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Evolution of Grand Theft Auto 1997-2018

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Evolution of Grand Theft Auto 1997-2018 Grand Theft Auto (1997) Grand Theft Auto: London 1961 (1999) Grand Theft Auto 2 (1999) Grand Theft Auto III (2001) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (2002) Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas (2004) Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories (2005) Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories (2006) Grand Theft Auto IV (2008) Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned (2009) Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars (2009) Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad of Gay Tony (2009) Grand Theft Auto V (2013-2018)
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Text Comments (2393)
Jai Prakash Tiwari (18 hours ago)
I like GTA 5
DEAD POOL (1 day ago)
Abdullah Sumair (1 day ago)
Pavie Pavie (2 days ago)
GTA 3 Android video
Swedish fish (2 days ago)
i play gta 3
Star Gaming (3 days ago)
Vice City ( 2002 ) , Grand Theft Auto IV ( 2008 ) , Grand Theft Auto: The Ballad Of Gay Tony ( 2009 ) , And Grand Theft Auto V ( 2013 ) Are My Favs
TACHANKA (3 days ago)
Gta liberty city stories came 2008
Jorge cAlazadilla (4 days ago)
Gta sa el mejor juego, y mas con esas graficas que le meti con el render x que ahora ya he dejado de jugar al gta V jajajaj XD
Jerman Jarmen (4 days ago)
gta 3 has a nice city/map
Günther Scholz (6 days ago)
GTA V - the BEST!
Mr. Ruby (6 days ago)
3:21 I was scared, because I thought CJ would strike me now xD
Kosar Jahan (6 days ago)
Thanks for this video
Mert Kaansd (6 days ago)
Dugulandim amk
Where is GTA London tell me please
ASHZ GAMING (6 days ago)
Where is Gta6
AA/AD J (6 days ago)
I remember when I play GTA 1 and GTA 2 on my PS1. it's really a fun game back then and nostalgia though 😂😂
Azlina Idris (6 days ago)
Gta sa Best for me.....Played ut everyday
gta 5 in 2009
All in tech (7 days ago)
This is not GTA 0:4
*has a Baseball Bat* You forgot the Advance one, fool.
Mystogan DFBHD (8 days ago)
GTA SA and VC is the legendary game ever
Joy.Alool Joey (8 days ago)
Where is 2018?
Allen Gayle Flores (8 days ago)
GTA V is the best
alex douglas (8 days ago)
Muito legal
T0ms T0mS (9 days ago)
CafeFlamingo (9 days ago)
Never played after gta2
Ty Nguyen (9 days ago)
Missing Grand a Theft Auto London 1961 and Grand Theft Auto Advance
alex ludtke (9 days ago)
I play gta liberty city stories on psp
Piotr Stroński (9 days ago)
GTA SA!!!!
XGladiator 307 (9 days ago)
gta cw is the best
Nik Dk (10 days ago)
Yasir Chowdhury (10 days ago)
GTA sa is the best
Yashraj Khera (11 days ago)
In the title and thumbnail there is 2018 but in the video there is only 2013
jaz mercado (11 days ago)
You say 2018 is that 2013
Rena Phillips (11 days ago)
what about GTA 6
zwencore (11 days ago)
When I see this I just cant believe I have played gta 1 on my pc it was the schit then
TurboMan 700 (12 days ago)
I still can’t believe gta v was made in 2013 and it’s STILL the best game ever
baldo berr qu (12 days ago)
Estos juegos son para pc o para playst
Gamer King 2 (12 days ago)
I have gta san andreas in android
ZeldaMasterN64 _ (12 days ago)
no gta advance
Kordaxo (12 days ago)
EM MỜ MƯỜI SÁU (13 days ago)
GRAND THEFT AUTO: EPISODES FROM LIBERTY CITY, grand theft auto advance????
