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11 Nintendo Switch Accessories - Part 1 - List and Review

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PART 2: http://bit.ly/2zvOHLc We pre-ordered 11 Accessories for the Nintendo Switch and put them to the test! We're always looking for more so if you have any worth checking out, share them in the comments! __ ► SECTIONS 00:27 - Joy-Con Controllers 00:59 - Pro Controller 02:00 - Joy-Con Charging Grip 03:03 - RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case 03:56 - RDS Game Traveler Deluxe System Case 04:48 - Waterfield Nintendo Switch Pouch 06:12 - AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector 07:01 - uGreen Ethernet Adapter 07:28 - Custom Padded Dock Cover (Dock Sock) 08:11 - Hori Compact Playstand 09:19 - Generic Hard Back Case Cover __ ► WHERE TO BUY Joy-Con Controllers: http://geni.us/4vCRoW - Pro Controller: http://geni.us/xnyAfI - Pro Controller - Splatoon 2 Edition: http://geni.us/pbZfrd - Pro Controller - Xenoblade 2 Edition: http://geni.us/3REqGkZ - Joy-Con Charging Grip: http://geni.us/51RI - RDS Game Traveler Deluxe Travel Case: http://geni.us/C0eN - RDS Game Traveler Deluxe System Case: http://geni.us/eyUB - Waterfield Nintendo Switch Pouch: http://bit.ly/2rwXG6k - AmFilm Tempered Glass Screen Protector: http://geni.us/dmOALR - uGreen Ethernet Adapter: http://geni.us/PK9sX - Custom Padded Dock Cover (Dock Sock): http://etsy.me/2rwNydN - Hori Compact Playstand: http://geni.us/FnLzuM - Protective Crystal Case: http://geni.us/trBs Disclaimer: These are Affiliate links which help support the channel 👍 __ ▶ CHECK OUT OUR GEAR Kit: https://kit.com/ItCameFromABox Amazon: https://amazon.com/shop/itcamefromabox ► FOLLOW US ✌️ Twitter: http://twitter.com/itcamefromabox Instagram: http://instagram.com/itcamefromabox Facebook: http://facebook.com/itcamefromabox ► CONTACT 📧 contact@itcamefromabox.com ► VISIT US http://itcamefromabox.com __ ► CREDIT Audio: Wavestich Audio https://wavestitch.com
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Text Comments (797)
Anabelle Ferreira (1 day ago)
I just noticed you talking about 11 accessories, and this video is 11 minutes and seconds long lol
animegirl16091 (1 day ago)
they did my screen protector perfectly its straight across. its hardly noticable anyway it doesnt have to be perfectly straight in my opinion.
animegirl16091 (1 day ago)
i actully like playing my games with one red joy con and one blue joy con. instead of the same colors in my opinion.
Lance Xedrick Benin (3 days ago)
I want this but the thing is i already chose Xbox one S over it
Slotha Nator (22 hours ago)
Lance Xedrick Benin me last Christmas XD
Lance Xedrick Benin (3 days ago)
Damn I want this!
Tommy An Wong (4 days ago)
Game traveler deluxe system case
MZX_MrXANA91 (7 days ago)
I am interested in buying a Switch for my Christmas, ans I am (of course) looking for accessories. Best video i've seen so far ! ;)
Christopher Pribble (8 days ago)
Too bad you don't tell us the prices
It Came From A Box (8 days ago)
It's actually bad if I tell you the prices for small products like these because they fluctuate constantly. Some of these cases on release we're WAY more expensive but now faced with competition, the prices drop ALL the time.
Stalini Naufahu (8 days ago)
Gosh ...higher quality vids than many others...but such a low subscriber count :(
It Came From A Box (8 days ago)
We work hard to earn each and every sub so appreciate you watching!
Cosmickiller 109 (11 days ago)
Did the switch came from the box
Sergio Diaz (12 days ago)
hamster god 123 (12 days ago)
JuiceCoil (13 days ago)
My joy cons slide of by theme selfs and have joy stick drift any fixes
RafAttack YT (16 days ago)
Power bank?
Ace Thapa (19 days ago)
So many ones
Red Panther 209 (21 days ago)
Nice intro man
ConnorFan1st (21 days ago)
Ive got the screen protecter PERFECTLY NO BUBBLES
Mr Nobody (24 days ago)
I feel like the dock protector thing is useless, like come on, can’t you be careful enough to put it in and take it out without problem? (Unless the console belongs to a kid or you have kids who use it, then yeah) but other than that, I don’t see a good use for it...
