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Evolution of Grand Theft Auto 1997-2018

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Evolution of Grand Theft Auto 1997-2018 Grand Theft Auto (1997) Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 (1999) Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999) Grand Theft Auto III (2001) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned (2009) Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009) Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009) Grand Theft Auto V (2013-2018) Grand Theft Auto VI (2019)
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Text Comments (2205)
Fraidon Sarvary101 (4 hours ago)
I used to play the 2001
Stefan (6 hours ago)
Gta 2 best geim
Abett Earl Lukban (10 hours ago)
GTA San Andreas is only GTA game we got in 2015-2016 and I am 7 and in November I will be 8 :D edit: aaaaaaand it was deleted no need it though cuz I got so many games downloaded but I got a good computer.
Shantorey Wilkins (20 hours ago)
HellGan21 (22 hours ago)
3:14 no hace falta que me presente XD
Balto And Jenna (1 day ago)
GTA6 is not coming 2019 he is coming 2022 sorry for my Bad english
Superior Underdog (2 days ago)
Anyone else thinks Niko Bellic has to come back in gta 6?
KooleKoolKast :D (2 days ago)
Its 1999 not 1997
Smita Sinha (2 days ago)
I like GTA vc,GTA SA,GTA 5
Owen D (3 days ago)
Pls Gta VI
Olvidaste el gta advance
kamilos (4 days ago)
a grant treft auto 6
GTA SAN ANDREAS - best gameplay, story, cars and music
Jerson Sosa (5 days ago)
Stupid ass video
Sagar Malasi (5 days ago)
I think after gta 3 everything changed
감귤나는 (6 days ago)
한국인 손!!
Elwen Ibrahimov (6 days ago)
Gta advance 2004
Livia Agatha (6 days ago)
U SAID 1997-2018 where
Jessie Lomeli (6 days ago)
Oh that’s what my friend said
Anonymous PH (6 days ago)
Gta 3 - best gameplay Gta vice city - best cars and music Gta san andreas - best story and mysteries or ester eggs Gta 4 - best phyisics Gta 5 - best graphics
Lam Pham (23 hours ago)
Gta 3 is the most influence in series, san is best gameplay, gta 4 best story
wrong, you are retarded!!! GTA san andreas - have best gameplay, story, cars, and music
Dewi Fitriani (6 days ago)
wow, i already ply GTA 2, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas and GTA Liberty City Stories, and that's all awesome
Where GTA 6? WTF?!
EnOtiK (7 days ago)
GTA 5 2013 year!!!
very fast upgrade
The voip gamers (7 days ago)
Hi just for information if u ever want know which character he is use is Trevor Philips he a mad man and do all kind of crazy stuff like wearing girl dress if u ever switch to him there be a scene or sleeping in a cow place and more I play GTA 5 so I know how it goes GTA 5 is best graphic and more things
Have only 2013
Rodolfo Hernandez (7 days ago)
For my gta liberty city stories
Jessie Lomeli (7 days ago)
Umm gta5 came out in 2015 dummy
Huy -Winner150 (8 days ago)
你们好。 我很喜欢 GTA 5
The BlueLightning (8 days ago)
Jalijah Smith (8 days ago)
GTAV wassent made in 2018 it was made in 2013
Yunus Karahan (8 days ago)
1 :6 thug life jdbdjdbd
Ashley M (8 days ago)
also cusan you forgot gta advance.
Ashley M (8 days ago)
all the other old gta games are good but the best gta games are san andreas,gta 4 and vice city personally i like all the gta's even gta advance i now its its kinda a bad game but i like it. the only gta game i liked but dident like was gta 5 becuase even though it has good graphics its really just a dead world. all the npc's do is just walk. but in gta 4 they actually interacted with eachother and they also put newspaper or umbrella'son there heads also they ate food and drink liquids. but they dont have though's things gta 5. also you cant really do anything when you finish the game you cant buy criminal buisnesse's like in gta vice city stories theres no gym no nightclubs no malls there's not even any houses you can buy. theres beraly anything to do in gta 5 also im kinda disapointed that all the 3d gta's an gta 4 had more things to do and had better things to see then thats in gta 5. gta 5 does have some cool things to do and things to see but like i said its sadly kinda dead i gta 5. im not saying i hate gta 5 i just kida like it but dont like it so dont hate me for this gta 5 fans. but all im trying to say here is i hope gta 6 is better then gta 5 .
flamehunter 8 (8 days ago)
А точно 1997-2018?)))
flamehunter 8 (8 days ago)
Кликбейт ебучий
Charles Ph (8 days ago)
Wheres 2018
Eros cesar (8 days ago)
No pense qie ubiera tantos gta
Best Facts world (9 days ago)
Our gta 5 is gta sanandreas 😄😊😆
hspider offical (9 days ago)
Fake all
walez (9 days ago)
Click bate
-_- Ciasteczkowy -_- (9 days ago)
Gta VC is shit GTA SA is VERY GOODDD!
Nishant paul (9 days ago)
My favourite is gta san andreas
muhammad ihsan (9 days ago)
Tetap ucok yg terbaik
Zion Siler (9 days ago)
Yooo next gta should be in london
Adam Cunningham (7 days ago)
Zion Siler Agreed, we already have a GTA London but it's shit.
