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Adina Howard on her relationship with Tupac

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In celebration of her new album "Resurrection" which is released on Friday, April 14, 2017, we share Adina Howard's memories of her friend Tupac Shakur.
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Bobby Excellent (9 months ago)
Please be greatful that she agreed to answer these questions, these nasty comments are the reasons why we don't get cool interviews like that posted on youtube. I personally highly appreciate this interview and seeing Adina looking so good up until 2017! A pioneer r&b babe.
seanlamar29 (2 months ago)
Bobby Excellent shut up nigga
blackrain7917 (2 months ago)
Bobby Excellent pac hit
Gail Hardin (3 months ago)
Bobby Excellent.
b. renee (6 months ago)
exactly @Bobby Excellent.
AfriNaija12 (8 months ago)
Amber Pollard (10 days ago)
I can see how some women he knew probably didn't sleep with him. He was FINE but it was known how he was. He was very upfront about getting around. If I had known him, I would've wanted to just be his friend. He seemed intelligent and like an interesting person to just kick it with sometimes. Sex would've complicated that or made it impossible.
Ancient Jak (12 days ago)
'' Wanna freak in the morning, freak in the evening''.. And you'll eeew 2pac.. Really.. 😂 😂 😂
Ike Head Turnner (23 days ago)
🤔"Sure" Adina! 🤫🤞
Johnny Askari (25 days ago)
Usually women lie and say they did sleep with someone famous. She has no reason to lie. Love Adina!! 😎
Michael L (28 days ago)
keep your marriage strong boo. We understand miss "freak like me" talmbout some ewww. lmfao only person who believe you is your man. And if he knew anything he don't either
Dj Bosnia (30 days ago)
C'mmon she's a Liar Lol she & pac Had def. Smthing goin" on
Philly P (1 month ago)
I met her. She cool. She my neighbor
Thabo Mboneni (1 month ago)
She’s like ewww at sleeping with 2pac as if he was a loser but he was a top tier artist at the time, the best selling rap artist of the 90s, if Pac didn’t fuck her it’s because he didn’t want to, she would’ve dropped them panties in a second, but she’s all played out now...
Myo oneal (1 month ago)
you aint got ta LIE ta kick it...
Nzingha Pearson (1 month ago)
She's lying! She's knows she let him hit it... 'Cause sh@t I would've let him hit it too!!! 'Pac was FOINE!!!!!
Death Row (1 month ago)
He mentioned her in fair exchange Fuck Adina up and down is the object, side to side make me holla out your name when a thug nigga rides can I come inside?
Robert Miller (1 month ago)
Lying....... You know he tapped that
Mario Kart 7 Big Q (2 months ago)
I ain't never heard him claim Adina. Ijs..
Boulder Griggs (2 months ago)
u did sleep with him, look at her body language
Stop lying girl that nigga taught u how to roll that condom on slut
She looks like a man though might be another industry tranny
Murs City (2 months ago)
The only reason everyone is giving you attention now adina is because of the title of of of this video '' Bla Bla Bla Tupac''so you gettin closer to pac made you what you were back then, now his gone look at you.
HERU Apocalypse (2 months ago)
I know ole Adina Knows Her Way around a Dick lol! 😎 then got a nerve to say Ewww! Why The Fuck Wouldn't She want to be a notch on His Belt.She's a notch on Everybody else's.Plus I know She's lost count of how many Dick's She Took! Now She wants to play High Posts like She's better than The Behavior She portrayed on Her Album.Bitch Please Stick a Dick in Your Mouth and Hush lol.😂
Latoya Fox (2 months ago)
2pac was a good Dude ,Real man !! Facts
plus77mann (2 months ago)
arthur daniels (2 months ago)
full of it
Gren Zaboka (2 months ago)
her makeup?
Ahch Ahmawah (2 months ago)
Her relationship was adina on all fours and PAC was balls deep
The Matrix (2 months ago)
U a freak he fuked keep it real cause I wanna fuk u till this day fine sexy ass...
Terry Funk (2 months ago)
Lmao she didnt approach pac because suge might get shot at bad rep
Black Millionaire Status (2 months ago)
If he didn't try to kiss you then why would you be worried about being another notch on his belt?? Lol yeah right Adina you're lying baby. Look how at how she dropped her down looking at the floor. Body language tells you more than a lying mouth will. #FACTS
Mathis Bailey (2 months ago)
I'm sorry but...there's nothing eeew about Tupac....even in a platonic sense. He was charmingly handsome.
