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Buying Everything Wish Recommended Me! (TESTING KNOCK OFF TECH AND DESIGNER FROM WISH $1000 Unboxing

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WE'RE BACK BUYING EVERY ITEM THIS TIME ON THE WISH APP PART 2!! We test and unbox tech and designer products from this WISH haul to see if WISH is really worth it! Previous Video: Buying Everything Wish Recommended Me! (TESTING KNOCK OFF TECH PRODUCTS FROM WISH $1000 Unboxing) https://youtu.be/MuClE_GnxMM MERCH AVAILABLE NOW: https://itsyeboishop.com/ Subscribe to my gaming channel: https://www.youtube.com/itsyegames Follow me to save a kitten: http://twitter.com/ItsYeBoi http://instagram.com/ItsYeBoi ItsYeBoi Songs Used: Intro Music: Lately - City Fidelia https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=49qKNNJ... Kevin Macleod - incompetech.com
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Text Comments (4205)
ItsYeBoi (5 months ago)
SMASH THE LIKE BUTTON FOR MORE WISH VIDEOS!! Comment what I should buy in the next video!
Johnathon Stewart (10 days ago)
This man is 100% from Scarborough or Rexdale
Tyler Warner (18 days ago)
Hey the drone did not vans how can I email you the pic I found when y’all said it vanished
Defiant Macho (23 days ago)
ItsYeBoi an actual good item... batteries are A23 and not included. Item is.... https://www.wish.com/product/10pcs-cabinet-cupboard-wardrobe-led-hinge-light-58590ef3a324c866eb1dbad0
Stephen Bervine Jr (23 days ago)
Yo ,bro I take the Blu tablet and Droid
Leo Frangu (2 hours ago)
At 20 10 its in the left
Zpl Rac (7 hours ago)
Don’t get a damn face tat
BenPlays YT (8 hours ago)
You from canada?
Yoshe Contreras (1 day ago)
Promo code Eleven11 For Wish
Shawna Maddy (1 day ago)
You have to order a size or 2 larger than normal from wish lol
NOHERO 1 (2 days ago)
The sizes are all small on Wish It's like Asian/European sizes
Aleksandra Stojko (2 days ago)
You Skipped L
NwC (3 days ago)
I didnt know Vinny from Jersey Shore started a YouTube channel.
angryarmidillo (3 days ago)
Why am I watching some headass buy shit online for 25 min?
Ibrahim og Frank (3 days ago)
V1PER K1LLER (3 days ago)
Am I your only non-hater?
rOMAN eAGKL (3 days ago)
That song ia delta good dream. I know this because I have heard it from the anime Deltora Quest.
Mohamed pro (4 days ago)
bro plz send the yeezy link
Poifix (4 days ago)
Who the hell is stupid enough to buy stuff from this shady ass website
Hsu Julio (4 days ago)
The watch of wish just never arrive because i have bought twice watches on wish and it just don't arrive.
Hsu Julio (4 days ago)
Funniest moment 3:43
Pibb Xtra (4 days ago)
Knowt bawd cringe
Pure Fox (4 days ago)
Damit I better see those throwing cards in a update video.. Gambit sause. Lmao you lost the drone I'm coping.
Lila Dumas (4 days ago)
use this code to get 50% off your order nqhlfdd 😘
YaBoy Chrisk (4 days ago)
I spoke too soon ~drone explodes~
Miss Cassandra (5 days ago)
Deletes WISH off my Phone.
Karen Jane Brown (5 days ago)
HHah the music artist is an Australia called Delta Goodrem
Mikey manfs 3 (5 days ago)
I wonder who found it think it's a very expensive drone😂😂😂🤣🤣
JKR (5 days ago)
You can always use other letters like ąężźó
Aigaritoooo (5 days ago)
stop saying not bad bot bad.... its annoying
omsis (5 days ago)
Sorry dude but you're indirect supporting child work and work abuse by buying "pirate copys" of clothes.