It Came From A Box (24 days ago)
I'd say the dock protector is more decorative with the secondary feature being protection :D But yeah, there's also a LOT of kids out there who can easily damage the Switch, ESPECIALLY without a screen protector :o
Sam🇺🇸 (25 days ago)
Wow ..what happened to the good old days when you just buy the console and everything comes with it & no need for all these expensive accessories
It Came From A Box (25 days ago)
Ohhh yeah, when you go handheld, that's when the TONS of random accessories kick in haha Still waiting for a foamy nerf bumper case so my kids won't destroy the thing lollll Appreciate you watching and if you're looking for a good place to start (accessories wise) try a bundle like Orzly's! Comes with some of the best essentials :D https://www.amazon.com/Switch-Accessories-Orzly-Ultimate-Nintendo/dp/B076HT7KL3/ref=sr_1_9?ie=UTF8&qid=1535071281&sr=8-9&keywords=nintendo+switch+accessories+bundle
Sam🇺🇸 (25 days ago)
It Came From A Box When i bought the wii and wii u for the kids they came with 2 free games and 2 controllers and the console its self is heavy duty they used to make them to last but nowadays one drop and it done. Good video by the way and good info to know because the kids want a switch 😩 and now i know i need at least one grand to start lol .
It Came From A Box (25 days ago)
When was that :O?! I've been buying all kinds of random accessories since my GameBoy Color xD
Aperture Atlas (27 days ago)
Since I had a Wii U deluxe set before my Switch, I used the Wii U's Cradle to hold my switch up instead of the kickstand or any other accessories.
Chill Shark (1 month ago)
List of 11 video length 11:11 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Jack the cat (1 month ago)
did you know im getting a wired pro controler
KylCar TheCoconut (1 month ago)
4:47 why didn’t you connect the joy cons to the grip
Tara Gillman (1 month ago)
I like the video
Isaac Padgett (1 month ago)
Red is my favorite color.
Alessia Nottolini (1 month ago)
does the Glass collide with the sock/dock?
Crafter Doge (1 month ago)
I subscribed
Andrew Ricardo (1 month ago)
What are ir reader and analogue trigger?
reverse Luci (1 month ago)
I don't have a Nintendo Switch😭........ yet.
English Lover 57 (1 month ago)
Great video @ItCameFromABox! Glad I found your channel your Content is very Detailed and I'm happy I found someone who Loves Switches!
ZACK Gaming (1 month ago)
This video is sooo late for me I used the dock way to much and now my switch is scratched soo freaking much
It Came From A Box (1 month ago)
Ugh sorry to hear :\ It's by far the most aggravating thing about the Switch :[
Hot Dog (1 month ago)
How much did all this cost?
Hayden Foxx (1 month ago)
Just ordered a Dock Sock 😊
It Came From A Box (1 month ago)
evildarklemons Dark (1 month ago)
Pricey and my R joycon started having problems and those problems evolved. GET A PRO CONTROLLER also $10 cheaper
Gaming Infinity (2 months ago)
I have no idea how to say HORI so I just say it like u do. (I hope that is how u r supposed so say it cuz I have said HORI like that for almost a year.)
It Came From A Box (2 months ago)
I think it's more like HO-ry? At this point, it's too late to fix it lol
Fortnite Lover (2 months ago)
I subbed
Katuno The Katana Cat (2 months ago)
Here where i live There is 2 nintendo switch for R$ 2000 (Im brazilian btw) And my mom wont buy it ;-;
Hayden Cullen (2 months ago)
i have the one on number 4, it helps me a lot!
Patrick Star (2 months ago)
Pro controller is just an xbox one controller
JustCallMeKopi (2 months ago)
I ended up getting that Playstand, it works great and mine has a cool Zelda(Hyrulean) design on it!
Medwolf (2 months ago)
Great video! Really helpful
Boss dog (2 months ago)
If i get another set of joy cons will it work with mario kart 8 dulex so I can have 4 players?
Trimwolf 135 (2 months ago)
God this guy's voice is anyoying
Trimwolf 135 (2 months ago)
You've made my day
Trimwolf 135 (2 months ago)
Wow you replied man HA no hard feelings tho
It Came From A Box (2 months ago)
Damn dude, you're pretty jerky. LET'S HEAR YOURS THEN!
Maroun Boumelhem (2 months ago)
It has an it IR camera its the shiny bit surrounding the USB type c
EzAf BrOkE (2 months ago)
thanks for the review man, helped me so much on saving money to get accessories with my Nintendo switch. you just earned a new sub my man, your too good
It Came From A Box (2 months ago)
No problem bud! That's exactly why we make videos in the first place! Appreciate you watching :D
Vinícius Lúcio (2 months ago)
Can you play more complex games with only one joycon?