NYC/lyricists Bkborn (2 months ago)
She was a bad bitch in her younger days...she suck so much dick until she sunked in her eyes🤣
LSTORM The MC (2 months ago)
3:56😅😅😆😆😅 high af stuck on that part. don't know if that a video or him messing around but that caught me off guard
Mr Eco (3 months ago)
2pac is within us all.
edochig1 (3 months ago)
damn she hit the fucking wall
Karl Ditz (3 months ago)
Th thing here is time..these women were in their 20s back then...now they are woen pushing 50...its hard to reflect as a 40 plus yr old women to feeling for a 23 yr old kid
M-PALA-SS (4 months ago)
Hot dog down a hallway..ugh
ThisGuy TM (4 months ago)
She kinda look like jada so....
deuce of spades (4 months ago)
Wont a notch on his belt, but im sure you UNNOTCHED his belt to give pac head for sure, the song wondet why they call you bitch, wonder who that was
Seldom Seen (4 months ago)
you gave it up bitch spit it out! lol
Blackbutterfly love (4 months ago)
Evil ass comments.....smh....n.a.s...
T Brown 1980 (4 months ago)
HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! she cool though, only she know the truth and that don't mean she lying, but it's funny she don't look at the camera when she say it though 🤔
Peter Sothern (4 months ago)
don't do drugs kids
Redcat Roostertail (4 months ago)
she was a jump... old whores looking back at there old ways lol
Angel Of Death (4 months ago)
She said she wasn't gonna be another notch under Pac's belt huh???!!!...🤔 So she says?!....
Janine Ewing (5 months ago)
She is so beautifuL! I have always loved her!
Irie Rizla (5 months ago)
The legendary makaveli was only 25 real legend
deezgeez (5 months ago)
This lady is talking about ewwww.... but she was the one on her album cover with her ass hanging out talking about do you wanna ride and how much of a freak she is....What a hypocrite!!!
Gary Smith (6 months ago)
Wow she thinks her shit doesant stink. Did you see her face reaction wen she said no that's gross we didant sleep together. Im not going to be another notch on his post. They was young and free at that age. Yet she really thourt she was to good for 2pac. Girl he was to good for you. He had a lucky escape . However I seen her put her head down at the end like she was hiding the truth about them fucking
nerdy pineapple (6 months ago)
Ewww? More like yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Saunsiaray Broussard (6 months ago)
very interesting
dirtytv (6 months ago)
Do people even watch these videos before committing because the title is a lie dnt mean she is she never once said she slept with him shit she clearly said he didn't even try to kiss me etc
mickyfingaz (6 months ago)
Yeah...Pac hit that! He had just got out of prison too! C'mon Adina?!!!
New2day User (6 months ago)
She lyin, she was lookin down at her box !
Hunnee Bee (6 months ago)
Girlllllll bye..... I've never liked her.
TheGreatAaliyah (7 months ago)
She so pretty and the way she talks about Tupac he was such an sweetheart. #Rippac💕
raymond perez (7 months ago)
what did she say at 2:08
Ron Anderson (7 months ago)
Dude? Is there any woman that Pac hasn't boned?
Zavier Smedley (7 months ago)
What is funny about this is ..........MOST MEN WOULD HAVE WANTED HER EVEN MORE.......and MOST WOMEN WOULD HAVE BEEN JEALOUS THEY DIDN'T GET TO........she could have just kept it real......I mean TUPAC is praised more than OBAMA in the hood!
Johnny Blaze (7 months ago)
3:47 - That freudian slip smile she gave tells it all. You got dicked down biatch! Bet all Tupac had to say when he came to the room was " 'I wanna ride' 'a freak like you' "... and that's all it took.
Keisha Denise (7 months ago)
Oooooh that makeup Adina. Gurl🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡
Cedric Relford (7 months ago)
Seeing adina made me turn away from the video
John Baptist (7 months ago)
oshsgsh crop it ok
John Baptist (7 months ago)
John Baptist (7 months ago)
freaky Lok grabber crochet
John Baptist (7 months ago)
S Alaka (7 months ago)
She's wearing soooo much eye shadow
DJ Blur (7 months ago)
apparently she had a baby from Michael Jackson ... Brandon Howard (B. Howard)
rebellifemedia (7 months ago)
DJ Blur wrong Howard. That's Miki Howard. Thanks for watching.
