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Internxt - The Best Way To Protect Your Private Information

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Text Comments (115)
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
I know you guys are not UBER excited over paid sponsorships, but this helps pay my extensive medical bills! Thank you,,Elric
Brax Atikus (1 month ago)
Your just showing us an informative vid of a product that we can choose to use or not to use, but at least we learned something new as usual. Keep it up
Aditya Ranpise (1 month ago)
On contrary, do more paid sponsorships to help the scenario,your fans will back you up !! love to Buddy :)
noorizerx (1 month ago)
Anything for you Elric. Glad you're feeling better.
Phonze M. (1 month ago)
Do what you need to do bruh
Nick (1 month ago)
totally understandable! if the bills are too much to handle though theres no shame in crowdfunding. we all love your content and your health is important to us as well! the transparency is very appreciated though :]
ScottTheAngel (4 days ago)
Was the cloud made so Microsoft can control your information for the nsa I have a feeling the government wanted Microsoft to abide by government rules so they have access to your information.
OldGamerGene (14 days ago)
I like this idea - need to see more of it.
I trust google video. Oops, maybe I shouldn't have.
My servers also use ECC RAM and have IPMI. And the default user IDs with their default passwords have been deleted and no one will know the new ones, including my routers. HAHA. I also do not use those stupid server remote management apps for cell phones. They are not secure.
I also use SAS SED SSDs. They require a HARDWARE RAID card which supports LKM. None of you own that and you can't afford it.
As an example I use enterprise class SAS 12Gb and NVMe. What are you using? I can guarantee you it's not as good as my hardware. I don't trust you and I don't trust them. I commented on your other vid that I find most IT people to be incompetent and they should be fired or in prison. I trust none of you or any business.
Do you see a pattern here? Trust no one and do not store your stuff on other servers you do not control.
I trust MSN and their free storage and email. Oops, MS deleted those, shut down MSN Messenger, and deleted your emails because they're screw ups.
Luck challenge burning suit follow faculty count colonial potentially physically function.
Paco (27 days ago)
they are hosted on DigitalOcean so yea I don't think this thing is "safe"
IFlax (22 days ago)
hmm, why is that a problem?
AboutMillions (28 days ago)
I have a small amount of this coin just incase it goes crazy but the only time I ever see videos on this coin is when its being sponsored....idk if that's a good thing or a bad thing. Honestly seems like a bad thing considering noone shills or even hypes it at all lol
LJH08Ralith (28 days ago)
Interesting idea. Can't seem to find any pricing information though.... would help to have some kinda idea how much it costs before i install something..
Yue Hern (30 days ago)
Internxt sounds great!!! Get well soon Elric
Hammy Bunghole (1 month ago)
Sounds ok but nothing is unhackable. Great to see you are a bit better
DoItWithMatt (1 month ago)
Lookin good! My man!
Kile Reeves (1 month ago)
ryan williams (1 month ago)
Hey Brother, I'm glad you're making more videos that don't involve declining health. I hope you feel better! Product looks a lot like encrypted torrent. I wonder how the tech differs from Storj or Burst.
calical26 (1 month ago)
never trust any ccloud
Brandon Vincent (1 month ago)
Build a FreeNAS box today, cloud storage you really can trust!
Chemy Torres (1 month ago)
Nice kind of review my friend, video liked as always
RiU_XD (1 month ago)
Man you look alot better.... You have recovered alot...
Cookedzombies34 (1 month ago)
Looking a lot better and happier. Got your color back. Good to see you getting better. Keep it up!
MR Moon (1 month ago)
if i want to earn by internxt which one is most important? faster pc or higher bandwidth internet connection? please help
Plipo Gamez (1 month ago)
I would have not watched an advert of more than fifteeen seconds on this topic. I appreciate this video, however, next time try to be more relaxed.
Han Lockhart (1 month ago)
Nah, sorry. You`re still sending it away `out there`, like sending a dozen carrier pigeons out with bits of your info- It can STILL be intercepted. Nothing of mine goes on the cloud, it all stays on my harddrive or disc, hard info. I`m not stupid. Can`t believe people fall for this cloud crap. Just save to your hard disk or print to paper. Even my mother knows that`s best- and she knows nothing about pcs.
Nick Pape (1 month ago)
probably one of the best investments you can do right now (market cap of under 5mio and potential of 500mio) check it out, invest and use it
Gordon Clare (1 month ago)
Can you please try a case call littledevil pc-v2
Dino Sabanovic (1 month ago)
Something like a Substratum. I will have to compare those two
gene sochia jr (1 month ago)
good video, Glad you are doing better. still praying
trole (1 month ago)
Reminds me a little of the show Silicon Valley and how close we are to an entirely decentralized internet. The future is exciting! Thanks for covering this Erlic.
Adrian H. (1 month ago)
Im actually interested in how the software is and how to compares to Google and others
motorbiker46 (1 month ago)
This actually sounds quite interesting
chrismc177 (1 month ago)
you look so much better, glad you're feeling well
Mumilurker (1 month ago)
You seem so much happier! Love it. And ofc, I watched the whole video to support you <3
CarelessGamer15 (1 month ago)
I'm probably going to use this!
AzureFan1 (1 month ago)
That's a nutty idea! I'll try it out for a bit.
