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Cute Cats and Dogs Love Babies Compilation (2014)

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Cats and Dogs love their fur-less counterparts, babies. Best funny babies and animal videos! Puppies & Babies & Kitties OH MY! New videos all the time! 👉 Subscribe: https://www.tinyurl.com/funnyplox 👉 Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/funnyplox 👉 Submit: http://www.funnyplox.com/submit If you see a clip that you own that you did not submit or give consent for use, we have likely received false permissions and would be happy to resolve this for you! Please drop us a line at info(@)funnyplox.com 🐶👶🏻🐱 👉 For every 100 likes, new puppies and kittens are born!
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Text Comments (1496)
حمزة الرحال (9 days ago)
حمزة الرحال
حمزة الرحال (9 days ago)
Cat Lover (24 days ago)
I love cats and dogs but, having seen videos of them playing rough together, I wouldn't chance them being with a baby. One swipe of a cat's paw could badly injure a baby's face
Carol Garber (1 month ago)
It very apparent that these are loving companion animals, PLEASE don't let them lick the children's mouths. Where have the pets been licking on themselves? C'mon folks. Love to all.
patentsvnc (1 month ago)
For goodness sake. If you don't like the music, mute it!
Guddan Singh (1 month ago)
ندى ندى (1 month ago)
I love it
The song was from Five Nights At Freddy's
Andrew Flood (2 months ago)
More positive (3 months ago)
Catdog ) https://youtu.be/_byAJYrUdQM
Jagruti Romalin Dash (3 months ago)
o my god, it's so interesting
Selena Sanchez (3 months ago)
Love cat💕💟
Selena Sanchez (3 months ago)
Me encanto 💖💖
Selena Sanchez (3 months ago)
Que lindo💖💖💗💟💞💓💝❤🇦🇷:-) me encanta que lindo Me encantó Te mando muchos besitos💟💟💗💖
Arnakut Cell (3 months ago)
Dilhani Ranawaka (3 months ago)
Avery Watts (4 months ago)
cute x cute= cute^2
Kimberly Bracken (4 months ago)
I hate to inform you that tongue has been in unmentional areas like there buttal area
Cq Thatdude (4 months ago)
These videos are awesome
Iljas Rexhepi (4 months ago)
Min Joop R
Rushna Begum (4 months ago)
It’s ok to have babies infront of cats or dogs in my opinion as only the owners know their temperament so it’s unfair for people making comments saying that they shouldn’t
احمد شحاته (5 months ago)
أعوذ بالله أمهات ايه دول
Kim Callaghan (5 months ago)
Disgusting parents letting animals do that yuk
Cool Boys (5 months ago)
cat babies is very cute and funny
Kitten Mimi (5 months ago)
Those dogs licking babies in the mouth... GROSS I won't even let humans lick my baby's mouth like that tf eww
Harshia Thabassum (5 months ago)
Crystal Bryant (5 months ago)
bendysansBaldy help (5 months ago)
2:10 itssss sooo cutee
Rachela Ennesser (5 months ago)
so cute
Vanda Brown (6 months ago)
Takaya in Action (6 months ago)
You are amazing
SIcKFynx (6 months ago)
I am so grateful to my parents for letting me grow up with pets by my side. Always had cats, bunnies, got my first dog with the age of 8 ( still have him today, (I am 21 now) When I have kids one day I will let them grow up with pets too. Today I work in an animal shelter, take home strays to let them recover and find a new good home for them. I just love all animals ❤
Sanju nycoo Bawa (6 months ago)
น่ารักๆจริงๆลูก แต่ละคน ความคิดส่วนตัวนะ ให้เด็กๆอยู่กับสัตว์เลี้ยง แล้วเราคอยดูแลแบบใกล้ชิด มันน่าจะทำให้เค้ามีจิตใจอ่อนโยนแต่เด็กนะ
Shiva Shenkar (6 months ago)
oooo the baby is very cute
Nikolay Britun (6 months ago)
Animals are way smarter than adult humans.
黃育慈 (6 months ago)
doobieman69 (6 months ago)
Allowing a dog to lick a baby like that is disgusting an d unhealthy
Sizzlik (7 months ago)
Ugh..comments like "Dont let a dog lick a babys face" just set me up. You have absolutly no idea. I grew up with dogs..got licked like a lollipop..never even once went sick. It builds up your immune system. If you dont expose your kids to a few germs..they will grow up with a weak immune system...one sneeze and they become very sick. Let your kids eat dirt and they will be healthy adults
محسنI GeMzz (7 months ago)
l love dogs so much
Adelina Coisin (7 months ago)
Bine astept and the
Asuna Yuuki_ Tv (7 months ago)
Sarah Taylor (7 months ago)
Hahaha you make so many funny videos hahaha you make so many funny videos but hahaha you make so many funny videos but hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha hahaha these are so dumb videos
Rhymso Tv (8 months ago)
awesome!!! video
Samina Bandarkar (8 months ago)
Cute 😙😙
Monish Shalini (8 months ago)
the babies laughing is so cute
Piwi V-Tamer (8 months ago)
I used to sleep with a dog that was living at my grandma's house. I just slept with it inside its dog shelter when I was just only 3. He always was barking and growling at other people except me, even puts his paws on my shoulders and nuzzles me. I miss him so much. 😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😢
shan shan (8 months ago)
👑nice animals
Erino Avenali (8 months ago)
mahil inderjit (8 months ago)
Bom demais
7378194976 Divesh yadav (8 months ago)
deevesh Yadav1987@gimal.com
Daniel TV (9 months ago)
*Dies of happiness*
amber alert: amber Hagerman murdered by Arlington police officer, tx. 2 cops involved in abduction
*mangle foxy* (10 months ago)
Renee Sanders (10 months ago)
0:56 that cat is going to town on that babies head.😐
Awesome Potatoes (10 months ago)
Why is the baby and dog licking tounges?