Vanoss Lokos (7 months ago)
adina had no talent , she was just a slut who sucked and fucked everyone who could keep her in the show buisness
Eyelohim (8 months ago)
Adina is a wonderful bitch to fuck, just for 1 night. A freak in the morning, as well as a freak in the evening.
Will Brown (8 months ago)
but, I thought she was a freak tho! but she ain't give Pac nun, cuz he was freakin all the chics!
King Drew (8 months ago)
Woman loved and still love PAC. Smh
Vanessa Appouh (8 months ago)
You look like Jada Pinkett Smith
Leogx13 (8 months ago)
Adina you can't deny it, you a straight a liar, you know you fucked with 2Pac, got your pussy all over his dick, but you can't say shit on this, but I know you remember 2Pac's dick...
Tatrice Flowers (8 months ago)
Lol naw he aint wanna kiss your dick breath ass. But he fucked the shit outta you though..lmao
Tatrice Flowers (8 months ago)
He fucked the shit out of her and she know it!
Jorrell Vann (8 months ago)
You can't help but to think Pac hit that. She didn't sound convincing enough. The "Ewww" was definitely weak n shaky sounding. She either a Bad Lier or a Bad Truth Teller. 😂
Alucard 303 (8 months ago)
She's still hot!
KingMarlon (8 months ago)
BREAKING NEWS: Tupac actually DID smash Adina Howard,& she's lying in this video because she's now happily married to a preacher...#CarryOnPeople
shawnte Pitts (8 months ago)
michelle czarneck (8 months ago)
bitch 2pac fucked u and u was another notch on his belt
Mr. Makaveli (8 months ago)
Lol but you were another notch in his belt
Zerrika Barnes (8 months ago)
R.I.P Tupac 😢😢 but Adina makeup is on point💜
240walnut (9 months ago)
Neal Conway (9 months ago)
She supposed to be the freak
ONE TRUE GOD Muhammad (9 months ago)
She said Tupac had A screw missing ! But like he said , I GOTTA HEAD UT AIN'T NO SCREWS IN IT !!! 😎
ONE TRUE GOD Muhammad (9 months ago)
Adina I bet he screamed THUG LIFE WHEN HE CAME ! 😠
izraul hidashi (9 months ago)
and yet I get the feeling it was more than that. the dead give away was her immature reaction "eew that's gross". :/ mmhmmm what are we like 6 in grade school? lol.
OMGThatsArmani (9 months ago)
She's lying but I respect it
Zeek Word (9 months ago)
pac was a man ho LMAO
j opp (9 months ago)
person said ughh like you dropped freak lol
princess loves the 80s (9 months ago)
Dang what the hell happened to Adina she doesn't look like herself goodness!
Michael Allen (9 months ago)
Thug Life Tv (9 months ago)
pac fuck her
kenyatta brunner (9 months ago)
her make up makes her look horrible!
*Keyla Myeacha* (9 months ago)
Adina knows better than to say she was screwing Pac.😁😁😁 I believe Yo-Yo confronted her ass about Tupac back in the day and that's why she aint saying 💩.🤔🤔🤔😂😂😂 She knows Yo-Yo will beat her ass.👊👊💪😂😂😂 Yo-Yo is hood too....😩😩😩
Solo Mission (9 months ago)
she talks about sleeping with him and she starts "Looking down yet still smiling like she's having flashbacks and shit" lies don't care who tell them..Tupac Hit that
Jasper Alexander (9 months ago)
my opinion pac smashed her and faith. boss player for life
N. Brown (9 months ago)
You'll "rode" each other back and forth😜 got it.... Lol
GMCworldwide1979 (9 months ago)
This hoe trying to put herself on the level of Jada Pinkett. Tupac stayed he and Jada were closer than close and never had sex. Adina, yo ass was lunch and you know it lololol
chris edwards (9 months ago)
tiny said her and PAC just kissed
sportinlife jones (9 months ago)
adina howard on her relationship with anybody= we fucked.
Tatrice Flowers (8 months ago)
sportinlife jones lmao
thesunwillshineonme (9 months ago)
I believe that nothing happened between them. Adina was about that money and all that she has done with herself was portray an image, an image that sells. I could imagine the amount of men who were enticed by her image alone who probably wanted to hit it. I think 2Pac tried to feel her out but she never gave in. Just my opinion
Death Row (1 month ago)
U r dumb as fuck PAC hit that.
Terrell Hopkins (5 months ago)
thesunwillshineonme .! Well your opinion is fuck up.!! MOB.!! And you would why we call you bitch I beat you.!

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