Nick Flдsн (1 month ago)
u look sick
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
I almost died buddy.....
Aditya Ranpise (1 month ago)
On contrary, do more paid sponsorships to help the scenario,your fans will back you up !! love to Buddy :)
masterbrice (1 month ago)
My nudes are safe with internxt.
Nipun Banerjee (1 month ago)
I LOVE the energy :D you look awesome now. P.s. watching this so that it helps you with the medical bills :3 Love from India <3
Mikish (1 month ago)
Good to see ya Elric! Nice vid
Ondris Bartos (1 month ago)
Damn man u look really good now and happy keep recovering and rock on!
ared18t (1 month ago)
A blockchain based cloud? Cool!!!
Lazor (1 month ago)
Those energy levels.. They're over 9000!
EDG3 Gamer (1 month ago)
Thanks for the information.
ReadyNick (1 month ago)
You're looking tons better Elric, I'm so happy for you.
Tim Robinson (1 month ago)
Looking real perky Elric , what ever you're doing , keep it up :)
Sachin Bijjargi_98 (1 month ago)
Good to see you back again.✌️✌️
Matthew Rath (1 month ago)
Good to see you're feeling a bit better but what I got from this whole Xcloud schpiel is that it's raid0 over a distributed infrastructure: "Files are encrypted, split into peices and distributed" ... No way am I ever gonna use it.
Namby Town (1 month ago)
Paying those medical bills just goes without saying.
PG Channel (1 month ago)
So nice to see you again,You are the best
Ralph Perez (1 month ago)
ConflictNauf (1 month ago)
Gears442 (1 month ago)
ad are ad don't bother me a bit
Sylvester Archibald (1 month ago)
Elric your looking real good today, I am happy foe you.
dr techtek (1 month ago)
great to see you again :)
Abiola o (1 month ago)
good to see you well
urbanelemental (1 month ago)
You should review all of it's contenders including Storj and Sia.
K Murray (1 month ago)
Keep up the great work Elric you have to make $$$$ so a little add now and again is not going to hurt anyone
Niveus (1 month ago)
You look so much better! So happy to see you back!
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Thanks me too!
RepsUp100 (1 month ago)
PERSPECKTiVE (1 month ago)
Good to see you on the tubes! You look so much happier and healthier man! Fuck. Yeah! It’s also sick you have sponsors to help pay your bills. NOTHING WRONG WITH SPONSORS IF EXECUTED THE RIGHT AND HONEST WAY!!!! We understand you got bills to pay, and those who don’t understand that aren’t worth the time of day.
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Thank you man, much appreciated.
Hope the hardrives do not join the price hike train!!!!:|
Maik Arts (1 month ago)
im glad you feel better, hopefully those vids will pay your medical bills :)
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
I hope so as well.
FRAG aLOT (1 month ago)
This reminds me of the basis of Pied Piper's technology from Silicon Valley (TV series, HBO)
Tobias Johansson (1 month ago)
FRAG aLOT Pied Piper is based to a large degree of the SAFE-network. David, Nick and Viv from Maidsafe helped the Silicon Valley show as technical advisors. https://mobile.twitter.com/maidsafe/status/986891545013047297
MusicHaven2012 (1 month ago)
Glad to see you doin' good man! Stay happy, Elric!
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Thank you
TheSickness1234 (1 month ago)
Hope this covers a bit of the med bills, watched for that reason.
a video ad yepp
fuk0ff PACY (1 month ago)
Tech of Tomorrow that’s why your fans told you to do a kickstarter, come on
TheSickness1234 (1 month ago)
Just glad you’re looking and sounding better. Keep on healing and take your time
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Appreciated Sir
DJUMA (1 month ago)
Nice video Eric!!
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Just trying to pay my medical bills.
SM96 (1 month ago)
I'm glad you're doing better, and that you finally got appropriate help!
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
I feel a lot better now.
Acu4D (1 month ago)
You look skinny asf o.O
donaciux (1 month ago)
good to hear
Acu4D (1 month ago)
Didn't say in a negative way like ''wow youre too skinny'' --- more in a ''dang, good stuff''/surprised way
donaciux (1 month ago)
skinny is cool, you want him to be overweight better? sigh...
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
I know I lost over 25 lbs
Joshua Wilkes (1 month ago)
So it's like bittorrent
IFlax (22 days ago)
Yes, but better :D Im all in on the project
Kasey Kees (1 month ago)
Kind of like Sia or Burst
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Its something a bit different than that.
Alex Ho (1 month ago)
Good to see you uploading and looking healthy again. Stay healthy! Edit: Man you look so much happier in this video!
666JL666 (1 month ago)
Glad to hear that Elric.
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Alex I feel so much better now
Jason Ong (1 month ago)
I’m happy to see you being spritely lately in your videos man. Keep your great energy up and stay healthy!
Jason Ong (1 month ago)
Tech of Tomorrow my pleasure man. It made me sad earlier that you were having Parkinson’s disease. Thank God it was false! I can’t imagine your channel fading away. Thanks for this video. Sad thing is I didn’t buy the ICO on this lol!
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Thank you Jason
griffontourz (1 month ago)
looking happy buddy gd to see
Tech of Tomorrow (1 month ago)
Me to Thanks

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