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Assassins Creed Odyssey: Dumb Yet HILARIOUS Glitches

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Assassin's Creed Odyssey (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is a fun game, but it's not without a few funny glitches and bugs. Here are the best ones that YOU sent us! Subscribe for more: http://youtube.com/gameranxtv
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Name Commingled (4 hours ago)
3:40 METAL BAND AND PAINT TYPE? I mean, Atreyu and Artex? They...fell...? NOOOOOOooooooooo how daaareee youuuu! ....Nah, come to think of it that's actually probably what he gets for staring at those sphinx's stone boobies for unnecessarily long instead of doing his job, a one way trip into the Nothing <~ That even sounds like an Atreyu song too 😂🤣
King Hannibal (4 hours ago)
4:26 hint of Death Stranding
Erick Gaudreault (7 hours ago)
1:38 the exact same thing happened to me in that scene. I recorded it when it happened, i was laughing so much..the guy was on fire and screaming in the background while my character was talking with an npc about something very serious, its was so funny! Lol
Zachary Alexander (8 hours ago)
That’s a glitch... if your game has a problem....
PETE Zah SLICE (12 hours ago)
That last glitch though
Sir Fortesque76 (12 hours ago)
Every time one of these games release, I get a ton of videos like this in my recommended. Apparently these games are pretty fucking buggy.. lol.
Bayram .Kazdal (12 hours ago)
Ubisoft ....I remember when you made good quality games
Gaming Tube (14 hours ago)
The thumbnail looks like she is having a orgasm
This 360 Man (15 hours ago)
One time while riding a horse I dismounted by a tent and got stuck inside of the tent and had to fast travel out
Nick Stein (18 hours ago)
Dont have footage but my boat wouldnt dock and ended up literally over the town. Everything under it was water.
niki pavlin (18 hours ago)
And they say Unity is bad
Andrew Wright (20 hours ago)
Can’t believe it’s been a year since horse goofs
Jack The Mysterious (20 hours ago)
1:23 that same shit happened to me lmfao, and when it was over I found "Entrance to Underworld"
Psycho Joe (20 hours ago)
6:33 He must be drunk!
Screwball Donkey (21 hours ago)
I know it's for fun but I dont like that you used Kassandra's face in the thumbnail instead of Alexios face
ReFLeX AnGeL (21 hours ago)
Doesn’t even compare to Red Dead Redemption 2
JUAN (21 hours ago)
I love the thumbnail 😂
Tim Adkins (22 hours ago)
Looks about as stable as any Ubisoft game...
that fit Asian (23 hours ago)
I had so many glitches in this game
OsvaldoKS100 (23 hours ago)
thumbnail is maxmoefoe
Marc Sesto (23 hours ago)
I love playing with Andrew W.K. So much more than the chick... he actually has a much better Greek accent than her
Shawn Collins (23 hours ago)
I've got a whale landing on my boat as well xD it was there for a good few seconds. How do u submit it to you guys?
6:15 is a giant erection
Jaguar Attack (1 day ago)
I had the horse falling through the ground one in assassins creed 2
Rob DeNicola (1 day ago)
My game keeps crashing that damn frame rate drops to an absolute crawl it is really starting to piss me off really great game though lmao some of these glitches are frigggin hilarious
vawa-ID (1 day ago)
6:15 someone's graphics processing unit is fucked
Leonardo Villa (1 day ago)
Swiming on air, ubisoft just keep raising the bar on hilarius glitches. An the corpse that turn into a eldritch cosmic aberration was amazing.
Hoàng Tiêu Chí (1 day ago)
The freeze scene game is a fucking annoying bug seen AC Origin -_-
SekondSpark (1 day ago)
I never encountered a glitch and I finished the game just when the patch released
Cruzan9 (1 day ago)
Did they do one for Shadow of the Tomb Raider?
Rehan Esam (2 days ago)
There is a problem im facing its really ruining my experience. The game lags a lot when I visit some places like the frame rate drop from 60 to 2 or 3. Im playing on ps4. Is anyone else facing this problem?
