao Yun (16 days ago)
+Inspiron Gamer thx . Time to play FORTNITE
Inspiron Gamer (16 days ago)
PC is better JOIN THE GOD HOOD DAMMIT EXPERICE THE 2362773636363636364664636372826464729363528393015204 FPS FOR LIFE!!!!
Zhao Yun (17 days ago)
+Michael Sifweti Situmbeko thanks !!! I will buy ROG GL553VD
sunny shrimp (17 days ago)
I knew this shit gonna be awful just by looking at the thumbnail.
+Inspiron Gamer go to what?
Inspiron Gamer (16 days ago)
Don't go to it dumbfuck
Carl Aboss (17 days ago)
Is pc worth it aren’t there more hackers and you can’t use the cool mods online
Hackers won't be a major problem on most games, and you can use mods online on some games
TGGM - Emir (17 days ago)
After 3 years ps 5 exp
fb j37 (18 days ago)
PS4 is awesome like it
Koen Altena (18 days ago)
Controller is better because you can play in your bed
star kitty (16 days ago)
u can do that with a gaming laptop
alpha world (18 days ago)
Can we play online in ps4 free..?
Phantommier 91 (19 days ago)
Ps4 pro plays can smoothly at 1080p
Inspiron Gamer (16 days ago)
So does my PC at 1080 with 190 fps
Shubhangi Watekar (19 days ago)
nice video
Sattik Batia (19 days ago)
pc won still i use controller in pc😂..controller is way better than mouse
Sattik Batia (6 days ago)
+FREEBOIZ n yea dont forget controllers r meant for gaming only so it will definetly be better n also controlling is personel preference
FREEBOIZ (6 days ago)
Keyboard and mouse is better, you just cant afford it LOL
FREEBOIZ (6 days ago)
No, lol
Yea it's better for some casual games
The DND (19 days ago)
Hahahahaah , Lagging . No Way PC RULES
rudo Weissabel (19 days ago)
that think with exclusives was wrong, because you can play uncharted, the last of us on pc too...You dont need to have a console... + you can play it in 60fps not 30...Pc is the best
tree 2hav0c (19 days ago)
Get your facts straight we play on 60 fps (ps4)
Rawa the jerk (20 days ago)
PC never gets slow like that lair!
Inspiron Gamer (21 days ago)
Nigga I has my PC for years and all I had to do was upgrade it (which is cheaper than buying a console) and boom! 100 fps!
FREEBOIZ (6 days ago)
Well "nigga" Im happy youre a PC gamer but I dont think anyone thinks that youre "cool" just cause you talk "dat gangsta shit man nigga" but well youre not a peasant!
Shreyash Gupta (22 days ago)
Pc gamers are best
umbra umbra (22 days ago)
AzarReflex (22 days ago)
that English is just terrible
Azzloo (22 days ago)
AzarReflex + Hahah , Which Country From You?
x kx (23 days ago)
Rich people play console. Poor play pc/laptop
Inspiron Gamer (20 days ago)
Nigga shut up at least we PC players get 100 fps but yo bitch ass gets 30 fps try talking shit now console peasant scumbag
YT Boss (20 days ago)
x kx you mean the other way around?
Ginniepig2 (23 days ago)
I have both so idc
Arvind Kumar (23 days ago)
The worst part in this whole thing is fps😢
Azzloo (23 days ago)
Arvind Kumar+ Why Bro??
Mathias (23 days ago)
Azzloo (23 days ago)
Mathias + Yes u r right man
HAILEE (24 days ago)
5:10 which game?
Inspiron Gamer (20 days ago)
Pr1vate Lime (25 days ago)
Why not both? Its a win win situation
VerrucktMedic (21 days ago)
Pr1vate Lime It’s a loss for your pockets.
Poena Troskie (25 days ago)
Wonder how many old games you can run on a ps4 as for the exclusive games get an emaluator and play them on a pc
sah12el (25 days ago)
2:36 game?
Inspiron Gamer (20 days ago)
Uncharted lost legacy
SUFTEEN 1987 (25 days ago)
I think ps4 is better because you have to pay 2000$ to buy a strong pc but in ps4 you just have to pay 200$ and ps4 is strong like a pc but btw pc is cool
Inspiron Gamer (20 days ago)
Everything you said was wrong lol
Ace Replays (25 days ago)
You're misinformed
star kitty (25 days ago)
tf 2000 is way too much for a pc and ps4 can't even get over 60FPS
TheSuperSeal Official (26 days ago)
I own... Switch, PC, Ps4, Xbox 360, Wii U, Original Xbox and I love them all Please insert you negative comments below
star kitty (25 days ago)
u still use ur xbox 360
YamiBeats Osu! (26 days ago)
Just lower graphic setting to (still above 3 year old ps4)
king__ __yuval (26 days ago)
4:21 name??
cameron davies (26 days ago)
What about preowned console games and a pc the same price as a console is no where here the quality of a console
Ace Replays (25 days ago)
That's not true at all. There's always a way to get your pc to cost a little less.
Linkinn Sun (27 days ago)
Sunpreet Singh (27 days ago)
You said that PS4 is better than computer but my computer is 6 years old on best quality
Solardust (27 days ago)
I bought Sleeping dogs, Final Fantasy XV and Fallout for second hand. And sold them at the same price, higher price. - from a PS4 player
dergereat l (27 days ago)
A ps4 can be played in the Bad ;)
star kitty (27 days ago)
NUFC FOR LIFE THNKS (27 days ago)
I’m going get a gaming laptop
Antar Mahmud (27 days ago)
How do you like God Of War 4 pc gamers? XD ps : ps4 players can also play these for free XD
star kitty (16 days ago)
a lot of fucking people play CS:GO...
Antar Mahmud (25 days ago)
+Ace Replays who even plays cs go 😂
Ace Replays (25 days ago)
How's csgo? Just messing with you fren
Jonas Rumpel (27 days ago)
with the money saved for 3 years without buying games, it is possible to upgrade the PC and still have spare : D
Raw and (28 days ago)
iPad the best
MrDeluxe865 (28 days ago)
I have both, love it
Otaku Fedido (28 days ago)
I don't care, I have both.
PS4 for all the exclusive games :) specialy Spider man ps4 coming for ps4 but other then that PC all the way baby :D
Jan Koealskii (28 days ago)
For me better is ps4 only my opinion
Rodrigo Random:v xd (29 days ago)
Es mejor cuando tenes los 2 :uu
Rodrigo Random:v xd (29 days ago)
2:10 sabes lo pobre que se vio eso :v
Salwa Salwa (29 days ago)
Ps4 is better
brooklyn6279 (27 days ago)
Salwa Salwa ohhh i get it now i just feel stupid
brooklyn6279 (28 days ago)
Yogesh gurung (29 days ago)
Som Som (29 days ago)
????????? I Don't understand watching
Marcus K (29 days ago)
The exclusives is extremely inaccurate. PC has 50x more exclusives and all of the professional competitive esports games are all played on pc as pc exclusives
Second Gamer (29 days ago)
Fucking hate ppl that says pc is better or ps4 is better Shut the FUCK UP GAMING IS GAMING I AM USING ps4
Gaming Range (29 days ago)
Why was assassin creed a first person shooter/ FPS
John Carlo Quiñonero (30 days ago)
Im ps4 gamer

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