Extreme.BoysToby (5 days ago)
True the whole video i get 5 adds that were from wish😂😂😂😂😂
Will Pascoe (6 days ago)
he said wheres the drone and the drone is right in the middle of the camera
Sackboom (6 days ago)
qgnswms Use this code to get 50% off 😉
B (6 days ago)
Your lingo is fucking horrendous to listen to
Cosmic Skylight (6 days ago)
Dude You Should Check The Camera On The Drone To See Where It Is
Jacob Moller nielsen (6 days ago)
Im Blue dabendidnkaknndnenama
Nancy Carroll (6 days ago)
It ye boi buy me a real computer then i will sub and turn on notifacations
behindblueyes83sm (7 days ago)
your language is legit off white
benficamad (7 days ago)
FUCK YOU and your dookie word 4 times ok but by the 10th time fuck you cunt
amar izi (8 days ago)
Well I found free $2416a money making system that is really working:(just go to) greatworks.club/?FfPeD Great work...
Aesthtic Unicorn (8 days ago)
They literally sent you a whole shower curtain😫😭😂
Stacc 6undlez (8 days ago)
Face tat!!!🤟🏾🤟🏾🤟🏾
Bob Dabuilder (8 days ago)
This nigga is a dollar store Joe santagato
stupid5pin (9 days ago)
Damn millennials. I like the content of your videos dude, but the over the top hip speak is obnoxious.
Robert Mailloux (9 days ago)
Thx again,very very informative.I had to a real laugh with the drone part.Really funny.
B Higley (9 days ago)
Man people in the comments are assholes lol hating on your voice and the way you talk, fuckin shitheads. Dec Vids bro you gucci.
Dante Ferrise (9 days ago)
I don’t understand why you are even judging the quality of the cameras on these tech items if they do what they say they do then how can you complain?
Dante Ferrise (9 days ago)
How hard would it be to get a decent knock off supreme tee or hoodie?! NOT HARD AT ALL BECAUSE THEY ARE JUST A FUCKING HOODIE AND TEE WITH WORDS IRONED ON THEM THAT COST 1000% MORE THAN THEY COST TO MAKE!
Jenn G (9 days ago)
How do returns work
Veli Xulu (10 days ago)
great videos......please send me the items you dont need......illpay for shipping and post the video receiving them.....please
Scott Frye (10 days ago)
I bought that same journal, the down side is trying to find filler (more paper )
Laylah Rogers (10 days ago)
I have watched some of your vids and I have noticed that all you really do is buy shit that you probably will throw away...
Josep Majoor (10 days ago)
Macklemore does reviews now?
tommy pugliese (10 days ago)
Not bbbbb bod!!! Dead!!! 🤐
John Wick (10 days ago)
25:40 you can see the drone
Samuel Dunn (10 days ago)
You should do a wish giveaway and give me something for the idea😜
Nightice Craft (10 days ago)
ItsYeBoi! Use honey to get free code ! It will searching the best code
Toan Nguyen (10 days ago)
Lol Windows 10 Macbook? That's new 🤣
Phaeton Dragon (10 days ago)
good thing you didnt get that free knife, butterfly knifes are illegal in canada!
Real Films Studio (10 days ago)
I had like 4 Wish ads on this video, its so annoying
SinTheImmortal (10 days ago)
Interesting thing about the sd cards sum of them r legit but most have been messed with in their programming to make the sd card think its as big as it says like example a 520mb sd card thinks its 564gig sd card it causes anything u put in it to be corrupted cause it will let u put in up to the amount the sd card thinks it has but heres the fun part once u put it in there things start deleting or losing parts of its data and everything in it becomes unusable
jk stacks (10 days ago)
Not bod ... Wheres my noose 👊👊👊✌💫💀👊👊👊
Guillaume Sluisdom (10 days ago)
Dude 4:52 catch me off guard. I died lol
Heather R (10 days ago)
Yeah..... the sizing on wish is off. Most of thier items tell you that thier sizing is 1-2 sizes smaller than US sizes.