Sara Alhumsi (2 days ago)
Most of those glitches seem to be on consoles which is very interesting.
Anderson Blackburn (2 days ago)
oh, not again...
William Shie (2 days ago)
In my playthrough, I have a habit of recruiting the mercs that came after me. This one time I recruited someone, and then went for the general mission board of the area. Read through the missions, and one of them was a merc hunt mission, with the target's name suscpiciously familiar. I accepted the mission, and ... yeah, the mission target WAS the guy I just recruited. Tried to follow the marker on the map, and it led me to the target's corpse floating near the shore. I had to push the body all the way to the shore (while being constantly shot at - did I not mention that the corpse was floating near the shore of a fortress?) , and ... it was still a corpse. I melee attacked it, then the corpse came back to life. Yeah. That happened. No way the mission could be finished (no health bar even after reanimation and after I stopped him from reanimating bloodily). Didn't actually think about screenshotting the reanimated corpse, but still have the floating body double of my crew screenshotted.
Jennifer L (2 days ago)
I have had every single one of these glitches happen to me hahha! The water one freaked me out, as it only happened for a moment and then corrected itself, but the water rendered as well as the swimming animation. Hilarious. The frame-drop seems to happen when the game is trying to save, and especially when near NPCs in a red zone.
4:35 , On some next level shit.
supervegito2277 (3 days ago)
I recall having an enemy magnetically attracted to Kassandra after he died.. really weird...
KD Verma (3 days ago)
The one in kelptus bay glitch no. 2 happened to me too
PRIYANSHU (3 days ago)
they mastered flying in video game yes 6:22
CMDR Legendie (3 days ago)
Assassins Creed 2 is my favourite, then it's Black Flags.
Igor Volkov (3 days ago)
Ubisoft are masters of glitches. They never disapoint.
John Hurley (3 days ago)
What does everyone think that they killed Juno off screen in a companion book?
Borys (3 days ago)
Some gotta be fake
Arma Lol (3 days ago)
glitches are on Console with crappy peasant AMD hardware
Arma Lol (3 days ago)
you're fake news
sbbsgdgejqiadvdh (3 days ago)
those guys catching on fire also happened to me
Swimming in the air? Wtf
adam burke (3 days ago)
Matt Sessions (4 days ago)
Mine was the goats flying 20 feet everytime you hit one. It was fixed in the day one patch, but i want it back
Charlie Thomas (4 days ago)
Had a glitch where a whale spawned in my boat and messed my frame rate up
Jack F (4 days ago)
I found some awesome glitch too but didn't record lol
BillboardGaming (4 days ago)
Flying sharks are the best
satinder padda (4 days ago)
i have completed all the game but frankly haven't even encountered a single glitch.
Ābols (4 days ago)
That thumbnail thooo xD
Not Remco (4 days ago)
2:20 i had that too
emiliano brugada (4 days ago)
When i was playing ac odyssey my horse went on my ship got stuck on it while i was driving it then my crew murdered him
LINOY FRIED (4 days ago)
And i thought that the game get stuck and woper slow down only at my concole... Happy to know i am not the only one :)
c2819 (4 days ago)
yall keep giving them free money with your own glitches
GayBobFagPants (4 days ago)
Jordan Painters’ glitch looked like the guy was getting a boner, and than going to Asgard
Hank Anon (4 days ago)
Bear goofs 👍🏻
RedsDeadBaby (4 days ago)
The thumbnail just fucking kills me everytime
Erin Melton (4 days ago)
that is so cool let's just swim do the streets through the whole game of Assassin's Creed Odyssey lollololoo
stalwartarjuna (4 days ago)
Let's do the odyssey!
TJM Matthews29 (4 days ago)
wow, this is hilarious, keep up the good work, wanna see more like this lol
Ren Yagami (4 days ago)
Did any of you have any frame rate drops randomly when playing?