Awesome Potatoes (10 months ago)
Plox more funnies
Gladys Rodriguez (10 months ago)
Lien Nguyen (10 months ago)
sooooooo cuteeeeee😍😍😍😘😘😘😘
Svarog Rossia (11 months ago)
ATTENTION !!! buy TABLETS from GLOVES for Felines ... To not get infected from TOXOPLASMOSIS it's dangerous for People !!! Giving a Cat Once in Three Months ....
Cristiano Ronaldo 7 (11 months ago)
First is funny cats take his food
DANEBLUEGNOME (11 months ago)
Awww!!! ^_^ <3
PAWSOME PICS (11 months ago)
0:56 omg! Best shower
how to be jisoo's bottle (11 months ago)
What if the dog bite that baby finger
j'aime les chats (11 months ago)
J'adore très rigolo! 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱
Helmut Gehrmann (11 months ago)
Das Abschlecken durch die Hunde halte ich für problematisch
catherine valli (11 months ago)
i can't believe people let their dogs lick their babies' mouths. absolutely disgusting.
SerenaHulk Lindsey (11 months ago)
2:57 how is that love?!!!
Sumit Sharma (11 months ago)
Saxi video
قطط مضحكة (11 months ago)
I will add it to my playlist
spacelatte._. (1 year ago)
3:25 looks like my other cat named hunter
spacelatte._. (1 year ago)
2:30 it looks like my cat so cuteeee
Romie NonofurBiz (1 year ago)
Feel free to use my baby and cat in ur compilations... https://youtu.be/GCG7H7GbHG0
Lily NaNa (1 year ago)
Nice video
Akhtar Ali (1 year ago)
Ī68 0
tayfun akbulut (1 year ago)
rajesh singh (1 year ago)
A zyuhhbn
Ristea Barbu (1 year ago)
2:52 dog it hate a baby
Ristea Barbu (1 year ago)
1:40 it funny
Bryson McGinnis (1 year ago)
I hope they declawed those cats
sweet_as_sin adrienne (1 year ago)
I just got to say the negative comments are dumb!! Ppl don't give animals enough credit it's the same as putting another baby with another baby, reaching over and grabbing them and biteing it's possible another example when dogs or cats are around there baby's they know it's possible to get poked or bitten or hit a sensitive spot it's how they react to it and notice when the baby puts there hands on there face they shut there eyes and prepare for it! A lot of the time dogs know danger before we even respond to it, I don't know how many times I have seen a dog or a really big dog always on the alert and is always aware where they are stepping, not say I g it doesn't happen cause it does but it all depends on the family pet and us owners already knowing our pets behavior is whether the right choice or not to ha e them with our children, I mean ya get a new animal with your baby then yes I would be wary! ;) when my son was born I had a big black pit bull who was extremely large and he would have my son poke and pull on him to his hearts content even when accidentally hurting him he never ever retaliated and I can honestly say he was never hurt by my dog, on top of that he has protected my son relentlessly and ruthlessly :) Sad to say he passed away when my son was 8 RIP Rugger! The relationship between animal and baby's are one of the strongest bonds besides one of a parent and child. If I had to pick the most loyal and sweetest, and careful family dof I would pick a pit bull As for cats, yes some do not react well with infants bit that number is very small a cat can be just as viciously protective of his or her baby Human as a dog like I said depends on the animal and family and how he or she was raised!!! Please continue to make more videos there is nothing better than to see and prove how special and awesome animals are towards are children :)
Dinorah Tapia (1 year ago)
Q, azco como permite q, el perro le pase la lengua x la boca a la bebé,
Gracie wheeler (1 year ago)
Aniyah Lemon (1 year ago)
Yall can shut up cause its not licking in the babies mouth
Dawn Russell (1 year ago)
Aww that's sweet
LoloutLoud (1 year ago)
The dog licking the baby mouth. That is utterly digusting and unhealthy
اميرة حلب (1 year ago)
ღ SagiriXcore ღ (1 year ago)
Pets are always well behaved around babies 😊
Keडी khabar (1 year ago)
https://youtu.be/Ja7XIxPCIEA बिल्ली के ऐसे कारनामे हस्ते हस्ते लोट पोट हो जाएंगे आप Funny kitten....will a lot of fun
Kung Fu Panda (1 year ago)
Baby so cute and funny...🐶🐕🐱👶👶
Minecraft CD (1 year ago)
This was possibly the best Parody of cats and dogs + babies combine
vishnu kolli (1 year ago)
шллшш ,kkkl (1 year ago)
alwaysuperamy (1 year ago)
P loop pppp9 lowkplp
maria mata (1 year ago)
So cute
Makuro Shinya (1 year ago)
Just read about world war 2 concentration and elimination camps, need my sanity back...T^T
Shahjanwe Khanjanwe (1 year ago)
Friends I show cat name/cat loving shahjanwe khanjanwe/
Aquoiboniste Aquoibon (1 year ago)
it's so funny that the cat licking baby's head.
Drahuse Mullerova (1 year ago)
Deti jsou vzdy krasne

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