Love 80s. (9 days ago)
Best GTA Games (in my opinion) 1. GTA IV 2. GTA San Andreas 3. GTA Vice City Stories 4. GTA Vice City 5. GTA 5 6. GTA 3 7. GTA Liberty City Stories
Mr.PoZiTiV4iK (9 days ago)
*Hey,wheare 2014,2015,2016,2017 and 1019!?!?!?!?!?!*
Levi Bonifacio (10 days ago)
It's not 1997-2018 it's 1997-2031
toby severino (10 days ago)
there is no 2018 in there
Imran Arskiy (10 days ago)
Америкосы лохи ха
Bivo Gaming Squad (10 days ago)
Gta 5 -2013 fool
Matej Maric (10 days ago)
1997-2018 hmm, clickbait👎🏽
christian joe acosta (10 days ago)
gta San Andreas is the best game right
Respleyt Games (10 days ago)
My favorite part is IV
player166 paul (11 days ago)
very good man
kien Phan (11 days ago)
LoL in first day 2018
Ablandandera Pang (11 days ago)
San Andreas... the best.
saiyan RAJ (12 days ago)
gta VI is coming out at 2020
saiyan RAJ (12 days ago)
gta sanandreas is better than gta V
GAMING (12 days ago)
Grand Theft Auto VI (2019)
arnas222 (12 days ago)
wtf clickbait dfq delete ur chanell noob
Pranjit Das (13 days ago)
Grand Theft Auto Games are became more popular and interesting after Vice City, and it was the first ever GTA that comes with good quality graphics. Well GTA III also good but not as VC, GTA III's graphics is very low quality and badly optimized, and later GTA Games became a bit more popular after San Andreas!
Jesus Gastelum 790 (13 days ago)
My favorites are vice city San Andreas and gta 5 Basically all of the gtas
Taxi Dashcam (13 days ago)
gta san andreas and gta V
Ashpro Vids (15 days ago)
I play grand theft auto V or GTA5
Pamungkas 1922 (15 days ago)
Wwaat daaa
Cheese Doggy12 (16 days ago)
I liked Gta San Andreas
Kixx (19 days ago)
Fake 2018
Mrazouš 69cz (20 days ago)
Where Is GTA online
UNBOXINGlandia XY (20 days ago)
4:46 jajajaja
falusi videos (21 days ago)
Official_Crash_Neon (21 days ago)
GTA 1: GTA 1 GTA 2: GTA London 1961 GTA 3: GTA 2 GTA 4: GTA 3 GTA 5: GTA vice city GTA 6: GTA san andreas GTA 7: GTA liberty city stories GTA 8: GTA vice city stories GTA 9: GTA 4 GTA 10: GTA Chinatown wars GTA 11: GTA 5 Me: ok
Yenife valencia (22 days ago)
Bobo hp no sabe nd...
Angel Rojas (22 days ago)
One of my friends own the gta 2001
yarikshwed (22 days ago)
Marcin Rogowski (22 days ago)
My GTA Rank Worst to Best: Advance<1<Chinatown Wars<2<Episodes From Liberty City<Liberty City Stories<Vice City Stories<3<Lost Of Dammed<The Ballad Of Gay Tony<4<Vice City<MTA SA<GTA ONLINE<6<5<San Andreas WARNING: This is expectations assessment if you want play GTA 6. It's All Time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
gurpreet singh (23 days ago)
I like GTA 5
Francisço Gallêgos (24 days ago)
Falto el GTA Advance de mobiles
Steven Attila (24 days ago)
Oh how I loved the original GTA! :D
lyrics by m.a. (25 days ago)
Where is GTA 6???!!
Wu Diquan (26 days ago)
you forgot Gta advance
GoldCraft55 (27 days ago)
I remember Vice City Stories like it was yesterday...used to play that game everyday and I absolutely loved it. But I made my biggest mistake when I got 100% on GTA IV...when I reached the end I started the game over and I did'nt play another game untill I got 100% again, at that point I got so bored of GTA so now I pretty much dumped it.I have GTA V but I never play it.
Taumiel (27 days ago)
Gta 5 - 2015?
Adam Cunningham (7 days ago)
Taumiel 2013 actually
Lalo 7u7 tu sempai (28 days ago)
Gta SA
lukazz renthley (28 days ago)
Gta san andreas was the most iconic and most famous..... Gta 4 was the worst of all....
Nathan m (28 days ago)
Gta 5 didn't come out in 2018
Oscar Bustamante (28 days ago)
12 gta :v
Josue Alvarado (29 days ago)
GTA:The Ballad of Gay Tony 😂
Sebinho Vlog's (29 days ago)
Very Nice.Graphic was change, and The GTA is The Best game ever.😈
锡兰ceylan (29 days ago)
Mustafa Yiğit GÜLER (29 days ago)
2018 ?
Kepak SHOW (30 days ago)
WOOOOW! 1996's grafic and 2018's grafic
zDarkDroidSGF Ezz? (30 days ago)
Faltou taaaaanto gta manuu
the PRO (30 days ago)
fake idiot gtaV crafted 2016
Adam Cunningham (7 days ago)
the PRO 2013 actually
Constantin Wegner (30 days ago)
gta san Andreas war das beste
TMR (30 days ago)
Thats gta sa mod ._.
K1LL3R (30 days ago)
till 2018 or 13 ....ILLUMINATY CONFIRMED

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