Heather R (10 days ago)
I bought a 1 TB micro sd card from wish and it is amazing.
Stanislav _ 333 (10 days ago)
Who else got a wish ad?
The Red Frost (10 days ago)
Why would anyone buy a real pair of those shoes? That is the biggest ripoff of all these videos. Kind of ironic, no?
Demetrios Zotos (11 days ago)
It was ok video but I had to exit because of the non stop whining. Your a grown man stop the whining it's not cute coming from a man. So annoying
Hunter Greensmith (11 days ago)
The drone was in the shot when you “lost it”
Žilvis Ir Ko (11 days ago)
I saw the drone
Paulus Kivelä (11 days ago)
I literally got a Wish ad while watching this
Eva's World (11 days ago)
myc riddle (12 days ago)
how are u so wealthy? did ure dad give u a job at his office after u dropped out of college?
Big bass master Tv (12 days ago)
Fortnite is gay like you and if somebody tries to roast me back off
Lunastarling (12 days ago)
how about give me 100 i sure could used it for food this month.
Alex Trif (12 days ago)
I have got an wish add lol.
David Gab (12 days ago)
Than "Wish" is a trash site! This is DuDuuu🤣🤣🤣🤣
David Boar (12 days ago)
The thing that he overuses "not bod" annoys me to hell
SilentXSails (13 days ago)
Not going to lie wanted to see the video of the drone flying
SilentXSails (13 days ago)
Video made from it
steven carlson (13 days ago)
Your title is a lie it says $1000. just like the last one why lie!
Jessa Marr (13 days ago)
ur weird ass accent is making all us Canadians look bad
ur mom (13 days ago)
What do you know... Middle of the video i get a wish ad... Theyre taking over
Aj Styles (13 days ago)
Paulo Martiniano (13 days ago)
HI GUYS!! For you who are still going to make your first purchase USE THE RCZZPZW CODE TO WIN 50% DISCOUNT For you who are still going to make your first purchase USE THE RCZZPZW CODE TO WIN 50% DISCOUNT For you who are still going to make your first purchase USE THE RCZZPZW CODE TO WIN 50% DISCOUNT
Zia Funk (13 days ago)
u can hang the projectors screen with thumb tacks. I hammer thumbtacks to hang everything. lol
the dank stuff sa good (13 days ago)
get new pants it has a hole
EL NINO (13 days ago)
Good sheap drone
Benny (14 days ago)
dude has the vocabulary of a highschool freshman but i like seeing what wish has to offer lol
Pato Gato Gaming (14 days ago)
Why go to Chrome to watch a youtube video? I mean Android products already have the youtube app for default :u.
Back when Mark Wahlberg was Markey Mark!
Jay Johnson (14 days ago)
Bro why do you have so many commercials
Devon McPhail (11 days ago)
Guys gotta make money
hamda mohamed (15 days ago)
The way u speak is so funny and if u go broke u will need to remember these videos
Kevin Venegas (15 days ago)
There is a program where it actually tells you how many gigs it reall is
who's who (15 days ago)
man I'm old as hell
grayson serrano (15 days ago)
I saw the drone on tye left side of the screen at 20:06
Cptmoore12345 (15 days ago)
I've owned one of those tablets from wish they suck and you need to send in a support ticket and request your money back when that happens cause its not what you ordered.
TacticGravity (16 days ago)
That is the worst tablet ever, i got it in like 2007 and i broke it within the first week
Nicole Barker (16 days ago)
STOP saying doukie, please. i wanna watch ur vids but... doukie... just no
Robie Pingol (16 days ago)
Damn too fucking many ads boy.
BottleBrassMonkey (17 days ago)
SuckaFree215 (17 days ago)
Had to thumbs down because you support Kanye that nigga cancelled
chunky monkey (18 days ago)
Just saw this video pop and decided to watch it and about 5 minutes later I actually got a wish package 😂
Luigino (18 days ago)
20:04 you can clearly see that it is in the left and you turn the camera in the right ?! What bullshit acting is that and why ?

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