Liyau_Is_Great_2Day :3 (2 months ago)
I'm not the only one with OCD here 😂 😂 😂
Laze (2 months ago)
Is the background music some remix of love will tear us apart?
StealthHaker 36 (2 months ago)
Good video. Could you do a review for a Nintendo switch skins?
Matthew Pasion (2 months ago)
get the mumba heavy duty case
BamSavageTV (3 months ago)
i got every one of them for free from Walmart .
LegitCatcher21 (3 months ago)
2:44 Minecraft.... Ha
Mr. Blue Sky (3 months ago)
I thought that space where you put your earbuds was a place for ventilation if you just turned the switch off?
Natalia Garcia Ibarra (3 months ago)
RealTony123 (3 months ago)
What about Mario kart wheel
Tropical Panda (3 months ago)
Really good quality you should have more subs
Vid_M (3 months ago)
11 accessories the video length is 11:11
PixelFighter (3 months ago)
Should I get another pair of Joy Cons if I already have a Pro Controller?
Mike Mc studios (3 months ago)
Wow these accessories are so cool!😉
TheYTCats (3 months ago)
If I had a dock cover I would put my picture (for my profile) on it
Cool dude 29 (3 months ago)
Did u subscribe to me
ZapMinty-! (3 months ago)
Personally, I find the transparency on the charging grip really nice, it makes it worth it
thank you!! I'm going to be traveling soon in August. I'm going to bring my switch. So thank you!so much!
swagtoastboi (3 months ago)
Actually, i've got the small hardcase and the playstand too. I can fit the playstand easy into the case because i have got just the joy con straps in the pouch.
The One Above All (3 months ago)
3:38 he was putting back the cartridge holders but the right one is upsidedown. OCD TRIIIGEEERRDDD!!!!!!!
It Came From A Box (3 months ago)
lol we're far from it but appreciate you watching bud :D
The One Above All (3 months ago)
It Came From A Box wow a successful YouTuber actually replied to my comment thats awesome
It Came From A Box (3 months ago)
Cool dude 29 (3 months ago)
Cool I just checked out your channel and it is cool new subscriber cool dude 29
Maddie Sig. (3 months ago)
The blackweb glass screen protector is the best one I’ve ever used! It has a plastic form that you put over the switch and it lines the glass up for you!
Wayverlee Soulsong (4 months ago)
How much money have you spent? Also, is this all made by Nintendo? Except the patch, safety glass and internet cable of course
Sai Mahanth.M (4 months ago)
Very good 👍🏼👍🏼
Kendry Peralta (4 months ago)
Angry bird 🐦 the only thing that she
Adfhhyg Xgghjkkm (4 months ago)
في عرب هينا
Adam Alaoui (4 months ago)
Justin Mcare (4 months ago)
Those rds cases have a strong factory smell
Justin Mcare (4 months ago)
It Came From A Box yeah I’ve only had it for a few days honestly. I’ve been airing it out in my backyard on my patio for the last two days. To put things in perspective it makes my joycons smell too so I think it’s still pretty strong... I have the brown Zelda one but I’ve read that the normal one has the same problem.
It Came From A Box (4 months ago)
Haven't really noticed D: Then again, maybe I just have a bad sense of smell :O I know this new case we got definitely has a bit of a smell but it went away after leaving it open for a few days :D
Weave has been snatched (4 months ago)
The two red joy cons look awesome 👏
It Came From A Box (4 months ago)
Yeah! That's why we had to have 'em :O
abi_ go (5 months ago)
U deserve 100k subscribers and more
It Came From A Box (5 months ago)
Thank you buddy!! Appreciate you watching :D
Alayosh Company (5 months ago)
You forgotten to get a car charger for the Nintendo switch
It Came From A Box (5 months ago)
Hey Alayosh! We didn't forget as much as choose to not purchase it D: A better option would be a USB adapter for the car that you can use with the official Nintendo Switch USB to USB-C cable because you can use it with other devices as well :D
Mad Mfj (5 months ago)
Can you make a video about the butter fox carrying case but large model and see if the mumba heavy duty case fits inside
Tyler War (5 months ago)
5:02 feels really good in my hand LOL 😝
Tyler War (5 months ago)
It Came From A Box 📦 lol P.s lOVE YOUR CHANNEL!