Grey Wizard (4 days ago)
I was fighting the boar boss and as I climbed it's cave one of its cubs spawned behind me and charged me but ran off into the air into the distance and I rarely get any glitches.
Pwnopolis (4 days ago)
Thankfully I can separate my hate of EA & the Assassins Creed franchise from my like of Gameranx.
TheLordOfTheLegos (4 days ago)
After one of the conquest battles, all the dead bodies on the ground were T-posed halfway merged into the ground
Skyler Ruin (4 days ago)
I've never laughed so hard to what amounts to a reaction video. The witty and relevant pop culture references were on point and the glitches were pretty damn funny too. I've watched your channel for years but this deserves a sub. I want to see more like this when Red Dead 2 drops.
Krishna Kanth (4 days ago)
BIGGER THE WORLD, LOT OF BUGS... smaller worlds like HORIZON ZERO DAWN and SPIDERMAN .. Quality games.. with little bugs... I always prefer the latter
GB (4 days ago)
what do you expect when you buy a game from bugisfot?
Edward Kenway (5 days ago)
You are not the only one cursed with knowledge.
AbsolX Guardian (5 days ago)
I've seen a tree that was floating like a foot above the ground. I also once killed a guy, and he kept acting like he was alive, attacking and chasing after me, but he was only visual. Neither of us could do damage to eachother. I had to fast travel away to get him to disappear
Sr DeSilva (5 days ago)
I'm currently playing through assassins creed unity on the PC. that's all i need to say.
Nintenoles (5 days ago)
I encountered two interesting glitches so far. 1 I was doing a wolf den and the alpha ran at me and phased through the wall and 2. A caged bear magically ended up outside the cage and was immortal
Frank Gütle (5 days ago)
Game sprout...
Godfather9814 (5 days ago)
1:40 its an ability you unlock later in the game I guess 🤷🏻‍♂️😂 just look at someone and they burst into flames lmao
Joni Muikku (5 days ago)
I jumped down of a cliff, it was a leap of faith, so I was floating on top of a pole for good 10minutes, then I died. That was hilarious!
venom00735 (5 days ago)
Jagermeister (5 days ago)
Is it only me, or the thumpnail look really like Syndrome in The incredible
Jeb davus (5 days ago)
This is why I but games a while after they come out. That and potential price drops.
Wanderingwalker 1990 (5 days ago)
The one where you randomly get thrown into the swimming animation.. I genuinely thought in my baked state that it was witch or something fucking with me 😂
Noobionic (5 days ago)
The one in thumbnail is best
loags22 (5 days ago)
I really wish ah still had fails of the weak
Aero Bim (5 days ago)
it would be funnier if we could see you guys reacts to this
Zach G (5 days ago)
Gamesprout had better
Assassin's Greed: Shoddyssey.
Tony Yu (5 days ago)
Yup, this is assassin's creed. Check that off the list.
Lily Val (5 days ago)
Omg swing in the sandy ground & air. Halaroius. I'm cracking up with head banging thing. Nice comment. Slayer concert. Lol LMBO. 😂 Super glitchy.
Scar Seven (5 days ago)
Not seen one on the PS4......
Guard Rail (5 days ago)
The thumbnail makes Kassandra look like Kristen Stewert😂😂😊
Richard Clark (5 days ago)
Better pay 60 dollars for this no doubt
隆二 の Ray (5 days ago)
not falcon .. feelsbadman
Geralt of Rivia (5 days ago)
How do you always found that many glitches I got the game the day came out and no glitches at all Only froze 2 times for 3 secs
ShadowofDeath Mz (5 days ago)
I did heard Xbox one does
ShadowofDeath Mz (5 days ago)
Just letting you guys know there’s no glitches on pc and ps4 or the ps4 pro
prateek jevoor (5 days ago)
She looks like a bottle opener in the thumbnail.😂😂
phhsdj (5 days ago)
Do one more please
Matt Damon (5 days ago)
Havent had any of these.
Evan Staley (5 days ago)
3:50 "it's a seahorse" 😂😂😂

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