Electro Skull (13 days ago)
3:33 *Revenge Completed*
aswin wilson (14 days ago)
Did anyone notice a huge graphic change from 2006 to 2008
А где 14 15 16 17 18
ILO TMG (15 days ago)
Enzo Fait Du Gaming (16 days ago)
I Love GTA Vice City
Pravin Trimbake (18 days ago)
I love ; Sa
Fordrinn (18 days ago)
You only went to 2013
Sandeep Amritsar (19 days ago)
What gta 3 is older than gta vice city
Alan Ordonez (20 days ago)
Gta V
Derpy Duck (20 days ago)
You forgot Gta V Next gen
I'd never heared GTA3
Alex Gomez (20 days ago)
De aqui empezo mi infancia
Rahul 609 (20 days ago)
msi gaming (21 days ago)
gta vice city is of 13 mei 2003
Gta6, I've already got it, good old Miami
Euee XX (22 days ago)
1997 is beast
Utsav Bhandari (22 days ago)
i love gta game
Kevin Lopez (22 days ago)
Evolution of GTA Online
PIJUSH KRANTI KAR (22 days ago)
I have gta 3
Motumbo Ustası (23 days ago)
San andreas is number oneee
Ivanov Nikolaï (23 days ago)
in 15 years, we will say "What the fuck, GTA V was like that ?!"
I copied with your permission
Surendra Bishnoi (25 days ago)
gta 5
Aditya Sai (27 days ago)
King of video games :GTA
Nur Music (27 days ago)
2002 popular
He a God XX (27 days ago)
I started playing in 2013
Evan R - Mif0rcliEn (26 days ago)
He a God XX You are trash and so was Xxxtentacion, rest in p i ss.
lu noob ya katanya 2018
Henry Djunaedi (29 days ago)
Where is 2018
LazarGamer (29 days ago)
1. gta 5 2. gta 4 3. gta san andreas
cindy olesen (1 month ago)
Vice city stories isvmy old one
Mutsuki (1 month ago)
For me: Gta V - trash Gta Liberty City - better Gta IV - My fav gta
Linkin Recker (1 month ago)
GTA 6 is coming
Hafizi Fizi (1 month ago)
GTA SA is my favorite forever and then I play PC and now I play GTA SA my phone
rochell cabradilla (1 month ago)
Is not until to 2018 it was up to 2013
GTA 4 was my shit
Brooke Kirvan (1 month ago)
Oh GTA III... the memories.
Sunita Tanwer (1 month ago)
Communist Pootis Birb (1 month ago)
Favorite: Honestly don't know. GTA SA, Chinatown, IV and V are all good for different reasons Least Favorite: Defiantly GTA 1 and 2. Despite Chinatown being on my favorite list I don't miss the 2d top down model those two had. Plus the missions kinda sucked.
Dhruv singh (1 month ago)
2018 = ?
It says 2018 and it only goes to 2013 Boi you lyin'
Electro Gamer (1 month ago)
The Legend- 03:15
Exensutick (1 month ago)
*Я знаю, ты российский*
Entertainer Boy (1 month ago)
Anything San Andreas Is Best Agree?
Maria Manobanda (1 month ago)
Gta vice City stories 😎😎😎😎
Luni Bot (1 month ago)
omg this 2018 gta game is not here it said 2013 gta game in the end red
SwissCheese 41 (1 month ago)
GTA 1: Stealing cars GTA 5: Fighting a super top secret government agency with railguns accompanied by deluxos, oppressers and ballistic missle launchers
Jabeen Pastore (1 month ago)
Sa is old but gold
Limenko (1 month ago)
I can call gta fan be cause I played all games.Not compledet be cause I dont have good computer but played all.Gta sa was my childhood.I remember my older brother installed and when I started I was like wtf why this pink guys shooting me😁I wanna back when I didn't know nothing about gta games.Nostalgia...
Duckz Gaming (1 month ago)
0:28 holy,is that a scramjet
DAN CAN (1 month ago)
My most fav game was gta4 2008.
Yap Hao (1 month ago)
Hoping they are getting a new gta series by 2020 with fascinating graphic, smoothest, and story.
Communist Pootis Birb (1 month ago)
And hopefully not Shark Card simulator like GTA 5 became.
F. T. (1 month ago)
GTA Chinatown Wars and GTA Vice City storys are my first GTA Games 🔥
Given description of 1997 to 2018 and in video till 2013 only why?
Communist Pootis Birb (1 month ago)
Uh, maybe because no GTA came out after that?
Dr. Invader;} (1 month ago)
Such a great difference between 2 and 3.
Davi Diaz (1 month ago)
Minecraf 2001 vs 2018
Tran Quynh Anh (1 month ago)
GTA San Andreas was the best of them all

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