It Came From A Box (5 months ago)
"feels really good in hand" not in MY hand! my hand had nothing to do with it ;O
Mad Mfj (5 months ago)
Can you please make a video that shows witch case can hold a Nintendo switch with the Mumba heavy duty case so I can decide witch one I should buy. Please this will really help me decide witch case I should get
Abraham Gomez (5 months ago)
Omg thank you so useful you deserve a subscription bro u earned it💢💯💯🔥
Zach Nichols (5 months ago)
IT CAME FROM A BOX! literally
Euan V (6 months ago)
I wouldn’t buy a dock sock because my brother made a home made version using the packaging from the dock and some duck tape
GhostBlaze _15 (6 months ago)
I can’t decide, Ballistic Nylon or Waxed Canvas Waterfield pouch?
Minecrafter Jumezcmorr (6 months ago)
7:55 i need one of those
Minecrafter Jumezcmorr (6 months ago)
How does he have such a good minecraft world
Minecrafter Jumezcmorr (6 months ago)
i have an okay world but cant explore the nether due to endermen and ghast
It Came From A Box (6 months ago)
We always restarted our minecraft worlds xD
Jacob Hessler (6 months ago)
Charging grip is so stupid, literally just attach them to the switch to charge them.
It Came From A Box (6 months ago)
But what if you have more than 2 Joy-Cons? We have 6 here and the other 4 lose charge since they're not attached to the Switch so the grip is great if you need to charge them while using them ;D
xtrordinary (6 months ago)
Subscribed! Well informative, made and described
It Came From A Box (6 months ago)
Thanks bud! We spend a ton of time on videos like these so it means a lot to hear that :D Appreciate you watching!!
Michael Martin (6 months ago)
Surprisingly none of these accessory videos mention portable chargers. Next video idea?
Irum Bukhari (6 months ago)
Your so cool I subscribed cuz its a real view
Elisa Palacios (6 months ago)
can i have it all
Inversions & Airtime (6 months ago)
the charging joy con grip should of come with the switch
KojiTheKitsuneNeko 1011 (7 months ago)
I started watching you in June of last year. You were at 7k at the time. Now you are at 22k. How wonderful.
Nilo Rondelli (7 months ago)
Very good review! I loved your style: fast, you don’t appear, it’s objective! You have conquered another follower! 👏🏻
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
haha thanks Nilo! We're constantly trying new things here so your feedback is important to us. Appreciate you watching!
Random ™ (7 months ago)
You can get 2 red joycons with the mario odyssey version
Random ™ (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box by the way your videos are quite useful because to be honest i got no idea what to buy
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Nice, hope you enjoy it!!
Random ™ (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box yeah because i am going to buy the mario odyssey one
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Yeah! We're on the fence about 'em since we already have the neon red ones but those darker red ones look good :O!
Jai Slouf (7 months ago)
Thank you for telling me about the clear case. Nearly got one for my non existent switch (getting one in April)
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
No worries! I'd avoid all those shells because they fit way too tight, have sharp edges, and they're terrible quality :\
Victoria McWilliams (7 months ago)
Armour Shield makes a whole switch screen protector can you review it??
Victoria McWilliams (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box i have not but i do have the regular screen protector by them on my switch my phone my kindle and my galaxy watch im a huge fan of there screen protectors they last forever and the warranty is amazing
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Very cool! Have you tried it out yet?
Victoria McWilliams (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box https://www.amazon.com/dp/B06XDGW497/ref=cm_sw_r_fm_apa_auYDAbTZN271R
Victoria McWilliams (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box i found it on amazon for $10 by Armour shield its a whole switch screen protector
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Hey Victoria! A WHOLE switch screen protector :O! We'll look into it! Thanks for the heads up!!
Itzzaney (7 months ago)
This person deserves 1 mil subs
Abdullah Saleem (6 months ago)
he should have 5 million subs
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Very kind of you bud, we're doing our best to earn that one day :D
Chris detzler (7 months ago)
How much was the sock
Chris detzler (7 months ago)
It Came From A Box thx
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
Hey Chris, the price was about $30 for custom but since it's from etsy, the price might fluctuate :O
ASHTONIC JAMES (7 months ago)
I watched this and I said I must buy this but I realized i don't have a switch:(
connorbnelson (7 months ago)
I think the space in the case is for the vents, not earbuds. If the earbuds fit, go for it, but it's probably best to leave that space open if you're storing the console right after playing.
It Came From A Box (7 months ago)
+connorbnelson I don't know, I've never heard of a case creating room for vents considering the whole case is sealed off D:

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